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  1. WOW, the quality of YG-on Air performance is out of this world! EVERYTHING WAS SO PERFECT! The boys look so into their music, singing their sweet lines, looking all attractive and stuff lol. The quality was amazing! Major props to YG cameras and camera mens.

    & I just listen to GD&TOP collab with Pixie Lott = INDESCRIBABLE, phenomenal! The song is awesome, their english was on spot, and their emotions is just so real.

    BB <3


    Truly a gift of the century, what talented boys! The song is sooo beautiful and fits with the mv perfectly! I must say I was worried about the mv with the recording photos but now I question why do I EVER worry. They work the hardest and I'll enjoy everything they put their heart and soul into.

    YG definitely is an elite management, always giving 200% for their artists, especially ones that gone through so much. This hype and success seems so UNREAL, no other groups have ever done anything like it.

  3. All the photos look really nice especially Dae's new pictorials. The golden mane and glistening skin are great together! All this is so real, I really feel like this year there is no stopping them, they will overcome everything and VIP will do anything just so they can achieve their dreams.

    BLUE is beautiful, I wonder what the rest of the song will be like, but for sure will be fantastic :)

  4. I don't know why but I'm SOOO MUCH MORE PUMPED for this comeback then the one in 2011! Maybe it's because we/they been through the rough, but they stuck it through like true artists. Barely breathing just so they can catch a breath, barely alive just so they can live. Music is their therapy and ours too; thanks for keeping us alive :)

    It's seriously keeping me on my toes and I can't even focus on my studies.

  5. Seeing all the news about gayo made me really miss Bigbang. So I surfed youtube last night with the intentions of watching a few of my favorites (BB with Hyori, Wondergirls, and the GDTOP with Taeyang fanboying hiphop stage) but I ended up staying up till 5am watching all their gayo performances..

    2012 will be a BigBang year!

    @oh'retro, you're so right :( & I love how we had the same resolution lol.

  6. "You can still make me smile, even though you're the reason why I am sad"

    "You were never supposed to mean this much to me; I was never supposed to fall so hard. But you know what? I did and that's the truth, that's what keeps me holding on because it hurts like hell to let you go"

    These are from me:

    "It hurts, to get worked up over a message, knowing it won't be from you"

    "I can deal with the day, but a night, all the memories come rushing back"

    The reason why I'm here is because I feel this way. And maybe some of you guys are on the same boat, just know that it's okay to care a little too much and cry a little too hard. We must hurt in order to grow and lose in order to gain. Every story has an end, but every end is a new beginning. Learn not to compare, appreciate things as it is, as it comes. And as Doug Horton said, "smile, it's free therapy!"

  7. I miss bigbang, so happy that they were able to pull through to go above and beyond despite all the setbacks this year. I'm extremely excited about the year to come, the refresh faces and the sweet taste of reunion. Congrats on the award Bigbang!

    Also, not sure if I am allowed to ask this but I recently made a tumblr. I was wondering if anyone know any good Bigbang blogs that I can follow? Thanks :)

  8. ^the hottest news yet! I'm so glad Daesang is finally able to come back. I'm pretty sure that being with his fans will help in this healing stage. & being back on stage is like being home again for him. Hopefully by the time it comes, everything will work out for BIGBANG, including GD's issue.

    TOP, wow he seriously make everrryything look so good on him. That plaid outfit?! Perfect amount of buttons unbutton lol. They also make a very hot couple.

  9. Everyones photos look amazing! Ever since stumbling on this thread 3 days ago, I can't stop looking. I stalked for lomo cameras like crazy haha. I just ordered a Sky Blue Kumo San Slim (ultra wide slim) today, I can't wait to use it :D (but I have to buy film first)

  10. I had a bigggg smile when I read all the fan accounts :) It's heartwarming to know that despite whatever is affecting them, they can still carry on an amazing show for the fans and for themselves.

    After clicking on a few fan videos, I found myself watching old big bang performances and then I found this fanmade video of TOP's Oh Mom using 71 into the fire as a MV reference


    it was reallllly amazing. The feelings and emotions in that song are so relatable, be strong Big Bang!

  11. I'm new to Thornbirds, but the drama is great. I seriously haven't cried this much in a long time. The acting is great! I'm a fan of Han Hye Jin now, she truly made me empathsize for her as friend and mother. The plot (although sometime it may have seen as overdone) is just right. I really love the fact that it's a mature adult drama with a bit of comedy here and there. & the fact that han byul is the cutesttt girl ever! I really love this drama. It's sad that it's coming to an end, but it'll be a relief once this emotional roller coaster ride is over. I also like the conversations going on this thread right now. I agree that the child have the right to know who her biological mother is, but as others have stated it is not the right time to reveal it to her. The secret that they have to tell her comes with other twisted reasons & consequences as well, a child her age can not fully comprehend nor can she handle the monumental truth without some kind of scarring.

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