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  1. That gif you posted of LMH hitting his head on the door frame had me in stitches... @Thong Thin I love how despite his good looks, handsome tallness and badass sexy vibes, LMH is just a huge awkward klutz. What a dork, I love him sfm lmao. I found the appearance of White clothed guy (noodles? Is this how we call him?) and his crush on Choi Young a bit random but nonetheless a good comedy break in between scenes. Now in hindsight, I wonder what is his backstory and how his "acquaintances" with CY began. Has he always sported an obvious crush towards him? Does he relish making him uncomfortable by being openly flirty with him? So many questions haha. -- Things are finally getting interesting for our Imja couple as we get around episode 10. And we have our Daejang sporting a new hairstyle! Someone on tumblr pointed it out but in the promo for episode 10, Choi Young sports a look that has never been actually aired: Where did the messy ponytail look go? Did it not perform well in focus groups? Did they think it was too much for female audiences to handle? Waaeeee~
  2. Thank you for the tag @partyon <3 The more I see contents related to Sageuks, the more I realize that I still have a lot to catch up on. Aigoo, when will I ever find the time to watch all these dramas. The videos you guys have posted of "best kisses" have me very intrigued. Despite all those layers of clothings, there's some steamy action going on in the royal courts. My oh my. Ahhh @vangsweetie637, so happy to see you around! Yes, we were R O B B E D of quality kisses in Faith. Forever sad. Thank god for the ever present sexual tension that fed us through all 24 episodes.
  3. The Korean tourism organization, knowing perfectly how to lure in tourists (aka kdrama fans) with this Facebook post:
  4. Yay for the event thread spotlight! Glad he gets the recognition he deserves. Despite his gigantic fanbase, I feel like a lot of the general public judge him because of his roles. Like they don't even give him a chance and think that he "only uses his good looks to land cliché romantic rich guy roles". Too bad for them because our boy can a c t . Anyways, I'm curious to see how his career is going to evolve from now on and whether he will take on more movie roles. It would be interesting to see him in an action movie or thriller - or in a role that's completely different from what he played so far. Although I really do appreciate all his projects, I think it could be super interesting to see him break out of this pretty boi™ image, by interpreting something more dark or rougher. So he can show the world his true range and versatility. And who knows maybe one day, he'll fly out of being an "oppa" to take on "ajussi" roles (yeah I'm looking really far ahead ) On this note, I'm just going to leave this here: (the thirst is real)
  5. Hi, I originally posted this on tumblr, but thought it would be interesting to share on here also: Language subtleties and translation nuances Episode 2 So straight up from the beginning, Jung Tae Eul uses informal language (반말, banmal) when speaking to Lee Gon. This is corroborated through her body language and tone of voice, but from the English subtitles alone, you can’t really tell what level of formality she uses. In the French subtitles however, they use the pronoun “vous” which is the formal way of referring to someone. Which is weird af. Why did they do that? I’m no translator so I’m sure they had their reasons, but using “vous” adds distance and doesn’t really convey the fact that Jung Tae Eul basically talks in a disrespectful way to a stranger. In Korean, it is usually quite rare for someone to use 반말 (informal language). 반말 (banmal) is reserved for childhood or very close friends of the same age, or couples (반말/banmal is not always disrespectful, it also conveys intimacy between two people.) So the fact that she uses 반말 here adds emphasis and gives clues to her character and personality: headstrong, not intimidated, pissed and not impressed at all at this tall good looking stranger that just hugged her for no reason. These clues are completely disregarded in the French subtitles which straight up ignored the fact that she used an impolite way to express herself by choosing the pronoun “vous” in the translation. (Moreover, they translated this sentence to “You know my rank?” – instead of “How do you know my rank”, but I guess that’s a detail). As for Lee Gon, he uses a very stiff way of expressing himself. Not using “honorifics” nor speaking in a “deferential” way. He uses a plain (kinda polite, but plain) speech level, as if he would address someone close or younger than him. Again, in normal settings, a stranger would not speak this way to the person they’ve just met. They would use honorifics. Cut to the scene at the police station: This is their first verbal sparring that made my heart flutter. Why? - Tae Eul continues to use 반말 (again either very impolite or intimate. Given the context, it’s the former). - Gon uses a neutral way of speaking but with nuances that tells the viewer he’s speaking down to someone. - Seeing that Tae Eul uses 반말 (banmal), Gon asks: “Are we dropping the formalities?” Here, the Netflix English translation says: “Will you keep talking down to me?”. But that isn't right as LMH uses the verb “놓다” (nohta) which means letting go. So “dropping the formalities” would be, in my opinion, a more accurate translation. - Tae Eul then interjects: “You’ve dropped / let go of the formalities since Gwanghamun.” - To which Lee Gon replies: “내가 세살 오빠던데” (“Nae ga sae sal oppa deondae”) (legit fangirl moment). THIIIIIS. The inflection he uses, everything in his tone suggests he’s.making.a.point. Netflix translates this to: “I’m three years older than you.” which is meh because it doesn’t convey the true mood of Lee Gon. Most of all, the translation is wrong, because if we want to be accurate in terms of his attitude and the words he actually uses, it would be: “As I recall, I’m three years your Oppa [senior].” He uses the word “oppa”. He could’ve actually used the word “senior”, but he uses “oppa”. Why is that important? Because here, it implies in-ti-ma-cy. He uses “oppa” in the sense of what a girl would call her (older) boyfriend. - Tae Eul finishes with “나는 외동이야” (”Na neun woedongiya”) (again, using very informal language). The subtitles says: “Does it matter right now?” but she actually says: “I’m an only child.” –> Tae Eul deliberately ignores Gon’s provocation and replies as if he was being literal. By replying “I’m an only child” she quips back and implies he’s not her Oppa. (Oppa also means “older brother” to a younger sister). See? The tone, the verbal back and forth. It gives depth to KGE & LMH’s acting, and adds to the dynamic chemistry of their characters. Watch the clip again (starting at 1:17) and see how it makes all the difference.
  6. I like how the King & Queen love story mirrors Choi Young & Eun Soo's love line but in exact opposite ways. It's like ying and yang. King & Queen relationship: soft, tender, vanilla. Adorable. We can't help but swoon at the mushy love. Like soft cotton you just want to roll yourself in. Choi Young & Eun Soo: feisty, back and forth bickering, explosive physical attraction. The kind of love that makes your heart explode because of the intensity. Some bts photos for y'all -- Exhibit A - Adorable couple (seriously, they're so adorable I wanna die) Exhibit B - Feisty couple (Also wanna die but for different reasons)
  8. I forgot I had my noise cancelling headphones on when I pushed 'play' on that Domino Pizza video. Man, I legit got goosebumps hearing LMH's voice in HD quality - was not expecting such a clear, deep and crisp voice in my ears. Sorry, that pizza looks absolutely horrendous, but anything goes for LMH I guess. (Back when I was a broke college student traveling to Seoul, I bought 200$ worth of stuff at Innisfree just because his face was plastered across the store front. Oops???)
  9. Aaah~ I vividly remember reading that part in the book <3 It's adorable that he thinks his heart beating rapidly has something to do with his recent injury. Oh Choi Young, my sweet summer child. It's called falling in love. It has nothing to do with your wound. In hindsight, it's hilarious reading his POV, because if he thinks this is it, he's dead wrong. Our girl Eun Soo is about to put his heart on a rollercoaster ride Also super interesting to see her POV in the book. She's started to fall for him too, and we don't really perceive that during the scene in the show. I'm just... I'm in love with their love.
  10. I'm late to the party as usual... And oh my... I didn't know there were that many abs running around in Sageuk dramas. I have to catch up! My knowledge of Sageuks is limited to Faith and Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace, right?) and there were definitely no abs there. What's not to love about Sageuks... besides the obvious (abs or not, we gotta love those long hairs on our Oppas/Dongsaengs). THE TERRIBLE WIGS! THE THICK LAYERS OF BB CREAMS AND LIP BALMS! (look at all those shining faces, don't tell me people from the 1300s glowed that much) THE ELABORATE SETS! With sliding doors that look like they could snap in two with just a breeze. POISON, POISON everywheeeere And last but not least: PARKOUR in costumes
  11. Hello dear faithlings~ like @vangsweetie637 I've been MIA for a few days too. Just got back from a holiday break, and I still have no internet connexion at home (currently maxing out my 4G connection haha). Since I was bored and was already maxing out my cell phone plan anyway, I've been watching bts videos of the show. Do any of you guys remember this one: This video doesn't have any subs, but it's during filming the early episodes, back when Eun Soo operates on Choi Young after stabbing him with his sword. The video starts with the voice over saying: "Kim Hee Sun is looking very serious in her role as surgeon. Lee Min Ho is also deeply in character, playing the patient and isn't moving at all. Howeveeer... huh? It looks like he fell asleep." Then KHS explains to the camera: "He fell asleep for real, because he was exhausted. Earlier we were filming, he fell asleep, and woke up startled." And then Kim Hee Sun, the director and the actor who play Jang Bin proceed to talk behind his back (lol) while letting him sleep. Kim Hee Sun says that LMH fell asleep filming the day before too, with his mouth wide open. Then the guy who plays Jang Bin says: "Min Ho called me afterwards and told me "hyung I think I really fell asleep yesterday while filming. I even had a nightmare to the point of being annoyed. Hyung um, was I annoying? (can also be interpreted as "I hope i didn't mess up anything")" " KHS then says: "Min Ho called [Jang Bin] because he was worried he was being annoying" Because he was still in a deep sleep, someone from the crew had to physically wake him up. He looks so out of it hahaha. He then says: "I usually need 7 to 8 hour of sleep. Last night, we didn't shoot anything but I had other engagements so I barely got 2 hours of sleep." Then the clips wraps up with Kim Hee Sun sharing candies with the cast and crew. She even set up a buffet for the crew ! She truly is a saint <3 (No but seriously, can we talk about the fact that Mr Lee literally fell asleep while shooting a scene lol)
  12. Okay I’m going to pause for a sec here. Because despite all the hardships she’s been through and how confused she must be, as soon as she gets into surgeon mode, she shows what she truly is: a fearless, determined, intelligent, resourceful, strong woman. I’m a sucker for well written female leads, and KHS killed it with her brilliant interpretation of Eun Soo. I just- (Thanks to @syntyche for this beautiful gif) This is what makes his character so interesting: the internal conflict between his deep sense of duty (fulfilling his promise to his late Master), his guilt as well as his growing personal feelings toward this somewhat weird yet intriguing hot chick that just barged into his life. Dr Jang is the best! Really loved his character. His calming presence must have been a real source of comfort for Eun Soo (can you tell I really like Eun Soo, am n°1 stan). I really loved how their friendship developed.
  13. Hi~ Just passing by to show my appreciation for queen Go Eun! I had never watched any of her works before and discovered her through The King Eternal Monarch a couple of weeks ago. And man oh man! I was blown away by her performance, she's so talented? And expressive? I don't know there's just something in her that stands out. I really enjoy the aura she exudes, she just seems so genuine and brainy and just plain herself, without any bravado. Anyway needless to say that I now need to go through all her filmography starting with Goblin. I don't know if I'm ready for this.
  14. Lmao that last gif you posted @Min2206. Love how everyone's expression among the Woodalchi is shock and disbelief over what she said but Choi Young is just like (He doesn't say anything, but WE SEE YOU SIR with your eyes casually drifting south, checking out the lady's bare legs.) C h a o t i c energy
  15. Hi ladies, quickly dropping by. Missed the shenanigans this week due to my home internet connexion giving out. Hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed by next week! Missing this forum and our banter! -- I mean she's a plastic surgeon, it's only normal and professional that she appreciates the sight she's been given in front of her. -- EDIT : Off topic, but after 5 years with my first love So Ji Sub as my icon... I let him go and I've finally changed it to one with Kim Go Eun. Because yass Queen. (I have such a girl crush on her and she's so pretteeeh and so talenteeed)
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