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  1. I think you said it all here. In my humble opinion, although the show had a promising plot, I think the writer was too ambitious with what he wanted to achieve. The screenplay was messy, inconsistent (ie: Gu Reum being completely out of character for the second half of the show). They completely distorted her character growth just to serve Ji Oh's narrative arc. (Why the hell would she sacrifice herself for him when he can just basically heal himself super fast???) I wouldn't have minded the sad ending if it made sense. Unfortunately it didn't. The last few
  2. I've been browsing a few pages of this thread, and I just wanted to give a huge shout out to @willenette and @maria1983 for consistently providing pieces of news about KRW for many many years! Although this thread might be quiet, thanks for sticking around and providing contents for new fans~
  3. I have so many thoughts about episode 9 and 10... but people already voiced what I am thinking so I'm just going to quote them. @LeftCoastOppa I completely agree with you there, this week's episodes just went completely off the track. Most of all, I'm pissed that they completely threw away 8 episodes worth of character development for Gu Reum. I get that she's under emotional duress but where's her common sense? She chose to believe an evil cult and shady CIA dudes rather than give the benefit of the doubt to her own husband? And it's really a sh
  4. @chickfactor I agree with everything that you said. I used the "skip 10 seconds" button for most of the torture scenes with Ji Oh, as it was really hard to watch. I think he has like... eel and fly DNA? I honestly laughed when they revealed that part. They were pushing it. Same goes for Gu Reum. The girl gets severe head concussions in every.single.episode. and yet she goes back to work like nothing happened. Doesn't seem too realistic to me. In episode 7, the doctor literally said she had a small skull fracture and yet 4 scenes later she's back to Human Tech la
  5. I don't know if anyone is interested but I've started subbing Gu Reum & Ji Oh's behind the scenes videos (since TVN shows no signs of subbing the videos themselves... ahem). Let me know if you guys would like any other videos translated - I'm thinking on working on the bts of episode 8. -- What did you think of this week's episodes by the way? I dit NOT expect Ji Oh knocking up Gu Reum. Boy did they move fast. The way it's going, I have 0 expectations for a happy ending. I'm pretty sure Ji Oh is going to die while try
  6. The show: Dark, intense, serious The bts : Same, but somehow I have a feeling he's not completely dead? I mean, the way they set the characters, he seemed super determined in his quest to find Ji Oh, and his death seemed super easy. I smell something fishy. And he's part of the leads, Kim Sung Oh did the show's promotion with the same level of exposition as Lee Da Hee and Kim Rae Won... I doubt they would've done that if his character died early in the show. (But maybe I'm wrong ) -- I'm glad they picked up the pace in
  7. Can we talk about the chemistry of the two main leads? Because wow But overall I'm just blown away by the acting from the main cast. Even secondary characters like the nun. She completely nailed the crazy religious fanatic part. I felt really bad for poor little Ji Oh. He didn't ask anything, he was just thrown into this world against his will. How confusing and scary it must have been for a little kid to be completely alone and lost in this situation. All he needed was some care and compassion... ㅠㅠ
  8. Petition for Gu Reum and Ji Oh to catch a break 2K21 I wince everytime they get hurt. Let them breathe a lil' bit c'mon. Spoilers obviously but can we all agree that it's completely messed up that:
  9. New interview / game with TVn I've translated some parts for y'all. (Lee Da Hee is so pretty and adorable, i cannot deal) Loving their banter as well. Looks like they had tons of fun on set. First round was "how well do you know each other?" - the actors have to answer by raising the "right" or "wrong" signs. 1st question (written on the screen at 0:21) : "This is Kim Rae Won's first TVn drama" KRW and LDH both answered yes. Only Kim Sung Oh got it wrong he tried to explain himself and said something along the lines of: "No it's
  10. Phew, finally caught up on the first two episodes. Fast paced, stunning shots, superb cinematography, flawless acting, gripping action scenes. The CGIs & special effects are not as bad as I thought, so that's a plus. The premise is interesting enough, evil mysterious~ lab conducting secret experiments on animals and humans. I hope they'll throw in a few plot twists here and there to keep us on the edge of our seats until the end. I understand that the first couple of episodes are mostly there to set up the plot and introduce all the characters. I hope that within t
  11. Not sure if it's been already done, but I've translated the relationship chart :
  12. Tvn released another teaser today: I did a rough translation of the voice over if you guys are interested: KRW: “I don’t remember why I’m here and how I came all the way here.” LDH: “It doesnt mean you dont have a past. Look, you’re... not normal.” KRW: “I am normal. I want to be. I can live like a regular man, without any special power.” LDH: “This isn’t a power, this is just trouble” And I couldn't quite catch the last bit. I think he says "Just you wait... I'm going to catch them all." (but really not sure about the "catch" par
  13. Luca is one of the kdramas I'm looking forward to this year! Can't wait to see KRW in an action series
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