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  1. 3 hours ago, kayefaye said:


    Three full episodes with just one guest is too long for me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. They had plenty of material when they had the 3 comediennes but even that aired for just 2.5 episodes. 

    I still hope it'd just be for another half episode next week.


    i just want to see han hyo joo because its not everytime we have a guest.The member also enjoy. The new member will not long to wait.Just calm down guys.=P

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  2. 10 hours ago, lsylvia said:

    @montanari feel free to ask anything, I'll delurk to answer any questions about the Korean perspective to the best of my ability, though I'm no expert in Korean things...

    @Arhazivory according to the article I've read, Yu PD staged the accidental meeting as a candid camera thing to trick the members, he actually invited her to join the shooting from way back but asked her to pretend to be surprised to see them, Yu PD really planned this thing from beginning to end for the members, I'm glad at least they are happy.

    I don't think the ratings will suffer, 1n2d always did well with guests, and it's only people like me who don't like her (like I said, it's too close to me because my baby brother's soon going to enlist) and a lot of people are not even aware of the situation because it was hushed up so quickly, and her fans will watch it of course, so don't worry about the ratings

    im not angry or anyhing.I just hope we move on and please support 2d1n because it quite make me concern about rating and HHJ perception but i hope it will turn positive.@isylvia are you really korean?Its nice to hear more opinion and share many information and suggestion regarding 2d1n here.



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  3. 48 minutes ago, lsylvia said:


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    PS. about HHJ, I also hate her so I'm not going to watch the next two episodes (a first for me, I've watched the other episodes like five times each)

    To explain about that situation, her problem is not that she didn't apologize for her brother, the situation is briefly this:

    Her brother bullied a boy while in the army to such an extent that the boy killed himself, then he refused to apologize or acknowledge it,

    then the parents of the victim boy went public with the story and there were several articles about it,

    but HHJ's agency had those articles taken down, and instead flooded the internet with hundreds of articles about how she saved a deer on the road

    That's why she is called Deer Mom (sarcastically) among many Koreans.

    And because of that, the parents of the victim could not get any form of justice, and I feel for them because my brother is also about to go to the army,

    and if he meets someone like HHJ's brother there and something similar happened to him, I would really really freak out.



    hi there,im just state my own opinion,how can a human being hate people for a long time.Maybe we are t0 perception about people and think that we are the hero of community.We want justice but we are to judgemental.I dont like how netizen in korea hate people based on the article.They judgemental and sometimes overreacted.I think many celebrity tend to kill her/himself because of perception by netizen but WHO's will take responsible?netizen?no because they are just the keyboard warrior with 0% guilty.

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  4. jayne1874 said: @sara2908 agree with you, Yoo PD understands that bond between members is the essence of this show.

    I think that's one of the reasons why Running Man was always ahead of 1N2D S2.

    The two shows have been competing strongly. Before Real Men, Appa Odiga and now Superman Returns joins the weekend variety party.
    While both of them done by a group of people, the whole concept is total opposite.

    Running Man is about grandiose. Mega stars come as guests, the games are set in big scale, the rewards are 'expensive' (I don't think they're real gold, but the production team make believe that they are) and it's some sort of promoting tool for equally big and expensive projects, like drama or movies. Sometimes they come up with hot-news theme, which strangely never really works.

    1N2D on the other hand, is about humbleness. No super popular guests except morning angels (let's not talk about guests that the new PD brought in S2, I'm cringing inside), the games are simple often silly, the rewards are sometimes measly meals, modest shelter and equally modest mean of transport (think of Wonpal :) ) and it's set to promote Korea. Sometimes they have special editions like viewers special, actress special or friends special, always touching and funny.

    One big benefit, Running Man members have been together for more than 3yrs, they're just like siblings. Their chemistry is strong and solid that watching them interact with each other already entertaining.
    It's something that S2 never really achieves. Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE S2 during Bird PD era. Their closeness, warmth, respect to the hyungs, But somehow it was never enough (I miss how Joowon always the center of the dog pile :( ) to top Running Man.

    1N2D S3, I believe, is led by Yoo PD to have the stranglehold bond between each other :)
    Not only through games, but mostly through banter and bicker.
    The result is showing already.
    The No Smoking episode with Kyung Min as a guest in No Smoking Land is far ahead of Running Man with RAIN and WON BIN as guests in AUSTRALIA!
    Can't you just believe the irony?
    It's like rice with pickled radish vs prime rib with yorkshire pudding.

    So, why do I choose rice with pickled radish? Why do you? :D

  5. Lyrayoo said:



    RATING 1N2D THIS WEEK   N0. 1 (UP 2.5%)

    (2014.03.09 닐슨코리아 제공)

    12.9% (2014.03.02 닐슨코리아 제공)




    (2014.03.09 닐슨코리아 제공)


    13.0% (2014.03.09 닐슨코리아 제공)

  6. I love kim joo hyuk.I think he is the best person and the suitable person for kim joo hyuk character.Every action he do,its look very honest.will make me laugh.In my opinion he's a little bit better than kim seung woo in certain aspect even these 2 people is the most important character and i like to describe them like a bridge that close the gap between all member and cth laugh just make these bridge more concrete.

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