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  1. Death for villains is the easy way out. KI can be punished for other wrong deeds. He should go to jail. That would be a great punishment for CTJ - far from KI being the emperor that CTJ wanted him to be, KI will be even worst than a lowly peasant. Everything he did was not merely in vain but turned out to be the worst possible thing he could have done for KI! But Grandpa also needs some form of punishment. He should not get away with his crimes just because he is the hero's grandpa.
  2. When is the doctor going to admit he made wrong diagnosis? That GM does not have leukemia but has brain tumor. That's why she has been extraordinarily stupid.
  3. I thought DJ was stupid to marry SA. SA didn't try to pretend that she loved him. He knew that she was willing to marry any guy as long as he is wealthy. She didn't even promise to try and fall in love with him. Of course we know love doesn't work on command. He didn't know her when he so-called "fell in love". He fell in love with looks and that kind of love is just not the real thing - it is usually infatuation or lust. To start an affair with his secretary is just so wrong. She made the first declaration of love even though she knows he is a married man so I feel little sympathy for her. I don't like SA but I dislike DJ even more. To me, he is a rich spoilt child. He saw something he wanted and would pay anything for it. He can't get it so he has to get something else to scratch the itch. I don't care if DJ and SA divorce but I dont see DJ as more deserving of love or finding a better partner than SA is. Just as he indulged his crazy abusive (to the whole world except him) mother, he is indulging SA's ambition to live high society life by marrying a rich man. He seems to be an indulgent enabler.
  4. I actually wished there was someone else for Eunseok than Jenny. From the start, I found her too lame and like too deep in lala land for my liking! But now Eunseok is a lot like Jenny - he is slowly but surely losing his spine. so yah, let them stay together. for MS, I always wondered if he wanted Jenny or he wanted the excuse being with her could give him - calling blackie 'mommy' and being by blackie's side. I have never liked him esp from the moment I knew that he kept who Jenny really is from her real family. Every time I see the biological Mom and sister feel so sad and guilty, I just hate that guy more and more. I thought the drama was coming to an end. Suddenly YM and mommy changed their tune and started to show more consideration for Eunseok. YM saying he should break up with this bimbo before he goes on a blind date with the doctor and I went 'what?!". Why couldn't he think like this when he was married to a beautiful, loving woman. Was surprised that there are still a number of episodes to go. He's changing 'too early!'.
  5. No need to feel sorry for MJ. When Jieun proposed to him, she said it was a way for both of them to get revenge on KI. She also told KI that her family support will elevate MJ status and KI will be left far behind. KI was indifferent to what she said.
  6. He does have this gloomy face that richard simmons me off before he even opens his mouth When he told Blackie (she's no rose!), that he wanted to marry Jenny and live with her real mother, I thought he was an arrogant sob. The best thing for Jenny and her mother and sister would be to disclose the truth. Not him thinking he's some kind of hero by arranging it such that they all live together under one roof. Whatever little pity or good thoughts I had of him died the moment he said that stupid line to his evil mother.
  7. yes, I am aware of this. I believe some posts back, I reminded you of this scene SW stopped him. and in her heart, she said sorry to him in her heart. She said to herself she needs him to be in that position because of JM. I am not saying that SW is in the right. She knew it was wrong. She had apologised to everyone except to CTJ for the deception. To CTJ, she had to keep on pretending that she doesn't know who is the real son\grandson. Sorry this is off-topic but not sure who\where to go to ask. When I was in Korea years back, I bought a bottle of 'fermented water'. It contains lye. It is not for drinking and can be hazardous if not handled properly. Does anyone know the real name of the product? Cos google search of fermented water throws up healthy probiotic drinks
  8. Not exactly true. SW felt a lot of remorse for using KI for her revenge. She thought kindly of him as a person although he was a dismal failure in the brains department. Her attitude towards him turned towards anger and at times hatred only when he used her son and also tried to hurt TY. Her first priority is Jimin and secondly it is TY. In the beginning, I too felt sorry for him. I wanted him to man up and become a good husband\father. I hoped the writer would have SW fall in love with him and the 3 of them could be a family. But he turned out to be like his parents. SW getting back to TY is immaterial to me. They spent so many years apart and it is odd to think that she could live in that house again.. everything remains the same except she has a different husband! Weird. Kind of like aussie soap operas!
  9. I haven't seen that episode yet. So far what I saw, the 2 mothers are the same. They are both selfish and controlling; everybody has to bend to their will. And their husbands are also the same - weak men. They huff and puff but curl into a spineless jelly when their wives bark back at them. GH's mom had the nerve to ask the writer (forgot his name) to disown his brother. Then go on and on about how YR is family to GH and his father should give up on him.
  10. I have enjoyed her acting in all dramas except this one. Here she tends to do that facial twist that can be quite painful to watch. I wonder if the directors are giving this instruction cos lately the actors seem to have more and more exaggerated facial expressions. Those who deliver their lines naturally are best. There's really no need to contort your face!
  11. Yes, I agree with this. But I am talking about the drama. It's not just one scene but several that SJ wailed and hit MS. She said that she didn't send her to several years of university study just to be a stay-at-home Mom. She screamed at MS that MS should have gotten her approval before she quit her job! I know that most of you love SJ the most in this drama. I don't. I feel she is too involved in her daughters lives. She can't cut the apron strings and let them make their own decisions.
  12. If memory serves, SW planned on telling TY about JM. She told her friend that she knew she could lose JM but thought it was best for his father to reclaim his rightful place. She planned on divorcing KI and being alone. She changed her mind when TY said he was getting married. She said no way she was going to let JM be raised by a step-mom. In one of the earlier episodes, SW and TY talked about their childhood growing up in foster\adopted homes. SW didn't have a good experience but I am not certain if it is step-mom or foster mom. kdramas tend to have their own terminology from the rest of the world and it can be confusing at times to understand the relationship!
  13. I didn't agree with this whole MS was wrong to stop working saga. It is her choice. And to me, if you can afford it, its always best if a parent is the primary carer. Why work so hard, even doing OT just to afford hiring a nanny to look after your child. But not every household can survive on a single income. That decision is for MS and her husband to make. Whether her Mom slaved in the restaurant to send her to university is immaterial. I know doctors and lawyers who gave up their professional career to be their kids primary carer; both men and women. It would have been more meaningful if the writer stressed that women shouldn't necessarily be the primary carer rather than woman should go out to work and not raise their children themselves. As if raising their own kid is something less worthy than being out in the corporate jungle. Last week, a good friend of mine passed away of lung cancer. He was only 33 years old. he also was told he had 3 months to live but he died just slightly after a month. He went through the usual stages - denial, anger etc. but at the end, he said he was grateful that he was given 'notice' as he said it was important to prepare for death. And he was very grateful he had the time to say goodbye to his family and loved ones. I contrast his and his family dignity, love and cohesiveness as he prepared to ascend to a higher plane of existence with that of this drama and really I don't plan to watch any more scenes of this in this drama.
  14. Last weekend's episodes were quite nauseating. Why so much focus on that annoying EJ? She thinks its okay to barge into someone's house and take a selfie of herself lying next to them while they are asleep?! And her friends sit around and talk about unwed pregnancy like its the coolest idea in the world. Then so much time given to Young Man's ex. Whatever for! Scenes of her going shopping and supposedly turning heads in her swim wear?! And to the tune of 'Pretty Woman' no less. Which part of the movie pretty woman does his ex represent - the prostitute part?
  15. I disliked both from the start. Still not to fond of them. But I also feel that SJ is too protective of her children. They have to call her every day or she will throw a hissy fit. Almost every day she is upset because of something related to her daughters. She has no time for herself and has no interests or hobbies. Its really no wonder that she is so ill. And her daughters will only mature when she is seriously ill or dead. Cos her absence will force them to grow up. I also think the writer is too kind to IS. Trying to make her seem like a poor victim of the Chairman. MR was only half-right when she told the Chairman off. It was not all his fault. He didn't hold a gun to IS' head. It was her family pressure and her decision to abandon her daughter for what the Chairman's family could provide for her family and what it did for her career. Making her sound like a victim makes MR less credible. And I love this character - she's my favorite in this show. So I hope the writer will not have her say such crappy things just because IS is her Mother.
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