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  1. @chococarmela The Promise is the one with my Queen Lee Yuri? I missed her already. I watched it not faithfully even with her on it. Her most memorable role was a villain in Jang Bori. NJ got nothing on Yeon Min Jung. She could eat him for breakfast lol At least, she got a daesang out of it and her popularity skyrocketed. @Adriana Alias About Soo Ho being named chairman, now that you put it that way, that's true no one asked him lmao He clearly didn't know and grandpa and uncle just planned and announced it. It was funnier when VC said he never wanted to be chairman because of the heavy burden. But it's not like he's an idiot and he knew he was the heir anyway. Grandpa just didn't officially announce a successor. He just probably didn't think it would be this fast. And from the time he kept wearing suits and never went back to his scrubs, I knew he fully embraced his chaebol roots. He usually took the leads in the decision and his grandfather just followed his lead anyway, now he has full reigns. He didn't look miserable about it after that time jump. That was the most cheerful he looked like in ages lol @lu09 lmao at your post about Aera and the orphanage. I honestly filter that quick redemption arc and focused on my peeps. They were happy and together and that's all that matters. I know how dailies and weekend dramas go with their villains so not surprised. I'm gonna miss your funny recaps of the show lol I am having withdrawal of the show. lolol Anyway, I do have my other weekdays dramas and today is Different Dreams day
  2. Ohh the show is over! What a crazy ride, but I loved it nevertheless. Writer really needs to do better though lmao. Still way better than Unknown Woman which I couldn't finish and only watched the last episode just to see how that nonsense ended. The last episode did have a good amount of happy ending so I won't complain much cause it could have been worse lol Starting with the goods: Chairman announcing Soo Ho as his successor and retiring. About dang time! lol My boy deserved it. He did revive Aura Bio and did all sort of fighting the bad guys for what seems forever. He did all that with a medical degree lol I loved that SH was there for the announcement and how proud she was. He was also extra cute today and all over his wife. And look at that girl being all like "You can stop giving me presents." Says no women ever lmao Like girl, he can afford it, stay still and receive the blessing! I loved his response and reasoning on why he does that. SH waited for him for five whole years and never giving up on him, she deserves to be showered. Honestly, they barely had time for themselves ever since they both came back from amnesia town since they kept dealing with evil people one after another. So hopefully they caught up during that one year. I'm glad I got to see their cuteness which we were deprived off. I was so happy that watch my cute little family with their cutie pie. The ending with them three and SH voiceover was perfect. HY ,after pushing SH in that pool, did another great thing. Killing chairman OH lol though her sister going from being in vegetative state for 10 years to all good and calling PSH??? So was she faking this whole time or she could hear their convo in her room and not just be able to respond. It was so weird and rushed. The bads: Still not into that instant forgiveness of mother and son then again Esther is also in that house being "hi hi ha ha" with SH. I didn't know if I should have laughed or throw something at her bobblehead when she told SH she was jealous that she became a chairman's wife at her age. Lack of self awareness with that statement since that was what she was plotting by trying to steal SH's husband. I guess beggars can't be choosers. I did get a dead NJ. Aera did lose two sons so I guess that's punishment enough. She did see a jail cell for awhile lol Esther is really the biggest winner. She only lost rank in that house and her son will never be a successor over Gun. So nothing really major happened to her since she still enjoys the money like grandpa told her lol Basically she should thank Dori for her graces. I love Gun and all but why was he given all those lines about NJ when Dori actually blood related to NJ not Gun? lol NJ is Dori's uncle. That poor kid was barely given lines anymore besides "Yes" lol I don't remember him even being close to NJ. That was so random but whatever. All in all I'm happy. I got 75% to 80% of the things I wanted, so I'm good. I still needed more romance and less focus on the bad guys. Crossing fingers they can reunite in another drama to make up for that. Forgot to add, I'm glad the watch made a comeback, though I guess his was lost with her when she was kidnapped. The watches were basically their wedding band. I was lmao when she was like "What are you doing?" when he got down on his knees. It's been great hanging out here.
  3. @nohamahamoud2002 Yes, but we are talking about the characters not the actor. I have no issue with JTH, the actor. I'm old and mature enough to separate an actor with his character. He did a great job with what he was given. But not even Meryll Streep herself would make me root for his character. You don't need to justify to me or anyone why you like NJ. Everybody has their own faves. It's just I'm not gonna agree and make excuses for his actions. I didn't do it for Esther or Aera so why should I with him? He is a grown man. He knows right from wrong. No one forced him to do the things he's done. Not Esther or Aera.
  4. @newyee totally agree. I said it before they are only "sorry" because they got defeated and someone else more powerful than them showed up to kick them down so more. That's my issue with villains in dailies and weekend dramas. They always end up crying tears and kneeling after they basically hit bottom and no way out. It's never really genuine. I don't mind villains. I stated before most of my favorite characters are either villains or gray characters (Katherine Pierce, Kate Austen, Sawyer,...). This is not just about, at least to me, choosing the good side or bad side. I just like my villains with a little more dynamic and not just looking for justification for why they do bad things by giving me some sob stories about their past. You are evil, just own it and go. Lol At least weekdays dramas villains, the villains just stay villains, justification be damned. Let's not try to give me 3 seconds redemption arc like I'm watching the Flash. The drama is ending so I just hope those two just go far away from the Parks or die together. I really don't care lol
  5. Lol I don't know if I'm ready to throw myself into another daily. The next one after this, just saw the long preview, and it already has female lead marrying second Male lead for revenge, I was like "out" from here and then lmao Shady mom in law one, the actress always plays character that frustrates the s** out of me. Didn't she have a drama with Kim Jin Woo here where she was bouncing between him and the other male lead? I'll stick to weekdays and weekend dramas cause the new dailies are just meh. I enjoyed the ride in this thread. Despite some of my frustrations with some of the plot, I still loved this show and posting here.
  6. A little over midnight here. But can't sleep yet lol Gun is still the cutest. SH really took him out of kindergarten to cheer up his grandpa? The privileged life lol Like someone pointed out earlier, Esther must really be bored. She was really trying to steal someone scoop from under them. I was like "Bish! His wife can tell him herself!" Getting brave. I like how SH told her to just take care of granny and she'll handle the rest herself lmao Like why are trying to tell her own husband their business? Then VC getting annoyed at her running like a kid in a playground. Keep acting like she has a chance against SH and that they are in the same league. I guess SH is still not back at work? I know she's next in line after grandma for the household but Aera worked at the gallery when she was in the house. In the preview, are they really bringing Aera at SH parents house??? Gosh! Everyone on this show has amnesia. How the heck is that place safe? The thugs been there already. They clearly know it's PSH in laws place so how the heck they think they won't go there? Soo Ho told her to be careful then she goes there. Just find a damn motel outside town. That's safer smh 3 more to go! We can dew it!
  7. Best thing about today's episode, the little high five between Soo Ho and his dad. So darn cute! SH mom is a disaster. The only good thing she accomplished was saving him from being shot with his grandfather lol And they have 30,000 dollars in their savings?? You are not dirt poor??? And who the hell cut the poor kids hair??? Lord have mercy! Loved PSH's answer to Aera. He said the reason he saved her could have been Chairman Oh being the biggest enemy or that they need her shares not in his hand, but really at the end of the day you have to save a life even if the person is evil aka I'm a decent human being. Aww this is why I STAN! *though I'll still stan even if you let her die lol I got your back, boy! Poor dude needs a vacation with his wife and kid after this. He never even got to finish his honeymoon. He's being pulled from all directions smh lol I wonder how the heck they gonna have the 3 kids he planned at this rate lmao
  8. @nohamahamoud2002 lmao the last 5 minutes?? I guess I shouldn't be complaining about this one here. I just don't see why the writer didn't think of ways to wrap up the drama without adding Chairman Oh to the mix. Like I stated before, he could have been added earlier in place of giving SH amnesia. Now they are just gonna rush to get rid of him. Aura really need to do better. They just have people invest or be shareholder in their company ending up being criminals lol Don't just accept anybody's money. I'll watch the subs later when I get home, but I'm already meh about Aera pity party with eng subs lol I just noticed that previous drama had the second male lead on Color of a Woman, then this one has the second female lead (LSK), and the following drama will have the first female lead Lol
  9. Smh 4 episodes left now. Instead of wrapping things up, people are getting shot now. WTF? I really didn't care for the Cho Aera pity party. Are they kidding me? Just because she's about to bury another son and finally got the taste of her own medicine by having her behind wobbling over a building, I'm supposed to care about her crocodile tears? The writer can keep it.
  10. How the hell are they gonna deal with this guy in 5 episodes???? Not needed or at least he should have been introduced earlier instead of doing the amnesia story with SH. This one has so far been suspected of killing 4 people then blatantly tried to kill another in broad daylight. NJ keeps getting stupid or is he gonna blame that piece of metal? He really believes that he would get Aura??? "Oh just for one day, I want to be Chairman." What a load of baloney! Pathetic till the end. They really only had SH on just to cry? The father is not dying for Pete's sake. Yes, I know they were given hope, but y'all keep looking. You have rich in laws who are willing. Look how Granpa just pulled 50 mil lol I just kept thinking the writer ran out of ideas for SH once she found her husband and kid hence amnesia story lol SH not going back to her jeans? Lol she's all pantsuits/dresses and fancy earrings. At least, she dropped the heavy makeup. PSH was quite funny on that roof. When Chen asked if they were planning to stop them with just the two of them, he looked left and right and basically was like "I guess so" with an amused tone. Then when he told Sandal to shot the stun gun lolol The scene with him putting the vest on Aera didn't really bothered me that much because you could clearly see the conflict almost slight disgust on his face. Now if he hugged her in comfort, I was gonna call foul lol He has no lost love for her and her son. No doubt about it. It was clearly shown in earlier scenes. How against he was at his grandfather giving money to Aera after everything she did. Him telling NJ that just cause the Golden Asset charges didn't stick, he was still coming for him. Right now, they have a bigger threat to deal with. I'm cracking up at Grandma being done with all those parasites coming for them daily. She went to get her salts and told Chairman Oh to basically Stfu and get out lmao She was right though. I didn't understand why grandpa was listening to that man's nonsense. He doesn't have security anymore?
  11. Aera is still holding hope she'll ever make a come back when she basically showed to the whole world she killed her sister in law. The delusion is genetic. And her thinking NJ ran away with the jewels. What a pair! Lol Now she's gonna find out her remaining son is about to be kaput. They can give NJ every migraine in the world or have him "help" the good guys, I still will dance on his grave. No sympathy or care for his well being just like he didn't care about the well being of others. Never forget! SH couple better keep that same energy and tell him to rest in hell. He can go ask God for forgiveness. HY father said in the preview that no matter what they do, they will not save Aura Group. Those are fighting words that will come back to bite him. Soo Ho is already on the case lol I don't really care about SH's dad surgery. There, I said it lol If he gets that scum's cornea, I'll be even more disgusted.
  12. At this point, they should want Soo Ho cause he seems to be the one making money for that company lol They were saying Aura Bio was their cash flow but wasn't he the one who revived Aura Bio? In between that, he has to play Superman to his wife and father in law. This show really can't give anybody a break lol So HY's adoptive dad is asking the guy who failed twice to get Aura to get it again for him. Even NJ looked done with this lmao And did I hear wrong? Did HY said that her dad didn't know they had SH impersonating Jemma? How the heck is that possible? So SH never met the adoptive parents and just believed the Jemma bit??? She was supposedly a director so didn't she go into the company? I'm just shaking my head. Esther should be thankful that she is still being fed. She should have done what she did because it was the right thing to do and not because she believes in give and take. She has some balls to get mad at them for bringing the past. They should always bring it up to her till she dies. That's her punishment. The only thing I agree on with her is Dori. Right now, the kids are tight, but when they grow up, Dori might become resentful. They are clearly playing favorites. I'm still cracking up at PSH basically laughing at her. He's really enjoying it. Even her Hyungnim forgot about her lolol
  13. I already said I want to put a bid on Aura Group too since it seems so wanted lol The writer is laying on thin. 8 episodes, wrap this up already!
  14. @lu09 That was before take off so I used my phone data. I cracked up at Esther trying to collect on her promise and all three Park men acting like they didn't know what she was talking about. Soo Ho's face was like "Promise? I don't know her." to Esther lmao She was literally pouting lol
  15. Literally on the plane lol I knew HY adoptive dad was behind Chen especially when Chen was talking to a "chairman" on the phone. Why is Aura having thugs as their shareholders??? Dori and Gun are going to be playing with these jewelry lol A mess smh NJ has lost it.
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