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  1. 5 hours ago, jayne21874 said:

    As long as I can remember, the show has originally 7 members in Season 1. They became 6 members in season 2 when Joowon quit and continued to season 3. It's an odd number but not unseen before.

    I don't mind about odd or even numbers, as long as they blend well and shine together. 

    The strength of season 1 is comedic combo of Hodong and Sugeun. They fill and complete each other in loud ways. 

    Season 2 only Sugeun remained between the two in the gang, and with no equal opposite comedic character, he toned down and despite he was not the oldest, he led the pack in more heartwarming group. 

    Season 3 Joonho is flying solo as a comedian. Sure there is Jongmin as his frenemy but no one can really match him. The rest of the pack are feeders to his antics. And there is nothing wrong with that. We have countless hilarious Joonho moments. But maybe, just maybe, someone with comedic background can help him to be more, lets just say, ridiculously funny. 

    So it's not really about Yongjin personally, but more of a person that can bring better quality to the show. 

    yes.If im not mistake it was 7 member.I guess on season 2 it quiet promising and after bird pd left i guess the suffered critisim due the concept i guess but lee sugeun probably lose kang hodong presence which he carried as mc too.

  2. 7 hours ago, qynn said:

    Time will tell. I think it might depend on the specific episode and even how tired members might be from busy schedules, etc.. In this latest episode, I thought Donggu, Cha Tae Hyun and Joon Young were all on the quieter side, but I didn't think that was the case in the first part of this trip or previous episodes including Yongjin. Seven may be too much but it also might end up giving members a bit of a break from time to time. 

    Agree.It able us to learn about yongjin as well.About the airtime,lets not worried since every member got a decent amount of airtime.I believe.

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  3. 13 hours ago, ForgottenSoulx said:


    I just think 7 is to much quieter people will be cut more aka Donguu


    no at all actually.I saw donggu is actually respond and great with yongjin actually.He get decent amount of exposure since yongjin came e.g the fishing scene and the last episode donggu actualy really funny when kim jongmin missed human bowling.I realize all the member really help each other to get each own airtime

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  4. Hi,2 days 1 night is all about "WILD" concept traditioneven i accept that any PD come and go.It was really sad but people need to move on.Plus one more thing, i belive on positivity and not negativity.I love this show and member.I know a old variety program always struggle with member graduation,etc but i believe 2 days 1night member will stay and addition is good too.Its not good when we were too negative and threaten not watch the show anymore because we heard a rumors.I love all member and LYJ.He did bring the essence of season 1.I love the the mind game between member vs LYJ(in the end the member roasted LYG gameplan lol) but at the same time,the S3 vibe still there.


    Sometimes we need to move foward and lets open our heart.(we pray for the member stay for a long time)


    Lets not make this issue big because i afraid a rumor always on media attention and distract our members mind(they reconsider and actually leave!) no i dont want that.TT


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  5. Even they just sitting down its so funny when they bring back the 'weakness game'.I thought every episode is just keep funny.Miss yoo pd voice.I truly happy to hear viewer comment about the member at last part from the recnt episode especially kim jong min.He was scandal free,from he was nobody when he join s1 until he got daesang.He is truly '10 year old ginseng' but '100 day old baby with leg hair'XP

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  6. 2 hours ago, katakwasabi said:


    goo hara during her kara days was so popular. she was everywhere including invicyble youth. her experience made he stood out more when compared to the other 3 younger guests. i laughed when she kicked jongmin when they played the candle game.


    and yeah YSY looked good in this episode. i think he and yura looks hood together lol. chaeyoung was afraid earlier on to be partnered with JJY because she though he would leave her. but look at them winning games and being lucky haha.


    anyways, the latest episode was fun. and i dont mind any bit about the editing. it was a fun episode to watch. the guests did a great job. 

    -Agree.Just lately koo hara doesnt appear on much variety show since kara disbanded.

    -There is one moment on morning mission when yura start 60 second talk and donggu smiling i just realize.XP

    -I wonder who edit that video.It look spot on scene and more like IY kind editing but is fun.

    -I miss staff also.

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  7. 9 hours ago, blackberrypie said:

    Article on Naver: http://m.entertain.naver.com/ranking/comment/list?aid=0002990855&oid=421&rankingDate=20171015&rankingType=default&lightVersion=off


    [902+, 82-] Im surprise everyone is so pretty even when barefaced


    - agree on this and i wonder why donggu look handsome and JJY is so cool in this episode(im a man btw)

    -They look comfortable in this episode and koo hara look suitable with variety.


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  8. At last of newest episode,at last i heard invincible youth ending song again."Mc fly all about you" and im in tears!TT its been along time since i heard that song since s1 IY.Plus my favourite member 2 days 1 night,Pd and staff cameo thanks to goo hara.We can see them again.Thank you.Its done.Time to a new episode and lets go foreign trip.:heart:

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  9. For me i love this episode except this episode doesnt have interaction between staff and member and a bit flat but i dont care.I wait for this episode and somehow my favourite show IY appeared.I missed the show.I miss the saturday G7 variety.IY used to be the a bit of 2 days 1 night female version at coutryside and it was a rare show to have female variety just like unnies slamdunk(also part of 2 days 1nigt).I love all these show including"qualification of men".However IY cancel due to rating and Runningman start to get big recognition.


    I miss this show.

    watch IY s1 and you probably will get the same warm like 2 days 1 night but in female version.

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  10. 52 minutes ago, tdjunlimited said:

    wow @ploopy678 how did you ever memorized those dances?

    oh, speaking of dance covers, anyone noticed this scene from the busan trip and the latest trip? I'm sure i am the last one to know and everyone knows about it already then.


    Turns out I should have searched for it sooner

      Reveal hidden contents

    <#언니쓰 와 시청자가 함께 만드는 뮤직비디오>
    <맞지?>의 #커버댄스 를 스마트폰으로 찍어서 보내주세요!
    선정되신 분들의 동영상은 언니쓰 뮤직비디오에 삽입됩니다.
    #응모방법 : 1. <맞지?> 커버댄스를 스마트폰으로 찍는다
    2. 페이스북 댓글/메세지/이메일(unnies2017@gmail.com)로 커버댄스 영상을 보낸다
    ※개인SNS(페이스북/인스타) 올리고 #unnies2017 헤시태그를 남기면 당첨 확률 up!※
    #응모기한 : 5월 15일 밤 12시까지
    #당첨혜택 : 뮤직비디오 장면 삽입 + 언니쓰2기 싸인 CD 증정

    Google translation:

    <# Music video made by sister and audience together >
    Send your cover dancing on your smartphone to <Right>?
    The video of the selected people is inserted into the sister music video.
    # How to apply: 1. Take a cover dance on your smartphone.
    2. Send cover dancing video to Facebook comments / messages / email (unnies2017@gmail.com)

    Personal SNS (Facebook / INSTA) Raising # unnies2017 If you leave the tag, the probability of winning is up!
    # Deadline: May 15th at 12 pm
    # Winning prize: insert music video scene + present CD of sister's writing 2


    I hope you've send yours to @ploopy678 (Haven't you?) It's closed already tho. Ugh!!!!:weary: So there will be a second music video and probably be in broadcast of the last episode maybe.

    And if anyone who is interested in getting a Season 3, there is a possibility to do so I guess. From this article (or from the broadcast in V live), it says that if we want a Season 3, we can at least leave a message (or two) in their message board. The more the better I guess.


    I forgot how to leave a message there but I used to do it once. I will get back here on how to leave a message on the board next time.

    And time really does fly... one week in and I hope the ranking in charts are still doing good. 2 more episodes left and there's goodbye UNNIES:sleepy:

    Just be honest, how's the production of the song turns out? Are you guys satisfied? I know everyone has an opinion...:smile:I'm curious about the rest of you...


    I just sign up as KBS member @tdjunlimited all we need is copy of national identification and wait for 1-7 day.It work.I just sign up for unnies comment to push for season 3.hehe

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  11. Hi Watch all the three music video.Based on tune in my opinion and my thought from watching 2d1n for a very long time,

    AKMU=Beginning of new trip song(every  weeks)

    UV=When their stuggle and challenge their mission

    Roy kim and pair=Summary of whole trip(the night boklbulbok)and last day of trip

    really 2d1n is really power show.

    Guys,can i ask who is the singer with roykim?he was talented and funny.I mean he is variety type.I realize he have all the akwardness of gutaeng hyung.Its funny when he angry to kim jong min want to take his sandwich.

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  12. HI,i watch the guesthouse  daughter and the concept is interesting but i hope this show will stay for a long time because i afraid the rating in korea not very good.Probably we could left comment on kbs korea.Any link?

    12 hours ago, ELY_397 said:


    The cast has potential to perform a good show actually. The PD needs to reconsider the format of the show and keep pointless games to a minimum. The cast should go out and engage with the public to make the show more relatable to the viewers. 

    PD and writer need to step up and make it a great show.Can someone give the kbs korea link so we can left a comment?

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  13. 1 hour ago, stewiefg said:

    The writing is soo good and all these little touches... like when he posed with the thugs after signing the agreement and taking the 'vitamins'...haha. When that photo was shown to SY, I could feel the fuse blowing up in SY's brain... Lol!!! ! :D



    IKR,it was epic scene where chief kim smiling while taking  photo with the thug absolutely annoyed SY.Chief slyness to the best.I admit that he almost fall by the offer but he need to choose between mr righteous or denmark.At the end its was a right decision.LOL

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  14. Hi guys,

    Honestly i think this is one of the best drama.Funny,very light drama and i love every character that potrayed in this drama.Even the all the good and bad character.I mean all character.I dont know why they not produce this kind of drama very often.I love the mr righteous concept but at the same time he was a sly character.This drama make me laugh so hard and feel excited.Cannot wait for next week.:wub:




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  15. 1 hour ago, Sujin-a said:


    Looking forward to it too. But I'm more looking forward to what e production said in that JJY comeback pr that they'll work even harder now that the gang is complete. This might be slightly unrelated but Infinte Challenge is taking some time off to recollect themselves and plan ahead. I guess if there's anything other variety shows can learn from 1N2D is how the changes in the show allows people to make fresh ideas with fresh people and still maintain the quality of the show. I'm hopeful and optimistic for 1N2D in 2017. :)

    @Sujin-aThanks to yoo pd to bring back the 'wild' when everybody expect season 3 to be flop.I hope ilyong can repeat the same and keep the quality of the show.I dont want anybody to leave 2d1n anymore.

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  16. @Sujin-a cannot wait for jjy retun.Another week is too long.I hope we will keep this member for a long time.

    10 minutes ago, Sujin-a said:

    Just want to put this on record: Cha Tae Hyun called in during Jo Insung V-Live interview earlier. JIS promises to dive in the water and revisit 1N2D if his movie "The King" reaches 8 million admission.:sweatingbullets: Good luck with that promise Insung-a. By the way, it is Mrs. Cha Tae Hyun's birthday tomorrow. Saengil Chukahe! :blush:


    Imo Insung visit is the turning point of increase in rating.I hope he revisit.

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  17. On 1/4/2017 at 11:47 AM, kjmcth said:

    here  1n2d uploaded  part if jongmin not win award (unaired on tv  ) .. so many say seem like 1n2d team already know result daesang award .. team 12nd  filming  2 version win or not win... ...if regular here knowledge new trip filming 23-24 december  (24 december night  kbs ent award...

    Really spot on @kjmcth.I dont know actually.Thank you for the video and information

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