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  1. Yup. Even then, it's too late to salvage his career. He has committed atrocious acts, even with a minor (girl under 14 yo). With his wealth, he'd probably be able to hire the best team of lawyers to help him get the lightest sentencing. Breaking news: Yup. But ouch! Let's have the Golden Hairpin with a new ML and redo it all over again. The producers could easily sue him for damages to fund their re-production.
  2. Says who? A legal marriage doesm't work that way. One is married until one goes through the divorce, legally. Not when either spouse thinks it's over and start claiming their freedom as if they are single again. SH slept with SW when he was still married. They committed adultery and they both knew they did. Why else would SW want to try to be holier-than-thou and not let SH divorce his wife, and instead opt to "bear the baby" alone? Why would SH asked his parents to buy mistress SW an apartment? As for SH's parents, I love them as an older married loving couple, but whe
  3. What was upsetting to me about the SE, the writer, was that not only did she not stand up for herself more, she blamed herself for her now ex-husband's infidelity, and even worse was that she tried to inculcate such a value or standard in her kids. I was totally floored when she did that. How could she as someone who was THE VICTIM. and someone who is THE MOM? Blame it on Confucian teachings? Exactly! Couldn't agree more. Writernim has already made BHR the loser. She lost her husband to adultery, lost her marriage to a now-pregnant adulterer, lost her weal
  4. I'm so jazzed up after watching Ep 14's BHR's presscon, her ex-in-laws reaction, SH and SW's reaction, and her call to her ex-FIL, that I had to chip in now lol: The BEST segment to me. Random thoughts after watching thus far: How could anyone, any sisterhood, any woman/man, be bashing BHR for betrayal? After all, she was spilling the TRUTH. She is a celeb. Should anyone be surprised that she is as adept at playing the media as she is at role-playing? If you are one of them, have you forgotten these: Who stepped out of line first?
  5. Ditto. I do hope this drama will see the light of day, somehow someday. It has my bias (Yang Zi) starring in it. is based on an interesting novel and from the looks of the teaser, promises to be a great production. PD Lin and PD Guo, please don't dump it into the trash bin. Please fight for changes as and when needed, and bring it to us/fans who have been waiting for it for a long time. We are still waiting... JIA YOU! About the scandal:
  6. Why oh why is no one watching and chatting about this drama? It's an inspirational, women-centred drama, and so true to life! I love it and recommend it in a heartbeat! 【Synopsis】 Three women from different backgrounds face societal pressures towards having kids, their careers and their family. No matter what they choose, every road is difficult and full of obstacles. In the end, the three women grow individually to realize their self-worth and find happiness. 【Starring】 Tamia Liu, Du Chun, Li Nian, Wang Yuan Ke, Mickey Yuan, Dai Xu (CR: MZTV Youtube channel)
  7. Hello everyone! @Sleepy Owl Thanks for tagging. The O games are truly special and spectacular. I could not watch as much as I would like during this current O games, but reading about the ups and downs of some of it is just as good an alternative for me. While I never dreamed of participating in any, knowing full well how hard that would be - yup, like winning a lottery, perhaps? lol - I do enjoy watching the spirit of competition being kept alive, over and over again. And when I feel that spirit, fond memories of watching the O games flow again, and the best part of it was that it
  8. Loving this sisterhood drama laced with workplace and romance snippets. Reminds me of "Nothing But Thirty" or "Ode to Joy," though not as good as those were, at least not just yet. *SPOILERS* My brief random thoughts about the 5 FLs: I love all of them! In essence, I'm enjoying another good project from renowned director Feng Xiaogang. The FLs featured are not from the regular working class per se, but are from a middle-upper stratum. Their struggle in life and love seems realistic. I love the movie-like cinematography. It's a good watch for sure
  9. I love ALL 3 wives! I love PY the most, except for her treatment of her mom; I love BHR, too, except for her inability to control her anger; and I love SE as well, except for her self-piteous, Confucius-era mindset (though not all bad, just the patriarchy ideology is undesirable to me), and god-righteous way of undermining herself. The latter two ladies are for another post or two some other time. Back to PY. She's a victim of a cheater husband, a very smooth and sneaky one. Besides, how she treats her mother is not a marital issue, let alone that to her understanding, she has good
  10. This sounds ironical to me. Can a marriage still be termed "a good marriage" when there are affairs? And to add insult to injury, "still affairs"? To me (relatively, of course), once a marriage is tainted with an affair, past or ongoing affair, it is no longer a good marriage. Worse if the cheating is serial, i.e. not just once or with just one cheating partner. No doubt a marriage can be salvaged and both parties can work toward sincerity and trust once again, but that is hardly "a good marriage" though a wrecked marriage can become almost good again: IF the cheating stops, IF the
  11. @JilliaHi! Thanks for updating this thread. When I last checked, right before the drama aired, I saw that it was archived. I was confused but just left it at that. Now that it is revived, I will continue to update it. I hope more folks will watch it and love it. I love this drama! It started off quite badly with editing mishaps (or was that due to censorship and the humongous cut in total number of episodes?) but has now taken quite a good foothold, and it is quite addictive to watch the rise and influence of Liu E. Highly recommend anyone who loves his
  12. Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Drama Details: Title: Poetry of the Song Dynasty (formerly titled as 'La Royauté') Chinese Title: 大宋宫词 / Da Song Gong Ci Genre: Historical, Costume, Palace, Romance, Palace Intrigue Language: Mandarin Chinese Episodes: 61 Directors: Li Shaohong, Zeng Nianping (real-life husband and wife team) Screenwriter: Zhang Yongchen Country: China Broadcast Network: iQIYI, Youku Broadcast Date: 3/20/2021 - 4/19/2021 Source: Adapted from historical records and legends (including the same-name novel by Lady Milan)
  13. -JC-

    Soompi potluck

    Oh no... Sorry @partyon Missed your tagging. It's too late now for potluck... But I'm going to offer you and chingudeul a spread or two anyway lol
  14. No. I mean, NO doubt about it! Waiting... Hope it will materialize this year and will be better than all the rest!
  15. OMO! NOOOOOOOO! He is loved. A lot! So many oppas but only 4 choices per sect, you see. lol Is there a poss to change? Or vote again? I feel bad for LDG. He's one of my faves! And I love his RL wifey as well. On the other hand, even though I love.love.love KR too, I think he's kinda out of place here among all the K-oppas. (Sorry KR, sorry chingudeul, no offense meant ) Oppa, don't...
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