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  1. @Jillia, I absolutely agree. I would love to see Kim Min Jae in a sageuk again. Besides the fact that I enjoyed his performance in Joseon Flower Agency, his voice is very much suited to the nobility of that time. I loved his diction/enunciation of the way they spoke back then. I’m also waiting for the episode to get my take on JK and HH. I hope they’re just friends.
  2. @partyon, you really made me laugh with that ab observation for the male leads in your rewatch shows. Anyway I’m looking forward to the upcoming events especially the “Unni/Noona” poll. I don’t think I have ever voted for anything but shows, couples and oppa polls.
  3. @tas82, you are probably spot on. I feel that I saw a scene somewhere where Byeori was in Hae Shim’s father’s house. Maybe it was in one of the teasers or maybe it’s my imagination. @nohamahamoud2002, the father now have two clues that might lead him to figure out Byeori has a connection to his ex-wife. The scarf and the fact that Byeori told him that her mother used to sing “Unrequited Love” trot song everyday while she cleaned. She said it was her mother’s favorite song and Joong Han knows his ex-wife sang that song often.
  4. I didn’t know they call her that. I am much more familiar with her work because I have watched her play main female lead in about five drama shows. She’s so cute. I must say I love her shows though. She even played a court judge which is kind of unbelievable given her age as well as the character’s age.
  5. @Lmangla, thanks for the poll. I have to wait until Kocowa releases subs before I can choose my answer. @Ameera Ali, so true re: @partyon. But at least nobody on here seem to be asking for a bed scene like the people who chatted on the livestream chat. I’m not sure why they wanted one because the drama never seemed like the sort that would have a bed scene. I’m happy with all those lovely kisses that weren’t stagnant lips just touching.
  6. @tas82, that’s because it’s a daily drama show. Anything is possible. Preview Voice: Do you know someone there? Joong Han: What brings him here? Cross-dresser: Can you tell me where Kang Dae Ro lives? Bora: Dae Ro-ssi. Dae Ro: Yes. Bora: Is something wrong? Byeori: I told Ahjumma all about it. Ahri: How much does she know? Hae Shim: You can’t keep it from your dad forever. Ahri: I will take care of it. Joong Han: This is... @tas82in the preview the cross-dresser goes to look for Dae Ro so maybe your theory is correct.
  7. Are you a fan of Jane Austen. I’m a huge fan?. I have all of her novels and re-read them mostly in the summer. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite followed by Persuasion. About SA and JY, I didn’t know that. Thanks for that insight. I’m just happy we basically got 25 minutes or so of them together and not 10 minutes.
  8. Professor Yoo looked solemn. I think he will change. Professor Song and Professor Duster still seem the same in terms of their antagonistic relationship. JK and SA actually had two conversations on separate occasions. Waiting for subs to know the content.
  9. Me too. Let’s just think of them as friends. I think he’s just being friendly just like he sincerely wished her happiness before leaving for New York after the foundation performance.
  10. @ferily, So it was HH that said hello to JK? I was looking away before I heard the voice so didn't see the person's face.
  11. Song Ah is all smiles now. It's nice to see. These two are so cute. Looks like JK speaks to Ji Won's mom. I hope the mom take her advice as someone who experienced violin playing from a young age. @Jillia I too love that it's finally ended between HH and JK.
  12. It's nice to see JY out at a fancy restaurant with his mom. I guess this is the scene where he tells her to divorce his father. I hope the mom listens to him but I do understand that spending all those years with someone doesn't mean that it's easy to let them go despite the fact there might have been more bad than good.
  13. @Ameera Ali, thanks for posting that gif of JK and HH. I like how HH told her to be happy and leaves. I hope he finds someone that will see and appreciate his value. I also loved the scene that you posted where HH comes to JY's apartment and silently embraces him. So beautiful. Ah, finally Song Ah visits JY in his dressing room backstage. Wow. They really brought up Schumann, Brahms and Clara in the last episode too. It was mentioned in the first episode or so. YEs!!!!!!!!!! She was mentioning Friends so much that I thought she would say let's be friends. But she told
  14. Wow, I didn't foresee that Song Ah's mom would be the one to give her advice about JY over dinner. I can make out that Song Ah told her they broke up but the mom continued to discuss the matter with SA. Song Ah went to JY's concert but she was too late and couldn't go in. She's watching it from outside in the hallway on a tv screen. Nice to see JY's mom at his performance. Ah, but now he's playing again and she got into the concert hall. It's so beautiful how as SA listens to JY plays, he moves her heart. I interpret her gesture of putting her hand on her heart as th
  15. @debbsthebee Mines might be 1 on a scale of 10. However, I'm still watching the live stream. The episode begins with JY's confession and Song Ah's response. I think she told him she needs time to think about what he says and he said he'll wait for her answer. OMG! It's so sweet that Hyun Ho comes to visit JY at his apartment and simply silently hugs him. It's so beautiful. After that we have the scene of HH, JY and JK playing at the foundation concert and SA turning the page for JY.
  16. @Lmangla, I had read the link you had provided to the Dramabeans review of the drama Phoenix. I liked the storyline. As of now I’m contemplating watching the daily show version. Is there really a revenge part because it didn’t seem that way in the shorter drama version? Three of the drama shows (Alice, Brahms, Lies) I’m currently watching will end this week. I’m mostly looking forward to Kairos next week. Oh, and @Lmangla, I really didn’t like the terminal illness introduced in Lies. The more I think about it the more annoying I find it.
  17. Will anyone be recapping the livestream? @debbsthebee? @Jillia did it yesterday but she won’t be able to do it today. Well, it’s D-Day. We’re all in this together and I hope our Dimples couple has a beautiful beginning to their journey into the future.
  18. I seriously can’t believe this writer will wait until the last three episodes to take down those three people. By the way, didn’t I say that SJ and PJ will be useless in exposing those three? How silly it is that SJ didn’t save a copy of the video knowing that he already ran off his mouth to the perpetrators. Now he lost the video and can’t even officially clear his own name. Sure enough it looks like Ha will have to take them down. I hope he doesn’t forget to give it to EJ too because I can’t stand her stupid gloating face. After Ha exposes everything, EJ’s blackmail would effectiv
  19. For those who have Kocowa and Viki, Kocowa released a special episode 1 that is 13 minutes long. I just finished watching it and it’s very informative on the plot. The actors also briefly speak about their roles. This seems to be a very interesting drama. I like that the time difference between the past and present is one month so indeed Lee Se Young’s character can go meet Shin Sung Rok’s character a month earlier to convince him to change the future for his daughter. However, I’m not sure how his character will help save her mother although I did hear him tell her that he will save
  20. What a beautiful but sad episode. I feel like there were a lot of goodbyes in this episode that will prove pivotal in the lives of the characters. Song Ah making the painful decision to give up piano, JY parting ways with Professor Yoo, Cha Young In encouraging Professor Yoo to be a teacher and not a professor, SA-DY-MS saying starting anew, JK finally letting go of JY, JK withdrawing from consideration to be a professor, etc. However, the saddest event for me was the passing of Chairwoman Na. @Y.Q., I also share the same sentiment that nothing matters in front of death. I cried f
  21. The husband was a seriously screwed up person. Anything to justify beating Eun Soo works. He’s the classic abuser who likes to say, “If you hadn’t done X, I wouldn’t have reacted that way. You made me do it”. Not for a moment at any time in this drama did I believe WJ wasn’t his kid. Eun Soo is so abused that I don’t think that she would have had the guts or freedom to cheat on her husband. The woman was in hiding which suggests her husband is a control freak. I’m sure he had their driver take her to any place that she needed to go which probably wasn’t many. When Eun Soo went into hiding,
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