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  1. IU gets better with each drama. She is killing it in this drama!! The Hong sisters will always rip your heart out in episode 12. I remember crying like a newborn episode 12 of Masters' Sun and I cried like a baby with this one. I have no idea of whats to come but all I ask for is a complete ending, none of this open ending where you have to figure it out for yourself.
  2. Really enjoyed episode 12. I am so glad that the people around 321 called him out on his behavior. His dad telling him that he didn't have to make her say it out loud and in front of other people was great. I was especially happy when his boss rejected him and told him what an idiot he is and that he can not compare to CKH, I was standing up clapping with joy for that. My biggest wish for episode 13 is that the truth comes out that the never slept together and the co-workers stop disrespecting her.
  3. I agree with you on the time line. I don't really want a breakup but it might be necessary. If there is a breakup Hopefully the ending will be them meeting each other after some time and getting together again.
  4. I am really enjoying this drama. I have watched a few Taiwanese dramas through the years but I have not been this hooked since "Love Now". I come here daily hoping for a update or a translation because without the subs I don't understand a word. I have watched each episode two or three times. I usually watch as soon as it is put up on VIKI without subs and watch again when it is at least 50% than again on Thursday to get me ready for the new episode on Friday. All along I thought we would get a sex scene in episode 10 but now I'm not sure. I'm starting to think it won't come until the last episode after they sort everything out. I am enjoying the way the story is evolving. Can't wait for Friday
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