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  1. I’m looking forward to this one. Hope is comes out soon with English subs.
  2. I decided not to watch episodes 11 and 12. Though I did watch the last 5 minutes of episode 12 to see how it ended and it was awful @nona88 and @chickfactor I’ll do the same as you...for me the story ends with episode 8 and half of 9.
  3. @nona88thanks for the ‘warning’. I’ll need to brace myself if I decide to watch the last 2 episodes.
  4. I’m too scared to watched today’s episode 11. I’ll wait until someone here comments on the last episode 12 on whether or not we get a happy ending. I don’t think I can watch if the ending is sad.
  5. Me too. I wonder if she’s like this more because she thinks he killed her parents and not so much he was genetically engineered with some non-human DNA. I wish though that the crazy lady and crazy doctor weren’t his parents. I’ll pretend they are not . Who knows some other scientist may have switched the ovum and sperm
  6. I’m frustrated with AR. If she loses her baby, she is the most responsible for that happening. She knew what she needed to do...no stress and no work and lot of rest but she didn’t listen. Obviously meeting the demands of work, mother-in-law, etc are more important than organic. Ugh! I’m so annoyed! I’m going to stop watching and just wait for the last episode to air.
  7. I agree. AR mom is a weird character like @kwayteow_mamasays. She was supposedly a kind character who was wrongly accused of having an affair but then goes and has a baby from the guy she wasn’t having an affair with. This messed up her character already then now this! She always loved the granny man?!?! In my opinion she’s the worst and she died early in drama! the drama would have been better if BR’s father was AR’s father.
  8. @nona88oh no! Only 12 episodes...now I’m worried that the final episode will be a cliffhanger and leave us wondering. I really want a happy ending please! Then again, after thinking more about that first scene with person with the baby. If it’s a flash forward (future scene) then I don’t think it’s the “ending” scene of the drama so there is hope that after the baby falls there could be a “rescue” and happy ending.
  9. @nona88 since you mentioned this I rewatched the beginning scene. Maybe it’s a flash forward scene (a future scene) and the baby is GR/JO’s baby. Good catch @nona88 because when I originally saw the scene I thought it was a man. After rewatching it I see that the person might be a woman.
  10. Love this drama! Can’t wait for next episodes. The scenes between GR and JO are so full of emotion. Great acting!
  11. Please let Organic be ok! Today’s episode was mostly granny man storyline and very little AR/JS. I skipped most of the episode and watched the AR/JS which was only about 2 minutes!
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