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  1. This drama really made me got hooked with it which I never experience before. Besides watching live streaming, reading all the comments in soompi forums and weibo about this drama & our OTP, I even registered an account at Naver even though I can't understand most of korean characters. I depend on google translator to "listen" (with so many year experience in watching kdramas) and try to understand what are the Knetizens' comments. Last but not least, I would like to share the remarkable record to show the popularity of this drama in Naver (until 27/7/2018) as a wonderful memory: (FYI, very few dramas can hit more than 100k subscribers in Naver nowadays)
  2. Thanks to PSJ & PMY for showing us such wonderful kdrama with their amazing chemistry! Best chemistry I've ever seen in kdramas! I like everything in this drama. There are so many unexpected sweet moments which I replayed n times! Credits: Owners in weibo
  3. HI, I'm a silent reader. I would like thank PSJ & PMY for bringing us such beautiful & heart warming drama with amazing chemistry! Yes, we are happy as long as they are happy! Will always cheer for them from afar! God bless this beautiful couple! Credits: Owner from weibo
  4. Hi, I've been away from Soompi forum for more than 3 years! But this drama makes me to join again! Thanks for all the sharing in this thread! Thanks to tvN for all the bts which make me can wait for new episodes patiently... Happy weekend everyone! Credit: Actress Hwang Bora Instagram @pinggumama
  5. PMY is really chemistry queen. I'm struggling.... I love Healer couple ... But Park Park couple's chemistry is undeniable! I found this clip for sharing. It's good editing ... Even though I don't understand anything of it (Hope someone would translate this.
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