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  1. Jung Hae In is healthy , loves beer , and seems well-connected with Han Ji Min omo, is he the Mr. Right? Edit: I'd like to add that Hae In looks very humble and pays attention to what Ji Min has always to say. Reference for his love of beer https://www.soompi.com/article/1152739wpp/17-things-might-not-know-heartthrob-jung-hae-in
  2. Thank you to all my sisters here! Let's have a group huggggggg!~ Thank you once again to @Lawyerh for this haven ~ I can go back here from time to time to reminisce and spazz! Thank you @YuukiH for such a sweet effort on providing translations so we could understand the "moments" of our couple, you are our angel here And to other sisters here! @cometrue @richelle @tok-soompi @adibadiba @razledgoose thank you for sharing beautiful things related to our couple here and also sharing your thoughts ~ The drama has ended so well and received lots of love, the feelings were expressed so well that we felt true emotions! I'm really hoping that this would not be the end for our couple. Hoping for OSN Awards, Couple Awards, Magazine Collab, Brand Ambassadors and even not possible but a movie or next series of them together soon! Looking forward also for them to promote OSN outside of country if possible!? ahaha JHI is busy right now, probably HJM is going off to vacation? I pray that their friendship continues. And ~ as he called her sunbaenim felt sad but it's okay! haha maybe he's just too shy to call her Ji-min ssi in formal interviews Just feeling that even though Hae In admire his angel right now, it's the peak of his career, he could not put risk into it yet But I think he's really perfect for JM! Anyway, anyone here knows what their ideal man/woman is?
  3. Hae-in's invitation to watch the final episode. I can't, their smiles are very pretty and similar. Jimin's Invitation to watch, huhu the polaroid pictures are so precious, I wish she could keep them for long
  4. @YuukiH thank you so much for this~ I love how they're comforting each other on emotional scenes~ and funny when JM looked into the camera about airing their conversation.. and her doing "drunk interview" with HI. We're on the final hour of OSN later.. a little bit sad and anxious as well... I will miss them a lot. They've been quiet in IGs yesterday, I hope they're having a great time in their team building! @tok-soompi thanks for your insights! I'm sure they did enjoy together the filming and I'm hoping they could continue the friendship after and have a next collaboration soon ~ I mean, the chemi is perfect, the height is perfect and their similar smiles are perfect! Does being on the buzz list will give them more opportunities to be model of different brands? How long can Hae in stare to Ji Min and get his heart fluttered?
  5. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow~ And I see they have new making film vids out! hi @YuukiH if you have time can you share some of their conversations in the BTS? So pure and innocent vibes from this couple
  6. @richelle thank you for the info. let's hope for the best! I'm excited to see them in the red carpet together and oh~~ we have a "team building" to look forward this week?! I wish they'll share more pictures next week as on the wrap up party we just get to see them slicing cake. I'm wondering if they've given some speech or thank you messages. Time flies, tomorrow's the second to the last night of episode. I will miss this couple so much. I hope they'll be given more projects together in the future like promoting their drama internationally, modelling for a brand and even a movie. Haha I'm wishing too much. Another beautiful compiled videos
  7. One of my favorite moments in One Spring Night! I honestly want them to win best couple this year. Read the comments in the video, i like reading positive comments about their chemistry and pure talent as actors.
  8. This vid is reaaaally so good to watch! Nice compilation of their BTS. You always see their eyes are always smiling, even the scene requires them to feel heavily emotional You'll see here how HAE IN mostly looks in awe. Like he's been living his dream New Article for them today!~ I love the pictures plus there's JM staying under the umbrella HI was holding. https://www.soompi.com/article/1336999wpp/han-ji-min-and-jung-hae-in-remain-cheerful-despite-the-summer-heat-on-set-of-one-spring-night Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In Remain Cheerful Despite The Summer Heat On Set Of “One Spring Night” TV/FILM Jul 7, 2019 by S. Nam MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” has released lovely behind-the-scenes stills of Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In! In the photos, the two actors try their best to avoid the summer heat. Despite the sun beating down, the two kept their bright smiles on, creating a positive vibe on set. Playfully holding a fan over her head, Han Ji Min spread her contagious smile to the production team as well as the viewers. Furthermore, Han Ji Min’s and Jung Hae In’s refreshing personalities made the filming even more enjoyable. Off camera, the two couldn’t stop laughing and smiling, but as soon as the camera turned on, they completely immersed themselves into their roles by perfectly portraying a loving couple. Jung Hae In was also complimented by the staff members for maintaining his smile and positive attitude that brightened up the set throughout the filming. Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In will continue to captivate the audience until the end as they maintain their cheerful attitudes on set.
  9. I love every moment of this video. Thank you for the translation! They're so thoughtful of each other, JM giving the hot pack, HI sharing the hotpack on top of JM hands. And I like the fact that they're just sitting there, holding hands, even though it's not yet time for film it. And I like that they're keeping themselves comfortable. That quick brushing of hair gesture makes me really think that he won't really be calling JM noona, even after filming. LOL. JM is so petite and cute right Hae-in? I'm kinda emotional that wrap up party already happened. Haven't seen much video clips but I wished they enjoyed it! It's been a real gem melo drama and everyone worked hard very well. On page 13 we go,
  10. Really! How they could post a wrong article. They are so bias So Haein is embarassed not HJM! Hmmp we should report that article Btw, sharing some cookie for you guys haha Yay, we're now on Page 12
  11. @Lawyerh @YuukiH @cometrue don't worry I'll do my assignment here soon! Just kind of busy this week but my heart is so full after watching episodes and their making clips... and posts in their IGs So the last episodes would be next week? ... Are there no extensions or season 2 ..
  12. Emergency! Our namja Hae In is on a spree. Is he missing someone too obvious? He posted pics of them for the third time lol. @YuukiH please correct me if I'm wrong... Translated caption is ... See you soon (But i like he used the word uri , is the correct translation means `we'll see you soon?`)
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