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  1. @Phi, no problem at all. In the YouTube comments on the daily show before this one, Brilliant Heritage, another viewer said that KBS World no longer release the subbed episodes of daily shows. I didn’t check to confirm if this is true since I watch KBS shows on Kocowa. I know Viki has subbed episodes too. Some viewers also watch the show on unofficial websites.
  2. I saw the raw episode for Tuesday and I wonder why this writer like to”publicly” expose PJ and SJ but never the trashy people like Cruella, Dumbo and the adulteress. Now it looks like in the preview for Wednesday’s episode they exposed SJ’s past with the alleged murder of PJ’s husband on the company intranet. When SJ arrived at work people are shrinking away from him in fear. Will the adulteress sordid past eventually get exposed on the company network? No, right. How about Cruella’s murder and Dumbo’s part in the coverup? Whatever!
  3. I liked the first episode. I already see there are certain conflicts that are hinted at. The male lead Kang Dae Ro who won the award and CEO’s Na Joon Soo’s father will probably have conflict because Dae Ro claims Na Seung Jin ruined his father’s ice cream business in the past. Then it seems that the mother of both female leads, Hae Shim, knows the new boss that her husband works for. So I guess secrets are lurking to be revealed. I looked at the supporting cast and there are quite a few popular and veteran actors that will appear in this drama including Seo Ji Hoon, Moon Hee Kyung,
  4. @rozelan, thanks for posting those gifs of our Dimples couple smiling. It feels like so long ago since they had a smile on their faces. @nana4ever, I also thought that JY could have waited for Song Ah to arrive at the cafe but I wonder if he would have been of much consolation to her since what his professor did was probably such a surprise and disappointment to him. Yet, I still feel he should have waited. Only unless the professor was still at the school and he wanted to confront him ASAP. Why was Jung Kyung leaving JY’s apartment so late at time? This girl is a trouble
  5. @Jillia, thanks for that gif of JY confronting his mother. I would really like to know what’s her mindset. I understand that some parents in some cultures expect their kids to look after them but this is an extreme case of filial duty. JY doesn’t own anything from what he says. He doesn’t even have much money in the bank. How can a mother allow her child to live like this? Does she think he makes so much money that he could afford to endlessly support her husband’s financial woes? I honestly don’t get it. Most people want the best for their kids. Here it’s like JY is the parent supporting two
  6. Unfortunately I think these two miserable, awful professors will continue as they are. Like you, I would honestly love to see them fall. They must have been behaving this way for years now because their antagonistic relationship is notorious in the music circles on campus. Notice how HH realized right away why he was kicked out of the chamber orchestra group. Personally I think JK could become a good teacher. She seems to pay attention to the student and offer good instruction. Even JY’s piano instructor has a self-interest motive when taking JY as his student. They all suck.
  7. @Jillia, thanks for that dialogue. Once again we see that our Dimples couple eventually speak openly and honestly about their relationship and their feelings. I like that SA told him he saw her with JK. She got right to the heart of the matter. Thanks to everyone else for the gifs and spoilers.
  8. @joccu, yep, it was sad. I used to watch Ghost Whisperer back-to-back episodes on Saturdays and this kind of reminds me of that. I used to bawl my eyes out with that show. I saw the RAW last episode for this show and at the end, did they show that some kids has another Missing place besides the one where Wook and Mr. Jang stays? It looked that way. Anyway, I’m waiting for subs but I’ve got to say that I admire OCN shows. They keep it real. We have a lot of sadness in the final episode but the show writers didn’t break the rules they set. Only dead people appear in the village throu
  9. @Ameera Ali, as always, your gifs and their little anecdotes cracks me up. 1. Will SA follow the noble idiocy route? No. SA has proven that she’s someone who endures even when there’s little support and constant discouragement from others. Right now she’s facing pressure from both her music career and her romance so I understand it’s difficult for her. However, so far we have seen that what ever bothers her is eventually discussed by our Dimples couple. I’m hoping that the same will happen here. I don’t expect SA to give up so easily on this love because of the opinion of othe
  10. If CYN is alive then basically the detective must be the most fortunate person in the story. He gets rich and also get his girl. I’m sorry about all the others that needlessly died including Wook’s best friend. I hope at least they find Wook’s mom and the detective and Mr. Jang finds his daughter.
  11. @blademan, totally agree. I’m really enjoying LDW’s character in this drama so far. I don’t think I have seen him play a character like this in his drama shows that I watched. I like his acting here and I tend to think he’s probably having fun while acting the character.
  12. The new daily show that replaces the time slot for this one is No Matter What Anyone Says or No Matter What.
  13. @Manora, many of the points you raised are exactly how I felt particularly about the latter part of the show with the Nutcase and Conman plot lines. The writer effectively sacrificed GGO in favor of the conman plot. I still can’t believe that GGO didn’t give a pause for a moment when SA and MJ first raised their suspicions. SA in particular did it carefully and delicately knowing that the conman is the ex-husband of her brainless sister. Then the second time around when he raised his suspicions with her, all of a sudden she’s willing to consider his doubts. What suddenly changed for her to con
  14. Another solid season that I binge-watched in two days. I would have really like to have known what exactly is the truth behind the Segok suicide case though. In all of these corrupt prosecutors and police officers, it’s good to see that not all of the people who make up the “so-called”justice system has lost their integrity. Shi-Mok and Yeo Jin continue to stand up for the integrity of their profession. I don’t necessarily think it’s “human” to do corrupt things though I know that there are powerful people or bold people who do these things. I honestly think most people are deterred f
  15. The male lead seem to be getting lead roles but I hope his acting has improved since The Love of Two Minds where even his body actions were unnaturally stiff. I can’t believe he’s the same actor who was in 3L3W as BQ’s brother. In any case, I do like his looks so only his acting needs to get better. Despite all that, I’m giving this drama a try and I liked the first two episodes mainly because of the FL character and the actress.
  16. Yes, it’s pretty clear that EJ will be the one to create trouble for Cruella and SH because SJ and EJ are the most goody-two shoes characters I have seen in a long time. Notice that everything about them is passive. Things happen around them for their good and they are never instigated by them but by the persuasion and efforts of others. I expect others to bring down Cruella and SH because I’m completely convinced if SJ and PJ find out about the things that were done to them in secret, they will at the most confront Cruella and SH and that’s it. Nevertheless, as @Ldy Gmerm pointed out in an ab
  17. This is exactly why her past needs to be made public. She will never be humbled unless she’s involved in a scandal. Even now her mind just keeps thinking it’s PJ’s fault and in the preview she will try to persuade her dumbo husband that PJ is using this to get SJ reinstated especially since the shareholder meeting is close. She even attacks PJ’s sister. This woman needs to be put down. I suppose her last desperate card will be the safe since she’s shown thinking this in the preview. On a side note, I notice SBS has been inviting some of the actors from this show to appear in their oth
  18. @Samuel Yohanes, thanks. I found it on Netflix. FYI, the page keeps crashing when I tried to post on this drama thread. Maybe some of the images should be spoiler tag.
  19. I can’t find this show on Viki or Netflix. Where are you guys watching it?
  20. ITA. I just finished watching both episodes and I kept wondering if people really live their lives that way surrounded by toxic people. I am honestly curious because I have never experienced anything like what JY and SA both endure from the people around them whether in school, work, family or social groups. Is this a reflection or exaggeration of SK’s society? Let’s look at JY’s parents. Why are they doing this to him? I completely don’t get how parents can financially burden their kid perpetually like this without a care. It’s like they’re stifling their kid to death. The mother, wh
  21. Well, if she’s alive, then the serial killer might have information on her.
  22. @Lmangla, EJ will indeed blackmail Cruella and her son but I also want her to get her comeuppance too. They can surely destroy each other but I hope EJ is holding nothing in the end.
  23. I just finished binge-watching this show over the past 24 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it even when Hyun Soo and Ji Won were struggling through the deception in their relationship. The emotional confrontations and conflicts were very nicely done and deeply moving. I have watched Moon Chae Won in other ships that I really liked but I find her wonderfully matched as a wife with Lee Joongi’s Hyun Soo. For me they were sincerely believable as a young married couple. Very well done indeed. As far as the final episode. I actually think it was a quite appropriate end to a solemn and emotional
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