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  1. @viyra, you and I must be so starved for a little bit of physical love from these two. I admit I watched that clip several times while feeling so bad for GY. I don’t know if JH thinks he truly have everything under control but I know for GY, she saw her brother dead in an alley and now the thought of losing the man she loves and the father of her child must be so scary. She must feel so helpless because there’s nothing that she can do about it. It’s a threat she knows nothing about especially since it happened in a foreign land. So sad after she’s waited for him so long. Yes, it could only be love that make the two couples endure all the craziness that they’ve been through to the end. It’s so funny that I commented before that the two women without a doubt loves unconditionally and then the other day HG brought up the topic where he said that it’s not like he can cut out his heart and show JB just how much he loves her. He was complaining to JH that JB said her love is greater than his. I just laughed because I do feel like the two women are more expressive with their love than the two men.
  2. I completely agree. GY has shown remarkable patience with JH. Her love endures all things for his sake. I would have already tell off JH for his crazy contract wife calling me and harassing me and threatening my kid. Oh, but not GY. She has never told him any of it. There’s so much that can be said about her love and it’s all good. She even admitted that she failed him when she chose her family over him and she regrets it. She’s painfully concerned with his safety and doesn’t use anything at all to threaten him. Even when she told him to delete YS’ picture, it was clear that she was affected by his voice message when he called to say he did it. However, I must say I loved her declaration that her child doesn’t need a father who gave up on him. I support that decision 100 percent. She has every right to protect her child.
  3. Then I’ll say what GY said. That isn’t love. If her love couldn’t overcome his non wealthy status, I wouldn’t call that love. They both are educated people and has the potential to make a good living but she was hung up on him not being rich. It’s like the contract wife too. She’s so caught up in her own feelings of so-called love that she would rather see JH miserable than let him go. JB and HG love each other and JB is trying to push HG away because she can’t have kids and she probably knows he want kids. Contract wife can’t have kids but she sure ain’t letting go of JH. Nevermind the fact that she knows he doesn’t harbor romantic feelings or inclination towards her.
  4. Omo. I hope GY doesn’t tell him though. Maybe she can drop hints though. @sava2sava, I do hope GY would be the one to give the final blow to Sena but I think the whole conflict in this drama encompasses Sena vs JH. It’s really hard to believe now that they were actually a couple for five years. Not a trace of “like” between them. And to think JH was so hung up on her. Gah, it’s really unbelievable but I suppose Sena was wearing a mask those five years.
  5. Yes, I saw the clip of HG announcing the crimes of his family over the building’s airwaves. JH was barring the door and did I see Jae Dong helping as well? Mobster Chairman seemed like he wanted to slap HG but held back because of the crowd. Yes, I think Sena will go after JH too. She’s been talking about it a few episodes now so I think it will happen especially since her planned escape to Europe might get thwarted. I think her cohorts will also help her if necessary to find JH’s weakness because Mafia Chairman probably has more connections into looking for JH’s weakness. I saw the text preview it said the board of directors agree to sell YB City. The translation almost make it seem like Sena wants to buy it but then it also said Sena wants to leave Korea with Koji. GY’s name is in the text preview too but I can’t make sense of the translation.
  6. From the clips on DramaKBS YouTube channel I knew Unstable Mabel denied telling SN anything when GY brought it up during Unstable Mabel’s freaking out on that call. I feel the most sorry for GY during that scene because although Unstable Mabel was shivering and carrying on, I could tell that this revelation really shook GY. Ever since Sena told her about Unstable Mabel having the ability to kill JH, I believe GY mostly suspected it was true even when she had asked JH about it earlier this week and he lied. I also saw the clip of GY once again asking JH for the truth and my heart just breaks for her. Now she has something else to be fearful about because now there’s concrete proof that someone is looking for JH because of something he did in the US. For GY to actually hug JH after all this time of holding back just shows her state of mind. Although JH wiped away her tears, her tears were still flowing when she exited the office and Sena was standing outside.
  7. I think we all assume it’s money because when she threatened him that she will call the US, the next day she told him she didn’t mean it because he did “it” to pay for her medical bills.
  8. @sava2sava, I heard her tell her mom she was married a few months ago. I guess she’s lying to her mom to prevent any quarrels on that topic. In any case, it would be good for JH to deal with this Bobby because then he really wouldn’t have anything to be afraid of any more in that regard.
  9. @joan0528, I hope he tells GY the truth but I’m not so sure he will. I think it would be quite embarrassing to admit to her that he did something dirty especially since from the time he first returned GY was very concerned about him crossing the line and doing bad things in the name of revenge. I would like him to tell her the truth but I admit in his place I would find it very difficult to do because I think a person always want the person they love to think well of them and not get disappointed. Of course it’s not like GY will stop loving him and he knows that but he probably knows it will hurt her to hear about whatever he did. I hope that he tells her though so that we can also find out just how far he went to achieve his goal. As to his admirable yet insufferable patience with the contract wife, in some ways I can imagine his thoughts. I guess he wants to take responsibility for his decision and I suppose legally speaking he is the contract wife’s guardian and he would be a scoundrel to abandon her while she’s sick especially since he repeatedly encouraged her to live even when it was difficult and physically painful for her. I guess my issue really lies in the fact that he’s really passive about the way the contract wife clings to him so she has no desire to let go. She can’t come to her senses unless she get doses of reality and how can she get doses of reality if all JH does is go along with her clinginess and neediness? If the status quo doesn’t change nothing will change. As to JB and HG, I really understand why JB doesn’t want to tell HG. It was not until she talked with GY that I felt that I would feel the same way in her shoes. It’s a real blow especially since she wanted kids. It’s not something to feel ashamed about and yet it’s something that I feel a woman would find it difficult to talk about especially with someone she’s not married to yet. It’s devastating news for people who are married so in JB’s mind it is better to let HG go than the two of them feeling hopeless together. I feel really bad for her because this is the most difficult issue they have to face and it will decide for good whether to end it here permanently or face the future together. @Pam_Van Fossen, I watched Jugglers earlier this year so I don’t mind the actress who plays Emily. She was a good level-headed friend in that show. I can’t stand her character here though.
  10. The way JH talk to the US person seem to give the vibe of someone he double crossed. Maybe the person trusted him with money and he took it. In any case, one thing I’ve always noticed with JH’s character from the beginning is that he keeps a lot of his thoughts private. Like, what is he thinking with his contract wife? She tells him that she knows that he and GY are still in love but she cannot let him go. His response to her is to reassure her he’s not there by force. So then he’s okay with her clinging to him for the next 20 years? This guy. I’m really baffled by him. How much more of YS’ life is he willing to miss out on? Like GY observed today, YS has grown some more because his pajamas are shorter in the arms and legs. Ah, HG is getting down to business with Sena and his family. I hope he’s successful in truly kicking Sena out. She always make a come back and hopefully that streak ends here. I finally got my answer from JB. She wanted kids. I feel so bad for her.
  11. Because America have people of many languages living here. They could be Korean folks who became US citizens or learned the language while growing up in the US. So we can conclude that JH past will takeover the plot soon. I guess now there would be more of an explanation for the marriage contract. Maybe it would help to make GY more understanding of why JH married another woman and reinforce it in contract wife’s head that her marriage is indeed a contract. Her so called love is too selfish to let go of JH so maybe this is the only way although it can’t be good for JH that he has to face his dark past. However, it’s better to face the consequences now and try to survive them before involving GY and YS.
  12. Contract wife has pretty much been useless lately so I guess SN using her would give her something to do now. I saw in the text preview that GY will find out about a person tomorrow through the contract wife’s information. So I don’t know if it’s the news that JH found CDB or if it’s the news that people from the US are after JH. Also, the text preview mentioned SN and the recordings. I guess things are really gearing up for her.
  13. @sava2sava, thanks for the information. As bad as it might be for JH, hopefully it will lead to getting rid of the contract wife. Yeah, I know I’m too single-minded on the need to get rid of the contract wife but I truly cannot stand her. I really want to relish watching SN get take down. Her arrogance really annoys me. It’s about time she get what is coming to her.
  14. I watched the subbed episode and from the English subs I don’t get that anything is holding the contract wife back from letting go of JH. She clearly just wants to cling to him because she still believes that she can’t live without him. She told GY that she (GY) is living without JH just fine. So, I guess the contract wife is going to continue to cling to JH whom she knows and admits does not love her. She said that she’s the wife on paper and GY is the woman with his child and I guess they will have to fight against each other. I say JH need to take care of this problem of his clingy contract wife but he’s busy elsewhere. GY finally asks JH if the contract wife has something on him and if that’s why he won’t divorce her. She told him that Sena told her and he denied that the contract wife has something on him. He would even make me believe it if I hadn’t heard the contract wife threaten him twice about it. I was surprised when GY’s father told her mother that JH should be around I guess to protect the house because he felt safe when JH showed up after what happened. He said something like it would be nice that when he come to the restaurant he would say he’s home instead and go into the room next door to sleep with his child. I guess he’s seeing the value of having him around. GY really let Jung have it in a roundabout way. When she was done with him he finally decided he doesn’t want her as a niece-in-law. I just love how GY brought up YB City and that it was built on the grave of her father-in-law whom she respected. It really got under mafia Chairman ‘s skin that she asked for that much as a price for marriage. He decided to disown her. She also told him that YB City is a ticking bomb ready to explode so the three criminals are trying to put their heads together on guard against her, JH and probably HG. HG really grew a backbone. I’m proud of him. I hope he continues to change into a stronger person.
  15. Thanks for the summary and everything that you said is exactly what I got from seeing the clips even though I didn’t understand much of what was said. However, I still got the gist of the scenes and I knew GY rankled Jung’s dominance. I saw from the expression on her face that she was pushing back in a smart way. He seemed upset when she got up to leave. I also knew the contract wife responded to GY by pretty much repeating what she normally says. I could tell from their expressions. However, I am curious about her literal words because there is still a certain mystery behind their contract marriage that we don’t know. What exactly is he running from and so on...I am curious about that.
  16. Yes, here’s what I got from the text preview: The text preview for episode 96 says JH finds the hideout where Jung is keeping CDB. Sena signs a contract agreement with Koji to do business. HG begins an internal audit of YB group or YB City. I’m not sure if it’s the entire group or just a segment of their business.
  17. The text preview for episode 96 says JH finds the hideout where Jung is keeping CDB. Sena signs a contract agreement with Koji to do business. HG begins an internal audit of YB group or YB City. I’m not sure if it’s the entire group or just a segment of their business. As to the clips from today’s episode, it looks like GY held her own against mafia Chairman. I see some expression on his face that makes it seem like she rankled him. Also, could it be that HG has grown a backbone? He came home to find the three criminals in the sitting room waiting for him and someone must have said something unkind about JB and he stood up for her??? and then went upstairs against their wishes. As to Sena, the way she talks to GY continues to irks me. I’m longing for the day when she’s groveling before GY. And yes GY and JH told her parents about Baek. Poor parents were visibly shaken by the news. To think their son’s killer just walked in the place and they served him and showed him hospitality. @viyra, the police needs proof that Baek killed DY and apparently none was provided because there’s no evidence and the witness was missing. All the other evidence like the video of him meeting with Sena would be considered circumstancial evidence even in US courts. They need CDB who probably would sing like a canary on the witness stand now since Baek definitely tried to kill him too. He would have probably been a hostile witness for the case against Baek but not anymore since he will most likely not have any good feelings towards Baek.
  18. I heard the same this morning too that GY went to Emily and told her she doesn’t like JH anymore but it just didn’t make sense that she would go see Emily about that. I’m wondering if Baek showing up at the restaurant shook GY so much that she felt especially reassured when JH showed up a while later. I’m sure she and JH might have spoken about the unwelcomed visit by her brother’s killer who basically told her he can do worse to her and her family. Of course GY was also reminiscing about her past memories with JH during the time when they fell for each other and I guess she’s tired of waiting now and decided to be more honest about her feelings with the contract wife. I’m really hoping this wedding order by mafia Chairman will be ignored because frankly there aren’t many episodes left to deal with this complication along with sending Sena, Fake daddy and Mafia Chairman to jail, getting back YB City, catching CDB and making sure he stays locked up, jailing Baek, dealing with JB health issues and relationship issues, dealing with contract wife and possibly her leverage over JH, etc.
  19. I just watched the subbed preview (not the episode) and GY tells the contract wife that the heart doesn’t go the way one tells it to. She told the contract wife that she (GY) needs JH desperately too. As to mafia Chairman, I really want to see him behind bars just as much as I want to see Sena behind bars. However, the funny thing is even if the show ends with them behind bars we can’t even be sure they’ll stay locked up. This writer has really made a joke of crime and punishment.
  20. @myneighbortotoro, there are quite a few Chinese celebrities who married women older than them by a few years like Mark Chao (Ten Miles Peach Blossoms) whose wife Gao Yuanyuan is something like 5 years older than him , Wallace Huo (Love Me If You Dare) whose wife Ruby Lin is something like 3 - 4 years older than him, Chen Xiao (Female Prime Minister) whose wife Michelle Chen is about 3-4 years older than him. There are probably more but those are the three I remember right now. Their wives are actresses too and all look good to me. I find this OTP look great together despite the age difference and I love their interactions.
  21. I love this so much. I can’t stand him when he attacks JH. I hate him guts in those moments. JH doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment from him. However, I don’t hate the dad. Just at those moments. By the way, I like JH’s mom more now that I see her in Encounter as the heroine’s mom and she’s a total richard simmons. She is a terrible horrible monstrous mom to Song Hye Kyo’s character. It’s almost as if she’s not her biological mother who carried her for nine months. In comparison, as a mother in this she truly loves JB and JH in this show.
  22. Maybe she will tomorrow though. After all, JH will show up there and perhaps they talk about it with the family.
  23. I swear when I read what @joan0528 and @fansdrama posted about today’s episode I burst out laughing. I’m not even upset anymore and I’m really beginning not to care anymore. It’s beyond ridiculous. I really liked the two couples in this drama and that’s why I held on so long but I think I should start focusing again on my other current drama show couples. @sava2sava, thanks for that information. I did wonder why Baek showed up at Jae Dong’s. So they threaten GY with YS? Is GY not going to tell JH? Even if GY has plans to cave in to their demands, I still think she should tell JH about YS because he should be very much aware that his child can be used against him.
  24. @sava2sava, so JH found CDB? Good for him. As to GY marrying HG, I wish they would hurry up and do it. The “will they won’t they” is getting tiring. They could pretty much marry them off this week to end that storyline and just focus on taking down SN. She makes my blood boil every time she gets away with her bad deeds. Evil uncle need to be gone too but I’m okay with the noose slowly tightening around his neck.
  25. I guess we should be used to this but I notice every week for the last three weeks GY is supposed to get married to HG. I guess they should just go ahead and get married already and spare us the suspense. Meanwhile, SN getting her way should be expected right down to the minute before the credits roll in the last episode. This writer is truly adept at rinse and repeat writing.
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