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  1. Aigooo...what happen here? Did something happen? 

    @sweetcoconut1501 "Yes..shipping is hard..very very hard when you have a feeling something not right  and today my friend told me something about them and made my heart broken..whether is true or not..really made me sad."

     If you don't mind, you can share here. 

    Btw, I am Hongki bias. I ship him very hard with someone more than 3 years ago and until now. But i don't have any issue for PSH to support Hongki coz they are really best buddy. As Hongki said on air yesterday,  PSH is a friend. Nothing less or more than that. If PSH boycott media, well this proves that friendship was important to her. And avoiding from connecting each other in the eyes of media doesn't mean she avoid KRW too. Just my thought....

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  2. @lydlaw I understand your feeling sis. But you don't have to feel like that. At least you fight for something "extra" behind the Doctors scene. And at the same time helps other to fulfill their curiosity too. Well...cheer up everybody. Like @bogin79 said," sometimes it good also that magazines and reporters show no interest in them... let them take how much time they want and no people bother them".:P:):wub:

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  3. Somehow..i feel bad for other team members. They are part of Doctors too. Too silent seems unfair for them.. oh my.. Luckily KRW be the one for the emptiness after Doctors end.. 

    My friend just received her W photo essay (contain 300 ++ pages). They also have photoshoot for November Issue. I am so envy with them. Well...Doctors received higher rating but... (better i don't say anything...):vicx:.

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  4. Hi amazing peps:D

    Just want to drop my delulu...:wub::wub::wub:

    KRW history. I am think i can relate him with Jung Reowon something like this...

    1. He develop his feeling during the drama. But after that, he realize that the feeling is not right. He and his role are totally different. The feeling also not real.

    A. "just one time… ( was there three?/) I want to go back home….. actually… it was once.. when I act in a drama I met her for 3monthes day and night so sometimes I have some specaill feelings… but after that I don’t see her.. because I cannot really think it was me or charater I confuse…"

    B. "Thank u ( he have so many different chracters and what do u think about yourself?) when I do work, I find so many different myself but normally when I don’t act I figure out that I am quiet different from the charater ’darama cat’ . I am very inward and quiet."

    So..i think this is the answer for the rumors about him and Ms. Jung

    2. KRW do sees PSH as a precious lady and with respect. 

    Ideal type of girl

    1.)   Good Personality

    2.)  Person that you want to spend with

    3.)  Love each other

    And his latest comment about PSH in Malaysia -

    "Kim Rae Won also shared that working with Park Shin Hye (박신혜) in the K-Drama was a wonderful experience because her personality is amazing and bright. “She was so considerate to the actors that appeared together with us in the K-Drama".

    Actually, i am so happy with his comment about PSH. His observation is not on how PSH treat him but how she deal with other people around them (of course..they are not popular as her - prove that she was down to earth). For matured man and at his age, normally  the concept of ideal type must be changed and more about inner beauty. And i do believe KRW super  love with PSH personalities because she respect people without barrier and this is absolutely not about lust. (She was so perfect for ideal wife  and daughter in law for his parents.)

    Aish...my delulu..:P


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  5. On 8/27/2016 at 8:24 AM, DOCDOC said:



    I think they both laugh to pdnim teasing. but i don't like too, he open his eyes but just a tiny don't like. I think he giddy hear pd nim word so he open his eyes. when he open his eyes, its just see not romantic at all.

    I want to add in my thought too about this. I don't feel anything bad about him  opened his eyes while being kissed. In fact, i love it. I think he is distracted by something so that he open his eyes. Something funny coz both of them are giggling/ smiling. But the fact that PSH hold his lips is something i want to highlight here. All this while, we know that the kissed was lead by KRW. But this time, PSH do the part. The most amazing part was, KRW know he did a mistake and definitely that part going to be deleted. But he still continue the kiss and the different of his impression along the kiss is priceless. :wub:

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  6. Haish...I really hope KRW will join for the vacation. If he decided not to go just to avoid of gossip, .then this is really bad. I hope he can give himself some space without thinking so much and just be together with the team. Go hiking, fishing etc with the person who had same hobby is much much fun compared sitting at home u know?:phew:

    Yeah..yeah..i know. He cannot decide because of his tight schedule. Hope he manage to go..:(:(

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  7. Thanks for translation @rameennoodles:D. Appreciate that.

    Well, of course they are not dating (yet). They are so busy with their shooting schedule to the extend they sleep for only 1-2 hours per day.No time to think about anything than filming and their script. But possibilities for relationship is AFTER the drama end. If we look at the pattern from most kdrama couple....normally the will start to realize their feeling after they finish their filming. Whatever happen, i really love PSH and KRW as a couple in Doctors. So natural. So beautiful. Really hope to see them again in another project....:wub:


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  8. 6 minutes ago, deara said:

     And he did propose her in ep.19 even he said that casually. I think that could happen :D

    This is the place HJ met JH's abuji, right??? It was so beautiful. I cant wait to see them in weeding attire. So happy for happy ending but sad because no more Doctors after this.

    It may not the end for PSH and KRW but will end for us if they out of radar :tears:

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  9. I think its okey to talk about this since this is shippers's thread. 

    I always look at PSH hands while kissing. From her hands, i assume that she actually "controlled" herself and i think that is the reason why she look very stiff for kiss scene. She wont let herself into the moment. And i am sorry to say this..i pitty her when she was kissed by LMH in heirs. Yes, that kiss is unexpected kiss but i really think she don't like it but for professional reason as an actress, she just proceed with it.

    But with KRW, i still can feel that she try to control herself but this time she almost carried out with the kiss. Look at her left hand. There is one moment her hand kinda move along with the kiss. A signal that she carried away with the kiss. A signal that she loves the kiss. Arhhh..my english is very limited.I hope someone can explain for me...:crazy:.

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  10. Morning patients.

    Maybe this is  not related. But yesterday YKS (YD) through his ig post a pic translated as " My father and me at the weeding and Hulk". I dont know his father but the "Hulk" look like a crew - wearing Tshirt and cap. My hope- They are shooting a weeding scene for JH and HJ:wub::heart:.

    Yeah...im having DWS too.... will gonna miss them especially JH :heart:HJ


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  11. I need bts. Please..give us bts...:bawling:

    Feel so empty without Doctors last night. I cant imagine that actually next week is their last week with us. This week is last week for all Doctors crew to work hard and Last week for Raeshin couple to spend time together. :tears: Cant get enough with this beautiful couple. If they can give us ONE Bonus episode....


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  12. I agree and sometimes disagree with certain comments here. But its normal. This is reality that actually happen around us. Things happen. How we look at it is related to our perspective ( base on our culture, environment, age, gender, religion etc). 

    For myself, i super love with this episode. Kudos to Doctors team.:heart:

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  13. Morning patients:).

    First of all... i think its normal to think about death. Both HJ and JH witnessed the death of their love one quite frequently. Of course they feel afraid if it happen again especially the one they love the most. And i don't think this drama will end up with sad ending because from eps 1 till 16, everything come out with positive outcome. And i do believe for the last 4 episode, the production cannot afford to create that kind of situation. Maybe something can happen but not death. 

    Btw, i can sense that KS told JH about his condition  before he went for HJ's discipline commitee. Doctors is one of the  smartest drama i have seen so i think they will never drag it to extend that even kids can quary. I believe nothing bad will happen to HJ.

    oh..one more thing... I think KRW and PSH not as carefree as the used to be in their latest bts. I wonder maybe they want to avoid them self from any possible gossip. Poor me... i really love them especially from bts cioz i can see the real KRW and PSH.

    I am glad PSH cut and clean her nail. Professional actors must alert almost everything that can effect their role just to make sure its look real. Yes, we don't mind but for long journey to become an excellent actress, that comment should be taken as a good point for improvement. And i am happy that she took it very positively. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, starb82 said:

    What movie is this?


    I wish there's an english sub for this, starting 1:00 was so sweet.





    Hoping for JiHye as parents...


     Such a beautiful post :wub:

    I can feel that KRW will be a very lovingly dan soft daddy while PSH will be a quite straight mum to her kids. hahaha...good combination. I tried very hard not to ship them but their chemistry makes me nuts:crazy:

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  15. 14 minutes ago, onnie1509 said:

    Ya that true..so sorry friend PSH is not the first :(

    Hahahahaha...... Aigooo...uri KRW cannot recall his memory that he got the back hugs from KTH few years back. Maybe because its looooong time ago or MAYBE the feeling is not the same:wub::wub:

    Normally we will get new bts every friday, am i right? The bts they gave us this week is too general. I am waiting for almost bed scene bts, hugging tight bts, dating bts etc. :phew:

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