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  1. One request from me is that "JIS, pls dont make another film/drama, esp a scene, a kinda that in FF." I believe people change, you do too. If you are in love with SHK (I was/am still a big fan of SHK-WB), confess your feeling, keep your pride of being not in love with co-stars away, and SHK will surely welcome. She said, in another source, love is not a calculation, when it comes, she will directly jump into it.

  2. Taking part in this forum, really makes my day. I cant hold the burst of my laughter. Everytime I read your posts, lol....all of you are amazing ....and also ADDICTIVE.
    :))Hey, reading somewhere I just noticed that 'O2' is taken from OS & OY. Someone also recognized that OS' car's no is 02, which means..... O2 right. And I found that that Jo in sung (probably pronunced In Song) and Song Hye Kyo, both have O2 right? (Jo-Song & Song Kyo) what so coincidence.

  3. from luluwannago...http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/405/jo-in-sung-%EC%A1%B0%EC%9D%B8%EC%84%B1/p417:

    -I heard you are not considering filming a drama in a while.

    “If I’ll meet a high quality drama like this one, I may start filming for it in a couple of months or the end of the year. I hope to come back to the set soon, so the viewers won’t be allowed time to forget about me. And some acting skills, which are still buried deep in my heart, can be revealed as soon as possible. For all these, I think I find the reason for waiting.”

    Writer Noh, pls involve SHG, JIS, and WB as the characters in the upcoming 'romcom'. SHG and JIS as a wife-husband couple, while WB as SHG's first love. She is still in love with WB, though she has already married with JIS. She didnt love JIS at first, until she finally finds the truth that JIS is a caring and loving/lovable husband.

  4. SHK wrote a letter, meaning that she opens her mind and heart. If JIS falls in love with her and insists on his love, he will do actions to approach her. So, guys, dont get too far involved in never ending discussion. As the KEY is on JIS. If you want O2 couple goes on in real life, why don't you all persuade JIS? I am sure SHK will accept it as long as JIS strives for it

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