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  1. DISPATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hEAL THE wOrld, Make it a better place, For you, for me, for other shippers. There Are  FAns CRYING... (cr to M.J.)

    To be frank, it is hard for me to leave this ship, as said by many shippers, I find WARMTH in this thread. Let's delusioning of 02 chemistry, regardless whoever SHG will be with, someday. But, really, I need a break, to heal my broken heart.

  2. @noreulee, am I spelling correctly? sorry for the mistyping.

    @zuizui, even if you mention KDW, that wud be okay, though it is hard for me to accept that  :((, not totatlly that serious, I am OK not to be OKAY (an old term, reminding me to @ji08 or whoever started using the expression). BUt, for sure, @zuizui, I appreciate your choice to ship JIS-KDW, while me also ship WB-SHG and you do the same way, appreciating me. Thank you, chinggu.

    ANOTHER message for you, SHG, pls dont act like a child. I remember, when I was a kid, when I fell in love. I tried to avoid him (one that I love), not talked with him or even called his name. Or, are you feeling the same as I did when I was a kid? That you actually have a feeling to JIS. Does your heart flutter when you re next to him? Call his name? Do you? Do you, Hye Gyo sshi?

  3. I do agree with @Nith, @hclover has done her work well.

    @mamamika, @crazywindblower, sorry I have to say that I find it a bit hard not to believe the rumour of SHG-KDW. They had a chemistry as HG seemed very comfortable being next to KDW.  :(:( What s worse is KDW is very smart at school, and women like an intelligent man. I bet SHG had/has a crush on him. Sorry to say, chinggus. =(( Of course, the chemistry that SHG-JIS had is unbeatable. It is the best, that s why I am here. I did not like JIS before, till I find him so stunning in TWTWB.

    I am sorry, my feeling and heart for 02 couple is ON and OFF

  4. @zuizui, hahaha......first, that is NOT you or other shippers who make me sad. I heard that rumor a long time ago and it did affected me. I smell sth fishy on SHG-KDW friendship (sorry, I have to be aware of suspicious things. The only 2 couple I ship are: SHG and WB, and last but not least, and JIS.

    btw, Ah, that s WB gif, is really stunning, hillarious, marvelous, and ridiculous...i luv it so much. somehow, I feel, that WB, as if, really said so.

    @leesza, so who will I get if u take WB, @zuizui takes KDW?

    @hclover, which one among those you prefer bringing home?

    ciao, see u all. the weekend ends up for me and see ya soon, chinggus..awaiting your posts @Nith, @ksyj, @leesza, @shey, @zuizui, @hclover, @restu, @crazywind, @mamamika, @mamie, @ulap, @ji08, @nourolee...........others.

  5. @hclover, I wish she said, "Wo yi ge ren. Wo xiang Jo xiansheng." (I am single and miss him, Mr. Jo).
    :)) :))    ME? ....laugh OUTSIDE, sad INSIDE. The too much love for 02 couple really makes me have a kinda post-traumatic syndrome or kind of stuff. I dont know how you, chinggus, cope with it and have been through the all days so far.

    But, no matter Tsunami (borrowing ji08's term), the chemistry during the filming and the side effect,esp during JIS-SHG interview/press conference, cant get rid of my mind. This sustain me or prevent me not to jump off this ship. I do hope, although not 90%, perhaps already reduced till 10%, that 02 couple will be together.

    Btw, @ji08, miss you a lot. 

  6. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbkpYrctHDfHxdldAl400
    JIS: "Look!! Hye Gyo, our shippers are very loyal. We have successfully made fun of playing their hearts, we have made it, playing HIDE and SEEK with the camera, with media. See, their posts are all about reminiscing moments we acted together, no brand new news.
    SHG: "Oh!" (agree and happy)

    Chichi:   Jo In sung sshi, Song Hye Gyo sshi....Happy???!!! Are you happy now? Don't mess with our hearts, please. You know, BOTH of YOU have to be responsible for making our hearts' flutter. After giving us a hope, then YOU leave us delusional. Dont let us down, 02 couple!

  7. @zuizui, your posts are funny as always. Love it, honey!
    :x Cant imagine what s on ur brain as u have so 'gag'-minded intelligence (I dont know what appropriate word to describe my compliment to u, @zuizui)

    @hclover, yeah we both have sth in common: following frustating shipping threads. But I am sure, sooner or later, frustating (-) + frustating (-) is equal to (+). Among FRUSTATING things, I am sure there will be a good thing, at the end, EMERGING.

  8. It has been already 2 MONTHS after the 'DOOMSDAY', but I feel like AGES.

    Hye Gyo, plss dont make me suffer. If you dont have any feeling to JIS, pls say so. You can easily go with him, do some promotions together. Even if you admit, or whoever admit: can be Director Kim or Writer Noh, that you both are OKAY, are friends, so pls do some promotions together. I am OK with that, and so are we, shippers. These will not make the upcoming TWTWB 2 loose its ratings. There are still some crazy fans, who unreluctantly will watch you and JIS on TV. I like the chemistry you and JIS have built, regardless your private lives. I dont care with that. You have the right to choose your Mr Right, and so does JIS.

    Hye gyo sshi, please...

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