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  1. What are you watching these days?? I'm taking a break due to work and the kids. 

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    2. angelangie


      it was a nice and pretty much how U students being push into the society....it had a lil 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' vibes for me....


      on how the guy is a physic genius in school....one different thing is that the guy is well off and wanst disconnected from his family :) 

    3. thunderman1


      That's good to know. I'm still on episode 2. I've been watching a lot of american movies lately so I put chinese dramas  aside.

    4. angelangie


      oh....i had been busy listening to audio book lols :D 

  2. She lost her virginity to him in ep 32.... Oh boy. I just hope she womans up because the aunt is just using her instead of protecting her. The whole plot is predictable. I was told my fans on weibo that it will be a happy ending.. nonetheless I will keep on watching
  3. The director decided to show a spoiler.. *smh* Yes, she even splattered wine on him or whatever red drink it was. I don't see any redemption in this drama. The female lead also knows that her aunt is his step mom so the whole plot is already revealed from ep 1.
  4. Don't watch the trailer.. it'll spoil it for you. Predictable plot.. apparently produced by same person who did Because of meeting You. There is push and pull in their relationship in ep 6-7.
  5. @angelangie, I'm on episode 6. It's not too bad but the main and female leads fell in love way too fast.
  6. @angelangie, drama is out. not sure if it's my cup of tea yet. Episode one was messy.
  7. As much as I love HE, I think it can be realistic if they forgive and forget... though to be honest, if my family was massacred I cannot live in peace without justice.
  8. The deadly war is in ep 8... ;( I'm sad but at least this plot is moving.
  9. I am only on ep 5 and slowing catching up but the 2nd prince assassinated the 5th prince's older brother, right? So in turn, the 5th prince has misinterpreted everything and conducted his revenge on Dan Chi tribe and the main actress's family as a result? Such a tragic story in deed but nonetheless the chemistry is there. Feel free to spoil for me.
  10. I knew it from the beginning--MRF is a woman disguised as a man and in actuality is a real woman in real life, Conveniently, the producer decided to make it align with the plot.
  11. There were times when I gave up too soon but I kept persisting until ep 19.. To this day I am still stuck on ep 19 with no where to move.
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