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  1. Haru was also willing to risk his life to help change Danoh’s fate. Don’t forget that Dried Squid had warned him of dire consequences if he persisted in helping Danoh. He later told Dried Squid he still intended to help Danoh despite any repercussions he would suffer. That’s “real” love. It’s not just a feeling. It’s supported by his actions and the way he treasures Danoh. I really like the fact that no matter how the manhwa writer forces an unwanted fate on Haru, he keeps seeking out Danoh in successive stories to find her and protect her as explained in his character descriptions posted on this thread last week.
  2. @nubianlegalmind, I admire adults who don’t blame their parents for their situation. I know Seol Ah didn’t want to be like her parents but she could have worked hard and make something of herself like normal people do. She had a good job and could have probably gotten promoted if she worked diligently. I am squarely blaming her for her predicament because living a “better” life doesn’t mean she had to live a luxurious life. I have no sympathy for her marriage situation and I kind of hope she doesn’t get a dime out of the divorce. Many people are not rich but live a decent life. It’s amusing to me in a way because just this week I was listening to someone comment on his opinion of a good therapist vs a bad therapist. He said in his opinion a good therapist is one who makes you take responsibility for your life and your situation rather than blaming others especially your parents even if your parents were imperfect or terrible. The past is unchangeable but the future hold many possibilities when a person is determined to be responsible for herself. SA’s parents might be poor and terrible but she’s an adult now and could take responsibility for her life. If she doesn’t want romance and marriage, that’s her choice too. It’s not required even if it might be a stigma in their society. She seemed like a brave woman so she could have and should have taken a different path rather than act on her mercenary goal of using somebody’s wealth and status. So, if DJ’s situation is unsympathetic because she doesn’t love him and he knew it, SA’s situation is equally or even more unsympathetic because of her covetousness. I don’t know what made her think money comes without a price. DJ’s mother is indeed terrible but I think it’s good that she’s the price for SA going after DJ’s money. Also, SA was always adored by her parents. It’s Chung Ah who is often denigrated by her dad and pressured against her will by her mom. Yet, she’s trying her best to live her life in an honest and hardworking way.
  3. I’m on episode 5 of this drama and I find it so curious the way the younger male lead performs as a police officer. Case in point: when he found the dead guy in the public bathroom. I mean, I’m accustomed to watching cop shows where when they go into a place and find a dead body they cautiously search first, sometimes saying “clear” (of suspect) before attending to a dead person. Our male lead doesn’t do this and therefore gets knocked out and almost killed by the suspect who was still on the scene of the crime. That was the second time I saw him behave in a way that doesn’t make sense with cop training. However, I must admit those shows that I watched are US shows and maybe they do things differently in SK.
  4. On Viki I read some comments about this drama, which I hardly do nowadays but I couldn’t help feeling deja vu. I never watched the Fairy Mama and Woodcutter drama but I remember that when I contemplated watching it, the reviews gave me the impression that viewers liked it depending on the outcome of the ship. I got the same impression again with this drama based on the comments on Viki. It makes me chuckle but at least the shipping comments are honest. In any case, it’s always a pleasure to me to watch Ma Hoon’s actor.
  5. Usually he’s in weekend drama. I know him from about three of them. I disliked his character in two and loved his character in one. I love his character in this drama. It’s rare to see him in a weekday drama.
  6. @Jillia, I loved Lee Jae Wook’s character in Search: WWW and I shipped his romance with one of the main female characters. I think the actor who plays Namjoo is also handsome. I know most pictures on here show Haru, Baek Kyung and Do Hwa but I thought Namjoo is also lovely.
  7. @triplem, I saw the clips earlier on KBS drama YouTube channel and I knew today’s episode would definitely make my blood boil. First, let me deal with SA, I saw her going off on CA in the ladies room. What annoyed me about this situation is that CA’s friend is the victim. The people who caused the accident ended up in a coma and it’s still squarely their fault. Comparatively Baek Rim ended up with less injury but they’re making it seem like it’s his fault. What is wrong with these people? Secondly, CA’s terrible parents. Yes, I’m including mom now because how can she listen to the awful long rant of her husband against CA and only feebly object? It’s not like she doesn’t know that CA was bullied and almost committed suicide. What “sensible” and caring mother would continue to allow her husband to denigrate her child after knowing what her child has been through and especially after knowing that the child didn’t think she could rely on them but chose to resort to suicide. To me they act like something traumatic like that didn’t happen in the family. As to the dad, a man who willfully showcases his farts as something fun, who probably never worked a day in his life and tries to rob the piggy bank of his teenage daughter among other things is more than trash. I’m hoping that somehow Joon Hwi intervenes to rectify the situation about Baek Rim. He has met Baek Rim and I think now that CA’s stupid mom is again trying to force her not to do the right thing, Joon Hwi might be the only one to save the situation. Although, to be honest, I would prefer that CA do the right thing but there’s a law in these family drama where family trumps morality.
  8. @triplem, I just remembered Baek Rim’s reaction to seeing Joon Hwi. Too bad for him because Chung Ah really only sees him as a friend. I simply adore Chung Ah. I kind of hope she never goes back home to live because I love seeing her on her own where she can thrive and grow without interference from her parents and she can be herself. It’s nice to see she has good relationships with others. I do wonder how she and Joon Hwi will continue to interact now that the Captain Lightning misunderstanding is cleared up. However, I suppose DJ’s accident connects them through Baek Rim and DJ. I pity Tae Ryung too. Since it’s inevitable that he will end up with SA, I hope for his sake she undergoes a drastic change otherwise his life will be a living hell. Imagine trying to please a materialistic woman like that when his business hasn’t matured and stabilized as yet according to earlier conversations. If crazy MIL intends to involve him in their madness, I hope he can withstand it.
  9. @Jillia, I have never watched Boys Over Flowers because I couldn’t stand the original Japanese manga or anime. I didn’t like the male lead or his crew and I didn’t understand why it was so popular. I still don’t even today. I definitely get the Hana Yori Dango vibes though in terms of the onstage story in this drama.
  10. I don’t ship it at all. I don’t like when men get violent with women. I’m not surprised at all to Baek Kyung’s actions towards Haru or Dan Oh on or off stage. Somebody like him would definitely be jealous with the way Dan Oh now brushes him off for HaRu who even the other students were beginning to notice and praise.
  11. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s most cliche for the mean guy to end up with the girl. Like the way Namjoo treats Juda is straight up manga cliche and probably manhwa as well. I have a lot more experience with manga than manhwa but I assume their tropes and cliches are pretty much the same. Most definitely Dong Hwa wouldn’t get the girl in a manga. Amusingly, it’s pretty much the same with a lot of drama as well. The second leads are a lot of times nicer and gentler to the girl. Both Haru and Do Hwa’s attitudes toward their love interests fit more with second leads in drama shows for the most part. Therefore, this is another reason why I feel that the Haru and Dan Oh coupling is not typical in drama, manga or manhwa. It’s also even less likely that Do Hwa would get Juda.
  12. Chung Ah’s scene with Moon father at the police station just warmed my heart. Even made my tears flow when the police officers seem to gush over her because of the way she helped the man who was attempting suicide on the bridge the day before. I liked that when they wanted to give her a righteous award along with money, she refused it and asked Moon father for positive energy instead to pass the written police exam. It made me laugh so much seeing them supposedly giving and receiving positive energy. Witnessing all of this must have affected Joon Hwa because he went back into the police station to inquire about the detective who handled his brother’s suicide case. He also asked for the girl’s name but the police naturally refused his request. Regarding SA, DJ’s mom had a flashback of her conversation with DJ with shed some light on something that happened before they married. It seems that DJ’s mother thinks that SA is the one who orchestrated the marriage because apparently photos of them in a hotel room was leaked to the press and she lost her job and her career was ruined overnight. However the mother seems to think it was SA who leaked the photos to the press but DJ said it didn’t matter to him if she did. The mother told him he’s out of his mind and he said he admit he thinks he’s totally blindsided by SA. She protested to him that SA only likes his money and he told her it didn’t matter to him which came first. He’s obviously thinking that even if SA loves him money, she will love him next. He said all that mattered to him is that he’s her first love and her last love...that he’s the one and only man in her life. He said she wants to be Cinderella and he wants to make her one. His mother told him that if he married her his heart will be wrecked and devastated. The flashback reminded me of someone who commented that she thought that one of the main reasons why DJ’s mom didn’t like SA is because she knows SA doesn’t love her son while the son loved SA. ——————— Chung Ah is so adorable! I love the way she came to Baek Rim’s aid when the two cops seemed like they wanted to railroad him. She really asked the right questions and they seemed to back off for now because they realize that Baek Rim has a friend who knew her stuff about accident investigation. Chung Ah also realized that they were trying to blame Baek Rim for the accident. So are all the Moon kids adopted? Or was the little brother just joking when he said perhaps the sister found her parents abroad?
  13. The Moon girl is not married. Didn’t her father say last week that he wants to set her up with someone in the police force with a good looking face because she likes handsome men? I think he even mentioned the guy looks like Hyun Bin.
  14. @monalisa, I hope it’s upgraded. It looked pretty haunted in the original. lol I’m looking forward to seeing the new character played by Ahn Hyo Seop.
  15. @triplem, thanks for the stills of today’s episodes. I believe CA’s friend will be visited by the police about the accident. I hope he’s not railroaded into taking the blame for the accident. I don’t trust what DJ’s mom is capable of doing with her money and influence. It also looks like the rest of the Moon family found out about the daughter. Poor dad. If only he knew the truth behind the accident. Of course I’m also looking for more development with out OTP. Things need to start now,
  16. @briseis, many thanks for the character descriptions. What is up with the manhwa writer? Why is he/she killing Dan Oh again? Ha Ru must have loved Dan Oh very much to live through several manhwa stories to find her and protect her. I hope he’s successful this time around in thwarting the writer’s will for Dan Oh.
  17. @Jillia, that’s why I wished that Do Hwa didn’t have romantic feelings for Ju Da offstage. Ugh. I also think the manhwa main couple will stay the same because their fate is more set in stone than extras.
  18. @larrysouth, Kyung’s violent behavior makes me very uncomfortable. I hope they tone it down in future episodes. I am aware of his background and lousy dad and all but it would be nice if he tone it down and stop threatening and lashing out at everybody. I mean, in the ending scene, did he really have to fling the manhwa down on the ground before Dan Oh’s feet? @Jillia, our Do Hwa is still in the same boat unfortunately. I wish he would break out of his second lead role offstage but I suppose Ju Da’s qualities are still appealing to him in the shadow. Heh. I would like to see if Ha Ru changes to his personality from the other manga. Before he was like a blank slate because he’s just a no-name extra, has amnesia and was far removed from everyone but now we’re seeing more about him. We knew he drew well but now we saw he plays the flute well. I want to know more about who he truly is but now he’s disappeared.
  19. @thistle, I’m very glad to hear WJ is in jail though I don’t know why. I seriously disliked him and his mother. Small triumphs I guess. With the big Evil triumphing to the end the rewatch value has seriously plummeted for me. Many times I think Korean writers who choose these types of plot should seriously sit down and watch the Chinese drama Nirvana in Fire. Formidable and deadly villains who were brought to justice by 10 years of carefully laid plans by the brilliant yet tragic protagonist.
  20. @ktcjdrama and @mylovekge thanks for the information on the episode. Four years are insufficient for the 15 (?) years that Ms. Han took from the male lead’s mother. I can’t see myself being satisfied with her story resolution because it doesn’t seem like she suffered any “real” consequences for her actions. I’m often annoyed with writers who make us sit through 15.5 episodes/16 episodes of watching antagonists like Han wield absolute power by crushing everyone only to deliver a lame punishment in the end. However, I think I pretty much said before that I knew the punishment would be sorely lacking.
  21. I never saw Han’s team as different to her. I remember early on, I believe it was @nubianlegalmind who talked about them getting punished and I wholeheartedly agreed. Their attitude of enjoying the destruction of lives to cover the Mo family’s bad behavior said a lot. Their eyes were wide open and committing crimes right along with her. Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like they experienced any real consequences. I was in this drama to see them get their comeuppance and that seemed to have failed spectacularly. Only WS, and the other victims of TOP’s plots seem to be the losers here.
  22. I don’t get why GD is so misunderstood. All she knew was Soo who was kind to her. She’s a novice and when he proposed to her, she agreed after first objecting because of her need to find her brother. Then Soo told her he wanted to share her burdens because that’s what couples do and she was obviously touched by that. Nothing about her actions or reactions toward Soo showed any romantic feelings in my estimation. In fact I saw it basically as though she was following the path that most women in those times took by marrying a good man and finding a good home. No doubt Soo obviously loved her and they’re close but GD, imo, was not in love and probably didn’t know what romantic love felt like until now. Her falling for Hoon started with Soo’s abandonment on their wedding day. I know it’s not Soo’s fault but it nevertheless happened. After that occurrence, Hoon and GD experienced a lot together even in danger and Hoon, though blunt at times, not only provided a home for GD, he often encouraged her in an impactful way. In their development, I see why they would fall for each other.
  23. After watching that episode I’m left thinking, “ please save Dan Oh from this torture”. Now that she’s become the main character she’ll be forced even more to act the part of Kyung’s girlfriend because I doubt that she and Haru are the main leads. Mercy. That Kyung is a jerk even in the off stage or as Dan Oh calls it, in the shadow. When I saw DH go after Ju da, it suddenly occurred to me that it would have been hilarious to me if there was an additional female character who rebelled against her romantic plot and joined with Dan Oh, Haru and DH to turn the author’s world upside down because I sure get a kick out of the way they are wreaking havoc. Still, I can’t help feeling that there’s a very dangerous element to their actions that will come back to haunt them soon.
  24. @Jillia, thanks for pointing out that this is a fusion sageuk because I didn’t know what it was with the clearly modern elements yet historical setting. Now I feel that I don’t have to think of some things as impossible because I can’t imagine GD carelessly faking nobility when that was most likely a serious crime for a “slave” girl to do. And Hoon allowing it is even weirder had it been a pure sageuk. Nevertheless, in pure or fusion, I just can’t imagine GD with her status marrying a king.
  25. I’ve read so many Japanese shoujo manga that I was embarrassed to think I did every time I watched the main triangle of the comic in this drama. They’re so stereotypical and boring that I can’t believe I actually enjoyed shoujo manga with that same love triangle setup complete with the same attitude, behaviors, financial status, etc. Cliche to the nth degree. Well, I’d certainly be glad with the second lead, DH, in the comic book and now the drama winning the girl.
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