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  1. @themarchioness, it’s easy to land a man depending on the prey. Iron Hand was too innocent. Look how hard it was for Yao Hua and the Princess to move Coldblood and the other Princess to move Heartless. A simple man like Iron Hand doesn’t stand a chance though. LOL
  2. @themarchioness, I thought Iron Hand knew that she needed the poison to stay alive. I think Chaser told him when they returned to the inn even repeating what the leader of the clan had told YY back in the cave. It’s confusing because afterwards they talked about the poison bites as if it was not necessary for her to stay alive so I don’t know what the truth really was in the end. Nevertheless, Iron Hand did not help the situation. I found her annoying at first too but after she went to the poison sect I liked the change in her character.
  3. @bebebisous33 excellent post. I feel that you are right on point about OR and IBR too. I must congratulate this show for making me search my own feelings and thoughts about these kinds of issues as well and forcing me to see both points of view. I also appreciate it even when a ruling is made that does not agree with my emotional point of view. Very good show.
  4. @kokodus, I felt Iron Hand was mostly the problem in their relationship. He was too rigid. The girl was obviously addicted but he was not very understanding of her situation. Thankfully Zhuge helped them resolve their differences. I like her spunk a lot. I just don’t talk about them because Iron Hand is such a stick in the mud.
  5. I think that while OR means well, I also think that being too passionate in your own point of view is selfish. While I was fuming about that judge who worked his junior to the point of a miscarriage, I have to admit that when the senior judge for the main team finally had his say I was heartily ashamed of my one-sided perspective because he made some valid points. I was only seeing things through OR’s sense of justice and point of view. Still, if I am honest I am not pleased how that issue was concluded but it was very realistic. I must admit my respect for their senior judge escalated. I think I like him most out of all the judges I have seen in this show. He’s also fair and balanced in the true sense of those words. OR being surprised about the logical conclusion of her complaint against the judge in episode 9 showed me that she might not have thought this through. I thought she was prepared to face the consequences but it seemed she really didn’t realize this was how it would end.
  6. @angelangie, I loved her more in Legend of LuZhen but she does have a bigger part in here with her fighting skills, smart mouth and toughness.
  7. I’m rewatching it for them and the other deputies. Besides, it’s pretty funny at times and I like the young cast.
  8. @themarchioness I knew I can count on you to enlighten us on the Chinese written on the poster. Very cute indeed.
  9. At the beginning of H2H Hunan TV released this photo having fun about past lives.
  10. Many thanks @angelflower. For those who have watched the Japanese version,
  11. @themarchioness, I tend to believe there wasn’t a special doctor around to give her the necessary treatment she needed. I’m still disappointed with her though because I really felt she needed to heed the doctor’s advice when he told her to quit her job in episode 16 or so. Spitting up blood should have scared her enough but just to be near Coldblood she insisted on continuing with her job. That’s right, she never for a moment believed his act. She tried her best to get him to tell her the truth before finally deciding to leave. She really meant to leave too because after she left the bureau she didn’t look back until she heard the shout of her name. I’m glad she scolded him for shutting her out. I still don’t understand why he didn’t tell her the truth though. She already figured out he was sacrificing himself for a reason.
  12. @themarchioness, although I don’t know the language, I totally get what you mean. Sometimes the translation seems odd. I get the difficulty of translating from the comments of all of you who know better. Most times I just settle for the essence of the translation when it doesn’t make sense unless of course the translation completely missed the mark. The strange thing is that the couple dvd of drama shows I’ve purchased are much worse than subs on Viki or DramaFever. I heard DramaFever most times take liberty with translations to make it simpler for Western audience. Or maybe they’re just too lazy.
  13. @themarchioness, thanks for clarifying. What about how they keep using “bliss” in the last couple episodes? It seemed so weird. Everybody was using that word.
  14. @themarchioness, YH dying alone in the wilderness is indeed a sad thought. I guess I just like to think that she had maybe a month left but it did seem as though ASG was basically keeping her alive from day to day. I believe her injury had something to do with her heart so maybe that’s why it was sapping her life away. Also, it might be that she didn’t get the proper treatment early on as implied by her father’s doctor friend. I totally understand your take on rewatching. I get that way too where I just want to enjoy this drama without the emotional rollercoaster of H2H. However, I think it’s easy for me to rewatch H2H despite all the angst because the OTP never once wavered in their love for each other so I can put up with it. I just love that kind of constancy in their love. I can also rewatch this drama because it’s so funny and sweet and intense and I really love the OTP and the other deputies. It’s definitely easier to rewatch than H2H since the road was smoother for the OTP. Gosh, speaking of that arranged marriage, weren’t you proud of the way Li Mo decided to move on with her life and begin her search on her own for her mother? I mean, compare her determination to YH and the Princess. Coldblood rejected both and they refused to let go but Li Mo, who actually experienced his love, decided that there was nothing she could do since he wouldn’t be honest with her and the best thing she could do is leave since it would make him comfortable and she could start looking for her mom. I just love this girl.
  15. @40somethingahjumma, I was also very pleased with how mature BY and JW handled the fact that she chose to hide her job situation from him. I was dreading the usual dramatic handling of this kind of situation in the hand of script writers but thankfully the situation wasn’t blown up but rather cleared up very much in line with their characters. Some of the side stories that really touched me were the paraplegic woman and her fiancé, the doctor who got sick and wanted to transfer to another hospital, the radiologist doctor who wasn’t sure how to work the examination machine and the grandma who delayed surgery because of her grand daughter. Nice slice of life drama.
  16. @jl08, I think considering that OR basically rejected IBR it will most likely take some time for her head to catch up with any growing feelings she might have for IBR. When he confessed to her she was very surprised because she never regarded him in that way so I guess the best way for the writer to proceed to make it seem realistic is for the little things he does for her start to accumulate, shape and grow her feelings for him. At least with the other couple (judge and stenographer) the interest was always clear in a romantic sense and I guess they’ll be going on a date soon.
  17. That was thought as well but I guess the hospital IBR went to was understaffed. The doctor said they’ve been working long hours.
  18. @jadore1 indeed quite realistic. I felt a lot of mixed feelings this episode. The hospital scene in particular had a certain punch to it. I understood IBR’s panic especially since his mother was writhing in so much pain yet what the doctor said to him after treating his mom was like a bucket of ice water. My mixed feelings were running rampant when I indeed saw the other patients, who had no connections, who’ve been waiting for perhaps much longer and in a more serious condition. I’m glad that IBR stopped OR from issuing a complaint about the judge without first reporting it to the senior judge. At times OR acts too impulsively. I like that they reported to their senior this time around because he made some valid points last time too when they faced a similar situation with that other worthless judge.
  19. Oh oh, you touched on something that I’ve always wondered about. I understand it’s a business practice in SK to go for drinks as a team and it’s discourteous to refuse a drink of alcohol. I think it’s been slightly touched on in this drama where someone else would drink offered alcohol to cover another employee. I think there was an instance where OR tried to do it for BR. However, I admit I find it very weird to be compelled to attend a company’s social event or even be forced to drink alcohol. I think team building is important but I also think that individuals shouldn’t be compelled to participate in things against their will or because they think it would affect the way they’re perceived at the job.
  20. @themarchioness , well said. I really loved the song that played when he was comforting her and they showed flashbacks of them when their partnership first began. It really hurt when I see her take one last look at him when he was going away to get the water for her and then she got ready to leave. So very sad. I always hoped she went back to that “bitter” lady and lived out her life there. I think she would do well there in the peace of the pasture with the soothing sound of the water in the fish pond. As as far as a leader for the female deputies, I’m sure one will show up but definitely not among the current crop at the bureau. Regarding the upset over lack of OTP time, after watching H2H several times, my conviction has grown even more unshakable that any separation for the OTP flowed well with the story for me. Besides, watching WN hug NX for what felt like an eternity in the end was infinitely sweet. It made up for all the preceding angst for me. In this drama I admit the separation felt very long but at the same time they were missing each other so it wasn’t too bad because I think they realized just what the absence of the person they loved most felt like.
  21. Quite honestly, I never thought of bosses bullying employees until about five years ago when it was covered in a company wide harassment training that outside legal consultants conducted at our company at the request of our company’s management team. When I see these company related cases I do wonder about the status of harassment training at companies in South Korea. I know in some Asian countries a job applicant is actually required to give information on weight, height, etc. I thought it quite strange but I understand it’s the way they do things and it’s the norm.
  22. Were you upset when he was hugging Yao Hua outside the cave in the second to last episode? Some of timed comments on a Viki showed discontent. It didn’t bother me because I know clearly where his heart lie and during the conversation he also told Yao Hua that Li Mo can save her. I really just see it as him comforting her because she really was a mess. She wasted such precious time of her waning life on foolish pursuits. I confess I never understood how she can ignore her health to pursue love and why would she even want to burden someone when she was already dying.
  23. @bebebisous33, agreed. The mom was definitely out of line showing up on his job. So insufferable too. I’m glad IBR pointed these things out to both of his parents. I guess the company’s angle upsets me more because this is his livelihood, his means of survival for both him and his wife and their child. Nobody should have to put up with this level of bullying on their job and the really disturbing part is that it is ignored pretty much like the sexual harassment was ignored for the female intern couple episodes earlier. This kind of behavior was accepted because employees felt intimidated and desperately wanted to hang on to their livelihoods. These companies definitely need proper internal training on these social matters from top to bottom levels otherwise they should be exposed to the public just like IBR concluded on yesterday’s case.
  24. Whew! I just finished this show and reading this thread. I didn’t get the confusion over which actor was the main lead perhaps because on DramaFever only the actors for BY and Dr. Ye were listed. The opening credits also showed the actor for Dr. Ye right after BY. I’m glad it turned out that way too because it was nice seeing their relationship blossom from mutual respect to something dearer. I think they really suited each other. I also never found them boring and never found Dr. Ye boring. I quite like his character even when he’s dishing out unsolicited advice. LOL It’s kind of ironic because I found him funnier than a lot of the other things that were meant to be funny. Gosh, Dr. YJ’s story just crushed me. It’s so sad that she chose to break off her marriage without even giving her husband a chance to decide what he wanted to do. Her decision didn’t sit well with me at all even if she thought it was the best thing for him since he wanted children. Well, it’s water under the bridge now but it was still sad that she didn’t give him an honest answer even after all that time. At least he would know that he didn’t fail her.
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