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  1. ^woah, SR looks good, so mature. He's definitely growing up. He likes to touch his jaw doesn't he lol.

    awww, everyone misses BB, honestly YG has been very good to us. Despite their being not together as a group for years, their solo's activities have more than kept us occupied. But yes, nothing makes us more happy then seeing them united to conquer all. When that time does come, we'll give them all our support.

    anyways, thanks for all the updates. My daily thirst for BB is always satisfied when I come here. :D

  2. ^I just love reading his interviews, his words have truly manifested through his success.

    There was no doubt that bigbang is one of the closest group in k-music industry, one that will stick together for years from now.

    GD looks amazing in the new fila photoshoot, his hair is hot.

    haha, TOP cheering was cute, I love his current casual but still sophisticated look, & the jeans! :D

    I just wish he took that blazer off sometime during that event. lol

    & I want to hear more news about DS & SR. :(

  3. ^those cartoons are so adorable, esp TY's, haha his little whisker like faux hawk is too cute.

    I love the bsx video of TOP & GD, it was hilarious

    it was like busta move everytime, TOP's dancing reminds me of wii balances games, but nonetheless adorable

    GD was cool all the way, I love his backward steps, that was cool.

    GD's promoting I need a Girl, can't wait.

  4. ^no female's celebrities phone number! LOL, aww not even Hyori?

    He's into interior design, that's pretty cool. Gosh, I really really want to watch 'into the fire'

    only heard of good reviews so far, so super excited

    I want a copy of that ViVi magazine!! They all look so good, especially GD

    his hair is a keeper, I especially like the one where he's attempting to comb it.

    so suave, I like how bae is not showing his side profile much there too.

    Top's song is doing so well! now I can't wait for Bae's collab with GD, its going to be a hit!

  5. @miared, despite what others had said, whenever I read your posts, I truly get the feeling that you like, admire & respect BB. Just that you have courage to raise the lights on the imperfections of BB that many fans would rather put aside, in a way that might sound hostile to others. & really, your posts are very insightful, and many of the time I agree with you. A fan of BB doesn't have to like everything about bigbang, as long as they appreciate and respect the music they contribute, that is good enough. But I think you went beyond a fan (in a good way) like a best friend, my best friend can list all my faults & at the end of the day I know because he/she respect me enough to tell me the truth. ... anyways, I do hope you come back. But if you decide to evade this thread, I understand. I hope you continue to appreciate BB's music though.

    The video of TOP at the preview was really touching. Does anyone know why he cried? .. In one of the youtube comments it said that it was because he felt lacking (in skills i presume)

  6. haha, I'm loving the spirits in this thread, everybody is throwing confetti everywhere, its contagious

    but yes, CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!!!!! YOU DID IT! with much hard work finally paid off,

    continue this legacy and you'll do great, work hard, keep your faith abound and you will succeed

    which you proven already,

    seriously this is like icing on cake, their comeback is next.

  7. woah, such fuss over something so trivial?

    It didn't even look like GD actually hit SR.

    TOP's interview was really intriguing, I really like it.

    he's so deep, there's definitely more than meets the eye,

    I think someone mention of him being somewhat easy to push over/mess with

    I also felt the same way, even when his exterior is as hard as a rock (on stage)

    I can feel the vulnerability about him & its even more lucid with this interview

  8. and about Until Whenever....

    the song is epic. i listen to it (along with A Good Man) every night xD

    you made me fall in love with this all over again.

    its been a while since i heard it, i forgot how good it was.

    Dae's "Oh please one more time, dance with me tonight" always leave me feeling giddy and smiling


    & whenever I hear Until Whenever, I never want to stop being a VIP

    & the vocals in Tell Me Goodbye leaves me in awe.

  9. first of all, im so glad seunghyun eye's are okay now.

    So they can keep killing us softly lol

    &&&& I Love clip 4

    its soooo freaking hilarious,

    GD gd gd gd, he looks amazing!!!!

    when he smile, the world just shines a spot light on him

    i love seeing the boys so happy

    the ending makes me excited for the next clip or mv..

    i can't stop listening to tell me goodbye <3

  10. that mv was .......................... AMAZING!

    the production, beautiful transitions, lovely voices, and smoking boys! (literally lol)

    I love the classy feel to this, very intriguing, the outfits look good on them

    dang, they all look really good

    & I love the lyrics, so meaningful and heart wrenching, keep up with the amazing work boys


  11. all these amazing photos!!!!

    they look great, I love GD's new hair, haha I like it best when its normal lol

    all the crew looks so dang good, the outfits are nice, they look great in them

    I love the casual look on them, or the suits, that's hot.

    TOP looks great with this cut too, show his gorgeous features finely,

    & an exposed picture of him ;o .. hot haha.

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