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  1. @jongski We all waiting for the ending whether she alive or die.I hope we get what we want which is geumbi survive,hwi cheol and kang hee live happily,chi soo and geumbi teacher couple,etc.

    @ecs707aThe bts healed my sympathy toward geumbi which is i realized its just a great drama potrayed by heo jung eun.


    Anybody know what kind of doll that appear in geumbi dream and i saw at ost 9 that she hold it.I love the doll.


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  2. On 1/4/2017 at 11:47 AM, kjmcth said:

    here  1n2d uploaded  part if jongmin not win award (unaired on tv  ) .. so many say seem like 1n2d team already know result daesang award .. team 12nd  filming  2 version win or not win... ...if regular here knowledge new trip filming 23-24 december  (24 december night  kbs ent award...

    Really spot on @kjmcth.I dont know actually.Thank you for the video and information

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  3. WOW! all i can say im really shocked by  Heo Jung Eun  acting.She was a big future actress with some big experience behind her.Ep 15 is heartbreaking.The tension is high and im really sad to see geumbi condition.I want to protect her so bad.I hope she will be ok on the last episode.I love  Heo Jung Eun  a lot and fall in love with her and all actor.Such a bless drama than other drama that currently airing.

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  4. Hi,i really enjoy this forum.For me i watch KJH when he was still at human condition,i love his character.He' s lazy dan bossy at the same time sly.hehe.I remember when he joined 2dn1 s3,some people doesnt like or know him but i expect him to be the part of 'make  2d1n great again'.It was the same case with chae tae hyun when he joined s2. 

    Imo of RM,i know RM have a big fanbase internationally but sometimes i hope the fans stand for the show and not 'bias' only to their favourite member.I know some fan support RM because their favourite member.I just hope for sake of a good show,they support the show itself instead.

    18 hours ago, Sujin-a said:

    Sligt OT:: @tdjunlimited i watched Junho's "I Live Alone," and I find his laziness and bossiness hilarious. Some netizens found his bossy attitude off-putting, but that episode explained that Narae and other junior comediennes owe KJH a lot that's why it's their way of sort of "repaying" him. To be fair to Junho, he really supports his hoobaes like Narae (that's why he appeared on that show in the first place). I also wonder, if Junho has been lying about his marriage status (like what KNetz pointed out because he has been living alone), why would he appear on that show if it'll only subject him to questions like that? Regardless of the real status of his marriage,he is one of Korea's top gagman so people should stop meddling with his personal life. :))

    Re Hodong, since it looks like RM2 is out of the question, SBS might still be considering a diff program with him and Jaesuk after RM, that's why they wanted to give RM fans two more months to digest the cancellation issue and to some extent, allow the issue (or mess) to die down so it won't affect the succeeding program. I'm still hopeful that Hodong will not take a Sunday variety offer which will go against 1N2D. He can reunite with YJS, but do it on other days beside Sunday or on cable LOL.


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  5. On 25/11/2016 at 5:27 AM, jongski said:

    So this episode 4   I was laughing and crying then smiling then crying!  I'm not ashamed to say this drama will have me bawling.

    This episode had me me squee in delight with cute scenes of  Jae Ha and  Geumbi  It's soooo cute I cant.   And I thought Sang Ming and Yeontae of Five children was too damn otp precious,  along comes these two cuties.. mini otp friendship couple! So  adorable! And I can already feel  l

    Heu Jung Eun. She's sooooo extra. the youngest female lead! she's so amazing!

    Yeah Geum,bi., you tell cutie Jae Ha.

    MOD EDIT: do not quote images

    I wonder should i be the boy?:wub:



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  6. 1 hour ago, chocmagma said:


    *sigh* if it is a prank, why she went that far? Prank is meant to be a prank and it should just stay there as a prank. Why showing your frustration if it's your fault to begin with? You did this not knowing how SK's medias work? Or you know but you still did? Are you a kindergartner?


    Hi @chocmagma I think JJY said that he take full responsibility because he start the whole thing,the issue never happened.Imo i assume maybe he jokingly said he will record video between them in bed??because why the gf need to be scared.When the rumor about sex tape,she make report because she truly believe that JJY actually record that without asking JJY frst.:angry:

    Misunderstanding happened.

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  7. Its such a great news to hear.I dont watch this show for two week because i need JJY result first.Now after JJY proof not guilty,maybe i will start to watch without any worries.fuhh.I agree with all of you guys.I think JJY side should sue the reporter for spreading the false rumor.

    I just hope JJY can make a comeback soon when he's already feel good and settled.

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  8. @Sujin-a i saw at the 2d1n official website,there are many k-netz want him to go but luckily some fan fight for him now.I have to agree with you that some k-netz doent even watch the show.I hope we can unite and take some effort to give some encouragement in the page.

    4 hours ago, linkassio said:

    [Help] Please leave a message to Maknae at KBS 2D1N homepage http://http://smart.kbs.co.kr/tv/enter/happysunday/board/menu04/index.html


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  9. 24 minutes ago, kissmeStarlight said:

    i am a law student .. and as per my knowledge goes.. you can always re investigate.. which is doing here in JJY's one.. and once the case is done in court then been appealed in higher court then it is hard to re open the case but only if there is some new evidence in light like in itaewon homicide case which has been repoen after found the dna of the offender

    and I like to give my two cent on this case..

    First the A and JJY began dating. they were happy and love was in the air.. then i think one night JJY and the girl got this crazy idea to flim themselves while having sex just for amusement. but maybe deleted the video soon after.. then JJY went to overseas right after sex and coundnt get the time to reply or connect with the Ex...so soon the relationship dethron and maybe JJY broke up with her. as he thought he was hurting her (as he said that in his leacture in the ewha university special 1n2d + wrote a song Maybe sympathy that how his feeling has changed)

    The Girl maybe couldnt take this and as soon as Yoochan , Yoochan,s brother case came forward he thought maybe all celebraty are pervert and the video is taken was wrong and JJY can miss use it.. it also trigger the fire when Zico have said all are after his golden phone.. and she got angry with the sudden break up and angrily impusively filed an complain.. but As soon as JJY came to korea he talked to her and maybe solved everything. so he forgot and didnt thought this will become a big issue.

    then this activist was brutally killed by police and the government wanted to hide it and thus brought back Zico and seolhyun scandal but that didnt take much impact .. the journalist went for more witch hunt and found about this charges about JJY which will be written down in his histroy which i think kinda korea's thing that they record every charger or complain against people.

    Then Journalist made the news more spiced up by putting hidden video and no consent thing.. and netizen brouht back zico's comment ..thus this got bigger as so much sexual offence case in k ent is happening.

    so this i what i think happened in JJY case ...


    @kissmeStarlight i think this is the factor that stir up the case and create many rumors and perception.The golden phone.I saw it on youtube.

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  10. @mj25 Imo maybe she felt insecure and try to defend herself but JJY admit it was his mistake joking that he record a video.I think JJY really gentleman and admit as soon the scandal outbreak.

    Yea,i think the k-netz support him and criticize the reporter a lot.I hope JJY can stay strong and stay at  1박-2일.Now we have chance to turn it over and able to see some light at the end of the dark tunnel for this case

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