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  1. About to watch with lunch. Wish me luck! Update: Even YW is starting to feel bad for KI!
  2. I am amused by how Ae Young knows how to handle Young Man and her MIL. She stopped him right away from flirting with other girls whereas SA would have whined and sulked, and before, she totally put down all of crazy aunt's craziness and called her out as a child abuser, which she was when she abused SA in front of Daseul too. @Lmangla We know Jenny is a fool. No getting around that.
  3. Thinking they should just throw out someone they raised, even if it was by mistake, and who they should still be attached to because they raised him, is nasty. You seem quite a nasty person. I shall block you now.
  4. @joan0528 I don't understand from the preview: what will happen in episode 96? Who will die? @Auntie Mame I agree with you. KI would be much less of an richard simmons if they were kinder to him and more loving and reassuring to him. How do you say to someone to get out, no you have no rights now just because you aren't blood-related after all? They adopted him, even if it was by mistake! But that seems to be Korean drama culture for you, adoption means being nasty to the person adopted.
  5. I bet we will find out that Young man got drunk and thought he was sleeping with with Dal Shabet's Subin (Sorry, forgetting her drama name, and I'm a Dal Shabet fan) when he was drunk and sleeping with Song Ah and that's why the former was so aggressive about Song Ah breaking it off with YM when the child that forced the marriage between them had been dead for some time. There's always another side to the story. Probably Subin felt SA was pushing into her territory in the first place. Why did SA have unprotected sex with a drunk dude if she is such a saint anyway? I always found that icky. Between Subin's drama character and him that's one thing, since their morals are supposed to be like that, and since they seem to have a strong love connection, but SA is supposed to be all angelic and pure, and she didn't have some big romance with him. I rather feel SA got what she "paid for", to be honest, when she got mistreated in that family. Cheap sex, cheap in-law treatment. In contrast, she took her time with Dong Joo, built a relationship with him, got to know his family, and now has a loving family life and a lovely step-daughter and sister-in-law with her mom right there. @Lmangla ES tries to frown sometimes...
  6. I just checked and this drama is now 123 episodes long. Did we discuss this before? I get migraines and my med is known for making people forgetful, so if we did, bianeh! But seriously, why drag this mess out even more? And by now we usually see what the next drama is going to be, and there is nothing there.
  7. @jayakris Ziploc bags are crucial! By the way, wouldn’t it be funny if KI was that man’s son instead of CTJ’s? Although that would kill JH’s big love.
  8. I’m with you. I love female villains. Cruel Palace and Queen Seondeok with Lady Mishal were my crack. Then I loved Heaven’s Promise for the sane reason. I love female centric shows.
  9. Jang Hyuk has ruined this drama for me. I am bored unless I see him in a scene. If he is not there, the show doesn’t count. Every other character only exists to show how charismatic he is, how he is the best Lee Bangkok ever, and no one is ever going to top him.
  10. I don't know if I mentioned this before because I was caught up with Graceful Family, but an episode behind, I found it very funny when Ms Ji noted Shady Mom was ordinary looking. That's the whole thing about people who live crazy, unconventional lives not of their choice - no birth certificate, in gangs, no home, etc - they WANT to look like everyone else as soon as they can, but a bit extra. And she did the bit extra with the jewelry and designer clothes from MS.
  11. @yamiyugi I think in one episode, KI was good at managing the arboretum. So perhaps he will end up on the mountain. .
  12. I’m watching episode 16 now, and after SH’s mum was really nice to him, WJ was still a jerk to SH? What an A-Hole! update: seeing that horrible mother and son get led off by the police is rather satisfying. Seeing TOP team’s jaws drop even more so. second update: ms Han is making a mockery of her white womens suffrage colours. third update: so, Main Couple spent 4 years apart and they didn’t even keep in touch?
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