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  1. I don't think that's han ji min in the photo. As you can see the owner tag someone that similar/resemblance to hjm (you can check the ig of the girl). The hashtag of hjm doesn't mean it's her. We need to be careful of someone's post, because they could just want to show that their relatives has a resemblance to some celebrities. ☺️
  2. Hi all! Long time no see. So han ji min got a coffee/snack truck from ryu seung ryong . Perhaps their acquaintances because of Director of Miss baek, Lee ji won. I read some of articles ryu seung ryong just accepted a main role for a new project of director lee ji won. I hope han ji min could act along side him too in that project, doesn't matter how bigger the role is. ryu seung ryong is such a very nice person and actor, i happened to watch his several movies. And as few days ago, i just check his instagram out, and he follows han ji min ig, well unfortunately hjm hasn't follow him back. Hope they can act together in the near future.