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  1. This is going to be a hard one to top. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a show this much. I had not signed into this site in over a year, but I had to comment on this . I have loved Park Min Young since I saw her in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, really loved her in Queen for Seven Days, after this I am girl crushing hard, she seems to be aging backwards. I have been following Park Seo -Joon since I Summon You Gold loved Fight for My Way, this is his best so far. I had been in a drama slump since Strong Woman last year and this show has given me back my joy. I am going to go back and watch Healer because that is one of the few PMY dramas that I haven't seen. I am sure I will watch this show again at some point. Thank You to the Soompi community, you guys have made this a great experience.
  2. Can someone with knowledge of Korean prison systems tell me if this is really the way prisoners are handled. I am really enjoying this show but every time they show him having visitors in a private room with out handcuffs or glass separating them I go crazy. You have a mass murderer roaming the prison with no restraints. Even when he is handcuffed it is in front of his body, that is the most dangerous way to handcuff a person because they can hit you or chock you. You always handcuff behind the back! Why? If they try to run their balance is off with their hands behind their back. They can't hit or chock you either. Do they actually use rope to transport prisoners. This whole escape scene has taken all of the realism from this show for me. Someone please help me with this. I have watched other k-dramas with prisons and I have always wondered about the rope
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