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  1. wow...one day off 02 thread...i miss a lot of things....

    thax for all comments esp from @zuizui, thx for the life vest...so sweet of you....@ji08, you are really a care loving person, ...@shey, ....thx for the comments.....bla.bla bla I love you all.     Oh me? just like the ONE who just got Baeksang awards.
    :)) =))

    Oh, JIS-SHG had dealt in one thing, DIDNT COME TO THE AWARD, what a fishy thing! Does it mean that They do really care on all stuffs of 'disapproved' relationship for the sake of their safety??

    JIS looked slimmer, more slim than he used to be during the TWTWB filming.....Oh whats up JIS? You should treasure times of the happy filming by joing our thread. Here, you ll find a lot of crazy delusional things. I guarantee that all people here are humble and nice to talk with, even nicer than Kim C. Oh, I speak to d wrong person as JIS doesn't speak English.


  2. irella: Song Jin Woo ...............Song .................hye kyo ...winner?
               Han Hee Min .................(Kim) Min Hee........................???

    Aha!!!    **Wild Guessing Mode on**

    There r probably some signs:
     1. Song is the winner, it means that JIS is the victim of ...'a play'....he should date KMH so that he protects SHG who is in a relationship with the Mysterious Guy?    ; OR...
    2. Song is the winner cos she actually had won JIS' heart, but he has a pride that he cant resist.....
    3. Song is the winner, as JIS is actually into SHG, but KIm C is still persistent that JIS fits to KMH as she is, PERHAPS, a woman nice to talk with/ or a kinda

    NOTE: these characters are all fictious, so is this analysis...anyway, to make this thread running as I dont have any NEW news to share. We here share our parts, it seems that we have our own way, our own job desc...

    ;);)  cheers

  3. I smell something 'smelly' here, guys.....I cant stop thinking all of these:(remember my old post, and other's posts on the cycle of JIS-SHG-WB-KMH!!)
    - JIS-KMH are 10 year-long friends, they were both models and finally decide to be a couple just after the TWTWB filming started (at the beginning of this year). The intense and hardwork of TWTWB even could not distract JIS, and made him just see his beautiful co-partner? He even was not really exhausted and still able to think of building a relationship???
    - SHG-WB are ALSO 10-13 year-long friends, SHG-WB (aside from their true friendship) visited each other, even when SHG was still in relationship with HB.  WHILE.....
    -KMH-WB are ALSO 10-year long friends, they were models of CHRIS CHRISTY (if not mistaken) and JUST NOW, in February 2013 (during TWTWB filming, of course before the relationship announcement break-up in April) they (WB-KMH) reunited as Chris Christy Models. I noticed from their pics, they were in WET pose (dunno what suitable term to call it), they were really having esxual-arousing pose, really tempting for those who see.....

    I am just contemplating....a bit delusional .....try to make them connected  but I cant assure u all (just a bit naughty thing in my mind tring to break these down)......***sigh....for me, whoever the man SHG will choose, it is all on her....

  4. <<<<<<cricket chirping sound....>>>>>  quiet......."peaceful?"

    This is what happening, when SHG stays away from JIS, from public, so does JIS as many netizens disapprove his relationship with KMH. Perhaps JIS is better going to public places with KB instead. Or, perhaps he's better going out with his mother, his real mother, make her enjoy his fame after years of hiatus. While, SHG should do the same, going out with her mother. Then both couple finally meet in a place, INCOINCIDENCE....Then,
     JIS' mother said, "Oh,....you Hye Gyo...you are beautiful, more beautiful than on TV."
     SHG, "Ah,...ahjumma...thx. This is my mom. Mom, this is In Sung"
     SHG' mom, "Oh...In Sung...you are so handsome." Jo ssi..you must be proud of your son."
     JIS' mom, "Oh, thx. Dont flatter me. you too, Song ssi, must be proud of SHG."
     SHG," Have a sit. It is so coincidence we meet".
     SHG' mom and JIS' mom, "we have marriage-aged children, dont we?" Hope we ll bind this relationship. Both look good together on screen, so dos offscreen.
     JIS' mom, "In Sung ah.....what if HG? I think she ll be a good wife for you. Beautiful, loving, lady-like,
      the one your mother wants to have as a daughter (in law)."
      JIS', "Oh..mom.." (blushing...)
      SHG ......(blushing, holding her ears) hehehehe.....

    Just wanna make your day, guys! Have fun!

    =)) =))

  5. zuizui: YYeah, KMH should be the one who said " I know what you did That Winter"  hehe. But, @chichi how come you know "Heart fluttering, eyes gazing, mind poundering, mouth stuttering...what the heck on your mind, JIS? Pls stay away from SHG...I smell sth going wrong. "  I think " You still know what he did That Winter" more than KMH knew.

    @zuizui, these are all based on a thorough scrutiny done by 02 shippers.
    ;);) :x

  6. I am back after so much work to do. Oh I miss 2 pages long....salute! No new news but you are still full of ideas....What about the upcoming postings are all about the BTS pics some of us dont have them.

    Oh, Baeksang is drawing near. Supposed that SHG-JIS or one of them will not attend the award, and there is no any acceptable reason, so this will be a NEWS, although a sad one, esp for 02 shippers. Do one of them or both avoid each other since there was SPARK during TWTWB filming?

    If they don’t really have such feeling, esp SHG who is a shy ‘youja’ / cannot defend herself, why does she hide from reality? JIS, supposed to be the one easy going ‘namja’, should be comfortable with any news, and he must be comfortable sitting/being next to SHG. In fact, they didn’t. They looked clumsy. NA...NA...NA..... [-X

    Or are these all about ‘a drama’?  #:-S Life and Drama are ALIKE, I suppose. So, people are wondering what this is really happening between SHG-JIS-KMH - A mysterious guy (Mr. Kim.......you can make your own guessing, or Mr......).

  7. @zuizui. I know what you did that Winter? ..=)) =)) =)) .I cant stop laughing at it...

    That shud be KMH said so, not you @zuizui. ;;)

    KMH: JIS, I know what you did that Winter? Heart fluttering, eyes gazing, mind poundering, mouth stuttering...what the heck on your mind, JIS? Pls stay away from SHG...I smell sth going wrong.

    JIS: Dont worry, honey...SHG is too shy to get close to me. She will keep away from being next to me in any promotion or a kind of.....the deleted BTS scenes have been already tackled. No SHG in any event, I promise....Instead, I ll take @Ji08, @leezsa, @mamamika, @shey ...and many other who already hold my bracelet and SHG’s earrings with them, as my co-partners. The accessories are good at them....LOL ....dont get me wrong. No hurt feeling. Just to make this thread full of postings. Nothing more.

  8. No matter how good our script draft is, the most important thing is the producer, director, writer, actor-actress , they all confirm and agree. Then the show goes on.  I appreciate all your posts, guys, leezsa, mamamika, ....but it seems that we are trapped in emptiness....Mizz others: ji08, loucong, shey.., thecoldwinter..,  etc., including zuizui. Why? Miss all the funny pics, videos, posted at the beginning part of this thread. Me, cannot make such marvellous masterpieces.

    Ohyeah, heard that SHG wont attend the promotion? Is that true?


    @zuizui, class="entry-title" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; clear: both;"Won Bin 13.7% (237 votes) (Somebody that we - O2 Shippers used to know)  what d u mean?
  9. Agree with @Ji08 statement, bed scene will make things around burnt.

    After the great chemistry on screen, bed scene in TWTWB with JIS (JIS seems to be good at it) is like put GASOLINEon the fire. I don’t think it is a good idea, as it would make antis heart-broken, and people like us more delusional and then it affect our lives as a whole: distraction of working, perhaps divorce for those married couple, being delusional along the day thinking of JIS-SHG, and so on. Am I too exaggerated??

    Alternatively, Oh Soo and Oh Young should have another sequel. TWTWB is a NOIR drama, why if writer  Noh make it the sequel but different GENRE, lets say A ROMCOM. Why ROMCOM? So far, we havent found any sequels of any film drama with different genre right? Compared to REAL LIFE, we have various ‘genres’ in our cycle of life. Why dont we make it that way. Back to que: WHY ROMCOM?

    1.     1.  Oh Young is successfully out of blindess, with a blurry vision, she might be not expert in romantic move. Here, we can see the awkwardness of Oh Young to do that, so we ll find clumsiness/funny things in it.

    2.    2.    ROMCOM of 02 couple can become the HEALING MEDICINE for those who get a crush on 02 great chemistry.

    3.     3.   (you can add these...cant think further)


    :-$ ;):D ;;)
  10. The SONGs have been SUNG recently, JOke has been made all around to show how happy we –shippers—were, putting a great hope of the two. Finally the two-week-ago breaking up news have changed everything. The pairing IN the promotion is still in mystery.  Hye (read: hey...) where are the news makers??? Stalkers?? They even seem to cover up  everything. Tracing  threads and surfing net, no more potential info to be made as a hot issue to talk about. What will we do? Mmm....try to reminisce time and treasure precious hidden things to cheer up our days for missing the 02 couple very much. So, Gyo Gyo (read: Go Go fighting!!)

  11. Bed scenes in TWTWB? Kidding me. LOL ..If writer Noh put that kind of scene, then it might come awkward just the one in S*** G**. In WW, Oh...I just know that, a bed scene of SHG-HB. Oh!! I have never watched WW. Not really interested to even watch the teaser or a kinda...dunno exactly the reason...BUT.... surfing the net and noticing that JIS-SHG became the most anticipated couple, ....Ding Dong....I then wanted to watch it. FYI, I was not really 'tempted' to JIS. I even never watch WHIB/Memories of Bali, neither did Spring Day, and JIS dramas/films,....but everything changes...I dont know--up to know--the real CHEMISTRY FORMULA of the two.

  12. What can be seen from the eyes? LIPS can lie, but EYES can hide neither LOVE nor a bit HATRED. Once I rewatched every moment in TWTWB, more I can see the LOVE in the EYES of Youngie.... But truly, when seeing Soo's EYES, I feel......his feeling comes and goes...In one way, I see a man sincerely smiles and laughs at his co partner...yet, sometimes I see him as a pretender.
    #-o #-o

  13. @mamamika, Oh, did i break your heart? I'm so sorry!

    ‘Heart breaker’ is  one who makes my heart break into pieces, as I did not really care to ship 02 at first (shipping 02 is really an ON-OFF feeling, sometimes I am so anxious to ship them and some other time I am a bit desperate with 02 couple), then you come with you posts distracting me from my work. You break my heart as I can’t concentrate on my works and make me in love with 02-again so that I begin delusional thinking what may probably happening between Oh Soo and Oh Young. You got it? Don’t get me wrong...

    @she…, @ulap, …….and others, you are wonderful too.


  14. @Ji08.
    lol. Let's disembark somewhere and think carefully. How much do we know about this man to ship him with SHK? lol. Ji08I admit they have chemistry in TWTWB. But I have fallen in love with Oh Soo. I want Oh Soo to hit the MEGA JACKPOT and strike SHK. ^.<

    Yeah, this thread is not for shipping JIS-SHK, but 02 couple (Oh Soo and Oh Young as well as the On Off couple).

  15. Got this from JIS thread

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all your hard work in sharing JIS' photos, clips, news, and translations. You guys are jjang!
    By the way, just wanted to share this (not sure if this has been posted here before).
    Jo In Sung said, "Next time, I have to try (a kiss scene) with Moon Geun Young

    source: newsen and reviewstar
    credits to and translations by Soompi Moons
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=304684899602894&notif_t=like (video)


    Guys, this gives me A SIGN to debark at a place of nowhere.
    :( :-SS

  16. I am wondering why these people are CONNECTED one another, WB-KMH are both models, acting as a couple in Christy, while WB is SHG’s oppa or whatever he is, perhaps a close friend (how close they are? Mmm….), SHG is JIS’ co star as well as his ‘old’ friend, suspected to have a crush on each other (on-off screen as well as ON-OFF FEELING (=O2 right? = On-Off) .  While, JIS is now having relationship with KMH. Another said that KMH is SHG’s best friend, while I think KMH is WB’s partner and as we know that WB is SHG’s close friend (oppa). So, SHG-KMH are ‘friends’ as the two are WB’s friends.  Are these all “smelly”, guys?  Or only me who smell this? Sniff sniff….


  17. sc_3e7e08e8fb5fdc1ca97bcd1cfc69e217 said:

    SHK and JIS really had such a wonderfull chemistry ever. They do made me feel love, pain, sad, happy etc. They're so beautiful together. Yah... they're not destined in real life (but we don't know in future 8-> ). I hope they will collaborate again in future under writter Noh and PD Kim. I'll never forget TWTWB and OS-OY  =D>

    P/s : But reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly hope next drama -  SHK and WON BIN. Untill now i totally cannot understand why she choosed that guy (forgot his name) and not Won Bin????  @-)  8-X :x

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