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  1. 3 hours ago, azzurri said:

    It was also heartwarming in the end to see him pat Yi Do's shoulder so affectionately, when we know how he treats his son years later in Tree. Perhaps BW felt he needed to come off cold, to teach his son to strengthen his own heart to face the loneliness of the Throne. It is an evident sign of BW's affection for his son, that he asks Mu Hyul to be his son's protector. Because of course he would know, that Mu Hyul would not only be a bodyguard but also a friend, a father figure and the voice of conscience for Yi Do. It truly truly sheds new light on the fractured father-son relationship we witnessed in Tree.

    Even in the tree when BW is treating Yi Do  harshly, they is no doubt he had great affection between father and son and was only raising him that way  because of the responsibility of wearing the crown and ruling the country.

    They are two examples in the tree that showed BW's love for Yi Do, the first was after BW threatens Yi Do with  a sword in the forest and Yi Do in return commands MH to kill BW if he is killed by BW, on the way back BW was telling JMS about Yi Do's great insight to know that he can only be persuaded with force and not by words from scholars in the books.

    In another scene when BW was chatting with Yi Do on the type of Joseon, Yi Do plans to build, after BW get his answer, he tells Yi Do that putting him on the throne is going to be his greatest achievement. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, honeywell said:


    This part gave me the chills.  I believe this was also said in Tree.  Yoon Gyun Sang is spot on as the younger MH.  Both actors gave the same intensity with this line.  About time MH got his dragon title.  It only took 49 episodes.

    Everyone who has watched the TWDR is saying how extreme and intense YBW was in the tree but almost everyone has changed in the tree from how they were in SFD. for example MH who in SFD is always contemplating whether it is right or not to kill someone expect when he is not fighting against a fellow warrior, in the tree had no problem telling Yi Do that he should kill Ddol-Bok, when he was blaming Yi Do for the death of his father in the shack and Ddol-Bok was still a child then but MH has changed so much in the tree, that he was ready to kill anyone who he saw as been against Yi Do. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, nevill said:

    although the congress is from all parties the government is of a particular party and have a specific agenda  the most important thing after a revolution is the precedent it takes what system and rules from now on will be the way  - again this is a ministry  ruling compared to absolute monarchy  - which would you choose 

    We have seen both cases in Joseon, the absolute monarchy rule  and having the ministries having the power and we saw how disastrous it was when the ministers were the people having the power, even Gwanghaegun who was known to have excellent potential as a king because he was very brilliant and a great diplomat couldn't succeed because of lack of support from his ministers, something that wouldn't have happen if the absolute monarchy rule was still in place and when he was dethroned and Injo came to power, a very clueless king who only cared about keeping his place as king and not about ruling, allowed his ministers to run wild, we saw the result with the invasion of Qing and the collapse of the Joseon economy and it took Joseon over 200+ years after the rule the rule of Injo to fully recover from the damage he did when he was ruling.

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  4. 53 minutes ago, SukBin said:

    Just when I was starting to lean towards Jung Do jeon... he goes and traps Bang Won using hand writing copy cats.... that was a low blow ... even after having the entire power of the military , police , administration , king and minister's support if Jung Do Jeon had to resort to so low tactics to Bang Won who currently is completely isolated and powerless says a lot about him.

    The good thing that came out of JDJ using underhanded means to attack BW is that JDJ has made BW into the victim so most of the people who were undecided on who to choose in the political battle between JDJ and BW would side with BW because even with JDJ holding all the power, he still has to play dirty to get the better of BW.

     This drama always deals with justification, with JDJ attacking first in a cowardly and dirty manner, regardless of the method, BW uses to retaliate, most people wouldn’t complain since JDJ has made it clear in his fight with BW that it is the result that matters and any means of fighting is applicable.

    Also the relationship between YSG and BW is damaged beyond repair with JDJ setup, BW has denied joining hands with the nameless organization when questioned by YSG with BW even telling his father that he can be punished anyway YSG sees fit if it turns out that he is lying and now that YSG saw him together with Cho Young, they is no way BW is escaping the punishment.
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  5. 3 hours ago, zenya22 said:


    That is the very reason why I think that Boon Yi will choose Bang Won. He knows and loves her well. My 2 cent speculation. Cross my fingers.

    I believe too that BY would choose BW over JDJ but for different reasons to yours, I think it is JDJ that would help BY make that decision when she sees that despite JDJ stripping BW of any authority he might currently have, he doesn't stop trying to persecute BW unlike what she has been told by her unnie YH .

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  6. 1 hour ago, andy78 said:

    in TWDR was ready to kill  King Taejong's for king SEJONG sake...he was loyal only to SEJONG...

    From the conservation between Taejong and Sejong in TWDR it was Taejong that handed Moo Hyul to Sejong so it is safe to deduct that MH was loyal to Taejong until  he was given to Sejong so I believe that in SFD, Moo Hyul will remain by Taejong side till the end of the drama.

    I also think that BY will choose BW over JDJ as she is far more open minded that the less of the people in Sambong's organization plus what YH is to JDJ, BY is the same as she is BW confidant and she is the only he lets his thought known to.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

    so BS didn't get amnesia??? waaaah, here I thought everyone in dramaland gets it when their head is hurt!

    HeyHeyPig Emoticons 31

    The bump on the head seemed to have the opposite effect on BS, it seemed that he had a boost to his IQ , he was very fast in figuring out and put the pieces together to know that the attacker lured him out and was after him instead of HG because of the court case and rightfully tells MTS when he wanted to blame the kid for trying to hurt HG and BS by mistake became the victim not to blame the kid as BS tells MTS that he believes the company was involved and MTS was the person at the company who gave the instruction to have him attacked.

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  8. 3 hours ago, deandraluv said:

    The office scene.  It was HG who initiated the conversation about their sweet past.  Both of them wanted to kiss so badly, but they restrained themselves from doing it.  (Sigh!)  

    It was JE that restrained himself from kissing HG as she was willing to be kissed by him at that moment but I guess the shock and guilt after investigating HG's dad death and confronting his dad since all the evidence points to his dad been responsible for the death of HG death although as expected his dad denied JE accusation of causing the death of HG dad and maintains that his friend gave him permission to change the patent of ownership of the deal to himself.

    JE under such a situation especially with his personality where JE even tells his dad that the only way to make up for the wrong his dad did is for JE to die, he would be unwilling to be intimate with HG for a while.  

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  9. 36 minutes ago, myonenonly said:

    Geeez! SR needs to grow up! She really have to blame HK for not warning her about the drug, she claims HG knew it all along. Even if HG knew it or remembered it, why would HG tell her? Hell no! I wouldn't! At that time HG was so mad at her for stealing her husband. Pudoxin's toxic effect probably didn't even enter her mind when she saw SR taking the drug. Now she wants revenge. TS would be glad to let her think he would help her but I think she'll end up in the dumpster too. In his mind, "nobody blackmails MTS". 

    JE can't see SR being a manipulative b***h! Does he? In his eyes she is a victim? That's why he was mad at HG for a while? Uhmm... You're minus 5 points JE. :) I thought your loyalty wavered at that moment. 

    MTS wants to eliminate JE and HG, so he has no reason to refuse SR offer but what she is not counting on is that MTS would reserve an extra cadaver bag for SR because she dared to blackmail him. 

    If she thinks she can still stay safe after threatening to reveal the content of the recording to either JE and HK if MTS doesn't cooperate, then I think an unknown side effect of pudoxin is that it affects the takers ability to reason. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, trust71 said:

    even after she kick JE on his shin ..when she's on her office you can see her reaction that her heart was saying THUMP..THUMP...THUMP...... Whenever JE teasing her ,she was like a teenager that  denying it was nothing but inside her heart she feel lovestruck:heart:

    The reason she had that reaction in her office after kicking JE on the shin is because HW spilled the beans about JE Christmas eve plans and that was after JE teased her, so she is happy that even though he rejected her offer for a one night stand, he had previous made plans to spend the night with her on that day instead of him rejecting her like JE claimed because he feels no attraction to her at the inn which must have made a massive dent on HG pride and confidence because she was so sure that JE was going to jump on her offer to have sex with her.

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  11. 2 hours ago, koreanczazzy said:

    Her love for JE is all fake .. how come you love some one yet you want to destroy that person at the same time?

    In yesterday's episode, she told JE how she came to have her crush on him, she says that when she saw JE been sad,in a depressed state, she was the person that wanted to help him get out of that state and that was how her love for JE started and then claimed that her love for JE would have remained a crush if not for HG provoking her by coming to meet her the next day after JE borrowed his sneakers to her with new sneakers and stepping all over her pride.

    Like you said, she really is dumb, she has not only heard TS talk about fabricating the clinical trials from pudoxin, she also has a recording of that conservation plus that conservation already in her memory since we are shown flash back of her remember what was said but even after hearing TS talk about pudoxin, it doesn't send alarm bells ringing in her head despite her using said drug but it is only after she gets her test result does she get angry and directs that angry towards HG and JE, if she wasn't affected, she wouldn't have cared that the drug has harmful side effects and was causing damages to other users of the drug despite her blaming HG for trying to take revenge on her by not giving her  a warning about the harmful nature of the drug.

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  12. HW had to spoil everything for JE by revealing to HG that he had a good time thanks to her on Christmas eve and enjoyed the hotel and wine meant for her and JE,making her aware that JE has already made plans to spend the night with her despite ignoring her for most of that day at work, now JE wouldn't be as effective as he would have if HG didn't know that JE was deliberately been this way with her on purpose.

    No wonder JE smacked HW on his butt for messing up his plans and revealing them to HG.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, andy78 said:


    She has that victim mentality, whatever goes wrong in her life is someone else's fault.

    Also in that preview, she is asking JE why she is the only one been punished, she says that JE and HG should be punished too, that was after JE refused her suggestion to abandon someone(it is most likely HG) and JE then tells SR, it is she that will be abandoned instead.  

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  14. 7 minutes ago, Kehinde said:

    She probably will....she'll blame everyone but herself which doesn't make sense since it was her choice to take the drug.

    SR is such a drama queen, telling HG that she did it for revenge in the preview, when HG asked her if she is feeling that she has been wronged, she claims that HG ruined her life as if HG was the person that force fed her the drugs and she wasn't taking it by her free will.

    I wonder if JE will confront SR in tomorrow's episode because he has the evidence of her sending the pictures that she and JR framed HG as the one who sent them or maybe he would give her a free pass because of her physical test result.

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  15. JE is now at the master's level at the art of pull and push of the relationship plus he can mess with her head, he now knows begging HK to do what he wants is pretty much pointless as it takes too much time and effort to get her to respond so  he is now using reverse psychology on HG as this is the only way to get through to her.

    I loved when he asked HG in the car whether she emptied the fuel tank of her car on purpose so that they would be stuck at the outskirt of town, then in the inn after he takes his shower, he tells HG that he doesn't know what she is expecting, she should rest assured as he is not going to touch her, they are just in a boss, subordinate relationship and to him she is like a doll, plastic, he basically tells HG that he feels no attraction to her.

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  16. 36 minutes ago, DelroyB said:

    I think it better to see that BS was selfish and did not tell the mom because he wanted YK2 to stay with him.  

    BS not only selfish, he is very selfish and was going to try his best to hang onto HG by any means possible, if not that other people learnt of HK existence, he was so far gone in his lala land than he couldn't even recognize YK when he saw her and she had to tell him about their shared past before he recognized her.

    Then the was the scene at the hospital after HK was stabbed that got me laughing, JE shows him the DNA proof that YK2 is indeed HK and he is not crazy like BS suggested when JE says he recognizes YK2 as HK and BS tears the DNA result into shreds like if he buries his head in sand and refuses to acknowledge YK2 as HK, then she remains YK2.

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  17. 21 minutes ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

    JE was and is in love with HIMSELF...

    That is the right way to love, you start by loving yourself as how can someone who doesn't love themselves be able to love another people and by someone loving themselves they will have a better way of showing their love and is most likely going to follow one of the basic common sense in life which is treat others as you treat yourself which basically means don't do unto others people things you can't tolerate.

    Besides it is a better way than the method HK chose to adopt after the death of their daughter where she was punishing herself and in the process directly punishing her loved ones.

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  18. 3 hours ago, mdj101 said:

    Why did HK erase those old photos in the camera!  So cruel! And it was JE's camera, NOT hers!

    HK told JE the reason why she deleted those photos, she said those photos are lies as people taking pictures always depict happiness, gladness and such emotions, she tells JE that if someone sees her in those picture and see how she is currently behaving, they would be shocked and speechless, right. she tells JE that she used to be very happy in tears, such happiness that she wouldn't exchange it with anything else in the world, she thanked JE for giving her such happiness as without JE in her life, she wouldn't have experienced such happiness but the photos in the camera are not showing her painful moments, she asked JE does he know the reason why he and her can't get back together, the reason is because JE only remembers the her in the photos(she was hinting that JE only remembers the happy moments) but she only remembers the her that isn't in the camera(HK was hinting that she only remembers the bad moments).
    That JE doesn't know that, while he is asleep, she has looked at him serval time imagining hitting him, imagined herself hurting JE, she tells JE that she has done so and did the same while they were married, they is no way for them to return to been a couple and those photos are from a long time ago, that she is not like JE that could see themselves in the photo from a long time ago but is what those photos are(past memories), she tells him that she would delete those pictures,JE asked what about her that she has forgotten the past, that she can fearlessly go back to work at the company, what about her, JE tells HG not to start working at the company again, then he would stop bothering her, HG tells him that she would decide she wants, JE tells her she was regretting her decisions not long ago, she was fearful of what she could have done, HG says she doesn't have such memories, no it is herself that she couldn't recognise and because she didn't know herself then.
    So JE asked her if she has decided to become the hunting dog for the company again, she replied no, she plans to become the owner of the company, JE tells her no, she asked why, JE says it is him that would become the company owner, HG laughs and asked if he believe he can win over her, JE replies yes and tells her he is going to win, she says ok and tells him to have a go, JE tells her to return the evidence she stole from YK, she asked who he heard that from, JE tells her he heard from the doctor, he tells HG that if she continues holding onto the evidence, she would be in danger, she should give him as he would protect the evidence, HG says she has given the evidence to MS on the condition that he would remove JE from his position which shocked JE.
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  19. 5 hours ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

    @oyeleyeolusina.JE knew HK has moles here and there, don't eat this and that except her inner feelings.

    This argument has been had several times in this forum that JE should have understood HK inner feelings so instead of repeating the same things, I would just use an analogy of driving a car to demonstrate my point.

    When someone is driving, how does the person know the intention of the driver in front of the person's car, by seeing the driver's trafficator and obeying it as when not obeyed it would normally lead to an accident.

    The same applies to four years ago with HK, HK showed JE that she wasn't sad at their daughter's death and said words to that effect, wouldn't JE truly be a crazy man as he is regularly called by some on this forum if he ignores what he is told and see with HK and acts contrary to the signals sent by HK and understood her true intentions that HK was really sad but instead pretending to be ok.

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  20. Preview translation for episode 33
    HK's mom: Our HK, you will continue waiting for her.
    JE: What that person sincerely wants, I do not know, the DHK without memories of starting to love me again.
    JE:Sorry for not been able to keep my promise, I got tired/exhausted, am going to let you go, am going to give you up, be happy HK, see you at the company, director HK.
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  21. BS has to be in a relationship with HK to break out of his delusions of her as you need to have a high tolerance for pain to be in a relationship as she can make her partner suffer when she intends to, even though he knows HK asked for his help to act for in front of JE, BS is instead not acting but living out his romantic fantasies, you see brief moments when his heart desires shows, he did it twice in today's episode

    1) The first time was when he was drinking with JE at bar and JE tells him about how HK is acting strangely, he must have one again come to the realisation that JE knows HK very well as his facial expression showed he was sad by how well JE knows HK.

    2)The second time was when he returns home from the bar and hears someone in the kitchen, since he saw it was a woman, thinking that was HK, he is initially over excited until she turns around and sees that the woman is SR, for a few seconds, he couldn't even hid his disappointed face and his disappointed face is not because of what HK told him about the drug test that SR participated in,even SR notices this and calls him out for him which BS denies.

     When this fake act stops next week after JE has realised HK's intention and stops pursuing her, BS is bound to be disappointed.  

    @DelroyB, I agree with the points you made above especially point 3, BS was talking to JE like someone who knew the ins and out of HK and JE's relationship but from his chat with JE, he realises that JE knows a lot more about HK than he does.

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  22. I loved the conservation between BS and JE at the bar.
    BS's part of the conservation
    BS says even if it is for HG case, he likes JE to help HG get away from this situation and her pain from the past,HK has made her choice and if HK abandons him, that JE would stop his pursuit of her, BS reminds JE that was what JE told him,that is not them that make the choice of who HK dates but HK,BS tells JE that he knows it is hard for JE to accept as it was the same for him but JE must accept it, that JE should keep his word, BS tells JE that he is not alone as he has the company,his father, brother in law and in JE's household, he should think about how HG would feel, how can HG go back to the people trying to kill her younger sister, how can HG be a family with those kind of people, does JE really think that is possible, for once JE should get rid of his greed and just think of HK happiness, can't he do that and doesn't JE think he is too shameless in this situation.   
    JE's part of the conservation
    JE says that HG is behaving strangely, she is someone that never acts in a hurry but is acting in a hurry right now,HK is someone that never over reacts but whenever she meets JE, she is over reacting, JE continues that HG is not emotional but has been showing emotions lately, is HG doing this to get revenge or to break up with him to take revenge, JE says he has to know why HG is acting this way, he will keep watcing HG closely until he finds out her intentions, once his solves that problem, then he would back down and if HG really is abandoning him and she is sincerly choosing BS and not him, he would let go of HG but until that point, he would do his best in pursuit HG even if he has to act crazy in the process as he can't just stay still, doing nothing.   
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