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  1. ♡Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) & Hwang Bo (GENERAL)♡ For more information about their whereabouts and biography make sure to click on each of their images. Official MBC site: WGM Broadcast: Airs every Sunday at 6:10PM Korean time MBC We Got Married is a show where participating celebrities are coupled as husbands and wives to portray the lives of newly-weds. on 11th May 2008(episode 9), SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo joined the show as 'older wife-younger husband' couple, thus bringing a new situation and a different air to the show. You can find all the clips here! Thanks to ranyforest @ youtube for the list. Just several pictures to enjoy! General Info For Joongboers REMINDERS: There are certain rules some of you are violating and that shouldn't be ignore. Please read and follow the korean celeb photos rules thread. Please don't spam the thread by posting some unnecessary and silly comments. PLEASE DON'T QUOTE PICTURES! korean celeb photos --> Rules & Info 9. Please do not quote any pictures. Pictures take up a lot of time to load. If you are quoting the pictures again, it doubles the time to load the page. Please be considerate. Instead, remove the tags around the link. First time offenders will be given a verbal warning, repeated offenders will be given a warning and a suspension.10. Filesharing is not allowed.It would be better if you post things only related to Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo as a couple. We should not post anything of them individually, for that there are other threads. Make sure you read the rules if you don't want to be warned by the mods. Thanks for their collaboration since the opening of this thread: To all Joonboers and specially to Muize, subwfreaky, Chonsa, hellobello, JoongboSkittles, jaejoongie, Rikkimargarette, Witchwitch09, blurryfella87, Rebby and everyone who contributed on this thread. For more information on the couple and the variety show refer to 'We Got Married' Thread.
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