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  1. Good idea. I'd love to join the rewatch as well. I know I'm going to feel very empty soon, when I get to the finale. Btw, I'm still backtracking this thread and I'm also one who's conflicted about spoilers lol - "afraid yet also wanna know" lol. I'd love to read everyone's input after I'm done watching till the end, this first round. So, if anyone has tagged me for anything, please pardon my delay in responding to you. And, I can't log in to soompi as often as I want to, so please understand. Can't wait to get to the finale I really really love this OTP, singularly and jointly, and love this drama (the romance, the humor, the sights and sounds, everything! lol). Least of all, its cast and its crew!
  2. Drama Trivial : Did you know...? That things aren't always what they appear to be? At least, not just one dimensional, nor just one meaning. There are nuances, symbolism and cultural/religious representations, too. In the context of "Love & Destiny" (and in many other dramas too, esp. the ones in 3L3W universe/romance genre), did you know...? 1. 月亮 Moon Q: Have you ever wondered why Jiu Chen is constantly reaching out to the moon, and trying to grasp/support it? A: In Chinese literature, the moon represents many things. One of which, and commonly known, is a beautiful woman, such as LX/LM. 2. 蓮花 Lotus Flower Q: Have you ever wondered why LX/LM is shown as a beautiful maiden emerging or birthing from a lotus flower? A: In Chinese literature, the lotus flower represents purity and elegance. Also, of enlightenment, regeneration and rebirth (albeit in a more religious sense). All of these are personified in LX/LM. If you've watched "The Legend of Fuyao" (and many other C's), you would have seen a similar implied reference. 3. 桃花 Peach Blossom Q: Have you ever wondered why the peach blossoms are floating all around them, and they are chasing and trying to grasp them? A: In Chinese literature, the peach blossom represents emotions of love, a love affair. It's the central theme of "Love & Destiny", the manifestation of ChenXi CP's journey together as a destined couple. Just to name a few, inexhaustibly.
  3. Hello fellow L&D and ChenXi CP lovers Pardon me... I had to crash this party. I love this drama and this CP, too. Overall, I love the sets, the props and most of the CGI. This drama has an unique ability in levitating viewers like me into a xianxia dimension. An amazing drama, amazing CP, amazing production! I've been lurking on and off while trying to catch up with the drama, and trying to stay off 'spoiler-landmines' lol. You folks binge-watch at a far-too-fast rate than I can lol. Thanks for all your input! Thanks for all your shares and those 'spoiler-landmines' that I couldn't avoid @Everyone, Keep your thoughts coming, and keep sharing! Here are some random thoughts from me Oh.... Ermm, no offense meant at all, what have you been watching, Cdrama-wise? This is NOT the first time in a Cdrama, nor are they the first hot-CP in a hot-Cdrama-scene. This is one CP that hasn't failed me thus far. Hopefully, the ending will not crash on me/us in any bad way. Cdramas do have a way of 'crashing and burning' badly at the end. Not all, but in recent memory, there are quite too many. However, not just with Cdramas, Kdramas too, for that same matter. I love the slow burn, wholesome manner that this script, this PD, this OTP/CP are presenting this CP's relationship, and the overall plot theme. I love that there's no real alternate, third or fourth cast messing with this romantic tie and the plot about profound love in all senses of it - man/woman, person/person, person/country, person/clan, person/family, etc. Btw, JX is not a real third wheel, not in any good sense, IMO. Neither is YT. Kudos to Ni Ni who really rocks her role so well. I believe if it weren't for her being a true professional and them having been friends prior to this drama, Chang Chen may have his inhibitions (although he's also a true professional) since he's married and mindful that she's still a single, young maiden. Ni Ni makes me love her all the more! She hasn't disappointed thus far. She has in fact gone above and beyond! Ni Ni is certainly THE PERFECT CAST for LX/LM. No one else (of the C-actress field out there) I can think of who could portray this role well, or even better. Ni NI is such an awesome and amazing actress. Hoping for the best roles and pairings for her in her future projects. On that same vein, Chang Chen is THE PERFECT CAST for JC. Just as Ni Ni had listed his traits and suitability for this role in the interview by Xinhuanet.com (News.cn), and had revealed how she'd urged him to take up this role, I'm so glad we are watching him as the other half of ChenXi CP, with Ni Ni! Btw, why are many of you saying Ni Ni is so lucky to work with Chang Chen, to be in that scene with him? I feel just the opposite. I thought Chang Chen is so darn lucky to be asked/recommended to take on such a role, and to be the benefactor of all that lovely, adorable sweetness I try to stay off spoilers and some vids as much as I can lol. But, for this, WOW! This is unimaginably AWESOME! Love ChenXi CP all the more! @blueclueblueThanks for sharing WHOA! This BTS of above scene is just too cute! It makes me want to watch the episode proper ASAP lol. Not there yet. Just catching up at Ep 38 to date. @Sugar doughtnutThanks for sharing Oh wow! What a tease this CP is becoming... lol. Why am I giggling? And, what kind of haggling is this? lol. 1 month? 10 days? 3 days? Nah. 1 breather. lol. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! (CAUTION: SPOILER) https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I2myFalM9?fid=1034:4405627855007514 OMG! Has anyone seen this poster? Excuse me while I take a fainting spell. lol. (CAUTION: BIG SPOILER) Lastly, from Ni Ni (with echoes of mine) to all of you... CR: Xinhuanet.com
  4. The premiere is confirmed! 7.22 on iQiyi.com (original language) and Viki.com (English and other world languages). https://www.viki.com/tv/36283c-another-me CR: Viki CR: iQiyi
  5. Very thoughtful and very well-said! I'm struck by #1 and how society at large still has hang-ups over it, especially if you are a woman. In SK, it's all the more pronounced. I'm glad SHK had taken her first step and had shown the world, esp. her fandom and folks who love her, that she is taking things in her stride, and ready to strike out. Indeed, while "it" (divorce) is never encouraged per se, if it happens, it need not be a bad thing. It may even be a blessing in disguise. Taking a closer look at your "first step" since "it" was announced. CR: As tagged We read. We watch. We hear. And, we know. It hurts and has a way of dragging you down the abyss of emotional darkness. We know you were, are and will be emotionally affected to some extent. We are glad you are not in denial or in pretense. During that event, for a very brief moment, your real self overtook your professional self. You looked a little down and melancholic. But you snapped right out almost immediately. It was a precious glimpse of the real you. No worries. It's only natural. You're only human. CR: As tagged What's more striking? Your smile. We are heartened to see you smile. Thank you for your smile. What a beautiful smile! What a gorgeous you in that beautiful white dress! Thank you for showing the world that you are striking out with pure grace and goodness, in good faith, in good spirit, and looking ahead with renewed hope and vigor. We look forward to your next appearance, your next project. (♥ﻬ♥) A toast from us to you: "Tomorrow will be better".
  6. If you are eager for news as they break, check out these links (if you can access them): China Duty Free Sanya Duty Free Shop (weibo of venue) https://www.weibo.com/sanyadutyfree?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1 SHK Baidu Tieba (baidu bar) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6185651084?pn=1 SHK microblog topic: https://s.weibo.com/weibo/%E5%AE%8B%E6%85%A7%E4%B9%94?topnav=1&wvr=6&b=1 Short clips on her arrival : https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HCd02lDCB?fid=1034:4391064287511061 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HCcYuDx4O?fid=1034:4391062861502275 Does she have a hidden message in wearing a white dress? Or is it the brand's corporate choice? CR: SHK Tieba
  7. Chinese fans wrote letters of encouragement and handed them over to SHK's assistant. CR: SHK Baidu Tieba I too am very glad that the Chinese fans are so supportive of SHK. I'm actually very surprised that K-netz are bashing SHK. A lot of misinformation out there. I hope the bashing will stop soon.
  8. It was reported to be on 7.6. at 2pm (China Time). But it may have changed. Still, keep a look out for news. I'm sure the media will be flooded with her first public appearance since the unfortunate announcement. Cr: As tagged Indeed. Amen.
  9. Hey all! Whoa! My fave OTP "Han Ji Hye - Lee Sang Woo" is back! I didn't get enough of their goodness and sweetness in that last drama. So happy they are back together in this. Can't wait!
  10. Indeed, it is! What a pleasant surprise! It was one of my mom's fave dramas, and I was somehow dragged into watching it (while she rewatches) years later, lol. Anyway, it's about time for a remake, or for an entirely new plot in that theme and within the Peranakan culture. Love the sets and the costumes. I do hope to see more of their cuisine, too. While this cast isn't a dream cast to me, let's hope they, and the drama proper, will not disappoint.
  11. If you are watching this, be sure to complete it ASAP, before it is taken down everywhere.
  12. If you are in the midst of watching, complete it before it's taken down everywhere. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/427843-current-mainland-webdrama-2019-the-legend-of-hao-lan-beauty-hao-lan-皓镧传/?do=findComment&comment=21447152
  13. If you are watching it, be sure to complete it ASAP, before it's taken down everywhere.
  14. If you are watching it, be sure to complete it ASAP, before it's taken down everywhere.
  15. If you are in the midst of watching, complete it before it's taken down everywhere.
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