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  1. @snowquality, I do wonder how our team will find out about the Elder’s organization because they don’t even seem to have a clue. Only unless they find this out through the kidnapping of Mr. X and also find out about Mr. X’s true identity. I feel like they need to reveal it in the episodes this weekend because we’re so close to the end.
  2. @themarchioness, I’ll start off with your last comment. Did somebody say ZH’s Coldblood is stiff? I completely disagree with them, whoever they are. I don’t find him that way at all. This is the role that he played where I started to appreciate him as an actor. I absolutely adore Coldblood and I think it’s because of the way ZH played him. I also really like the way William Chan plays Chaser and Yang Yang’s Heartless. Sadly, I can barely finish William Chan’s Side by Side and Lost Love In Times. On topic, I do understand however that people will always have differing opinions on actors and shows so ultimately the important thing is we all should enjoy what we like irrespective of the opinions of others. Regarding JC, she performed really well in that scene where Coldblood and her were arguing that night at the inn. She was so upset that she was trembling and even the way she spoke shakily while holding back tears was so natural. I really find her acting so real. And when Coldblood wiped away her tears and promised her that he won’t allow anyone to hurt her, that little sob that escaped from her lips nailed it for me. As for your point about Yu Er, are you referring to when she was tied up in the cabin or the fact that she must have had to make some sort of a journey when she left her aunt/uncle's house and came to the Bureau? I meant when she left her aunt/uncle’s house and came to the bureau. Yu Er seem knowledgeable about making it on her own. She planned her path to enter the bureau. I liked that about her. I also thought it was very nice of her to give Li Mo travel money when she was headed to Long Xi. LOL. I have had these same thoughts as well! And along those lines, I wonder just how much these deputies make. As public officials, I can't imagine they'd make *that* much. But apart from Chaser always trying to get his friends to treat him to a meal at the Royal Aunt's place, the deputies never seem to want for anything. The Bureau also never seems to lack space or resources. Perhaps for the damage Li Mo did, they can pay for it from a travel allowance provided by the bureau. As to their personal income, I also do not think they make much. Hearing the princess talk about the “little” status of a deputy, I figure they also didn’t get paid much in comparison to court officials etc. However, the bureau does indeed provide them with daily essentials which is a good thing. I remember the fabric print for Li Mo’s bed but I admit I didn’t realize the pattern in the other places even though they were right in my face. lol You’re quite observant. I did however notice how clean Heartless’ floor is in his room compared to Coldblood’s. My latest pondering has been over Cold Blood's reaction to the archery mishap. After he catches the arrow, he lashes out at Li Mo like it's her fault that she was there and tells her that from now on, she's not allowed to make an appearance without his permission. But the thing is, if you take away the anger and examine solely the contents of his words, we see that his banning her from doing anything without an order from him actually works to protect her from the outside meddlers. Was he starting to care for her during this time and just not realizing it? Or was he simply feeling bad for her and the romantic feelings still came later? In that scene I think Coldblood was absolutely furious with Yao Hua, her underlings and the princess. I didn’t see him as truly angry with Li Mo. I think it was more like he was scolding her than he was angry with her. And I absolutely agree that he was trying to protect her by telling her she’s not allowed to come out without his permission. He seemed pretty shaken that he was just able to catch the arrow just shy of it hitting her. I think he already cared for her at this point. I would say this whole situation kind of mirrors what would happen later when he was absolutely furious with Yao Hua because she left Li Mo unprotected from the rapist from Wen Ru Yi’s clan. He also scolded Li Mo when she tried to defend the situation. Also, if we assume the scriptwriter is trying to make a point through the words of YH’s underlings in the arrow incident, they too seemed convince that Coldblood’s fury was unnatural and could only mean he cared very much for Li Mo. I find it so hilarious how afterwards when Li Mo was sitting by the pond recalling how Coldblood rescued her, she started to vocalize her thoughts about how he’s a strange cold blooded animal while she’s chuckling and he was right there when she turned to get up and he had to steady her with his hand and then he asked her if that’s how she repay him...by making fun of him. LOL I did catch up on some more episodes but I keep rewatching the ones at the inn after they returned from the fight with WRY. I really like those episodes so I’m savoring them before the upcoming separation.
  3. @themarchioness, I find timed comments very distracting too but I had the feature on during my second rewatch of the later episodes. I think the viewers were confused because Uncle Zhou said he was returning to surprise his wife on her birthday. I think they thought he had returned for that instead of because of the breakup with WN. Some comments were saying some not nice words about her. LOL Also, what is up with the constant use of “blissful” in those later episodes?
  4. @alekaonu, what is LOM? Life on Mars? @snowquality, as much as Dong Soo talk about it, I think it would be a turn in his character if he actually kill DJ out of revenge. I can see him killing him, however, in the line of duty. However, I also can see DJ dying by a mercenary of The Elder’s organization or by killing himself.
  5. I certainly appreciate IBR’s belief that everybody should be treated equally by the law but for him to think that all judges (the legal system is made up of people) will have the same principles and values as him is naive. Even if most of the other judges are corrupt (which I doubt) or the whole system is corrupt, as long as he does his job properly, he’s still doing his part. He shouldn’t beat himself up about his verdict. About episode 13, the best scene for me was when Judge Han finally brought home the truth to this show. The truly powerful people are the judges. It’s sad if they didn’t even realize that. I’ll leave with a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien since my favorite judge touched on this topic: “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.
  6. @alekaonu, I didn’t realize Secret Forest will get a season 2. Glad to hear it. I already watched the two seasons of Mystery Queen. With Sketch I hope that at least this season wrap up most of the story even if part of The Elder’s organization survives. I find the concept of the sketches and I think it can work for a season 2.
  7. Gah, maybe an open end since season 2 is rare for kdrama shows. Let’s hope for the best though that they at least severely incapacitate the elder’s network. Ultimately I hope that they would be able to get rid of the organization but it’s seems like a formidable task.
  8. @philosophie, I too would like to hear the opinions of others on their interpretation of why BR drank himself into a stupor and then utterly broke down. Perhaps he felt that he was too harsh in his judgment on the alcoholic elderly man especially after seeing the five year verdict for a rich businessman who embezzled billions of won from his company. In my opinion, BR doesn’t need to beat himself up about it because even if the rich guy’s sentence did not fit his crime, it’s not like BR was the one who gave it to him. If BR and Judge Han felt that the sentence they gave was fair when they gave it, I don’t know why he should let the presumable unfair sentence of another judge for a rich man undermine his reasoning for giving his sentence in the case of the alcoholic man. Quite frankly I would be curious to know what would be the private opinions of BR and OR on the case of a drunk and homeless person who hit a young career woman on the head with a rock while she was waiting to cross the street and she suffered significant brain damage. Who is the strong and who is the weak in this case?
  9. I don’t know the other actor who had to drop out of the role but I’m very happy ZH got the role. He is NX to me too. I liked ZH since The Four but I saw him in other roles earlier and they never really moved me. He mostly played cold characters. It’s truly a pleasure to see him act a character that portrays so many different emotions, who is also intelligent and a complicated man. NX to me does nothing rashly and I find that an interesting trait of his. He’s always plotting the next move and adapts them as circumstances changes. @themarchioness, quite frankly, your translations makes much more sense. I was wondering why they had ZLL saying that NX went to the states. I knew it had to be an error but I found it an annoying error because it obviously didn’t make sense. I was also wondering about that GT’s use of effeminate. The conversation with PWN I pretty much guessed the gist of it. Still, it’s distracting from the character conversations when the subs don’t make sense. Thanks so much for the clarifications. Oh, so NX’s dad was indeed returning earlier because of him. In the discussions in Viki timed comments viewers were confused after listening to the message he left. Did you find any translation error that made them feel that way? I was too busy tearing up because as soon as WN heard Uncle Zhou’s voice she began to cry. That scene was so heartbreaking. It’s like hearing from a loved one who passed away so many years before.
  10. @snowquality, @alekaonu, @coolbett1357, you guys, I also hope Lieutenant Oh will be fine. She’s definitely an asset to the team. I think that Shi Hyun will feel betrayed by her brother when she finds out. Considering she kept trying to get Dong Soo to stay on the right path and not seek revenge, I think she might be hurt when she finds out what her brother is doing irrespective of the goal. I think that SH and team might eventually join in the force against The Elder but legally. I doubt if by the end of the show The Elder will actually be eliminated. His organization sounds like it’s too invincible so SH’s brother’s plan might not be successful. Still, I hope it is successful.
  11. This was an excellent show from beginning to end. I don’t think I have watched an ending to a crime/law show as satisfying as this in a very long time. I love that CMS got a sentence worthy of her crimes and all her cohorts. Great actors and thoroughly interesting story.
  12. In the preview for episode 13 it looks like Mr. X will fall into the hands of the Elder’s hitman. I wonder how his power to tell the future works because while we did see him experience it for a bit, the details weren’t clear. All we saw was that he knew to tell Tae Joon to hurry to the decease prosecutor’s office before Dong Soo and team showed up. So, I wonder if he wasn’t able to see that the elder’s hitman will catch him or is it just another step in his plan.
  13. @josephinewong, I watch drama shows for the most part because of the story rather than the actors so I haven’t seen most of ZH’s work but I have seen him in several drama shows and in terms of character, I find Nan Xian the most complicated character he has portrayed so far as I have seen. For me, this character is memorable and I’m really happy that he was able to play this role. By the way, @kokodus can share with you the thread for discussing the actor Zhang Han since you’re an avid fan of his.
  14. @themarchioness, I think NX opens up to GF because GF actually prods him. When I remember the times we see them together, NX hardly ever volunteers any information. It took GF several tries to get NX to admit that he indeed had a special relationship with WN. I simply love the way ZH acted out that part. I can see it now in my mind’s eye where he sits forward with his elbows resting on his thighs and touches his watch wrist and he grows silent and the mood changes and he tells GF that he knew about his past relationship and that WN is his first love. All that time had passed since WN was working there and he now finally reveals the truth to GF after GF sincerely makes the case that he’s observed that NX treats her differently. Maybe GT’s approach is the problem because NX did tell GF the truth after GF earnestly asked him why he left England suddenly and was willing to listen to his explanation as is always his approach. I’m surprised NX didn’t choke on the food. I mean, how could the mother be so wrapped up in her own pain? Her conversations with NX are always about her complaints and guilt tripping him. No wonder he needed that six months break from her. By the way, I don’t think we ever clarified why the father rushed back. We all thought it’s because NX was having a hard time with the breakup but was it really because of the mother’s birthday? About the subs, I wish they would fix them but I’m losing hope on that issue.
  15. @kokodus, it is heartbreaking because those who knew kept him in the dark. It also didn’t help that WR finished by telling him to stay away from WN and kind of alluded that nothing good would come from their relationship. WN, on the other hand, never for a moment blamed NX for either his failure to contact her when he was in England or for his misunderstanding that she didn’t suffer like him over the 7 years. She was very apologetic towards him because she saw how much she had hurt him and she made sure to apologize this time and told him she never regretted loving him. Yes, ZH was wonderful in his role as NX. I love seeing all of his varying emotions and I love trying to read him because the character is truly complex.
  16. @kokodus, I’ve been through the same “sticking” point where I can’t move on from a drama and I would be in the same place as you if I didn’t force myself to stop watching. The thing about this show is that I have to stop in the right places to prevent myself staying up all night and regretting it at work the next day. LOL That’s why when I want to rewatch I usually start on a Friday night so I have the weekend to be a zombie. Like you said, it’s a roller coaster ride. It’s forgiving though because no matter how much they hurt each other they’ve never accepted anyone else for a second. That scene at the airport has so much meaning and I love it. I was very upset with NX because of the way he ignored her calls while in England so I was happy that she was leaving even though it was for a different reason. I was happy because he had become complacent so soon after they got back together and needed to learn a lesson. Even if he was upset because of the implication ZLL made in England, he should have at least acknowledge her many messages. Still, I was sad for him again in the next moment especially when she called him to say goodbye. I loved how she clearly told him that the one thing she has never regretted is loving him. But to hear her say goodbye as if she was never coming back just really strikes the heart. I love the scenes that follow when he’s reflecting on all the times he was harsh with her not knowing that she also went through a difficult and painful seven years and also the scene with his mom. I just love how he was adamant that WN was the only one for him. These two...they just continue to love only each other.
  17. @kokodus, I haven’t watched this drama in about three weeks now so I’m looking forward to noticing those expressions you talked about when I rewatch it soon. There are definitely my favorites like when he laughs and tells GT to give him some peace. I also love the expression on his face when he’s sitting back while WN begins to sing “their” song. Gah, straight through the kokoro it pierced me knowing what he must be feeling in the moment. Oh, and I have been watching a lot of drama shows but I’m not attached to the romances anywhere near as much as I am to this. However, this is a common occurrence for me because romances don’t really move me deeply unless there’s something about the couple and their love that takes me above and beyond the ordinary. By the way, if anybody here ever read Jane Austen’s Persuasion, doesn’t this story remind you of the romance between the hero and heroine of that book?
  18. I love that scene. It showcases the bromance between NX and GF really well. NX is honest with GF and GF’s response shows that he completely agreed with and supported NX’s answer. @Morelia, as the others posted, NX’s mom was definitely at the wedding. I would have loved to see her face when YX and PWN left together. In my rewatch of this show, NX’s mom makes me very frustrated because of how unreasonable she was with him especially in that scene where she came to the office and was talking so loud, ordering NX to get rid of WN from the company. Poor guy was probably already tired from working long hours and here comes his mother to add more pressure.
  19. I tried kimbap for the first time yesterday in a Korean restaurant in NYC and while I liked it I prefer sushi. Still, I will be trying more varieties when I get a chance to visit more Korean restaurants.
  20. Wow, so the dad really is the serial killer? I'm surprised because he doesn't seem like the type from what I saw of him in episode 6. Still, in real life some serial killers have been said to be charming and nice guys by their neighbors, friends and acquaintances. *shudders* So then who is that guy who TJ saw in 2018 before he was assaulted? Someone who knows about the original manicure murders back in 1988? So many questions. Regarding TJ, for now I'm kind of assuming that "some" of the things he discovered about his father in episode 6 might have been things he had seen as a kid and kept subconsciously but now his mind is examining them from the point of view of an adult. This show is so intriguing and raises so many questions.
  21. @themarchioness, I think I have a photograph of that expression in my memory but when I get there I will definitely find out if I also see a glimpse of NX. That moment was so cute in The Four and that moment in H2H. I also suddenly remember when Coldblood woke up in Li Mo’s arms too after surviving the night after the wolf poison was removed. Quite a few sweet moments in this drama. I love how she told him let’s never be apart again and I think he hugged her until Ms. Bitter arrived to interrupt the moment. I also think people had to grow up faster in the past so I understand the difference in maturity level. Regarding the farewell, I certainly feel it in historical drama. I think the uncertainty of meeting again was particularly highlighted for me when Li Mo and Wu Qin fell off the cliff or when both of them returned to the bureau and Coldblood and Yao Hua had left. It’s not like our modern times where people can be traced, found or contacted relatively easily. So when Li Mo was saying farewell to YY and MX and basically asking YY to take care of MX, I really felt it for her and them. I don’t think she said goodbye to Yu’er did she? In any case, I was glad when Coldblood found out because if she had really left the city it might have been very troublesome to find her. One thing i always wondered about is was it even safe for her to make that journey alone? I always think that a woman traveling along would be vulnerable to assault of any nature. I know before she met Coldblood she was faced with the same path but thankfully Coldblood found her. Yu’er was able to survive on her own but I don’t think she was traveling a great distance like Li Mo intended to do on her own. Random thought: I keep thinking how much money the deputies had to pay the owner of the inn for the stuff Li Mo destroyed in her frustration. LOL Gosh, she even tore up their curtains hanging from the wooden beams. I know the inn owner said it was his best room. Also, ASG sure wear more makeup than the women. LOL When I watch this show I’m always diving a bit deeper trying to figure out what Coldblood might be thinking. I guess because he was so cold from the beginning I find it interesting to see how his feelings undergo a transformation from beginning to end. Definitely in the beginning he didn’t have any sympathy for Li Mo’s situation or predicament. I always wondered if Li Mo annoyed him when she told him that saying it’s his duty shouldn’t negate his conscience unless of course he doesn’t have one. It’s definitely an insult but Coldblood might not necessarily give it any credit because in terms of the royal law, she really was guilty. I just find it sweet how later on when the truth was exposed and Yao Hua and others wanted to capture Li Mo, Coldblood was adamant about protecting her. As much as he cared for the bureau and his fault in the entire affair, he never for a moment considered giving her up. While watching, I also ponder if certain moments he experience is his first.
  22. @themarchioness, awwwwwwwww! I love that scene you mentioned too. I've been holding off at continuing during the week otherwise I won't get any sleep at night and that would be bad at work the next day. I really love that whole night scene where they're talking about their future and those sweet words you mentioned and that lovely ballad playing in the background. It was good to see them relaxing and enjoying their time together after all they went through. I don't see Nan Xian in Cold Blood either but I think I remember the expression. It's funny to me that Cold Blood seem older than Nan Xian and Wen Nuan older than Li Mo. Heh. Maybe it's the gravity in their personalities that is making me feel this way.
  23. @themarchioness, I guess we just see that scene differently. Wow, people seem to really like that story. I just don’t get it. I prefer the mangaka’s later story but even that is not as good as other manga I’ve read imho.
  24. @themarchioness, you should go look at that scene again with Li Mo hiding her top. She was indeed looking at the top because it was torn, but when Coldblood discovered her, she quickly hid the top behind her and turned slightly away from him, averting her eyes, covering chest and looking ashamed. I just went to confirm it. Also, listening to her argument, she does tell Coldblood that he doesn’t have to be concerned with her anymore but also added that she doesn’t care if he chooses the princess or Yao Hua which shows that their actions could have been bothering her especially after that confrontation with Yao Hua. I actually understood Coldblood’s point of view simply because he told the two underlings that it was late and Li Mo was asleep and they should wait for tomorrow. But oh no, Li Mo had to present herself to be used by them by promising to come with them to make them food. Not to mention he probably didn’t trust them after knowing all the things they did to Li Mo including using her as a live target, setting her up as bait, and covering her room windows with black cloth. In his place, I would be upset too because it was her choice to go out late at night with them. Of course, Li Mo was acting benevolently but I can still see why he was mad at her for exposing herself to danger even if she hadn’t seen it coming. However, I think Li Mo had a right to be upset with him because of the way he wasn’t giving her a chance to explain. Well, I did enjoy the intensity of that scene though and a firm resolve resulted from it. Pathetic indeed. At least she showed a bit of shame when she first made the request because of the way Coldblood looked at her when she said it. I think he asked her how could she say such a thing. Ouch. Still, I totally agree that’s rape in another form. It was hard to see her sink so low even murdering innocent people like the newly weds. I’m reminded of the discomfort Coldblood must have felt staying in the valley. As soon as he woke up that bitter woman was accusing him of loving someone else while taking advantage of Yao Hua’s good grace for saving his life. Ugh. He tried to send Yao Hua away but she refused. She is far too persistent. I felt bad for him because it could not have been easy owing her yet again knowing that what she wanted he couldn’t give her. Then Ms Bitter was also trying to persuade him to choose Yao Hua and forget Li Mo.
  25. @themarchioness, talking about the dubbing reminded me about silent filming for Chinese drama. I think it’s the reason why many times I feel like the sounds aren’t vibrant when compared to Korean drama that probably use the natural sounds around them while filming. Subconsciously, I always notice the quietness of Chinese modern drama which even make the city sounds seem dull. Before I forget like you did, let me comment on some other things. I confess I was a little upset with Li Mo for dilly dallying in that foreign tribe although it did work out in the end because she found Heartless. However, before that I felt she wasn’t thinking enough about how worried Coldblood must be. It’s not like they lived in modern times where a phone call could be made. Anyway, she was almost forced to remain there by that chauvinistic prince. I also think she’s like her future counterpart by actually contemplating not going back to the bureau for Yao Hua’s sake. Thankfully she agreed in the end that she wanted to return to Coldblood. So Li Mo went from calling Coldblood “Gonze” in the frozen valley to “Da Ge” after the valley? I believe you can explain why right? The transition was abrupt to me and although I know it was a transition to a more familiar way of addressing him, I guess because it was done without question made it kind of weird for me. Now to your points. I feel like Wu Qin should have been only caught off guard with the news that they were already engaged. He shouldn’t have been so oblivious though with their relationship because they were often with him at the inn. Besides all those times, he could not have failed to notice that Coldblood brought Li Mo with him when they accompanied him and Ru Yan part of the journey where they intended to live in seclusion. Ru Yan also seemed aware of Li Mo’s relationship with Coldblood because before their parting she advised Li Mo not to miss out on time with Coldblood like she did with Wu Qin. So I figure if she realized it Wu Qin also did. Granted, that is before he lost his memory but he did regain them by time he met Coldblood again. Oh, I was really talking about Yao Hua’s underlings when I mention the setup for rape. They exposed Li Mo to that twice. Speaking of that time, what did you think of Yao Hua trying to guilt trip Li Mo into giving up Coldblood because she rescued her? I couldn’t believe her lame attempt at guilt tripping her. I mean, that situation would not have happened if it wasn’t for her underlings. How could she not recognize that? I believe all of this plus the terrifying experience of almost getting raped caused Li Mo to explode when Coldblood got upset with her for almost losing her chastity. That was just too much pressure considering what she just escaped. She also probably still felt the weight of Yao Hua’s words. I felt so bad for her when she froze when Coldblood discovered her. She had the look of someone who was violated and was trying to hide it. Frankly, she looked ashamed. I’m glad that the very next day Coldblood finally laid down the law to his unwanted harem. He told Yao Hua, her underlings and the princess in no uncertain terms that any future act against Li Mo would be considered an act against him. Then he grabbed Li Mo’s hand and walked off. LOL LOL I crack up so much when they were going around the table to chose the fake bride and groom. Everybody except Yi Yi and Chaser were so nervous that it’s hilarious. And yep, we got to see what their wedding would look like. I wonder if they married at the estate or bureau though. Lastly and before I forget, since I have always seen the deputies as innocent guys, I was very shocked by Coldblood when he was forced to go to Yao Hua’s room at ASG’s place to supposedly spend the night with her. LOL I was wondering who was this person on the screen who grabbed Yao Hua and asked her if this is how she liked it or wanted it or something like that. I’m only on episode 18 so this is purely from memory. Ewww! I wonder how he felt having her all over him. I was so glad that ASG had given her that pill at least only to prevent anything happening.
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