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  1. Gray and White is the fashion trend now <3 The sunglasses are the same style on episode 15 when it was Doek Mi's birthday They both look gorgeous and made the airport as runway.
  2. Just got curious about the yellow heart after her comment. And I found this Yellow Heart The emoji that comes up on snapchat when you and another person are each other's #1 best friends. In other words, you're probably going to date soon. Guy: Hey, Zoë and I got the yellow heart last night! Guy 2: You guys are practically dating! ttps://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Yellow%20Heart
  3. Yesterday its "My Love" -- Leon (Lion) Today #backtoreality-- She's wearing gold That is just nothing to us Labit shipper right? Im crazy about them
  4. I retrieved my account just to join this thread. I need someone like all of you who can help me moved on with this couple. 22 years of watching Kdrama and Her Private Life surpasses all the kdrama I thought are the best. This thread and Her Private life became my happy pill every day. Hope you guys will continue to put updates. We never know what will happen to them in real life. But I hope the love of Doekmi and Ryan will remain in our hearts.<3
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