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  1. Good luck to you in your new endeavor. :sipsboba:

  2. If anyone's looking for Eng (or other language) subs, watch it at Viki.com https://www.viki.com/tv/37277c-nothing-but-thirty Or at YT channel of MZTV
  3. Thanks for your welcome! Glad you like my story lol. I will try to visit more often. TBH, still kinda dazed from all the new development here, as well as that "loss" Ah... I didn't know Team Sub is outnumbered here, ordinarily. You guys could have fooled me with the way you all managed to trounce Team Add! The victory must have been too sweet! Thank you Btw, @triplem I am not sure if I should add or subtract lol. @partyon read your questionnaire and will get to it soon, Frankly, I need a recollection (literally and in every sense of that word lol) of the oppas and their awesome abs before I can truthfully answer Q1. PS: Btw, can anyone enlighten me if there's a way to donate to a group (via IDs/names)? Or must I do it individually? Thanks.
  4. Hey @triplem! Aww... that's mighty nice of you to think of me, a non-regular here, let alone to invite me to join in the fun. I truly appreciate your kind gesture. Hmm... don't we all love to be in a winning team? But having been a part of Team ADD, I'd stay on if I may. Who knows? We may win someday! (PS: No offense meant, Team SUB+@partyon) Hello Team ADD (Season 1 Battle). Frankly, I was pretty sad when Team Add was outnumbered and trounced in Round 1. I silently swore (to my competitive self lol) to "bulk up" for Round 2. Like Popeye, "I YAM WHAT I YAM!" And I was "bulking up" and thinking... I lovvvve SPINACH! I set my alarm to wake me up at 8... But... but... I was too excited, I just couldn't sleep well cos... Before bedtime, for Round 2, I've even "baked" some muffins for Team ADD... And err... some for Team SUB, too... But when crunch time came... I was... and uncontrollably... So I told myself to "sleep in and just be a slow poke" But I think I've eaten the wrong batch of muffins and hence... When I woke up and was all raring and ready to ADD AWAY... WHAT! Team ADD was outnumbered and trounced. AGAIN! Team ADD, I am sorry I hope there'll be a Season 2 and so on. i'd also like to show my appreciation for all your hard work with a small donation of 20 points to every Team ADD member, active or not. I will figure out how to do that soon. Btw, thanks @Lawyerh for your generous donation of 50 points. To everyone in Team SUB, thank you all for a "battle" well-fought. You gave a good fight and deserved to win. It was as good as it could be. Congrats! PS: Got carried away. Pardon the length lol. CR: All images to respective original sources.
  5. Hmm... ;Why isn't anyone watching this drama? It's good thus far (Ep 5). A quality production. Highly recommended. If nothing else (too early to tell how the plot will unfold), the three main female leads are kickazzzzz good! Anyway, here's the calendar to watch it as it airs: Epic segment from Ep 5. LOL. Go mom!
  6. ADD & SUBTRACT? Sure... +2
  7. What? Whoever's waiting... WAIT ON! +2
  8. How right you are! Outnumbered and out-shifted! +2
  9. +2 Team ADD, we are outnumbered and this is what we are doing
  10. Do I care if I'm stupid, again? +2
  11. +2 the count. I think it's off again at this stage 448
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