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  1. Min Joo feels very confident so she says what she likes to the father and everybody. Notice she’s never been shy about saying she wants a restaurant branch. She knows that the father knows she’s a gold digger. Both already confirmed this matter when they spoke of the divorce. Mr. Boo knows he can pay her off to stay next to his son. There’s no secret there. I think that’s why she feels she can say what she likes. Mr. Boo also seem to want her to stay with his son and she knows this. GYO must be the only person I know who doesn’t have a limit. That’s why she will be continually yanked around by every and anybody, unfortunately. I also didn’t like what SA said about GO taking priority but I suppose that makes him true parent in his view.
  2. I LOATHE MIN JOO! Does anyone else find her as insufferable as I do? I mean, I’m glad she outed SA/GYO because I feel GYO needs to stop wasting her time moping over SA, but Min Joo acting all righteous while stirring up trouble is getting on my last nerve. Please conman, con her out of everything. Anyway, I’m with GYO’s best friend. She needs to stop hurting herself. Like the friend said, that guy isn’t even telling her anything. He just takes for granted that he has an extra pair of socks in his drawer to fetch when he’s in the mood. Please writer, stop making GYO a doormat for everybody.
  3. Indeed. It has to be production error. The child is obviously different. I wonder if they changed the plot for SA, GAO and her mother. The baby last week was wrapped in blankets. It seems to be to fit the narrative that the baby was given to SA shortly after birth. In that way the mother story about being lied to about the death of her baby works. If it was the child from episode 28, that meant she was abandoned by the mother and grandmother at almost a year old.
  4. @tas82, I also think that the stepsister will unwittingly help the Conman. Honestly, all these characters are gullible. I admit the father seems to be the most wary out of all of them but there’s a lot he doesn’t know because he stays at home. He’ll never get wind of the conman and his first daughter-in-law unless he sees them together. Let’s just hope even if the stepsister causes trouble that it at least doesn’t directly affect GYO’s business relationship with the father. As to the lady consultant, at this point I really don’t care if she sells SA a fake story or not. I was so peeved at the way he had this cold attitude towards GYO that I’m currently of the mood to say “to hell with him”. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the right to be upset. I’m saying that he could have at least been polite with GYO. She asked him to go with her to finalize the sale of the land just like his father suggested and he basically told her he’s busy but he does it in a clearly inconsiderate and cold way. Honestly, it would be nice if GYO think more about herself.
  5. I’m fine if they want to take that route just as long as they don’t make GYO a doormat for him. I actually think GYO is an exceptional catch for any man. I also like that the actress looks elegant especially with the way her character dresses now. In any case, with all the talk of GYO and boyfriend, I wouldn’t be surprised if her stepmother wants to set her up on blind date soon. There’s just a lot of talk about her dating lately. Worse that MJ will out them tomorrow. That might turn into something big and if the stepmom gets wind of it I foresee she will try to set up GYO. She now has connections to Ae Ri’s mother who will probably tell her what the family is saying with regard to SA and GYO and then the stepmom will probably ask Ae Ri’s mom if she knows someone she can introduce GYO to. This is just my speculation.
  6. Well, according to Kocowa’s episode summary for today, the lady who is Ga On’s mother told SA that her mother lied to her that the baby was stillborn. I haven’t watched the episode yet but that certainly changes things. No wonder I saw a clip for today’s episode where SA allowed her to cry on his chest. I heard the character will be around until episode 100 so maybe SA will waver and allow her back into both him and Ga On’s lives. There’s nothing more effective that a sob story or misunderstanding to soften up people.
  7. I don’t like his attitude either. To me he’s clearly taking Gye Ok for granted. She agreed to his request to wait for him so maybe he feels secure in that. He probably needs some shaking up. No worries about that since Min Joo will basically out them to the family tomorrow. That might make GYO seriously back off. Min Joo is certainly flying high.
  8. Apparently Min Joo embarrassed Gye Ok again in the preview. I really hope she gets a satisfying downfall.
  9. @tas82, the most I hope for Min Joo is that she will no longer be a part of the Boo family by the end. In order for that to happen there should at least be some damage to the family to make the father irate. Considering that nobody seems suspicious of the conman and nobody recognizes him at the moment from the fliers, he can do some real damage if the stupid first son and conman’s lover gives him the information he needs to scam them with the soup recipe. Notice the stupid first son writes notes and conman’s lover can easily access them. She can innocently ask the first son about his progress. The problem is she’s hoping for a branch while conman is hoping to get the recipe to sell to the highest bidder. I figure the reason why Min Joo doesn’t and shouldn’t belong in that family is because she was always a gold digger and both the father and the first son knew it and allowed it. She also seem to really dislike her husband. She acts as if she suffered so much in the family because of her husband when I have to wonder if she even ever tried to be a wife that her husband can feel at ease with. Lastly, she plotted with her lover to steal the father’s hard work. Whether she succeeds or not in getting the recipe, she clearly no longer wants to be a part of that family and instead wants her pay day. @Manora, I wouldn’t worry about GYO’s answer to Ga On. By the time Ga On finds out she’s not even SA’s child and realizes how much SA sacrificed for her, I doubt she will want SA to continue that sacrifice for her. The fact is, SA endured a lot of shame for her considering how Korean society shuns people’s mistakes. This was even recently brought up during GYO’s stepmom’s conversations with Ae Ri’s mom. I can’t imagine how much gossip SA had to silently endure. @RobinM, you’re absolutely right that these drama shows like to force repentance and reconciliation for bad actors. I suppose the good thing here is that MJ is not an outright villain in the sense that she hasn’t hurt anybody yet. I think I would be thoroughly satisfied with her public shaming. She always thinks she’s better than everyone including her husband so I would be more than satisfied if everybody in the family found out she was scheming against them with the conman. I would also love if the conman actually con her and her husband out of serious money.
  10. @Manora, what Gye Ok told Ga On was technically true though, isn’t it? Didn’t she answer the question without admitting or denying that she have feelings for SA? I think she said something like they’re just friends (which, given their current status, it’s true) and SA was helping her with the grandfather’s plan. However, even if she outright said no, she didn’t have feelings for SA, I suppose after time passes feelings can change. That can be the case for these two from Ga On’s eventual perspective. I think the trouble will be with GYO’s stepmom. Although the stepmom didn’t raise an objection to SA and the purported fact that he got a girl pregnant in his teens, she did say that she didn’t want GYO to be humiliated by the Boo family. I think she’s believes that the Boo family would treat GYO terribly by assuming she’s after their money. Also, the fact that GYO was in the fake marriage with the father seem to bother the stepmom since it would be weird that SA get with her after that situation. Looking back, it was really the best move to have GYO fake marriage found out by the stepmom. In that way the sooner the fake marriage is forgotten, the better it will be for GYO and SA. I was also pleased to hear the stepmom say she regret going to the restaurant and carrying on like she did. It shows some repentance. I always said she should have gone to the house instead and not the people’s place of business. I heartily wish that Mr. Boo and SA continue to adamantly oppose Han Ra shacking up. Give him a nice dose of trouble just like he did with GYO and SA. May it continue for a good while and let Bo Mi have a chance to genuinely enjoy the house by herself.
  11. From today’s episode, poor SA must have felt so wronged but didn’t say anything after that terrible lady’s mother showed up with the child that isn’t even his and told him to take responsibility. It’s obvious that the girl lied to her mother that SA was the father. I hope Ga On doesn’t get to have any relationship at all with her mother after she finds out the truth. Now I can understand why SA gets so emotional about the lady. He was falsely accused and decided to close his mouth since nobody wanted the baby including the baby’s maternal grandmother. He must feel so wronged especially since his family still gossips about it occasionally and he was forced to keep everything secret without anyone to confide in. Also, I find it peculiar how the writer doesn’t outright say that SA is not the biological father but rather leave it up to viewers to figure it out. Like SA and the girl never talked about her dating someone else. Therefore, it’s kind of vague. Her behavior when she showed up pregnant in front of SA seem to imply it’s not his kid and they were not really in that kind of relationship. Outside the clinic they seem to be friends and not teenagers in a romantic relationship.
  12. @Mocharel, even if they try to redeem Min Joo, I want her thoroughly shamed first and all the family members get to know what she tried to do or succeeded in doing. In that way nobody would take her haughty behavior seriously after her infamous and shameful actions. She won’t be able to look down on GYO and Ae Ri and think she’s better than them. Honestly, if her terrible deeds are exposed, I can’t see how she would continue to be a part of that family. Only unless she somehow finds out about conman and try to cover up her original plan. However, since all the other characters in that family experienced a public failure, I would hope that the writer also exposes Min Joo publicly. About Ga On’s mother, yes her lame attempts at winning SA are futile. However, I’m really looking at her as an annoyance on SA’s job and an annoyance in SA’s private life with regard to Ga On.
  13. Indeed. In addition, when she showed up in front his house with a big stomach, he asked her where she had been all this time because he tried to get in touch with her. If the baby was his kid I imagine she would have told him early in the pregnancy that she was pregnant. It looked like she came to him as a last resort. As to Ga On, I suppose she’s all ready to give GYO a piece of her mind if GYO admits to have feelings for SA. I expect that no matter how she acts, GYO will forgive her. She’s fortunate that GYO has a big heart. However, I don’t know why she didn’t just confront GYO at the Boo’s house. If the nephew hears her giving GYO attitude he will probably get upset again. I hope this doesn’t turn into a mess. Regarding the biological mom, she’s shameless. She actually told SA she missed him. What a joke! How old is Ga On? Isn’t she about 16/17 years old? If the bio mother cared so much about both of them, why didn’t she come back and face her responsibility years ago? Did SA tell her not to come back? In any case, that lady needs to buzz off.
  14. @Mocharel, fortunately this daily drama is much more tame than the villainous schemes portrayed in the usual daily drama shows. I put Mom Is Having An Affair on hold simply because there are at least four characters in that show who do evil things and I just couldn’t take 120 episodes of that. While I suppose having evil characters make a show interesting, I’m tired of that because I spent my younger years watching almost every soap opera that was on US television. Comparatively, this show really only have Min Joo and the Conman plotting evil deeds. The other characters do annoying and selfish things, but at least they’re not trying to frame people for murder or committing murder. @tas82, MinJoo is the ultimate hypocrite. I’m practically chomping at the bit to see her demise. I really hope that she doesn’t end up still in the family. I find it unforgivable that she wants to ruin their business by stealing the soup recipe. And it’s not even like she’s plotting alone, she’s doing it with her lover. That’s why when she’s acting all pious in front of Ga On, Seol Ak, and Ae Ri, I start to hate her guts. I don’t know who can save the Boo family because absolutely none of them suspect her and the same with GYO. Mr. Boo still suspects her but not fully for the right reason. He knows that she will probably try to get the restaurant but he doesn’t realize she’s ready to run off with her lover too and steal his soup recipe. The conman and her already know the trademark is not finalized and I understand trademark is not necessarily successful in lawsuits for food. In the preview Mr. Boo sees a picture of the conman but I wonder if he’ll recognize him. I doubt it. I wonder if it’s GYO’s stepsister who put up those flyers. She’s probably after money too. Now she has the right target. It really looks like Ga On is not SA’s biological daughter. He has an amazing heart to take in the girl’s baby and endure all the shame. I wonder if this means he has never dated anyone just like GYO.
  15. @dulceres, I kind of want Ga On to be SA’s daughter. I’m just used to it being that way. Also, Ga On would have a harder time if he’s not because she already was experiencing issues at school not having a mother and now she would be told that the father she knew who sacrificed his youth for her is not actually her birth father. That’s going to throw her into even more confusion added to the revelation and confrontation with her biological mother. Regarding the Conman, the only person I want him to succeed in conning is Min Joo. For a thief, she sure can hold her head high against Gye Ok and against Ae Ri. As a cheater, she sure shouldn’t be acting as though she’s more moral than her husband. As a gold digger, she plots in secret against Gye Ok getting in the way of her plans to steal the soup recipe and run off with her lover. As a potential murderer, she even asks her lover to cause Gye Ok to get in an accident because Gye Ok found out that she had been stealing money from the restaurant up til now. Mr. Boo was right to give her back salary to set things right. In other words, Min Joo needs to be exposed to the entire family and I hope in the end it’s not just her husband, GYO and Mr. Boo who finds out what she’s been plotting. She needs to be publicly exposed. Gye Ok silenced Mr. Boo’s suspicions against Min Joo in today’s episode. I hope she won’t regret it later.
  16. @tas82 I think she is trying to get back with Seol Ak. Since she’s back, I guess we will find out their story. I’d really like to know the truth about Ga On’s dad. I assume because Ga On brought up to Gye Ok that Gye Ok is not blood related to her family, it’s kind of foreshadowing that Ga On is also not blood related to her family.
  17. @Lmangla, those are very good points. Nicely explained as well. I guess ultimately it depends on a person’s moral compass. I could never do anything that allows a man’s death even if it meant sacrificing my career. It’s probably because I strongly believe in my sin (Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin) against the person visiting me again in a worse way. I wouldn’t call it “karma” since that’s from another belief system but basically it works like that. When I see the people who set LDC up, it’s amazing that they have no conscience in the matter. They just coldly treat him as if he’s not a human being. In the case of the reporter and whether the recording would have been helpful, despite what OJH said, it should still bother her. I think it would be easier to accept if she had at least shared the recording with OJH, KDC and the lawyer. If in their expert opinion it couldn’t be used in the trial, then she wouldn’t have a crisis of conscience now. Also, she could have shared her misgivings with them and asked their opinion if the recording would further imperil LDC. The fact is, she didn’t even share this information at all so no matter what OJH said to make her feel better, the truth is she was protecting herself. I only dislike her choice though. I still like her. This show is good at raising moral questions. Its kind of funny that for me it seems Ike the dead cop, the husband of the lady who sold the watch, was the Good Detective by all accounts.
  18. Poor LDC was sacrificed on the altar of these depraved people’s ambitions. I hope the whole lot of them end up in jail and at least two of them end up on death row. That is, if they didn’t already abolish executions. I knew it’s Detective Nam who murdered the good cop years ago. My hope is that he’ll end up six feet under before this show is over or at least rotting in prison for the rest of his life. I guess the biggest reveal is that the “ white tomb hiding dead men’s bones” Attorney General and brother of the similarly unconscionable editor set the whole thing up. Wow, these people are the lowest of the low to take an innocent man and send him to death row. What can I say except that I hope in the end justice is meted out to them double fold but then I remember it’s a Kdrama and I am almost certain that their punishment, if any, won’t be as satisfying as I would like in the end. About our reporter, I don’t know how to feel about her not at least revealing the recording to KDC and OHJ. I was appalled with her at first and perhaps I still am, but I liked the way the former prosecutor guy who was released from prison called her out on protecting her job over “genuinely” trying to help LDC.
  19. @Mocharel, I actually think the introduction of Ga On’s mother right now could be a detriment to the family in the sense that Seol Ak, his father and Gye Ok might be distracted with the reappearance of the mom and consequently Conman and his enabling lover can take of advantage of their plot to steal the soup formula from buffoon first son. I actually think that Conman and his lover’s story will be tackled last because it involves the fall of the entire family though I think Seol Ak would still have great earning power regardless. @watchumlots, indeed I forgot deadbeat father. Poor kid have parents that majorly fail at living a honest life. @msmy, I agree with your perspective on Gye Ok that it will take time and caution to finally get together with Seol Ak. I can easily see the others thinking it’s unfair that Seol Ak is dating the person in charge of the money. They would probably think he has an advantage. I guess the writer is trying to have themtrust her first and see that she actually cares about them. @Mocharel, personally I think the writer is spot on about Han Ra. She’s not regressing him. The only change I see Han Ra made is that he stopped looking down on people, stop dating older women and started actually working for a living. However, even at work I see Han Ra is still lacking. He still has a long way to go. He still acts like a kid too. And worse of all, he’s still selfish. Sure, he was tricked out of his room and accepted it, but I think that stems from the fact that the brothers do care about each other. So I’m not surprised about his behavior.
  20. @Manora, I understand you. I’m majorly turned off by Han Ra as well. I hope he gets some troubles soon so that he can mind his own business. Gaon’s mom looks good. I wonder if she will be another unlikeable person. She will probably demand to be a part of her daughter’s life. That’s the usual storyline. Well, I suppose Ga On needs to know the truth about her parents. @dulceres, I can’t wait to see Ms. Min Joo’s face when she finds out her man is a crook, conman and ex-convict.
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