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    i think the best romantic scene between JI and CD , and at that moment CD is fall in love with her : it's at episode 9 : there's a sweet scene!!! although romantic scene between the two didn't exist very much but the two have shown a great chemestry and love between them !! great KJH and HJE : sweet couple , i wish they meet in another drama but it's impossible in korean drama to repeat the two lead exception : jung huyk and lee dae hee 




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    all my friends and fans of IOM ( @Pechumori thnx for your recaps ) right now " i'm so sleepy " and '' verrrrrrrryyyy hungry "  ;)) ;)) code secret never forget this memory and those perfect actors thnx for you all .another thing we can meet at an another thread actually i'm curently watching ( it's a good drama with perfect actors )": when a man falls in love at (mbc)and tell me about yours :)

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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