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  1. At this point, they should want Soo Ho cause he seems to be the one making money for that company lol They were saying Aura Bio was their cash flow but wasn't he the one who revived Aura Bio? In between that, he has to play Superman to his wife and father in law. This show really can't give anybody a break lol So HY's adoptive dad is asking the guy who failed twice to get Aura to get it again for him. Even NJ looked done with this lmao And did I hear wrong? Did HY said that her dad didn't know they had SH impersonating Jemma? How the heck is that possible? So SH never met the adoptive parents and just believed the Jemma bit??? She was supposedly a director so didn't she go into the company? I'm just shaking my head. Esther should be thankful that she is still being fed. She should have done what she did because it was the right thing to do and not because she believes in give and take. She has some balls to get mad at them for bringing the past. They should always bring it up to her till she dies. That's her punishment. The only thing I agree on with her is Dori. Right now, the kids are tight, but when they grow up, Dori might become resentful. They are clearly playing favorites. I'm still cracking up at PSH basically laughing at her. He's really enjoying it. Even her Hyungnim forgot about her lolol
  2. I already said I want to put a bid on Aura Group too since it seems so wanted lol The writer is laying on thin. 8 episodes, wrap this up already!
  3. @lu09 That was before take off so I used my phone data. I cracked up at Esther trying to collect on her promise and all three Park men acting like they didn't know what she was talking about. Soo Ho's face was like "Promise? I don't know her." to Esther lmao She was literally pouting lol
  4. Literally on the plane lol I knew HY adoptive dad was behind Chen especially when Chen was talking to a "chairman" on the phone. Why is Aura having thugs as their shareholders??? Dori and Gun are going to be playing with these jewelry lol A mess smh NJ has lost it.
  5. I just watched the show with subs. Another winner! Esther is really putting the work lol Did she replace the whole thing by herself? Then couldn't she have her apology/kiss up somewhere else? SH was clearly telling her to be quiet. But anyway, Ha Young has some balls. She's really out there acting like SH wronged her. Like SH said, it's nothing compared to what they did to her and PSH. And when she said to HY that exhibit will be the highlight of her revenge lmao I mean y'all keep coming for people who just want to live their lives in peace then act surprised when they get mad and retaliate. HY saying she won't forgive SH like SH cares. Worry about your own sister, girl! The mom headlocking her while pulling her hair lmao The father keeps forgetting that he's still blind. Why does he keep trying to run? Lol Aera really showed her a**. The fact that she stood up in shock. The background comments calling her a fake lol Was she really telling the son of the woman she killed that she just pushed her? Like.... lol She clearly looked at her after the fact and she was bleeding out from the head. I truly believe that her arrogant richard simmons really didn't think she killed her. It was clear how confident she was. But karma got her and she ended up humiliating and exposing herself. NJ little speech in that clothing store was lolol When you are detached from reality smh HY finally telling that his fake Gemma is no more lol SH should have given him that blow though. I'll be waiting for it. Yes San Ha, you worked hard. Look how proud grandpa looked. Can't believe my girl is like a samonim now and she about to finally sit on the throne like a true boss. I'm on vacation starting tomorrow. Flying to Europe so I guess I'll be watching it at night whenever we are back home lol I might not do the clips or preview though. I'll probably watch the finale on the plane since I fly back to the states on May 31st.
  6. Honestly, it sounded like a bad plot point. VC never even hinted that he ever thought Soo Ho was his kid. VC would have tried to match his DNA with him when he found out he was the lost grandson. Especially when DK was dead, he would have tried to verify if PSH was his son. Not even once he ever referred to him as anything other than his nephew. I'm still side eyeing PSH's mom cause she definitely was messy with both brothers. Only SH seems the only good in law for that family lol I mean she never touched NJ even with amnesia and the way she looked for her husband for 5 years. The way the family just slide over the fact that the mom was involved with two brothers is just as bizarre as SH smiling at Esther's kiss up lol Anyway, I don't think Soo Ho's mom was lying when she told VC that the baby was hers and her husband.
  7. Look at Esther trying to kiss up to SH and calling her Hyungnim. She knows where the real power is going to be in that house lol Aera's face after seeing the painting is the best thing since sliced bread. lmao
  8. @lu09 I cracked at NJ reaction because did he really expect to not face consequences for driving a van into the sea? Lol How the heck did he think he could live with a piece of metal in his head without any worry? Too busy obsessing over SH. For fish food lol since his brother ended up lost in a river, it's only fitting he follows suit. Aera can even join them like she tried before. Happy ending for them lol
  9. Lots of funny moments today. My top one was Hae Young running for her life lmao So much for loving NJ. Then SH barricading herself with her father in law. Best daughter and grand daughter in law that family could have lol NJ left to fend for himself. NJ smirk face irks me. He barely got into that restaurant and already acting arrogant like he has rights. Seeing them being played was so satisfying. Him being beaten was a bonus. Thanks to him, his mom might finally go to jail longer than a few months lol SH had no time for NJ or his mom today though it took her 3 hours to answer Aera's question lol How the heck they didn't see her memory was back when she was clearly glaring at Aera?Then her internally cringing at Aera asking her to stay with NJ. She was like "No, thank you. I'm good." Lol Esther's blabber mouth. Look how quick she ran to tell the family SH had her memory back. PSH was like "Bloody hell! This chick!" Then him telling her to not blab about SH and she has the audacity to say she's not the old Jang Esther lol PSH was such a petty troll today to HY and NJ and I loved it. But did he tell his blabbermouth Secretary about SH? He'll probably tell his girlfriend lol SH needs to slam HY against the wall like she did that nurse in that mental hospital lol Then lock her up somewhere then go. She's all pissy at SH over NJ but yet she ran and left him behind. SH would never if it was PSH. Look like karma turned into a metal piece. Guess who is going to be fish food pretty soon?
  10. LOL At the scene with SH and the trio from hell. She didnt even greet her fake mother in law. She's like "No Bish! I am not even gonna pretend to like your murderous behind. I'm out!" Lmao And did she refuse to stay with NJ at the hospital using her father in law as an excuse? Lolol Aera is out there stealing jewelry now?? I love when villains keep digging their graves. PSH was having way too much fun at that dinner lol
  11. Today epi was fun. I love when the good guys win. I love how both husband and wife are using their brain. PSH is basically telling his grandfather how to proceed and he just listens and follows cause he knows his grandson is so smart. The trio from hell are way too confident. NJ is really out there with his obsession on SH and acting like a kicked puppy running behind her. HY looked both jealous and annoyed at his nonsense. And NJ said he checked the CCTV and it wasn't PSH lol I guess he's unrecognizable without his suit on. SH is having the time of her life fooling these two. Though I was like "Girl, be quiet!" when she was talking to her father in law in his room. What if they hear you? Lol They should have sensed her memory came back once she dropped the smoky eye makeup lol So Aera is so confident that her ex will be painted as the culprit without knowing her brother in law saw her in the room. She really took the baby by force. Evil wench! Her world will come crashing down and I can't wait! VC almost blew it today. Thank God Soo Ho came right on time. Just go cry in your room, uncle! The Gun, daddy, and grandpa scene was so cute! So was the scene of SH and PSH's dad gushing about PSH and Gun. That one fluke though. The USBs looked different lol That researcher was so busy busting about the uselessness of being loyal *I loved SH mocking laugh there* he didnt notice the difference. Lol Just like I thought NJ put himself as collateral lmao Serves him right! Look how happy SH was to announce that their plan worked and that NJ took full responsibility if the technology failed. Lolol The preview looks even better. Those 3 toasting on champagne. Match made in hell. Then their overconfidence. The amused look on both SH and the chairman's faces cracks me up. Wait! Do the chairman know about SH memory being back? The way he said to his wife that their son will be fine since SH was there. Or maybe PSH just told him that SH was nice to him despite her amnesia. I thought they agreed to just keep it between them till they kill the bad guys lol. But then again SH is basically addressing her father in law by his title. Isn't it confusing to him? I guess not if they explained it to him the way Grandma explained Soo Ho to him.
  12. LOL The only thing I got out of this is that PSH's mom had sexual relations with both brothers. A mess! Smh I do love how the good guys outsmarted the bad ones. I think NJ put himself as a collateral. Look at SH faking concerns for his safety lmao @lu09 Did they establish that VC was trippin though? Like I don't need PSH questioning his paternity. And you're right. Just because Aera is the one who directly caused her death. VC should have called the ambulance after he accidentally stabbed her. He just left. He needs to have several seats!
  13. @lu09 lmao She is as crazy as her son. SH doesn't owe her squat. They are insane. Though I think SH acted like she calmed down from her anger cause she sensed they were getting suspicious of her behavior and her and PSH clearly knew she was going to be watched. I loved their teamwork too. How are you gonna send just one dude to spy though? He thought he was slick hiding behind that tree lol
  14. LMAO at SH pretending to be looking for her father in law. Her best acting. And her deleting messages and call logs lol At least Soo Ho told her about his tracker! It was clever of Soo Ho to bring his grandma with him since his dad was still thinking he was a baby lol He needed someone to get him in the car without a fight. Esther is forever annoying everyone lol I can't wait for SH to be in the house and acts as her hyungnim. Take full advantage, San Ha. PSH really made a duplicate of the cufflinks? He's basically like "Aera is so predictable." Lol
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