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  1. Yesss such a contrast within 1 day... i'm afraid soo.. i think he will never be the same again.. i just hope time will heal..
  2. The VLOG is to celebrate the risen number of his followers back then in August 21th (i forgot how much). It is on his weibo. Yes his voice is so beautiful.. he seems so playfull here.. i hope i can see him smiling like this again..
  3. @crackaddict For now it kinda like that..but later on, it will get worst.. i have been rewatching the episodes again with the english subtitle... for now i only get to eps.43.. i kinda get the sense the way HC/BL treated Xuanji is like she is his creation, sort of Frankenstein style.. only he can control her.. Try this link.. it has many instrumental OST of the drama https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2020/09/cdramas-ost-love-in-between-the-romance-of-tiger-and-rose-and-the-winner-is-love-love-and-redemption-in-a-class-of-her-own-the-lost-tomb-reboot.html https://www.mirrored.to/files/YS5VHRAR/L0v3_and_R3d3mption_O_T.zip_links
  4. @Nur_Yana I don't think he can.. poor Cheng Yi.. and today he also has to go shooting.. i hope he's okay, now it's the martial art part of Meng Xin Chang'an.. i hope he stay focus and take care of himself.. i hope his family and friends can help him to get through this..
  5. Yes it break my heart seeing the after math of the mini concert done for Cheng Yi... i hope he can survive this and continue on for his journey in the industry... To lift up our moods, the english subtitle done by productiveprocrastination already reach to eps.52 And so sweet of her to also subtitling for the cut scene of the kiss... And in eps.51, she also subtitling BTS of Haochen struggling to climb the mountain
  6. We can see gleams of the drama set in Cheng Yi's VLOG just to ease the waiting period until the drama launch (plzz let it be this year??? Next year seem soooooo loonggg) Thanks to the uploader for the translation @chengyidotcom
  7. Well i hope at least he has a happy love life...? pleaseee Writer nim.... Like the king in Ming Dinasty, he also
  8. Oh woww... congrats 11th life? so they get reincarnated again? I can't wait to see the concert... the casts can sing really well.. i miss them alreadyyyy.... The ost has been playing non stop on my playlist
  9. I want to share this BTS of their wedding night..Seems that the director teased them again.. SF & XJ as family... Cheng Yi seems really like children, he will be such a good dad.. Credit to uploader For the wedding night, thanks to IG @drama_queen_updates ,we can see the translation.
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