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  1. As someone said before ( @bebebisous33?) the guardian could be a doctor. I rewatched episodes 1-4 and realized the white coat hanging in his office. There was also a name plate on his desk but that wasn’t translated by the sub team so those who can read Korean might know how to read it. However, it occurred to me that people who work in labs also wear white coats. Is he connected to the cosmetic industry too or is he undercover too (if JEH is a spy) or does he work for a government agency? We just don’t know anything yet. Perhaps the sequence of showing how KCK ended up at the police station will be shown next episode. These shows have a way of setting a cliffhanger ending and then showing the lead up in the next episode. So now JEH is in possession of two cell phones that she cannot unlock. The one she had all along and the one she found at the beautiful creepy house. I find it so curious that she doesn’t remember the passcode for the phone but remember her husband’s likes and dislikes. I don’t know about you guys but passwords that I use every day are naturally remembered by my fingers. I remembered once I couldn’t tell our company IT guy my password until I sat down to type it with my fingers. lol I had totally blanked on the password but remembered through typing it. Maybe for JEH the current phone she had is just temporary so there’s no memory and the one she found is, in her mind, a stranger’s yet I wouldn’t be surprised if she unlocks it one day providing it’s kept in her possession.
  2. Guys, I think she was probably depressed after living for years in that house. With a MIL like that it’s understandable plus I wonder what kind of expectations she had to live up to in her position as the lady of the house. It didn’t seem as though her family was welcomed either. The maids were probably the most down to earth for her. In addition, since the public doesn’t know her, it doesn’t seem as though she ever participated in charities and events that quite a few rich ladies sponsor or attend. So then, it might be that she was a wife that only stayed pretty much at home. The husband is a news anchor, model and heir to a company and yet there is no picture of him at an event with his wife? It’s very weird. @bebebisous33, I completely forgot that KJW is the only one who knows the guardian because it’s not even like he came to the office. He only met him in the parking lot as far as I remember. @zenya22, both KJW and JEH were careless to leave the picture lying around. Sometimes I wished that characters in drama watched crime shows because then they would get a clue. LOL
  3. @bebebisous33, I find the difference in JEH’s personality in the beginning of the show and her personality now a sharp contrast. It’s makes me very interested to know why she seems like two different women. Sometimes she even seem like an airhead as the maid because common sense and observation should have told her not to bring her mother’s packed dishes to her husband while Chairman Min was present. The JEH at the beginning of the show took risks but seemed smart enough to evade the thugs after her for many months. So indeed this is a search to find the real JEH.
  4. @dotonly and @Lmangla I confess I cannot feel anything but creepy between the husband and wife. It’s purely because of the basement thing though. This is why I think chemistry is subjective to the viewer because although the husband and wife are attractive people, since the husband is suspect to me, whenever he touches her I flinch. LOL The funny thing is that if I didn’t have any suspicion about him, I most likely would have felt differently. @zenya22, thanks for reminding me about KCK’s rejection of the BIL’s visit. Could it be that he refused to see him because he didn’t know the whereabouts of his wife or was that just haughtiness? Also, it seemed like JEH’s mother refused to search for her to prevent a scandal. Still, why would she be afraid of that when the public didn’t know JEH? I don’t think her name would attract attention unless it’s from the old colleagues at the news station.
  5. @bebebisous33, I also wonder how the story will proceed because I kind of no longer see the necessity of KJW’s character. He was needed for the plastic surgery and to support JEH afterwards but really he’s just a regular guy. I mean, take for instance the fact that he was not too suspicious that his house might have been broken into by the crooked persistent guy downstairs. It just shows that KJW is straightforward. I think that they might continue to develop his role in the story maybe through the connection with the cosmetic company and his clingy ex-girlfriend? Hmmm. Anyway, I’m kind of looking forward to the revelations now that JEH went back to the beautiful creepy house. @Lmangla, could be amnesiac JEH is not afraid of the anchor because she doesn’t remember what she uncovered about him. He said that the maid reminded him of the cheerful fun person JEH was when they were dating. Marriage seems to have changed her. Also, I think her body remembers her husband’s tastes because she was probably a “perfect” wife who was extremely attentive to his needs. The JEH we were introduced to chose to leave. To me she could have chosen to turn a blind eye to whatever it was that she discovered for the sake of her husband’s love. Also, even if the issue was connected to her MIL or Ms. Jung, she should have been able to seek protection from her husband who seem to love her very much. That’s why I find the mansion and it’s occupants mysterious.
  6. @dotonly, generally I don’t like love triangles but I can understand why writers employ them to create conflict. I still dislike them though. In this story I think of KJW as a normal good guy. I’m holding back judgment on KCK simply because it seems like he is more complicated than what has been revealed so far. I really want to know why the maids can’t clean the basement. What is he hiding down there? I hope the mystery and the wait will be worth it.
  7. I don’t know a thing about the novel but purely from watching the series I feel the same way as you do. I really enjoyed the first arc but was eager to move on to the next because I wanted to see the other kingdoms. Up until the point where FY served Prince Yi with that knife of poetic justice, I was sure the story would continue to be riveting but I must admit that after Prince Lie rescued FY outside the gates of the village that betrayed her, the story gets kind of slows down. Nevertheless, I persevere because I’m totally sold on FY and WJ and even Quack Doctor stories. I was so upset that he didn’t take care of QZ so I hope it’s addressed later on. Now I will find out if Prince Lie will finally deal with his brother.
  8. @dramaaddiction, thank you for pointing out that scene in the heaven’s gate with Wiji. The scenes flashed by so quickly that I hadn’t noticed the bed scene with the empress. That means Wiji must have seen that at some point in his life. I have to go look up FY’s now because I missed the closet scene. The scene where she’s surrounded by the dead people was more obvious in my memory.
  9. I find it so hilarious how shocked DY was when she connected the dots to finally conclude that she and her uncle are dating siblings. LOL I wonder if we’ll have a scene later just for the sake of amusement where the couples are trying to rationalize away the absurdity of their family entanglements. I think ET/YH have the advantage though. MY must be loaded because from what I understand, her ex-husband’s debts are exorbitant. She must be a saint to take responsibility for his debts. CSW is a real piece of work but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that he tried to blame ET for the whole situation including returning to Korea from abroad. I really want SH to find out about WAM’s deal with MY. Oh so HH gave MS permission to look at JH’s stuff. Well, it’s better that it’s in the open now so the story can move on.
  10. As much as I dislike that MY made a deal with WAM, I think MY’s action stem from the time in the past when HS/MY/WAM had that conflict in the shoe store and HS was upset with MY for possibly aggravating the situation for SH. He basically told MY that he can tolerate any offenses against him for the sake of his children’s happiness. I think MY understands what he meant then and is basically acting in the same way hoping that giving in to the covetous MIL would grant SH a certain level of peace and goodwill at home.
  11. I finally watched the episodes. I was quite upset with KJW for his delay in telling JEH who she was particularly because she was walking into the lion’s den every day without knowing it. It’s fortunate that she saw that hitman that Ms. Jung sent after her before he could execute his plan. I do like that JEH was able to reunite with her family at the police station but how creepy was it when the husband showed up at the door. Heh. @bebebisous33, I think JEH was in love with her husband when they were dating, but like you speculated, perhaps after they married things got complicated. Indeed JEH and her husband seem to have a different perspective on their marriage. He clearly seem to think that they were happy. Before KJW knew who the anchor’s wife was, he even questioned the decision of the wife to give up everything to stay at home and the anchor pretty much responded that it was natural for the wife to stay at home after marriage. Heh. Anyway, when JEH was on the run, she probably never reached out to the husband because he was part of the problem she was trying to escape. The basement seem to be all about him and not the MIL. In fact, it seems like the mystery of the cell phones are linked to the husband and Ms. Jung without much connection to MIL. Still, it puzzles me what secret or information the cell phone holds. In the preview it looks like JEH will return to live at her husband’s place. I don’t think it’s wise but it’s the only way to discover secrets in the household. It makes me wonder how the story will proceed now that she’ll probably remain at home. At least the housekeeper is there.
  12. Hi Chingu, I just binge-watched 45 episodes so it’s easier to remember stuff. So there’s a question about Fu Yao’s parentage? I’m more concerned about her surviving because the Fei Yan character unnerves me and she keeps seeking out Fu Yao. I just hope neither Fu Yao nor Wuji makes a deal with her later on because I keep hearing that her price is high and I can’t help feeling a sense foreboding regarding her. I hope I’m wrong though.
  13. @bebebisous33, you’re so spot on. I’d like to highlight especially how you pointed out how the physical appearances of men aren’t questioned. The senior, in particular, seem to think very highly of himself when to me he has absolutely nothing going for him including personality. He’s a creep. I also don’t understand why the girls aren’t more assertive. I know nobody wants to be a killjoy in a fun setting but I always find it problematic that females in drama shows keep allowing themselves to be coerced into drinking more than they should. As to KMR, I’m hoping that she gains confidence as the show progresses because currently she just goes along with people perhaps out of her desire to be accepted and liked by others. She also needs to get a clue soon about that fake friend Soo Ah.
  14. I just started watching this show last week and I keep wondering now if Wuji is Prince De’s son. I started getting this suspicion after Prince De was introduced and I realized he must be the crazy aunt’s husband. I remember back in the kingdom of Taiyun she told Fu Yao that her husband had a child with the woman he loved or something like that. After Fu Yao witnessed the armorous meeting between Prince De and the empress, I figured that it is very likely that the aunt was talking about them. Also, after the attempted coup in the palace of Taiyun, Wuji forced the aunt to talk about the past and then he cried afterwards. This was obviously personal to him so it raised my curiosity about his family situation and I feel that he suspects something. He seems to dislike Prince De too because of the attitude he had when Prince De greeted him. So, is he Prince De’s son and if so, I wonder if his father and Prince De knows?
  15. Many thanks @chasen8888. I think HS is a wonderful role model for ET and I can see why he admires him. I can’t remember all the words of wisdom (obviously gained from experience) that HS has shared in this drama but I was always impressed with the way he handled issues with his children. He’s a very patient man. I also liked the way that he never blamed his children for deeds that seemed overtly selfish to me but instead tried to understand their perspectives. He’s very good to MY too particularly when he does these sweet thoughtful things for her like promising to visit her father on his memorial anniversary knowing full well how much that would mean to MY. By the way, did ET not think about how he would be a father to ES when he marries YH? Hmmm. He didn’t seem to have any fears then. So is he shaken because of what almost happened to ES?
  16. @bebebisous33, thanks for the summary. I’m still waiting for subs for episodes 11-12 before watching this weekend’s episodes. I find it very interesting that you doubt JEH’s feelings for her husband because now it made me think too that it could be a possibility. I remember posting here that it’s interesting that JEH seem attracted to her husband even after suffering amnesia. In fact, she behaves like a fangirl. She says things like he’s the ideal husband to women in SK. Examining her behavior from another perspective, her behavior does seem weird, almost like a “cover”. How is it she says the same things about her husband as if rehearsed and reinforced? I thought of her behavior only as a strong attraction to her husband but perhaps there’s room for doubt now. I have to wait and see the episodes to find out more. It does sound like a lot was revealed. I certainly didn’t think JEH might have been the husband’s junior. The episodes sound so interesting and I can’t wait to watch.
  17. Yep, I just saw that. He stepped up to the plate. They still have to face issues with her parents so I want them to get pass this MS issue soon. I guess it really doesn’t pay to go searching other people’s room without permission but at least the cat is out the bag. JH looks like he firmly owned up to his position as DY’s man so I hope he doesn’t feel apologetic about his relationship with her for the sake of anybody. I wonder if now the other family members will find out about DY. Only HH knows.
  18. I saw today’s clip where DY calls him and he’s with MS in the kitchen and he hesitates to answer the phone until MS prompts him to and he basically rushes DY off the phone and hangs up. I guess it’s now his turn to make her feel insecure? Heh. These young adults are fumbling so much. He better get his act together because DY gave him a great confession of her feelings yesterday and it doesn’t even look like he’s called her back yet. I don’t think he will do the noble idiot thing though.
  19. @chasen8888, I understand that most people want to look good in the eyes of the person they love but I don’t exactly understand why DY thinks she has to be perfect. I hope that JH will reassure her just like she reassured him in yesterday’s episode. I know he’s capable of it because he did it in the past after it was exposed that she was his high school classmate. One thing I found curious about her conversation with JH is that she felt that JH might be sympathizing more with MS instead of her. I hope JH will step up to the plate. It’s kind of funny how he seeks relationship advice from his supervisor who can read him like a book every time. Heh.
  20. So ET will finally address the elephant in the room in the next episode. I hope that’s a sign that ES’ diagnosis is optimistic. I can’t see ET leaving the hospital to confront CSW about ES’ existence before getting some form of release from blaming himself for ES’ condition. I was waiting for him to express his feelings on the fact that CSW stole his donation but that couldn’t happen until ES’ situation became less worrisome. I love DY’s talk with JH about her unrequited feelings and why she didn’t tell JH about the confession she received. I understand her reasons although I don’t agree with the way she handled the situation. I admit while I find these two stumbling right now, there are some real sincere moments between them that are just so sweet. I love when DY told JH she was glad to see him and those few words just wiped away JH’s doubts to the point that he admitted out loud that he can tell that she likes him a lot. He seemed so moved by her in that moment. Eun Tae and Yoo Ha near broke my heart on the stairs when Yoo Ha finally broke down. Their soundtrack made that scene even more heartfelt. I really hope that good times return soon for them. They still have a lot of other issues to deal with including his sister who refuses to butt out of his business.
  21. I can’t help getting mad at HH for crying over that piece of trash. When will they realize that money is not a substitute for character nor can it buy character. It’s just like that female customer of DY’s who was dressed up fancy but everything about her attitude and speech was low-class. HH should be glad she escaped unscathed and found out the truth before anything more serious happened. Furthermore, I can’t believe she’s still expecting to hook up with a rich guy. MS is spot on when he told her that rich people weigh the plus and minuses of a partner. She needs to have more realistic goals. Normal people work diligently, save/invest their money and are still able to live comfortably. She need to learn from YH’s experience. Marrying into rich families sure come with its hardships. I’m sure YH is infinitely happier now before the current situation.
  22. @chasen8888, many thanks for the summary. I think I am most looking forward to WAM’s takedown. I always get a lot of pleasure from seeing the exposure and comeuppance for audacious and mercenary people. I actually thought the way she treated SH after the honeymoon was sincere and I thought she had changed her mind about SH and truly wanted to treat her like a daughter...well that was short lived. I’m looking forward to seeing the way MY handles the situation. I’m glad that HS went to talk to ET but it looks like ET’s mind is inconsolable about ES’ condition. I really want this to pass soon because there are other issues YH and ET still has to deal with so I’m hoping that ES is not detrimentally ill. And wow, JJH is still at it. I’m surprised ET has managed to hold back all these times anyway. HS is such a wonderful father and to me MY suits his well. This is the first relationship that interested me in this drama and I’m really glad to see how settled they’ve become. I miss hearing their soundtrack lately but I suppose it’s because they’re both caught up with unhappy issues regarding their children. I find it curious how MY always end up exposed to the “money and status” side of his children’s issues because she has the right knowledge and experience to handle them.
  23. I’ve finally caught up with this drama. Episode 12 was really good. We got many questions answered. While I did feel sorry for what happened to KHS, it was only for a moment. I was somehow reminded of what DC told the hostage takers about any sympathy the public might have felt for them was erased by their actions. For me it’s the same way I feel about KHS. He would have murdered TJ right there on the spot if he could. He crossed my line of sympathy long time ago. I particularly liked how Chief Inspector echoed how I felt when he told TJ, “Are you feeling sympathy about his childhood? Wake up! He’s a murderer. You’re too soft. This is insane.” “The man from Seoul” is interesting. Who is he? Why can’t he be trusted? How does KHS know about him? I’m always thinking now that this is TJ’s mind creating these mysteries and I’m wondering what answer is he trying to find or resolve. I see that KMS is already biting his fingers. I guess that’s how he ends up with no finger prints. Ms. Yoon is still brave for asking KHS if he murdered all those people. In her state of captivity, I would think the terror of her situation would be heightened with the knowledge that he had in fact murdered those people but our brave Ms. Yoon still wanted to hear the answer. Besides, with psychos like these, one never knows what the trigger might be. I know a lot of times they love to talk to their intended victims about their past murders though so I guess Ms. Yoon figured he would admit the truth now that he was in control of her situation. This is a really solid crime show. Oh, and how sweet it is that YNY has a picture of TJ in her notebook. Heh.
  24. @newyee, I suppose my bar for character change is higher. For me transformation and growth for a character comes when the character acknowledges that his/her behavior and attitude that hurt others need to be corrected. I don’t see that from MS yet. He still looks down his nose at the Parks even calling their house shabby. He still wants MS shares to bring his worthless father back. He only decided to grudgingly help JH because he heard what JH said about HH and was most likely prompted by JH’s sense of urgency and care for his sister. And this getting along with JH that you guys are talking about, I always notice that even at his own house JH is the one who makes an effort to get along with MS. With regards to DY, MS still doesn’t respect her boundaries and makes her uncomfortable. Furthermore, even the worse people can do nice things for the people they like. For me, until he has that self realization about his past behavior and the way it affected MY, JH and HS and repent for the terrible things he did to them, I can’t warm up to him. I hate when stories sweep things under the rug because transformation for me comes with a change of heart and mind. ET might be harsh at work but he still is a decent person to his workers (no matter how much they grumble) and the people in his personal life. Also, even that doctor who was gossiping behind ET’s back was yelling at YH and the other intern. Maybe that’s how they do things considering they are responsible for the lives and care of others. In the beginning I disliked ET for the way he treated YH but guess what? He had a change of heart and mind about YH realizing that he misjudged her and was very sorry for it. ET also come from a wealthy enough family and didn’t look down his nose at the Park’s house like a snob while eating there and he also noticed early on the incomparable value of a father like HS. On the other hand, consider what MS was doing to MY and his subordinates at work. A mask at home and a tyrant at work. I wouldn’t put ET there.
  25. ET does have his own self-interest as I’m sure JH has his concerning their respective relationships but it’s a fact that ET is not mean-spirited when it comes to JH/DY despite knowing their relationships might be an issue in the future. No matter what ET might have said in his thoughts when talking to JH about JJH it doesn’t diminish the fact that ET does seem to care about JH/DY and their relationship. I think all the characters have flaws but there is some behavior where I personally draw the line. Also, for myself there are some characters in drama shows who I might not have liked in the beginning but they had so much character growth that by the end of the drama they thoroughly won my heart over. Hyun Moo in Come and Hug Me is one such example for me.
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