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  1. Extended trailer : Credit to uploader Now the story is getting more displayed.. but it wouldn't hurt to have more Cheng Yi's scenes please...
  2. There is another behind the scene relate to the sad scene show in BTS drama production: https://m.weibo.cn/status/Jqw9e0Hl3?jumpfrom=weibocom or from twitter: Credit to uploader It is amazing performance.. although it is sooo sad...
  3. Woaaaaaaa behind the scene of the drama production... it is soooo freakingly amazinggggg!!!!! And the wrapping vids of the drama from last night. OMGGG i can't waaaaaaaittttt And there's more photos of ChengYi that is amazinggg but i don't know how to put in this thread https://t.co/DZ8gibi4NZ?amp=1 Credit to uploader for all that link
  4. Woaaaaa the trailer finally here!!!! It is amazingggg..... i can't wait to see it. Cheng Yi's acting is awesome. Even in trailer, he can display such a strong portray of his character Li Yan... Credit to uploader Please drama god, make this drama air this year!
  5. Finally....here are behind the scene of the drama : credit to uploader I hope we can see more of them coming along... He seems serious here...
  6. The female lead mostly act in movies, i only saw her in The Palace the movie. At first, i thought her face seems too modern look, but it seem okay now. And for xianxia drama, the number of episodes is not that many. I guess it will be more compact in the storyline.
  7. Does Liu Xue Yi become evil antagonist again? Hey it's director Yintao! Does he still have a habit to make the actors in his drama spit blood? We'll see then...
  8. The link for the pics of 1st fan meeting for the drama, and click the button at below to enter to the page : https://www.pailixiang.com/m/album_ia649551773.html Very excited too see this drama! I wonder if the drama can be broadcast this year or we have to wait for next year... i hope they release the trailers soon..
  9. I think it's an adaptation of the drama of Xiaozhuang Mishi, but maybe they might not follow the story exactly, the drama is only aired first-3rd part of total all eps. We don't know the development of the story later on.
  10. I am planning of watching it after i finish watching Love and Redemption with english subtitle. And in between i might also want to watch his previous drama, The Lost Tomb 2, to balance the angsts in The Promise of Chang'an at least the number of the episodes is not that many.. compare to Noble of Aspiration..
  11. Yes i also agree with you. Yes he did seem taking distancing with Yuan Bing Yan in the event. But that make me think there is something wrong with him that night, because his behavior seem odd, out of character, and he seem a bit distracted/not focus. But i don't find his answer is rude to her. Or he intentionally being rude at all. And from all the interviews he done with her and the behind the scenes, i find his interaction with her is on professional level, he treat her as his close collegue and kind of like a brother, who like to teased her and also protect her from harm. I don't see
  12. Yesss such a contrast within 1 day... i'm afraid soo.. i think he will never be the same again.. i just hope time will heal..
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