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  1. Correction! it's not han ji min manager, but BH boss, i forgot his name. wow it seems that hjm and BH boss pretty close. even when hjm gone to london, he was there too, attended the awards . in one of the pics hjm tried to catch the bouquet it seems that she always enjoy that particular moment and maybe pray for her dream man to come
  2. I don't know if these pics ever been posted here, these are pics of hjm with her friends, that seems also have good relation with hjm sister when i browse her ig (i have no idea who she is, cos it seems like she works in the entertainment industry too). she also attended miss baek and keys to the heart premiere, you can find it in her ig. this is how i try to kill the time while waiting for news of hjm to come. Hjm attended her wed, with her manager bh boss and chae jung an, you can swipe it to see her at the background. though kinda blurry, the woman in a red dress is hjm. off topic: here's their circle of friendship (incl. hjm's sister)
  3. I don't think it's arranged like that. cos, every time the homepage got refreshed, it shows different arrangement. Personally, i do not care much about who dated who since it's their personal lives. that is why i don't do shipping. however, if the news come up about dating, i just wish han ji min be with somebody she entirely fond of and there's a state of mind in marriage if she's ready. so it's completely up to her. i don't mind if she takes more time to get married. To me "at the age of married" statement not so important, cos it's up to the individual on what, when and with whom that marriage thing become special part in her/his life. i agree with you. maturity can not be measured by age. even a kid can be mature enough among foolish adults who can easily make dumb decisions. as far as i see it, when at projects it looks as though han ji min keep her relation quite professional towards her costars. well we will never know if she ever dated actors though, she's expert at keep her personal life matters private . so i guess she just being a good senior to her juniors. i think she is the one that hard to approach, if i'm not mistaken, at an old talk show her costar said that she's hard to approach to get closer (in dating term). she too has said that she takes time to like a man. so i wonder which junior can man up enough to date her . in hollywood so many older woman younger man marriage couples that have harmonious marriages. take a good example, hugh jackman, chris hemsworth. However, i'm not so into dating costar. that's all. I like him too. wish she can be at one screen with him. and as a person he is quite humorous and silly too.
  4. FINALLY!! BH Entertainment website has been reorganized! https://bhent.co.kr/ Another rookie actress, park ji hoo, (under the same agency or label mate) that mesmerized by han ji min's acting and attitudes. http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=7529677 Park Ji-hoo "I want to grow as an actor like Han Ji min" [interview②] A lil bit off topic: Two actors has been joining BH ent. Lee Jin wook and Jung woo . Now I hope BH will make a new 'family/group' photo hahahaha bit too much too ask for. P.S. article for lee jin wook already months ago, so you can browsing it if you wonder. http://www.newsis.com/view/?id=NISX20190821_0000746592 Jungwoo signs contract with BH Entertainment
  5. It seems that she knows how to be invisible when she's in her free time. Another rookie actor, he acted along side shin sung rok in Perfume, Kim Min gyu who wants to act alongside han ji min. https://www.mk.co.kr/star/hot-issues/view/2019/08/597400/ [Interview ①] Kim Min-gyu "" Perfume "Terrestrial star debut, was the growth moment" Kim Min-kyu "Han Ji-min fans, was really envious of Nam Ju-hyuk " and here's another actor who also want act to act alongside HJM https://www.hankyung.com/life/article/201903219838k He's a scene stealer, act as a japanese in Mr. Sunshine, and been acted in lots of movies. Lee Jung hyun first seen HJM in The Light in Your Eyes, and amazed by her acting. [bnt Pictorial] Lee Jung-hyun “I love Han Jimin, I'm honored to act with a dazzling cast” I guess Han ji min's acting in The Light In Your Eyes captivated many viewers and actors. Kudos to HJM.
  6. Scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung is known for he previous works like 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', 'Live', 'It's Okay, It's Love', 'Dear My Friends', and more. Her upcoming drama will deal with individuals in the field of non-profit and volunteer work, set to air some time in 2020. since noh hee kyung announced will make a drama about volunteers in NGO, i got this feeling HJM will get an offer, because of her volunteer works at JTS. so i figured all the cast probably from NHK's acquaintances or friends in that circle. Jo In Sung has been actively involved in JTS volunteer works outside korea, HJM always join JTS annual charity works, while Shin Min Ah has always been actively involved in this low profile donation to JTS. Probably Bae Jong Ok will have an offer too in the nearest future. can not wait of all their performances. and it's a different genre!! i'm excited! Oh another one! Lee hee joon too, though he just join the campaign recently. i know it's quite imposibble, but i like his acting! hope he got an offer too. Below are lee hee joon and his model wife. Han ji min looks so tiny
  7. it's been a while! when i heard the news of No Hee Kyung wants to do a drama about NGO, I bend down on my knee wishing HJM got an offer. and then BAM!! HAHAHA let's wait and see for now... same here @richelle me too @tok-soompi, since the drama about NGO, i really wish it stands out more about people who volunteer or work in social services. i really hope NHK delivered good message just like in her drama Dear My Friends, less romance, more about friendship and family. Finger Crossed! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/han-ji-min-shin-min-ah-being-considered-alongside-jo-in-sung-nam-joo-hyuk-and-more-for-new-drama NEWS Posted by beansss 6 hours ago Han Ji Min & Shin Min Ah being considered alongside Jo In Sung, Nam Joo Hyuk, and more for new drama AKP STAFF Actresses Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah have also joined a star-studded lineup of cast members for scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung's latest project. Previously, various media outlets reported that scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung recently contacted actors Jo In Sung, Bae Sung Woo, and Nam Joo Hyuk about their future schedules, in preparation for her new drama. On July 30, a representative from Noh Hee Kyung's side once again stepped up to reveal, "The script is not written up yet. Currently, with the drama's basic topic confirmed, it's true that we contacted Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah's sides during a discussion about fitting character roles." The rep continued, "We plan to send them scripts once they are available. Nothing has been confirmed in terms of casting." Scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung is known for he previous works like 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', 'Live', 'It's Okay, It's Love', 'Dear My Friends', and more. Her upcoming drama will deal with individuals in the field of non-profit and volunteer work, set to air some time in 2020.
  8. I totally agree with you In my opinion, so far Ji Sung is still the best co-actor for hjm. though the rest are doing great with their performance when partner up with hjm. Their chemistry and synergy excel in many ways (talking from their experiences in the industry). New video compilation from TvN For the latest, Jung hae in, there's this "hole" that still need to work out, well i don't want to go in detail. And i agree, it seems that the production team way too bombarded the viewers with their BTS/film making, so sometimes many who didn't watch the entire drama (till the end) were not able to get the whole idea of this drama. The production team targeted the fandom so they can get as many as viewers they want through mouth to mouth of leads' fans. It's not wrong, but they ignored the point of the purpose of this drama was being made. At least that's what i see everytime the making came out, they pleased the viewers with what they want. i think fewer BTS is good enough for us to believe they have chemistry, cos we can judge it when we watch the drama. As for the next project i really hope she pair up with someone older or veteran in this field. no more young costar. Can han ji min do a cameo or special appearance? (my wish) it's fine with as long as i can she her act wholeheartedly, just in Keys to The Heart or Herstory.
  10. I guess too. her voice a lil bit different probably due to her quarrel with JH. yup me too. so basically it was JH now who starting to doubt or second guess his feeling bcos of the news of his past lover. and probably he will say unnecessary things towards JI when he was wasted.
  11. The making Did hae in just scold ji min for drinking the wine? did ji min sulking? hmmm...
  12. The preview (can someone translate it, please?) I think it's not a break up that JH mention, cos he was wasted and feeling angst, he was telling JI that she eventually will leave him too. and probably this will trigger to their very first argument and end up to a break up?? Perhaps somenone can translate this preview.
  13. They understand each other. Only moms know. How action (staring, smiling) can says it all.
  14. yes kim hee ae, moon soo ri, kim tae ri, kim yeo jin (she played as the queen in yi san), cho yeo jong (parasite). They are quite tough contenders, especially cho yeou jong, but we never know right how the critics judge their performance. http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2019070312250046503&MSI Another praise of beauty and kindness for HJM from new and co-actor Lim Hyoun soo who play as Ji Hoo friend and Gi sook Junior at the bank. [SBS Star] Han Ji Min's Eyes Make People Keep Asking the Same Question? https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005334725 Fans of actress Han Ji Min are speculating that her twinkling eyes are the reason that make people keep asking the same question―"Why are you crying?" Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of Han Ji Min staring and looking at something to show how twinkly her eyes can be even when she is not crying. Han Ji Min has a reputation for having the most amazing eyes on the planet and the main reason she was able to earn that title was because her eyes always looked so watery and shining. For this reason, many of Han Ji Min's co-stars and the interviewers made a false assumption that she is crying and asked the same question, "Why are you crying?" over and over again. Han Ji Min smiled and replied that she is not crying every time that happens, but many had a hard time believing the fact that she is not crying since it did look like the tears would fall off her eyes any second. After seeing her family portrait, her fans were finally able to understand where she got her looks from―since every member of her family including her parents and sister had the exact same eyes. After seeing this post, her fans commented, "I think Han Ji Min is one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea.", "Her eyes look like they never heard of the term 'xerophthalmia'.", "But you can't blame them because all of us probably would've asked the same question.", and so on. Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is currently focusing on the filming of her romance drama 'One Spring Night'. Another article
  15. https://www.kstarlive.com/article/2019/07/04/han-jimin-got-all-embarrassed-while-filming-her-bed-scene-with-jung-haein-for-one-spring-night-242117 Han Jimin Got All Embarrassed While Filming Her Bed Scene with Jung Haein for 'One Spring Night' Han Jimin could not stay cool with the bed scene she had to shoot with Jung Haein. On July 3rd, MBC released the making film of its Wednesday-Thursday drama 'One Spring Night' featuring Han Jimin and Jung Haein. In the clip, the two actors get to shoot the scene where they cuddle on the bed. Han Jimin said, "Come here fast, I'm embarrassed," in which Jung Haein replied, "Why are you embarrassed? I'm not embarrassed at all." The director then caused laughter on the set with his comment, "Why are you embarrassed? It's a blessing (to be able to shoot a bed scene with Jung Haein)" After several takes and suggestions from the producer, Han Jimin and Jung Haein managed to finish the scenes well.
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