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  1. Hi all


    I just want to say the scenes in A Coruña just killing me. I don't know they was filmed in A Coruña till I watched the episode

    Ahhhh my gorgeous place the place from HEAVEN 







    A Coruña, scene of the first chapter of the famous korean series #TheLegendOfTheBlueSea 16 November 22 h. #푸른바다의전설http://youtu.be/fS0ZxXTyZUk 


    You can see Lee min ho and Jun ji hyun in Plaza de Maria Pita ..All these scenes filmed in  A Coruña ( La Coruña)

    A Coruña is a gorgeous place which you never dream of and their people is nice.

    to know about truism in A Coruña you must see this account @CorunaTurismo

    They filmed in Garden maze in San Pedro mount and you can see the Tower of Hercules.



    Bye all ..

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