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  1. @tok-soompi LOL to those haters . i'm not a shipper, just admirer her acting style. when you told me about the ig account, i already knew which account it is. however i rarely read the comment section, that's why i didn't notice that kind of drama. now i've seen it, i can only laugh out loud. IMHO, the regular commenters (whether hjm or hb fans) should ignore that person, because in reality that kind of people just want to seek public attention, once they got ignored, they feel alone and stressful because of the reaction. however even if one person respond to her/him, she/he will be delighted and do worse than before (because that means people do notice her/him). why don't they just report the comment or the account so she/he doesn't appear to the comment section, i think that's the least action they should do. i even notice that person comment in han ji min ig in her new post, said the same thing but the tone was a lil' better (not too harsh like the hyunbin han ji min fans account). to be frankly, i'm not a big fan of korean drama, i used to only watch western series, and japan dramas. i found han ji min long time ago in the middle of the night while trying to find anything to watch on tv, i happened to click kbs world, and she's there in Great Heritance, and i finished watch it on tv. after a while i saw her again in the same channel, that time was Capital Scandal, ever since then her acting got my attention, because i saw a potential one in her, and now she proof me right. thank god she's still in the industry till this moment (because i saw in lots of articles many actresses from her generation rarely seen in the industry, mostly because they got married). and i follow this forum since i found many of hjm fans made this forums alive, before this forum has lots of contributors even some could do a translation (and i was a silent reader). it's a lil' bit sad right now this forum got less contributors, thanks to both of you @tok-soompi and @richelle, this forum often appears on first page. [quite off topic] recently korean drama industry has evolved, well judging from the storyline which got a lot better, cinematography is also getting better, and broader genre choices (now korea brave enough to play in the full action pack genre (crime/thriller), full comedy, full horror, "real"medical drama, realistic criminal storyline, even sci-fi, those all with less romance). i give my thumbs up for korea who's trying to evolve though a lil' bit late, but better be late than never. i really wish han ji min could try in one of those, because i think she needs to step up a lil' bit more, and brave enough to try out from her comfort zone (romance/drama).
  2. Yup I remember this scene, it was funny and fierce, but it was forgettable for many people since she’s done that with the second lead. btw, I came across this article, http://koalasplayground.com/2019/04/09/first-look-at-han-ji-min-and-jung-hae-in-in-mbc-romance-drama-spring-night/ what I want to highlight is the comment section in koala website used to lash out han ji min’s acting, now I’m glad though not everyone is her fan but they defend han ji min, most importantly they acknowledge han ji min’s acting.
  3. How kind han ji min is, she always comfort her costars and it seems she always take the blame every time her juniors make mistake although it’s not entirely her faults (just the thought whenever I see her rehearsing or acting along with her juniors) and it seems jung hae in a bit shy as if he’s having a crush with han ji min (her dream costar)
  4. already see a glimpse of this drama, however i'm not interested with the plot mid to rich people struggle to compete with one another using their children (probably i am more into this slice of life drama). it's just me. now i want to give it a try fo Beautiful World (after saw the heartbreaking trailer) starring Park hee soon and han ji min's senior (forgot her name) from BH ent. the crew and the cast got to see dolphins on their vacation reward. some even enjoy paragliding.
  5. hahaha my prediction was right, they will got a lot of nominations. kudos to all the nominees. i hope this drama will also get the grand prize award. finger crossed.
  6. someone spotted han ji min, it's not recent i guess. i like how casual she looks in her daily life. sometimes, i'm a bit disappointed on her stylist, 'sometimes' her outfit choices make her look older than her character's age. well i recall her dating outfit in Familiar Wife, oh gosh, that dress made me roll my eyes while watching that scene
  7. i've been enjoying The Fiery Priest, how i really hope in the future han ji min could do a comedy action, especially black comedy like The Fiery Priest, either in a drama or movie. i believe she can nail it, since in The light in your eyes she already nailed light comedy sketch, i hope she can challenge herself in this genre, just like Lee honey.
  8. well i'm not really interested in han ji min's interest in man, many people ended up wishing her partner wil be her real life partner (not for me though, not a shipper). I can tell han ji min is a very conservative woman, she used to say it in an interview, she always take a careful step to get to know to someone. whoever she's marrying with, i hope she finally truly find her happiness in him (whether he's in the same field as her or just ordinary man). well this is me seeing her interaction or reaction towards some of her costars basically from presscon, interview, or bts that i got from people that ship her a lot with these costars (just my opinion): 1. han ji min to lee seo jin, this is basically just out of respect to her senior (she's not into him). however the other way round, lee seo jin seems got his eyes on her, well you can tell. 2. han ji min to kang ji hwan. also the same as lee seo jin, just treat him as her senior (she's not into him). but, we can tell he was interested in her. 3. han ji min to so ji sub, the same as all above too, although she's way more friendly to him (again, she's not into him). so ji sub is an introvert person, we can't tell if he's into her or not, but many speculate that he was. 4. han ji min to hyun bin, i can tell that she just treat him as a friend, plus he's the same age as her, so she find it way comfortable to interact. (she's not into him) however, hyun bin was really into her, he left too many evidences, lots of people can see that. but since han ji min is a conservative person, she's quite hard to approach in a romantic way. 5. han ji min to gong yoo. okay this one is the hardest, it seems like han ji min slightly got a bit interest in him in the beginning (of course i can't make sure of it, but i got a hunch). however gong yoo is also a bit conservative person, so i can tell, he's not into her. in a funny way, somehow, han ji min eventually put her interest into best pals relationship along with shin sung rok. OTHERS (no romantic interest mostly from both sides): Han ji min to eric mun. This is probably because of their fate from the accident, they become more like a family (no need to explain more). han ji min to jo jung suk. the relationship of them is so obvious, they respect, and admire each other like best friends. han ji min to jung woo sung. they just basically have a senior - junior relationship, professional one, they respect each other as actors. han ji min to her juniors (park yoo chun, park hyung sik, nam joo hyuk). this is pretty obvious that she treats her all juniors normally just as her juniors, she's just being a great senior to them, nothing more. that's it, i just manage to see it when people posting a lot because of their shipping, and i write it down for fun. well this is just my opinion afterall.
  9. well i don't mind, that happens a lot in real life . long term couple in the state of thinking about marriage, but ended up marrying another person. it is so realistically, many can relate that too . remember, we can't please everyone, never, everyone has their own opinion.
  10. if that's the case, many viewers gonna hate han ji min's character , we don't know yet, if she's gonna cheat or not.
  11. i don't know what this is all about. but it seems tell about buzz worthy drama??!? and the light in your eyes was on top of every drama that is still on going and new ones. and even another articles said that this drama was the most talk-about drama since 2018 to early 2019 beating 100 days my prince. https://news.imaeil.com/EntertainmentsAll/2019032723414090170 http://www.jtn.co.kr/tv/view.php?code=2200&idx=50482
  12. woah the PD did see the northern light/ aurora borealis. what an achievement! the cast and crew congrats her.
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