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  1. @sava2sava, I don’t think that legally it matters that SN is a fraud for DY’s family. She is the biological mother of SY and DY’s legal wife who is on the registry of the Kang family. The Kang family has also covered up for SN too so she’s publicly accepted as one of them. Also, I suppose since the real Sena’s mother used the fake Sena to collect support money, she was basically given the legal identity of Sena in the US. @viyra, SN ain’t going anywhere before wreaking havoc. She was already at the airport and went all the way back after realizing she was scammed. @dramaninja, I hope too that JH can handle Bobby because there’s hardly any time left to handle another serious threat when all the criminals are still on the loose. There’s the three villains at WB Group, Baek and CDB still to deal with.
  2. I wasn’t surprised that she allowed JH to go. I rolled my eyes though that he’s still in a position that he has to thank her for being understanding and allowing him to go. I also saw GY’s dad mention that JH didn’t get a gift for GY and even I was embarrassed when he said that. I know JH is not in a position to give her a gift but if he gets a second chance he sure has a lot to make up for. It was nice of GY’s mom to smooth over the dad’s thoughtless comment though. It was good to see YS sitting in his dad’s lap while he fed him cake. GY is an amazing woman. That’s all I can say. Any man would be fortunate to have such a woman at their side. It’s easy enough for SN’s mother’s sake to not disclose just how terrible her daughter is so where I find GY astonishingly amazing is all the nasty things she put up with from the contract wife and kept them to herself. No one knows the extent of what she’s had to put up with.
  3. @joan0528, I saw too that the contract wife handed the gift to JH but I could care less now. I can only hope that she disappears for good but I have to see it with my own eyes. Right to the end I don’t like her. I remember every harassing word and thing she has done to GY which was undeserved. GY never did anything at all to warrant the harassment and abuse because she was pretty much staying in her own lane. Just for that I loathe the contract wife. When I watch the past episodes my loathing for her multiply even more with the way she kept acting like she can assert authority over YS just because she was the contract wife and GY had to put up with listening to that crap. /end of rant. All that aside, I definitely can’t wait for the subs to understand SN’s fall. So delicious. I saw the part with her mother but I honestly don’t care about that. The character was introduced too late so for me it has no value or interest. I also can’t wait to see Mafia Chairman’s response tomorrow. JH and the Good Friend organization sure got him back for what happened six years ago. I love the sparkly that HG left for JB. It’s a beautiful diamond ring. I hope she accepts it. I do wonder though if he found out she can’t have kids.
  4. Yeah, I saw in the text preview that Bobby will be used as revenge against JH. I’m glad because it looks like the only way to get rid of that bleach blonde is to blow things up with Bobby. She’s the one who tipped SN off by telling her about three times that JH has a weakness and SN pretty much figured out the rest. No doubt that JH will as usual cover up her fault in this though. I saw the Raw episode on YouTube and I can barely watch any scenes with that person now. It’s like she’ll be around right to the end of this show no doubt still clinging onto to JH if he survives though it might be better for him to kick the bucket than spend the rest of his life with a cray-cray person with nonexistent appeal. The most satisfying part of the episode for me was watching SN find out she’s been scammed. Absolutely loved it. @viyra, SN came back from the airport of her own volition because she probably found out she was scammed. I can only interpret from the scenes though. She sent SY home with the driver and went to JH’s private office where she’s met with Koji, JH and JH’s mom who are all smiling at her for their successful scam.
  5. I think they’re both heartbreaking in a different way. I would really prefer a miracle for JB rather than them adopting Song Yi because I really feel that DY’s family should raise his only heir. I also feel that SY would be at the risk of getting spoiled in a wealthy family whereas she would be brought up well by GY. However, most of all, my heart just breaks for GY’s family because they lost DY and the only precious thing left from him is his child. I just think it would be too much to give her up to another family regardless. It’s too hard breaking for me to think about for that family. I do wonder though how JB and HG’s relationship will be resolved. I know his dream is to go backpacking with JB so maybe he will also be okay with not having kids since they really can’t be dragging kids backpacking. However, it would still be nice if they got a miracle. As to JH and GY, for me it’s just sad how JH entangled himself with a crazy person that he can’t disentangle himself from and he’s missing out on so many precious moments with his son who is growing more each day. All the little things like giving his son a bath, dressing him, eating with him, playing with him, teaching him, sleeping with him, etc...he’s barely experienced any of this. I hope he’s able to someday soon before his kid grows up. And well, he’s missing out on a beautiful, remarkable, faithful, strong, loving woman whom he hurt a lot yet that woman still deeply love him. I saw the video preview of tomorrow’s episode and it looks like GY took SN to see her mother. It looks like SN is at the airport to leave with SY. HG is at JB’s bedside in the hospital. SN packs up her office at YB group. JH brought gifts it seems for his son and perhaps GY’s parents because they had gift bags. YS looked like he got a race car.
  6. @viyra, yes, KJH is finally acting like a father towards HG. Even when HG exposed the recordings of their illegal doings on the company’s broadcast system, unlike Mobster Chairman and Sena, KJH threw up the white flag while the other two protested against what HG did. I really hope HG find out tomorrow what’s really happening with JB because it’s about time the issue is tackled between them. The only persons who know what’s truly going on now are GY and KJH. Not even JB’s mom and JH know the truth but hopefully they’ll find out tomorrow.
  7. HG’s dad invited JB over to basically tell her he gives them his blessing and he wanted to know why JB broke up with HG. JB told him the truth that she can’t have kids. I think HG might find out the truth next episode since JB will be rushed to the hospital because she’s unconscious and bleeding. It was a scary thing to see when her mom found her and she was barely conscious and the sheets were bloody. I hate hate hate this new plot with Sena’s mother. Isn’t there enough going on already without the introduction of this new character? Only unless the Bobby storyline won’t really blow up because there’s him to deal with along with “cray cray” and the rest. Speaking up Unstable Mabel, it’s like she’s getting worse. Shouldn’t she go to a psych hospital or something? She really does need serious therapy to get stronger and get her life together. Holding on to JH as a crutch is a terrible idea in the long run. I don’t see her improving at all. She’s vacillating between some stability and instability. That’s how she was even before the two suicide attempts in SK. I feel that the best solution for her is to go through long-term counseling at a nice facility in a beautiful environment to get her mind off the past so that she can begin to appreciate life again. I don’t see how living with JH will make her improve because to me their relationship always made it seem like he was just there. They weren’t enjoying activities together or even talking about things that weren’t related to revenge or his family, child or ex-wife.
  8. @viyra, yes people in drama don’t believe in passcodes. It’s really strange to me. About JH’s involvement with Bob, according to what he told GY, he worked in Bob’s organization until he found out that Bob’s operations were illegal. He said he quit the organization and it led to something going wrong with the organization. So maybe JH was using his business talent for the organization and their deals fell through after he left. I tend to think he might have taken money too. I think Bob might come to Korea instead if crazy Sena is cornered and want to threaten JH further. When Sena threatened JH into signing the paper this morning, I heard her mention “addle” if that’s how to spell the word so I guess she threatened him with Bob coming there while JH has his son to protect. I guess JH also has YS as a weakness.
  9. I also think she’s not faking it and yes Sena stole the information from the contract wife’s phone but ultimately the contract wife is still to blame for Sena even having any knowledge at all about JH’s weakness. She told Sena twice that JH has a weakness that makes it so he can’t end his contract without issue and Sena has been after it for many episodes now. Even GY found out about it through Sena. That’s why GY told JH right to his face that she didn’t trust Emily like JH who is “almost” always covering or apologizing for Emily’s faults. And to think there are some viewers who think JH doesn’t treat Emily well. Those people must be kidding. He has shown a heck of a lot of tolerance for her stinking behavior and I’m pretty sure most people in real life wouldn’t be as gracious as him especially since he has no romantic feelings towards her. She’s threatened him three times about his past even while knowing he got the money for her exorbitant medical bills. She told Sena about JH having a lethal weakness and JH knows it and didn’t accuse her or berate her for divulging this to Sena. She created a huge scene at Jae Dong restaurant when GY was in mourning and basically embarrassed JH in front of his ex-wife while not even caring that she might wake the entire household. She went behind his back to Jae Dong to demand GY send YS to them once a week. When JH found out through Jae Dong, he basically just told her not to do it again and that he deleted the picture of YS. It was far too lenient to me. I would have let her have it. She went behind his back and told GY to never let him see him son under any circumstances whatsoever. She released Sena’s identity at Sena’s custody battle against JH’s wishes since he wanted it revealed at the board meeting to kick Sena out. She entertained Sena a few times at their apartment knowing that she’s JH’s enemy even if Sena was no longer her own enemy. She went on many psychotic rants even thrashing things in the house and accusing JH of saying, planning, or doing romantic things with GY. She went to Sena to ask her if she forgave her what will Sena do for her. That ultimately led to Sena kidnapping YS and basically getting JH in trouble as well with GY and her family. How did it look that they’re searching everywhere for the six year old child and his contract wife had the child and also visited the child the same day at kindergarten especially after GY told her not to touch her child? She attempted suicide twice in SK basically putting a leash around JH’s neck. Now she has his pity if not attention and now she doesn’t have to let go. She allowed Sena to use her name to post terrible things about GY and supported the content of those posts. JH knew she agreed with the content because she told him to his face Sena wrote exactly what she was feeling. Once again she didn’t care about the impact on JH who felt helpless after hearing the whacked up commenters wanted to go to YS’ kindergarten to tell the moms about GY’s alleged sordid behavior towards her ex-husband. Personally I think JH isn’t really obligated to treat her like a true wife when from the moment they came back to SK and they talked in the kitchen the contract wife confirmed that the marriage was a contract to catch Sena. Nothing more and they both agreed it would end when the condition was met. Later we also found out that the marriage occurred really to change his identity because of stuff he was involved with and it didn’t exclude making money for her undoubtedly exorbitant hospital and medical bills. I still say JH has shown great tolerance for her when people in real life would have hit the road already. @sava2sava, I’m really annoyed about the finding Sena’s mom angle. I guess the answer is to get a mom when it’s time for the character to be punished. Anyway, I think the Bob guy also have something to do with the contract wife. How did he know her when JH wasn’t even married to her at the time JH was with Bob? So then Bob must have known her either before or through JH used to visiting her in the hospital etc.
  10. @viyra, I didn’t know they shot scenes in LA. Nice. And I guess you’re from LA. I knew your time zone was behind me so I figured you live in California. I’m in New York. JH is supposedly going to LA in a month if unforeseen things don’t happen. I can’t really see things going according to his timing though if Sena gets involved. And he and K already acknowledged that the Bobby guy is an impatient guy so I don’t know if things can escalate quickly especially with the contract wife panicking and freaking out when the guy called. Should I assume then that the cell phone she’s been using in Korea is a US number? Shouldn’t he be able to figure out the proximity of her location if she has a Korean phone number? Hmmm. Anyway, I’m also looking forward to HG and JB reconciliation. JB brought tears to my eyes last night. I really sympathize with her. As to JH, he had to leave CDB at Jung’s private home because CDB is sick and confined to the bed. He couldn’t even talk although he was conscious. As long as JH knows where he is it shouldn’t be a problem, I hope.
  11. I honestly lost interest when our heroine walked out after learning he was a chaebol’s son and proceeded to have a pity party for herself. It just turned me off really badly. All I can hear is Edna Mode saying “Go! Confront the problem. Fight!...”
  12. @viyra, I do like skinship but even without it there are very clear signs that GY and JH still love each other even when they act cold towards each other. My favorite part of their skinship today was when he tenderly wiped away her tears and reassured her he won’t get hurt. One thing I noticed is that things are subtly improving on most sides. For instance, now GY’s father seem to soften towards JH, even growing concerned about him getting kicked out of YB Group. He also expressed a desire to invite him over. On JH’s mom side, she’s more positive now that GY would allow YS to come over to play and she’s decorating the house with his visit in mind. The glass factory workers and other store owners are making their move to restore what they lost and more particularly the glass workers seem modestly sure they’ll be able to start working again in their industry. Cells Beauty is back on track and seem to be doing even better and launching out into foreign markets. It makes me miss DY. Such a kind man and father. GY and JB even had a candid talk about her inability to get pregnant. JB has not told anyone else the truth. Neither her mom nor JH knows. I hope HG and these two families including SY will be able to live normal days soon.
  13. I was very satisfied with the way HG played those recordings. There was mafia uncle sitting on his make-believe throne trying to bully HG through his clout and here comes the scandals over the airwaves. I was laughing so much especially at mafia Chairman and Sena who thought they had the upper hand. For me it was nice seeing the old business owners who were ruined by YB City gathering to get on board JH’s plan of getting back what was taken from them. I couldn’t believe my ears when JH basically voiced his wish of opening a glass store. I was wondering if he would still be interested in doing that since he probably haven’t worked with glass in six years but it seems he’s still interested. Perhaps he’s thinking of his father’s old employees like the two who work with his mother. So JH seem not too worried by this Bobby but I can never tell when he’s bluffing because K seemed alarmed by the mention of JH proactively contacting Bobby.
  14. I totally agree with your evaluation of SN and JH’s relationship. I also agree with your assessment of this drama. I like all kinds of lovelines including the ones where the couple was never together but got together at the very end providing their relationship was worked on along the way. I actually liked the couples in this even though the writer put them through the wringer and even though I was annoyed several times with their actions. Still, their love stories resonated with me because they really seem to love each other despite the stupid things they did or mistakes they made. I also really enjoy GY’s relationship with her mom and GY’s relationship with YS. I also very much liked the sibling relationships with GY/DY and JB/JH. @sava2sava, I find it hard to believe that DY’s parents will allow HG to raise SY. I think it’s very weird if that happened. She’s the only heir DY has and I think it would be hard to give her up for adoption. Blood might not always be important every single time but it is important. Most of us know it too because we naturally love the people we are related to.
  15. @viyra, you and I must be so starved for a little bit of physical love from these two. I admit I watched that clip several times while feeling so bad for GY. I don’t know if JH thinks he truly have everything under control but I know for GY, she saw her brother dead in an alley and now the thought of losing the man she loves and the father of her child must be so scary. She must feel so helpless because there’s nothing that she can do about it. It’s a threat she knows nothing about especially since it happened in a foreign land. So sad after she’s waited for him so long. Yes, it could only be love that make the two couples endure all the craziness that they’ve been through to the end. It’s so funny that I commented before that the two women without a doubt loves unconditionally and then the other day HG brought up the topic where he said that it’s not like he can cut out his heart and show JB just how much he loves her. He was complaining to JH that JB said her love is greater than his. I just laughed because I do feel like the two women are more expressive with their love than the two men.
  16. I completely agree. GY has shown remarkable patience with JH. Her love endures all things for his sake. I would have already tell off JH for his crazy contract wife calling me and harassing me and threatening my kid. Oh, but not GY. She has never told him any of it. There’s so much that can be said about her love and it’s all good. She even admitted that she failed him when she chose her family over him and she regrets it. She’s painfully concerned with his safety and doesn’t use anything at all to threaten him. Even when she told him to delete YS’ picture, it was clear that she was affected by his voice message when he called to say he did it. However, I must say I loved her declaration that her child doesn’t need a father who gave up on him. I support that decision 100 percent. She has every right to protect her child.
  17. Then I’ll say what GY said. That isn’t love. If her love couldn’t overcome his non wealthy status, I wouldn’t call that love. They both are educated people and has the potential to make a good living but she was hung up on him not being rich. It’s like the contract wife too. She’s so caught up in her own feelings of so-called love that she would rather see JH miserable than let him go. JB and HG love each other and JB is trying to push HG away because she can’t have kids and she probably knows he want kids. Contract wife can’t have kids but she sure ain’t letting go of JH. Nevermind the fact that she knows he doesn’t harbor romantic feelings or inclination towards her.
  18. Omo. I hope GY doesn’t tell him though. Maybe she can drop hints though. @sava2sava, I do hope GY would be the one to give the final blow to Sena but I think the whole conflict in this drama encompasses Sena vs JH. It’s really hard to believe now that they were actually a couple for five years. Not a trace of “like” between them. And to think JH was so hung up on her. Gah, it’s really unbelievable but I suppose Sena was wearing a mask those five years.
  19. Yes, I saw the clip of HG announcing the crimes of his family over the building’s airwaves. JH was barring the door and did I see Jae Dong helping as well? Mobster Chairman seemed like he wanted to slap HG but held back because of the crowd. Yes, I think Sena will go after JH too. She’s been talking about it a few episodes now so I think it will happen especially since her planned escape to Europe might get thwarted. I think her cohorts will also help her if necessary to find JH’s weakness because Mafia Chairman probably has more connections into looking for JH’s weakness. I saw the text preview it said the board of directors agree to sell YB City. The translation almost make it seem like Sena wants to buy it but then it also said Sena wants to leave Korea with Koji. GY’s name is in the text preview too but I can’t make sense of the translation.
  20. From the clips on DramaKBS YouTube channel I knew Unstable Mabel denied telling SN anything when GY brought it up during Unstable Mabel’s freaking out on that call. I feel the most sorry for GY during that scene because although Unstable Mabel was shivering and carrying on, I could tell that this revelation really shook GY. Ever since Sena told her about Unstable Mabel having the ability to kill JH, I believe GY mostly suspected it was true even when she had asked JH about it earlier this week and he lied. I also saw the clip of GY once again asking JH for the truth and my heart just breaks for her. Now she has something else to be fearful about because now there’s concrete proof that someone is looking for JH because of something he did in the US. For GY to actually hug JH after all this time of holding back just shows her state of mind. Although JH wiped away her tears, her tears were still flowing when she exited the office and Sena was standing outside.
  21. I think we all assume it’s money because when she threatened him that she will call the US, the next day she told him she didn’t mean it because he did “it” to pay for her medical bills.
  22. @sava2sava, I heard her tell her mom she was married a few months ago. I guess she’s lying to her mom to prevent any quarrels on that topic. In any case, it would be good for JH to deal with this Bobby because then he really wouldn’t have anything to be afraid of any more in that regard.
  23. @joan0528, I hope he tells GY the truth but I’m not so sure he will. I think it would be quite embarrassing to admit to her that he did something dirty especially since from the time he first returned GY was very concerned about him crossing the line and doing bad things in the name of revenge. I would like him to tell her the truth but I admit in his place I would find it very difficult to do because I think a person always want the person they love to think well of them and not get disappointed. Of course it’s not like GY will stop loving him and he knows that but he probably knows it will hurt her to hear about whatever he did. I hope that he tells her though so that we can also find out just how far he went to achieve his goal. As to his admirable yet insufferable patience with the contract wife, in some ways I can imagine his thoughts. I guess he wants to take responsibility for his decision and I suppose legally speaking he is the contract wife’s guardian and he would be a scoundrel to abandon her while she’s sick especially since he repeatedly encouraged her to live even when it was difficult and physically painful for her. I guess my issue really lies in the fact that he’s really passive about the way the contract wife clings to him so she has no desire to let go. She can’t come to her senses unless she get doses of reality and how can she get doses of reality if all JH does is go along with her clinginess and neediness? If the status quo doesn’t change nothing will change. As to JB and HG, I really understand why JB doesn’t want to tell HG. It was not until she talked with GY that I felt that I would feel the same way in her shoes. It’s a real blow especially since she wanted kids. It’s not something to feel ashamed about and yet it’s something that I feel a woman would find it difficult to talk about especially with someone she’s not married to yet. It’s devastating news for people who are married so in JB’s mind it is better to let HG go than the two of them feeling hopeless together. I feel really bad for her because this is the most difficult issue they have to face and it will decide for good whether to end it here permanently or face the future together. @Pam_Van Fossen, I watched Jugglers earlier this year so I don’t mind the actress who plays Emily. She was a good level-headed friend in that show. I can’t stand her character here though.
  24. The way JH talk to the US person seem to give the vibe of someone he double crossed. Maybe the person trusted him with money and he took it. In any case, one thing I’ve always noticed with JH’s character from the beginning is that he keeps a lot of his thoughts private. Like, what is he thinking with his contract wife? She tells him that she knows that he and GY are still in love but she cannot let him go. His response to her is to reassure her he’s not there by force. So then he’s okay with her clinging to him for the next 20 years? This guy. I’m really baffled by him. How much more of YS’ life is he willing to miss out on? Like GY observed today, YS has grown some more because his pajamas are shorter in the arms and legs. Ah, HG is getting down to business with Sena and his family. I hope he’s successful in truly kicking Sena out. She always make a come back and hopefully that streak ends here. I finally got my answer from JB. She wanted kids. I feel so bad for her.
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