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  1. zherlthsh said: Jung Jae Young tells that he is a huge fan of IU


    Actor Jung Jae Young told that he is a huge fan of IU.

    On January 7th, Jung Jae Young and Han Ji Min, who recently casted in movie 'Plan Man' together, appeared on SBS Power FM 'Cultwo Show'.

    During the show, Jung Jae Young shyly told that he is a huge fan of IU, and said, "I get really shy when talking about girls."

    As the DJs asked Jung Jae Young which one he likes more among IU and Han Ji Min, and Jung Jae Young replied, "IU is my most favorite person, and Han Ji Min is a goddess. They are under different categories."

    Netizens left comments, such as "Even Jung Jae Young is IU's fan", "IU is a goddess, too..", "Sounds like Jung Jae Young really likes Han Ji Min", and "IU and Han Ji Min resemble each other".

    Meanwhile, Han Ji Min drew attention by telling that she does not like guys who cannot drink.

    /Reported by Lim Joo Hee

    /Reporting by Lim ju-hui jp@starnnews.com

  2. After watching HJM in Cain and Abel and then some of her other works, I can say she's my favorite actress! Han Ji Min is so talented and versatile in all her roles. She's not afraid to change it up and delivers at it too. Not to mention, she's so beautiful. I can't wait to check out her new movie. I hope she stars in a new drama soon though. 

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    Netizens will see whatever they want to see.


    EXACTLY. This is my first time responding to this issue, but I'm really tired of all these accusations from "netizens." First they demand the truth from the artist themselves; only then will they know the truth. And here, when Hwayoung actually said something, they refuse to believe it and twist it into another awful act of the other side. Netizens will NEVER find the truth if they keep looking at things with a biased, subjective, and cynical eye. Being skeptic is okay, but here they are directly looking for false positives. Why can't they wait it out for things to settle, listen with an open mind instead of shooting down every possibility of reconciliation.


    All the photos of people burning/ripping T-ara images are stupid to me. Nothing has been resolved, yet people already made up their mind of what they think happened. All netizens, turned away fans, anti-fans are doing is adding fuel to the fire and making things more exaggerated then it seems. I do think there are some sort of disharmony in the group but menace bullying is a little to far; calling for disbandment is too far considering the lack of statement from both side. From what I see of K-pop groups, there is almost always someone in the group that is picked on the most. Sometimes, they humiliate each other publicly, when things are good this is fun and games to netizens eyes. However, once there is a seed implanted that suggest otherwise, those fun times turn into menace activities. I am not saying that there was no bullying, b/c there might be some isolation however, I don't think it is to the extent that people think it is.


    Honestly, although I don't follow T-ara, I have seen them on shows, variety, etc. I don't think all these girls are bad at all. Now, whether they can have a say in the whole situation or not, their career is ruin b/c people judge a few incidents made by few on the whole group and all of their characters. If you study psychology, the Stanford prison experiment and Asch conformity experiment shows how powerful groupthink is. If for instance that one dominant member single a person out, followers are compelled to agree and sometime to none of their understanding.


    Bullying is definitely wrong, and if it is true they should be reprimanded in some ways, but the extent of how netizens reacting is way out of hand, esp with the lack of info.


    What I know for sure is that they are under a company that is incapable of managing a group correctly.


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