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  1. Hello, I just started watching this drama and I am enjoying it. Looking forward to the interaction between the male lead’s parents now that the father has lost his memory. I wouldn’t be surprised if Min Jae runs the company while Jung Ho is recovering from his memory loss. I suspect they will reconcile and marry each other again. Also looking forward to the relationship between JH and CW developing.
  2. thanks for all the updates I’ve been checking here to see how the drama is going since I stopped watching when ED was getting married. I was hoping ED/TI would get back on track as the couple. Oh well glad I didn’t waste more of my time watching. I’ll keep checking in as I’m still hoping for ED/TI. In the meantime I’m enjoying Brilliant Inheritance.
  3. You're not alone...I care too! However, I'm still going to wait it out. If ED/TI don't end up together I don't want waste time watching the last 30 or more episodes.
  4. Hello everyone, I’ve been a lurker in this thread and really enjoy reading all your comments. Especially since I stopped watching when ED and HJH was getting married. So my last episode was 69. I’ll wait it out and see if it’s a happy ending (for me that’s ED/TI) then I’ll watched the last 31 episodes. For those continuing to watch...that’s great! I’ll look forward to reading your comments here.
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