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  1. crazywindblower said: it's good to know that in sung cheered hye kyo on her upcoming movie promotions.. :x 8-> hence, lets not be disappointed if in sung didn't attend the mpl vip premiere. :) for sure jo in sung contacted hye kyo for the success of her movie premiere.. 8-> lets just think that he is busy filming his current drama as it is nearing its final episode..and of course to avoid possible rumors that might spark between him and shk, which i think might not be good during the mpl promotions and IOTL currently airing..

  2. Hullooo, chinggus!

    Forgetting password entering soompi, I couldnot join in. Finally, I am here. Miss you all.

    Kind of distract by the moving thread of WonKyo, kind of make up some ideas in my mind:
    - That WonKyo issue seems at a high pace (for me, that is OK. All decision is at Hye Gyo's hand. But, I wonder why @hclover96 does join in WonKyo thread. I know you are one of the 'supporters' if not 'shippers'. Or, perhaps, you respect all shippers here. Whatever you say and do, I appreciate you @hclover96).

    - @jocelynchow, @zuizui, @crazywindblower, @wbhkis, @IisP and many others I cant mention, 'hii'!

    - Reading one post from WonKyo, triggers me to have this naughty idea:
     Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won, and Jo (In) Sung Mok  look  like one lovely family at 'My Brilliant Life' screening back over TWTB, and did a backstreet relationship and now ready to build a happy family
    Hahaha.....me, delusioning ......kekeke.....

    Hye Kyo, please, why you looked so awkward when getting close to JIS? I dont find such acts when you are with other male partners. Similar looks and gestures usually proposed by shippers (BiKyo, WonKyo, BinKYo including our shippers, 02 couple) means nothing for me. What proves to be true as well as suspicious is you (HyeKYo) acted strange/awkward next to JIS. Why? Why? Ottoke? Weishenme?

  3. Screen-Shot-2014-05-29-at-1.01.59-AM.png
    cr to songhyegyo.net

    See! SHK looked so relaxed, standing next to KDW. It is totally different from seeing her with JIS, she was so awkward. It is really suspicious. Me myself when staying next to one I love with such concealed feeling, I would do the same way as she did. SHK, were you happy when getting close to JIS? JIS, do you feel the same? Don't be hesitant to express each other's feelings. Just let it calm, let it flow. Don't make any sensational news. Make people wondering, puzzled. When time comes, announce the world that both of you have decided to be together for real. I am sure, we -02 shippers- are sure, everyone will respect it.

    @hclover96, Some old gifs that I like from the first Japanese TWTWB fan meeting.  I wonder what JIS is thinking when watching these bts

    I think JIS has a lot of precious memories. He is looking into the selected scenes soo deeply, indicating he is so into those moments with his lovely partner. He soon pulled his lips when watching the scene when SHK touched his face on the snowy field.

  4. Wonder why JIS-SHK and TWTWB crews cover up all infos on the 02 couple. Is that because there is indeed something special on them? And, SHK doesn't want bad experience happen on her again as her two previous co-partner relationships revealed and left her pain. We, shippers, are worrying and keeping eyes on every relationship/contact of either HK or IS with their partners. Shipping 02 couple is really spine-chilling, heart beating as well as challenging. How long you - JIS / SHK -- make us worrying day by day?

    Thanks to @hclover96, you raise us up so we can stand on mountain; thx also to @crazywindblower for never-ending curiosity and suspicion on the special 02 couple relationship; also to @jocelyn chow; @onlife @wbhkis @meryxsi @02fanatics @ohsooyoung and others All of you great!

    I once shipped SHK-WB then now SHK-JIS, I once did not let SHK with other men, including KDW, but now I just let it flow. I appreciate whatever SHK decides for her future. I also appreciate @hclover96 as she seems support SHK-KDW. Right, chinggu?

  5. hclover96 said: I was backtracking the SHK thread and I saw these pics.  I think we have all seen these pics before, but I've just now noticed a few things.

    A few things I've noticed when looking at these pics:  JIS' hand is barely touching Eunji's arm (manner hand) while his other hand is holding SHK's shoulder comfortably, both O2's heads are tilting towards each other, KB is staring adoringly at his hyung again :))

  6. hclover96 said: @crazywindblower, @chichi, @insung143hyekyo, welcome back chinggus >:D<  Really glad to see some familiar faces back here.  I thought most shippers have abandon this rocky ship :P

    @Øn'Łìfĕ, @insung143hyekyo, thanks for the awesome fanarts :x

    A JIS fan made this.  So cute :D

    But why is there a ducky? :))
    DUCK means
    1). Celtic Duck: Ducks, along with geese (see entry below) share the same symbolism of transition due to their migratory nature. Ducks are also a Celtic animal symbol of honesty, simplicity and resourcefulness. Ducks also represent sensitivity, as they tend to be very sensitive to their surroundings. Also viewed as graceful and agile - particularly in the water, ducks are respected for their beauty and adaptation to nature.
    >>> taken from http://www.whats-your-sign.com/Celtic-animals.html
    2). Psychologically: Duck is a luck symbol which promises before all prosperity and respect.
    >>>taken from http://www.dreamtation.com/docs/9696.htm

  7. hclover96 said: @chelseaann, welcome to the O2 thread :)

    New pics of IOTL:

    He looks so handsome here :x

    My comment is I definitely agree with you. Hey, it seems that HE IS THINKING OF SOMEBODY ELSE!!! WERE YOU HAPPY THAT WINTER THING!!! HAHAHA.....

    I can't help laughing when I look at this pic :P  It has a comedic feel to it with JIS' funny expression.  I guess this show is really a romantic comedy.  It has a totally different feeling compare to TWTWB :D

    Glad to see @shey428, @crazywindblower and some other loyal 02 shippers here. I just recognize from the last pic above, see....., it is all FAKE, look at their expressions, not so natural compared to the ending of TWTWB scene. It turns out to be more obvious that is all unnatural love feeling seeing the lady's expression as well as JIS'.

  8. Hi! Hi! Hi! Chinggus,

    Thanks for the updates, those mean a lot to me, especially digging out all sweet memories of 02 couple, and those pics of the two: SHK and JIS, esp those posted by @insung43hyekyo, though they were in two different spots, I just can say "wow, they are meant to be". I am sure people who see them say the same I do. As far I can analyze from all your posts, the news on this couple is leading to suspicious thing, what more suspicious is all updates on their dating history EVEN all activities involving them and their love interest partners on their dramas are well covered up. That s weird.

    I saw names familiar, welcome old fellows: @ulap, @yonnaoh, though I havent seen @wbhkis @crazywindblower,@jio8, @shey, @kisseye for ages. And those who keep updating and post awesome infos and comments: @hclover, @jocelynchow, @insung, @onlife, @merx... @ohsooyoung, and many others.
    @zuizui, let's build another ship: NMT and SC hehehe...

  9. Glad to see @hclover96 here, you are the moodmaker, girl. @IisP, @rubylia, @meryxsi, @every...@wbhkis, @onlife, and more Nice meeting you.

    Long time no seeing @shey, @crazywind, @kisseye, @leesza, @ulap, and

    Quite quiet this thread recently. I even can neither cheer up nor revive this thread as I don't update JIS-SHK news often. Hoping much that the two (JIS-SHK) are planning to continue what has been made and set up in the TWTWB location. The love between them hopefully bloom after they have been apart after the shooting.

  10. @zuizui, your siggy......is that Ng Man Tat? I like him a lot, such a witty person. I like the combination of the duo - Stephen Chow - Mr Ng. Hope that @Jocelyn is not Mr. Chow's relative, unless I ll 'bully' you hehehe. Joking!

    Where is @hclover? I am desperately looking fwd to hearing all your expectation and inspiration onto our 02 couple. You are such a great motivator, raising our hopes and prayers for JIS-SHK matchmaking. Pls, @JIS, @SHK, dont get offended, OK? These are all for the sake of your goodness (off course, we are not going to push our hope to both of you. This is merely coming from our observation, analysis, towards the chemistry that both of you had). Pls, God, don't let JIS and SHK find another lady/guy to be their spouse.

  11. insung143hyekyo said: 74fffc039245d68825cfa17aa5c27d1ed31b2425shy_zps5734ea70.jpgeye_zps06af6fe4.jpghappy_zps6415be75.jpghold_zpse8031e5a.jpgseriousface_zps9866cc09.jpg0b335c6034a85edf3074e2fd48540923dc547572shine_zps0aed5bdd.jpglaugh_zps17a8a085.jpg
    Can you feel the love between these two people here!!! They are very shy, and their gestures shows the love and happiness whenever they were together...and by looking at their eyes you can see that their love for each other was already there... as we all know, "Eyes are the windows to the soul"....They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that if you look deep within you can see the persons sincerity and truth!  This is the space where your true identity dwells and allows others to see your light shining dim or bright. They can't deny/hide it..

  12. Hello, chinggus.  >:D<   >:D<  >:D<  >:D<

    Been a long time since a couple of months ago, I ‘resigned’ for a while. Glad to see old friends coming back: @ji08, @zuizui (seeing ur posts somewhere). Great thanks to @Jocelynchow for your warm summon.

    I have realized that I missed out up-to-date news on 02 couple till I read your posts: SHK will be paired, again, with KDW; that they (02 couple) have never had TWTWB fans meeting reunion; that SHK won the APAN award. And, the most surprising news is the rumour that SHK and KDW will get married. I, I am having such mixed feelings: curious and guessing that there is something special to hide between 02 couple, while I am also a bit worried with the relationship of SHK-KDW (no offense to @hclover96 and @zuizui).

    Frankly speaking, I do agree and get excited when you traced back the old sweet memories and raise my hope that JIS seems not having such strange look when looking into his co-star, SHK @Nith, that JIS seems to wait for the special moment of kissing SHK and that was the reason why he finally chose the role, both SHK-JIS perform so many similar gestures that no couples did had the same quality, and the top of it, JIS-SHK looked so natural (@hclover96) compared to their acting that when each of them get paired with another actor/actress either jis or shk did not have the similar quality of gestures. My conclusion is they are unbeatable on-screen couple that has a great chemistry. I still have a great hope for these two. Yet, my heart is still beating fast. Will they (JIS-SHK) realize that they are destined for each other?

  13. Just read an article, old post but valuable:
    When asked “What kind of moves or gestures from a man could make you feel the love?”, Song Hye Kyo said: “When two of us are having random chats and after some time he is still able to remember the details of the conversation.”
    http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/595824-song-hye-kyo-admits-she-cant-forget-her-first-love/  posted 2008

    IN SUNG SSHI...aRe yOu thAt kInd of PerSOn? I hope so.

  14. Thanks for the updates, chinggus. I like all of your posts. Your posts are awesome, inspiring and convincing
    congrats @jocelyn chow, finally your ve made it, more than 100 posts. 
    Watching JIS gif being teased by Director Kim, I notice that he played his lips a lot. What it means?  :-? :-? That he has a lot of experiences with lips. Sorry @Nith, I borrow your words. Your opinions are really inspiring and a bit naughty, I think, but amusing.
    There are no K dramas that made me seriously and deeply analyzing the content and the personal relationships among the lead actors, but TWTWB. Moreover, with all your analyses on the details of on screen and off screen TWTWB things, I am more concerned and paid much attention on it, esp to what has happened between JIS and SHK. What is more weird is there are some 'anomalies' that perhaps never happen in other drama. The suspicious news and attitude among the 'parties' involved: JIS, SHK, Director Kim, Kim Bum, Kim C, SHK, and KDW. The narration made among these people - that JIS SHK are friends, that SHK denied the rumour that she initiated to approach JIS, that JIS and KMH relationship came to surface, that SHK enjoyed her career a lot, she spends a lot of her time abroad, incl making films, JIS has also travelled abroad and hang around not with his gf, JIS denied the rumour that he and KMH were in Hawaii, SHK and KDW were spotted together, and Director Kim cut the romantic scenes.  :-? :-?   Then, my conclusion is, there will be another drama, the sequel of TWTWB with title "We Knew What You Feel, JIS-SHK?" and the shortened form is WKWYF  :\"> ;)

  15. crazywindblower said: i admire how wb and lny is being true about their relationship..they are so in their right age, i think they should get married... :) 

    i am not comparing, but i can't help but notice..when wb and lny dating came out most of the netizens reaction are okay, there are a lot who is sad as wb is taken and but mostly are congratulating them..but when jis and kmh dating came out there are those congratulations but there is more hate on the dating thing, particularly to kmh..why oh why..
    i've read somewhere that in a survey conducted for the top korean cf's endorser for september 2013, jo in sung (8th), won bin (4th or 7th) and lee na young(10th) are in the top 10..so i believe lee na young is really that popular in korea along side won bin and jo in sung..
    this is just my opinion though..i hope i don't offend anyone.. :)>-

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