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  1. Considering:

    1.       There is no new news/gossip/rumours on SHG-JIS (02 couple)

    2.       The trend in Korea now, older women-younger man celebrity couples


    To ship JIS’ close friend, Song Joong Ki, a younger lad with his senior, Song Hye Gyo (JIS’ friend as well as onscreen couple) as 02’ couple (the 02 hereditary couple)

    I am a bit desperate now...this thread is running so slowly ....


    They are alike, I think.



  2.                           in cardigan

        "The Masked Tuxedo" and his "GorgeousSailormoon"

                                       so cute



    Compared to Mr. KDJ aka WB, JIS' poses are sometimes plain (sorry fans). Some other time, he is cute.
    When I see his pics with other models/actresses, I find it the same way, I am not really taken into it.
    But, everything changed...when I come to know him deeper, when he was acting with SHG, changed my paradigm. With SHG, JIS turns out into an adorable person, I cant resist his charm up to present. When not seeing them together, I feel dizzy, a bit nauseous, mind delusional. What kind of symptoms are these? Oh...02 coupling deficiency syndrom. Are u feeling the same, friends?

  3. I was dropping by this thread for seconds, then deciding to be a silent lurker.
    Enjoy all your posts, seem everyone is involved. Yett....mmm...I didnt see @ji08. Where are u? I miss u already.

    To @zuizui, u can have the tuxedo MASK, but not MAMORU Chiba. For me, sailormoon/usagi Tsukino were SHG (a petite thing yet beautiful),
    while Momoru were JIS (slender n tall). Both SHG-JIS and Mamoru Chiba-Usagi Tsukino are alike.
    02 couple is like Anime couple, perhaps writer Noh really adores Anime characters and she wants to be on of them.

  4. zuizui "
    I don't have ability for matching 'couple looks' pictures or have deeper thoughts to discuss about them like you guys did for our couple And, I just post some random/crazy things if you guys feel annoyed about it, please pardon me "

    @zuizui, are u kidding?? ur talent n ideas are stunning. Keep delusional. I really enjoy all u works, as I enjoy other shippers ', too.

  5. @leesza, @ulap, @hclover, @zuizui..........thanks for all supports & comments.

    If I u find me rarely posting in this thread, it is bcoz I have to CONTEMPLATE and say what the “VOICE” wants me to say  ..(joking :).Overall, I am not like you chinggus, each of us definitely have our own way and at the same time we –at the end- make a good collaboration.

    Thanks to @shey, @hclover, @ji08, ...you really make my day with ur pics. I LIKE THEM ALL. 

  6. Hey ya, guys. Long time no see.

    I read all your posts. I cant stop admiring all images you posted, such marvelllous arts. Yet, mocking (sorry to say) THAT WOMAN is not a good way. Sorry, I hafta say this offense-causing comment. In my local wisdom, it is said that ones, ‘the casualties’ of mocking stuffs, will find her/his way to top-success in his/her life. In JIS’ case, when he picks THAT WOMAN, this is all because some reasons he wont explain it to us. THAT WOMAN probably has something he likes, the ones SHG doesn’t have. SHG is indeed beautiful, people dont deny that fact, even it is bitter one (for the ANTIS). But, for some people, SHG is beautiful, that's it!! 

    While, Calling THAT WOMAN as ahjumma-/mother-like gf is more than enough, I think. Lets stop that ‘mistake’ and go on running this thread with beautiful things we can make, as it used to be, without mocking others. Sorry guys...when someday THAT WOMAN ‘would’ finally win JIS’ heart (Hope not, plss...heaven),  to see THAT WOMAN crying to death, we cry INSTEAD. At the end, we ll, for sure, wear Zuizui-made life vests. Thanx to @zuizui for those. But, I wont let this happen. I d rather see @Zuizui sell her life-vests and earn a lot of money from the sale, she ll be rich and can bring us to Korea to beg JIS to make SHG as his wife-to be, not that party goer-typed woman. 

    @Shey, @ji08, @Leezsa, @zuizui, @crazywind, @hclover, @arri, and those not mentioned, lets make this thread as fun as it used to be. Make it delusional, but no emotional.


  7. Wow, this thread is going crazy, again after a-month-hiatus, or what so-called sorrowful month of April, or perhaps I call it April's Fools Day. This thread becomes alive.

    SHG met Writer Noh?? Hope it will be TWTWB 2. Hope make it quick as both SHG and JIS are not young-aged actress/actor. Make it quick, writer Noh, as they probably get married soon and resign from entertainment world.

  8. shey428 said: Help me chinggus! Sometimes, i want to jump off the ship. There's no new news about them. Good thing i have my life vest! We're 75 here yet there are only who wants to contribute their thoughts about our couple. I hope all 75 of us are on the same ship, no basher of O2 couple and then post it to other ship; thinking we're pushing SHG and JIS too much. I've read a post in where he/she actually think we're crazy.. Well, being in love is crazy! You know. If you ever been.. I dont know if he/she is just bitter coz we cannot deny the heavenly chemistry of our O2 couple. I dont want to mention the ship of him/her coz i respect his/her opinion but please do respect ours too. This what we believe in, and you just have to believe in your ship. :(

  9. Seeing a pic posted by @ji08, Oh Soo with closing eyes hugged SHG with open eyes while smiling (sorry, I cant attach d pic). My mind begin delusioning SHG "In Sung ah, I dont know why I am so happy to be with you here, being next to you for the last 5-month filming. I d never have such feeling before. I wish we could meet earlier...No regret, hagyo." JIS "Me, too..I can feel what u do, Hye gyo. I wish we could meet earlier. I wish I d never had such statement that I wont date my co-star..poor I am, poor my pride...What I m supposed to do with Min Hee? Tell the truth...**sigh...Oh, no, just do d life like flowing water...dont care what ppl may judge. **sigh"

  10. Wow? 28 new posts after a day off....this thread is running well, I think that we get a lot of benefits from the Baeksang. I am like you all, also puzzled, while I am also delusional, hoping that these two, 02 couple, announce their relationship someday...oh my! @-)
    I am also thinking why JIS-SHG are awkward on each other. Normally, if they r really good friends n no feeling on each other, they ll dont take the rumors into consideration. However, it ll get more weird as the two are attempting to avoid public. They do neither any promotion together nor any press conference. Are these all made up? So, ppl are still wishing to see their chemistry, as it is so addictive...most of use like drama as it can encourage our delusional mind as well as involve our hearts to get drown into happiness and sorrow the characters bring to us. Oh.....how long we ll get the truth after so much 'upside-down' heart beating???

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