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  1. If CYN is alive then basically the detective must be the most fortunate person in the story. He gets rich and also get his girl. I’m sorry about all the others that needlessly died including Wook’s best friend. I hope at least they find Wook’s mom and the detective and Mr. Jang finds his daughter.
  2. @blademan, totally agree. I’m really enjoying LDW’s character in this drama so far. I don’t think I have seen him play a character like this in his drama shows that I watched. I like his acting here and I tend to think he’s probably having fun while acting the character.
  3. The new daily show that replaces the time slot for this one is No Matter What Anyone Says or No Matter What.
  4. @Manora, many of the points you raised are exactly how I felt particularly about the latter part of the show with the Nutcase and Conman plot lines. The writer effectively sacrificed GGO in favor of the conman plot. I still can’t believe that GGO didn’t give a pause for a moment when SA and MJ first raised their suspicions. SA in particular did it carefully and delicately knowing that the conman is the ex-husband of her brainless sister. Then the second time around when he raised his suspicions with her, all of a sudden she’s willing to consider his doubts. What suddenly changed for her to con
  5. Another solid season that I binge-watched in two days. I would have really like to have known what exactly is the truth behind the Segok suicide case though. In all of these corrupt prosecutors and police officers, it’s good to see that not all of the people who make up the “so-called”justice system has lost their integrity. Shi-Mok and Yeo Jin continue to stand up for the integrity of their profession. I don’t necessarily think it’s “human” to do corrupt things though I know that there are powerful people or bold people who do these things. I honestly think most people are deterred f
  6. I used to read the comic for this story. Interesting it’s getting a drama show.
  7. The male lead seem to be getting lead roles but I hope his acting has improved since The Love of Two Minds where even his body actions were unnaturally stiff. I can’t believe he’s the same actor who was in 3L3W as BQ’s brother. In any case, I do like his looks so only his acting needs to get better. Despite all that, I’m giving this drama a try and I liked the first two episodes mainly because of the FL character and the actress.
  8. Yes, it’s pretty clear that EJ will be the one to create trouble for Cruella and SH because SJ and EJ are the most goody-two shoes characters I have seen in a long time. Notice that everything about them is passive. Things happen around them for their good and they are never instigated by them but by the persuasion and efforts of others. I expect others to bring down Cruella and SH because I’m completely convinced if SJ and PJ find out about the things that were done to them in secret, they will at the most confront Cruella and SH and that’s it. Nevertheless, as @Ldy Gmerm pointed out in an ab
  9. This is exactly why her past needs to be made public. She will never be humbled unless she’s involved in a scandal. Even now her mind just keeps thinking it’s PJ’s fault and in the preview she will try to persuade her dumbo husband that PJ is using this to get SJ reinstated especially since the shareholder meeting is close. She even attacks PJ’s sister. This woman needs to be put down. I suppose her last desperate card will be the safe since she’s shown thinking this in the preview. On a side note, I notice SBS has been inviting some of the actors from this show to appear in their oth
  10. @Samuel Yohanes, thanks. I found it on Netflix. FYI, the page keeps crashing when I tried to post on this drama thread. Maybe some of the images should be spoiler tag.
  11. ITA. I just finished watching both episodes and I kept wondering if people really live their lives that way surrounded by toxic people. I am honestly curious because I have never experienced anything like what JY and SA both endure from the people around them whether in school, work, family or social groups. Is this a reflection or exaggeration of SK’s society? Let’s look at JY’s parents. Why are they doing this to him? I completely don’t get how parents can financially burden their kid perpetually like this without a care. It’s like they’re stifling their kid to death. The mother, wh
  12. @Lmangla, EJ will indeed blackmail Cruella and her son but I also want her to get her comeuppance too. They can surely destroy each other but I hope EJ is holding nothing in the end.
  13. I just finished binge-watching this show over the past 24 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it even when Hyun Soo and Ji Won were struggling through the deception in their relationship. The emotional confrontations and conflicts were very nicely done and deeply moving. I have watched Moon Chae Won in other ships that I really liked but I find her wonderfully matched as a wife with Lee Joongi’s Hyun Soo. For me they were sincerely believable as a young married couple. Very well done indeed. As far as the final episode. I actually think it was a quite appropriate end to a solemn and emotional
  14. Well, I guess three different people asking EJ why she hates PJ so much must mean that EJ’s day of reckoning is truly here. Even her own mother asked the question and her dumbo husband will ask the same tomorrow/tonight. I hope those medical records weren’t only sent to her husband. It would be nice if she’s actually involved in a scandal because of her past with the married school teacher. I don’t think keeping her past private will change her attitude. I think people knowing about it, rather than only her husband, would force her off her high horse.
  15. @joccu, I don’t think they found a body. However, they found someone else’s DNA on the school bag that was left behind. Currently the crime lab is running a test on the DNA to possibly identify the owner of that DNA. The reason why I believe perhaps there is a possibility that she died is because the serial killer was shown as though he was reminiscing on one of his victims and images of the little girl at the amusement park with her parents were intertwined as though someone was watching her with them. Therefore, it kind of implies that the serial killer may have been involved in the daughter
  16. I honestly would prefer if neither Wook nor the detective is the grandchild. It would be horrible to find out that their friend or fiancé died because of the search for them. It would be good if the grandchild is someone else. Realistically, it would be normal if the grandchild isn’t found just like it seems more than likely that Mr. Jang’s daughter was in fact killed. Regarding Mr. Jang’s daughter, I’m actually surprised that his daughter could in fact be dead because it’s more realistic than Drama-Land usually plots. In this way it kind of reminds me of a show I used to love called
  17. @tas82 @Mocharel Without a doubt both the brainless stepsister and scheming, greedy Min Joo will be forgiven. Earlier I had suggested that the food company can sue the stepsister for their loss but then I think Seol Ak would go as far as paying back any money owed to the company for her and perhaps letting them continue with the trademark. At this point I think this guy would do anything for GGO and we know that GGO doesn’t believe in her stepsister facing the consequences of her actions. It’s no wonder the woman never learns because she never pays for her actions. @Mocharel, your
  18. Your mother is so right. It’s very rare for viewers to reach the point where they are “completely” turned off by the heroine’s stupidity and absurd niceness. I actually don’t care about GGO anymore. I find it stunning because I think the heroine from Mom is Having An Affair is pretty much a doormat but I’m still cheering for her. In the other daily shows I have watched like Love Until the End and Ugly Alert, I cheered for the heroine right to the end. GGO, on the other hand, is a victim of her own stupidity. Even now she’s frantically looking for the stepsister to avoid reporting her
  19. Kocowa Translation: SA: Actually, Buruna Noodles has been passed over. Brothers: What? Min Joo: He would have aimed for the trademark rights. JW: Your family is a mess right now, isn’t it? Han Ra: Why didn’t she say anything? She’s making me worried. Aeri’s mom: You look so much better. GGO: What’s going on? Min Joo: I have something to confess. SA: Dad. Don’t worry about anything. No matter what happens, we will protect Buruna Noodles. The only good thing here is that the family is working together to resolve this matter and will probably now
  20. The best revenge drama I ever watched even to this day is Chinese drama Nirvana in Fire. It was a dish served very cold. The protagonist setup up all his targets brilliantly and defeated them. However, his targets were very clever villains and did not go down without an equally interesting fight. Actually, that show had some remarkable villains and the actors playing the villains were awfully good. As far as Korean revenge drama show, I saw all in the poll except I dropped Innocent Man maybe after watching a third of its episode. In terms of revenge, I guess I would choose Money Flow
  21. Oh. My. Gosh. This. This. I never thought I would have experienced this with GGO. I think the turning point was when SA then hateful Min Joo warned her and she actually got offended. She didn’t even pause to consider their warning. I mean, she barely know the man and she knows that he’s an ex-convict. She found out that he’s been duping Mr. Boo all these years under a fake identity. He didn’t even send any money to assist in raising his son nor try to look for his son. Yet, she knew he visited her apartment several times and she didn’t even think to secure the important stuff in the house. Ah
  22. Lee Soo seems like he has a jaded view of relationships. His parents marriage must have scarred him with all their screaming and fighting. It also seems like his parents were probably friends before they got married and then after they divorced they returned to being friends. The end result of this is that Lee Soo wants to live his life selfishly, only thinking of himself. This is probably why he has been telling Woo Yeon repeatedly to think only of herself. In any case, I find it hard to root for him to be with Woo Yeon. The girl confessed to him twice and he rejected her. I don’t li
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