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  1. What is BGM? I am with you the firefly is the Captain.
  2. Firefly is the captain and he is not Chan Sung. I am confident firefly is not finding his way to the afterlife. There will be hell to pay for him which he deserves. I am not sure how our brilliant writers are going to redeem this character's character.
  3. I posted something about the Captain before watching episode 10 before reading your discussion so I removed my post. It was a hunch that the firefly was him. My hunch was right.
  4. My darling MW you were betrayed and my heart broke for you. Your best friend died for you by the so called love.
  5. Oh, yes. Their chemistry is insane. I don't see it with the new guy.
  6. I am the same. This time I am finding myself following this drama even when it is not subbed. I think the main lead is so very handsome and has such an expressive face.
  7. You had me laughing. I can't handle the broken record and that lame gold digger story. Boring
  8. I wanted to post this but I am sad. I am sad I am no longer enjoying this drama and I don't even know why. I will take a glimpse every now and then but I no longer look forward to weekends in order to watch it and chat you all.:(
  9. I wonder what is the 1000 reason why the old chairjerk is mad at the incompetent in everything but knows everything best bio. mother SI? Anyone knows why? It is the last scene in today's youtube link from KBS
  10. I think IS it incompetent. She keeps saying, 'Leave. I will handle it" only to have matter thrown at her face. She is useless as a character and her only importance is that she is the biological mother (probably the only thing she did right in this drama)
  11. A lot of happy weddings end up in divorce. Maybe this funeral wedding will end up in a happy marriage. BTW, SI was a gold digger herself. She got nothing on the gold digger wifey.
  12. After watching tomorrow's preview I am worried about MR losing her family. Her older sister, asking hey why are you doing this to us? And then, telling her not to be part of them anymore.
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