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  1. Yeah, I’ve liked YX a while now. I just never imagined I would feel so happy for her. I’m really glad that she got her happy ending. I liked how she told WN that her romance is not dramatic like hers and NX’s but she’s content with her own normal happiness. I think I made my peace with PWN after he suffered the consequences of his schemes. Seeing him relaxed and catering to YX’s needs in Germany was nice. Hee hee. It seems like authors prefer not to pair the third person in a love triangle with a close relation of one of the people in a triangle. In the case of this story, I suppose it would be kind of weird to have ZLL love both sisters. Of course fan fiction has no such limitations. I can imagine the hijinks on the 66th floor. I’m just glad that GF’s love interest finally appeared and she’s already bonding with XD and WN. I actually cannot be convinced otherwise. Heh. It’s just too weird for him to touch her stomach like that. As you pointed out, it makes more sense for him to put his hands on her shoulders especially since they were bare unlike her stomach. Also, her personality was so much brighter that I think time must have passed. Good point about his coat as well.
  2. @kokodus , actually I know people who waited longer and are still waiting today. They are mostly women though. I think it’s possible to wait that long if work fills up the person’s life. I also think that once a person has experienced the kind of love that NX and WN had, they are more inclined to wait if that person still gave them hope like WN did in her nightcalls to NX. Many people think it’s easy to just move on with someone else but it really depends on the person. Not everyone would settle for something less than they had.
  3. @themarchioness, I was finally able to watch the last two episodes and I enjoyed them immensely. I can’t believe how happy I am for YX. It was really good to see her in Germany looking content with her pending hubby. I don’t dislike PWN anymore either. I’m happy for them. This one is going to be a sore point for you but I actually liked the scene with WR, WN and the Kid. I laughed when WN told him that WR can’t take it when he’s in pain. It’s just too cute because you know WR is like a razor many times. LOL It was just nice to have that kind of amusing banter also all the heaviness before. NX’s mom and WN had me cutting onions. Oh, I could feel their pain especially after hearing the voice of NX’s dad so many years after he’s gone. That must really hurt. The brothers at the fake wedding had me grinning when they were outside. It’s so funny how GT observed why are they going all out for a fake wedding. GF’s future wife is lovely. I suppose she’ll be WN’s right hand woman. It’s even funnier that the 66th Floor of Shallow Cosmos will become the wives club. Heh. GT’s proposal to Xiao Dai was so sweet. I was getting afraid when XD was so serious throughout but then she broke into a beautiful smile and then I was smiling like an idiot too. Such a beautiful moment for this couple. Finally, the reunion between WN and NX was fantastic. I was just so moved that WN refused to let him go. More than kissing and that kind of thing, I find this gesture quite loving. (Yehua and Bai Qian had a reunion hug like this too and it’s still one of my favorite scenes in that drama) Anyway, I was just so happy for them. It’s definitely one of my favorite scenes in this drama. About the last scene, I definitely believe they were telling us WN is pregnant. The way he touched her stomach was unnecessary otherwise. He could have touched her waist instead as men tend to do. I hardly see men touch the stomach unless it’s for something like pregnancy. It’s just a weird part of the body to touch like that. Also, WN had begun to be more cheerful after ZLL observed to WR that WN seems different this time. I think we saw more of that when she began painting again, as she managed Qian Yu, and when she was out with WR and the kid. That last scene kind of made me feel that time had passed because she was much more cheerful and normal with NX. Kind of like the WN who came home and scolded NX for what he was teaching the youngest child about candy and leather whip???
  4. So glad that Yoo Ha has finally begun to fight back legally. Her in-laws are terrible. I don’t think I have seen the like in a drama up until now. This is a new level of terrible. I somehow hope that MY would be secondary power for her but even MY is afraid of YH’s in-laws. Heh. I love that JH is finally getting hints about DY. Love to see two innocent young people growing and supporting each other in friendship before it leads to something else. I’m kind of dreading the scene that is coming up where DY might be exposed at the high school reunion in the bar. She’s lost the weight now but the bullying has left her so vulnerable. HS and MY are always interesting to me. They had their first fight about her place in his affections and I’m glad to see they already made up and he has stepped up to the plate. ET and YH too had some nice development. I’m really enjoying these three relationships and hope they’ll continue to grow as each couple face life and their unique problems. I have a feeling that ET’s sister will turn the board’s support in her husband’s favor to prevent ET from getting further involved with YH.
  5. @themarchioness, LOL I’m glad they’re towels too. I’ll believe their suggestion then. I have to wait to see the scene when the subs are ready. Someone said that in the novel NX went missing until he got news that WN was pregnant with their first child. I’ve heard two different versions so I don’t know which is the case.
  6. @themarchioness, many many thanks for sharing. From what you describe, I tend to think she’s pregnant. He could’ve simply just covered her with the coat without any reference to her stomach. Heh. I’m very happy for them. I have yet to watch a perfect love story. I don’t think there are any. I can’t wait to rewatch this to get the full picture of their story. Anyway, I hope I will get to watch the final episodes later today to be able to discuss more knowledgeably with you guys.
  7. I know what you mean but I think where they stopped is good. It avoids the hassle of looking for a baby or children.
  8. @jadore1, I’m waiting patiently too. I had to eat my lunch before reading @themarchioness‘s commentary because excitement has a way of eradicating my appetite.
  9. Your excitement is infecting me. I’m here grinning as though I saw what you saw.
  10. @themarchioness, heh, once again we’re thinking the same thing. The timing is off and like I adjusted my earlier post to say, only unless something happened that night they promised to face their problems together at that hotel rest stop.
  11. @apdy, I would love it if she’s pregnant. For me it would be a bonus in conveying that a new story for them is beginning. However, I can’t imagine when she would have gotten pregnant considering all intimacy stopped after the dream house storyline. Both her and YX had intimate relations around that time and YX is the only one experiencing symptoms. Only unless more happened that night at the rest stop.
  12. @themarchioness, thanks for clearing up some of the points about the final episode. I’m now wondering about the dvd episode count because Viki is still on 44. This is my first time posting regularly on a drama. I usually watch drama on my own without discussing them. I enjoyed our discussions a lot and I definitely plan to be around. I realize that when I rewatch drama there are so many things that I didn’t notice originally. I’m looking forward to discovering those things. Also, I find when we know more as has been revealed along the way, we understand the motivations of the characters better from earlier in the story.
  13. @themarchioness, I’m getting more worried now that I think about all the things left to fit into the last episode that you guys mentioned previously. I suppose some of it could be off though. I think the fake wedding should have concluded with tv episode 46.
  14. I’m worried about that too. I just finished watching episode 44 and I’m now hoping that WN take the initiative. She’s burying things in her heart again. NX clearly saw her at the ramen place suffering in silence but the next day when he confronted her about the news she’s still pretending that everything is right in her world. I don’t mind if NX goes after her again but I think it would be nice development for her to take the initiative. Strangely episode 44 was mostly YX but I didn’t mind. I suppose that part of the story had to be shown and the earlier they get it out of the way the better.
  15. @themarchioness, indeed. Regardless of how they get to it, as long as there is a happy ending. It wouldn’t really lessen my satisfaction that she didn’t take the initiative. It’s just that I had my own ideas. Since she went to the church to stop the wedding, I do wonder why she didn’t continue through with pursuing him though.
  16. @themarchioness, I agree. I would rather she showed the initiative this time.
  17. The episode was late yesterday so hopefully it’s simply late today.
  18. I kid you not that you echo my thoughts precisely. I hear that they cut scenes but I’m not going to get hang up on this. I already reminded myself of all the drama, movies and tv shows that I have watched and loved where the couple only come together at the end or where there are deleted scenes on the dvd. As long as my OTP ends happily I intend to be satisfied. About WN running in high heels, I marvel at those scenes too. Actually, her first night at the dream house had me very distracted when she was lying in bed with her high heels. I kept wondering where are the house slippers.
  19. @themarchioness, I feel like this drama should have been 50 episodes and usually I think 50 is too long.
  20. @cheeriekwan, heh. All I ask now is that we get some quality time with the OTP after this hurdle is over.
  21. @cheeriekwan, so almost everybody thinks this child is his? How does he even feel okay with this?
  22. @Shi Hui Tan, the novel sounds like it has a soap-opera-like plot. I’m so glad the drama toned it down. I’d like to believe that if WN told NX she was pregnant in the drama he would never doubt the child is his. I would also think that WN would believe that YX’s child is not his. I’m aware that some of you reported that WN began to have doubts in the drama but I think she should know better. If you’re talking about second chance at love drama shows I believe others mentioned My Sunshine. I think there is a list on Viki for these plot types that include Loving, Never Forgetting, Cunning Single Lady, Autumn Concerto, classic Winter Sonata, etc. @Morelia, if NX’s mom really feels that way then she really must dislike WN.
  23. This is on DramaFever and I contemplated watching it because of TY/LJ but I read a review that said it’s a classic and has an unsatisfying ending and so I’m hesitating. I might just wait until it ends to see how it turns out. As to H2H, I feel the more episodes they add the better. It sounds like a lot is going on for several of the characters.
  24. @cheeriekwan, yes @themarchioness did give us spoilers. What I meant is your comment on NX’s reaction to WN’s response about the engagement rumor.
  25. @cheeriekwan, thanks for that teaser. I’m really looking forward to more. @UnniSarah, I hear you. It’s probably better to watch the episodes back to back because the story becomes more cohesive for the viewer. For instance, I only remembered today the times in the early episodes when NX and WN never used to talk much to each other or the times when they were alone in the elevator. That seems like ages ago.
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