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  1. @0timelost, Aigoo..thank you for the facts. This ahjuma def blinded by the king .
  2. TLE bring me back to Soompi Forums Hi guys. I don't know about others but i really like LH and hoping for his last hapiness with OS. To be honest, from the start (read the synopsis), i know OH will find her true love with WB. And i never had intention to see any different plot when i decided to watch this drama. But the problem is...SSR carried his character as LH very very very well. Yes, he was a bad guy but he become like that because of people around him. i don't think he murdered his wife, his granny or Wang Sik's mother. He being used by his mother and also Min Yu Ra. And he not even once tried to kill his OS. Its was plan by the devil mom or Min Yu Ra. He just a puppet for them...pitty him. Poor king, he thought he did it. I hope the truth will be revealed soon so everybody and LH himself know who is actually behind this. It was so unfair if he being hated by his own blood brother, wife or his "best buddy" WB for the thing that he had never done. OS's mother died...and the blame pointed to him..gosh... For the final, i vote for OS- LH. And for WB, i think he suitable with LH's sister, So Jin. He always smile when he with SJ. I hope they end up together but of course, with the real Na Wang Sik ( Tea Hang Ho). . Oh, i think "The Last Empress" refered to the queen's ambition. She want to have full power and be the one and only empress in Korea. Btw, this just my personal opinion. Sorry if u don't like it.
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