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  1. @Yui., I don’t think romance follows a set course especially if the characters and their circumstances are complicated. I actually don’t believe Yiqing ever intended to fall in love with Jingrong perhaps because he said that he lives one day at time and some things he deem as important and some not so important so he doesn’t pour his heart into it. In the beginning at times he seem to flirt with Jingrong and sometimes he’s standoffish. So I don’t think for him it was a linear development. However, I think the more he interacted with Jingrong the more he became attracted and involved although by his thoughts in ep 28 it’s clear that he tried for a long time to ignore his feelings. As to Jingrong, I think her perspective is more complicated. When she was present at Snow Tower she was friendly, shy and gentle. I truly believe she was protective of Yiqing because like everyone else she thought he was too sickly to face the internal strife at Snow Tower. She also remembered how Yiqing accompanied her in the vigil for her dad and I feel that her heart was softened towards him in gratitude. Nevertheless, to me she seemed attracted to him. After the tragedy at Sand Valley and the three years time skip, I felt Jingrong had pretty much returned to how she used to be before Sand Valley took her in. She no longer trusted anyone and is quite stubborn to a fault. I think her problem with Yiqing is she doesn’t fully trust him and she obviously hold grudges against him for the Lei family son and thinks that he can be ruthless. It’s not until she learns that he’s the gentle doctor that she starts to see this other side to him which he always hid from her. That’s when the two versions of Yiqing becomes one for her. I think having her find out before Yiqing was kidnapped was the turning point for her because now a real life and death situation intervened to test the true nature of her feelings. Moreover, Nanchu also told Jingrong about the things Yiqing did for her in secret and that further made an impression. So to answer your question, I think she let down her resistance to Yiqing after she found out he was the gentle doctor who took care of her. I can certainly understand this because no matter how much Yiqing likes her he is still harsh with her if he needs to be. In Sand Valley she was coddled and protected so the way Yiqing treats her is very different to her senior brother and master. To be honest, I really do not see anything wrong with the romantic development. It kind of reminds me of the famous and much beloved literary work “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen and adapted into film repeatedly through the years. If Jingrong fell only after she learned about that other side of Yiqing then her predecessor is Elizabeth Bennett who after she realized she was prejudiced against Mr. Darcy, she began to realize how blind she was to his merits and began to appreciate and sincerely love the man. As to the reunion between elder brother and Jingrong, I haven’t seen it but I imagine there are so many things that have happened to change them and they will never be the same. Don’t forget elder brother has assassinated dozens of people for the former Moon Sect Queen. I don’t see how he’ll ever be the same. However, there’s a clip on YouTube
  2. @xienrue, I actually like the romance. I don’t understand your explanation at all about it coming out of nowhere. Are you saying that they must have fallen for each other in childhood for a romance to develop between them ten years later? They were kids. What would they know about romance? It’s more plausible that they meet ten years later and fall for each other. While Jing Rong was upset with Snow Tower for getting her father killed, she wasn’t mean towards child Yi Qian. Furthermore, why wouldn’t she have changed in ten years under the protection and guidance of her master? Why would she stay the same over ten long years? Moreover, a poignant moment did exist in their childhood. A very sick Yi Qian stood vigil overnight with Jing Rong as she mourned her father. It obviously left an impression on Jing Rong’s mind as we saw when she bade him farewell while he was sick in bed and she made that pinky promise with him to one day meet again and for his health to improve. When they meet ten years later, just the way Yi Qian looks at her says a lot. I’m pretty sure that he had no intention of falling for her but it was clear every time they met that he was attracted to her. I know a lot of viewers don’t like subtle romantic development but the male actor does an excellent job conveying his feelings through his eyes and when he looks at her in their early time spent together during the turmoil at snow tower it was plain to see in his eyes, words or gestures. Most importantly, love can begin in a moment. There are some scenes early on that I distinctly remember where I began to feel an attraction existed between the two: When Yi Qian stepped forward and Jing nervously stepped backward as he asked her if she knew him since she mentioned his old illness. It was the first time as viewers we saw a look like that on his face almost like he’s flirting with her. That is not normal Yi Qing at all. In the woods when she told him that he won’t be lonely in the pugilistic world because his sword will always protect him. He responded that yes it will protect him and those he wish to protect. Excellent subtle acting by the actor because after he said it, he raised his eyes and looked at her meaningfully basically implying that she was one of those he wanted to protect. The first time Jing brought him medicine and she couldn’t find him in the room and he appears from behind a curtain and the way the whole scene was shot implies something romantic in the air. The slow motion of him coming forth to meet her, the view of him from her perspective, the way the camera focused on him taking the bowl from her with their fingers almost touching, the way it focuses again on her fingers fidgeting as she waited for him to finish drinking the medicine...all these are signs that there’s more going on here than face value. Their first meeting in sand valley after the bat attack also subtly shows some attraction. The look between them when he appears on the scene was even felt by Qing Lan as he stood in the middle. Jing Rong even looked away after Qing Lan looked at her questioningly most likely because he noticed the way she and Yi Qian were looking at each other. As to Yi Qian dying, yes, it seems inevitable although I sort of prefer that he’s alive at the end still living each day at a time. I always wonder what will happen to Snow Tower because Jing Rong has repeatedly made it clear that if Yi Qian isn’t there at Snow Tower she won’t stick around. However, Snow Tower was created to defeat the Moon Sect so I suppose if the Moon Sect is destroyed there is no purpose for Snow Tower. I also think Xiao Tai and Qing Yu will bring destruction to Snow Tower. The way things are going lately it’s like they’re both headed down the path of betrayal.
  3. Many many thanks. The lyrics are so poignant. When they translated some of words in the episodes I felt that I wanted to hear more because it seemed to provide some insight into Yi Qian’s feelings for Jing Rong. Some of what’s conveyed in the song lyrics was also admitted in Yi Qian’s silent thoughts in episode 27 or 28. He said he ignored or hid his feelings for years but now the lovesick tears (the poison he drank) has exposed his feelings.
  4. @Lmangla, so then we will have to wait for a while for Jenny to catch up to everyone else’s thinking that her fake mother is strange. Eun Seok and Kyung In definitely think she’s suspicious. The aunt and Eun Jin clearly thinks she’s strange but won’t interfere. The grandfather agrees with Eun Seok that the contract stipulation barring Eun Seok from contacting Jenny is, in his observation, unreasonable. Makes me wonder what will it take for Jenny to stand up to shady mom. She might observe the way other people live eventually but suppose she thinks it’s because she’s a celebrity of sorts and that her shady mother is just trying to protect her? I think what Jenny needs to shake her up is noticing that she experiences too many accidents. That would be a step in the right direction. Eun Jin indeed seem to ship Eun Seok and Jenny. The elevator ride with them was amusing.
  5. @Lmangla, Eun Jin had me cracking up with that response to her mom when she asked her to escort Jenny to the ladies room. She’s so real in the situation. I should give Eun Jin’s mom some credit though because the expression on her face during her meeting with shady mom while listening to shady mom’s nonsense seem to suggest that the aunt is beginning to think shady mom’s behavior is weird. The aunt isn’t totally clueless but she’ll ignore the weirdness for her own benefit. I hope her son returns soon because I’m interested to know what will be his storyline now that he was dumped and humiliated. @Lmangla, I agree that Jenny might engage Kyung In to write a news report if necessary but it might not be a rebuttal to the reporter at the police station. I kind of expect shady mom to have her own reporter rebut any bad news. So then perhaps Jenny will engage Kyung In for a piece on her career instead. I think the reporter at the station just might be the catalyst to putting Jenny in the news as a victim of a crime. @lu09, I’m glad Jenny is getting curious about shady mom but I always think she won’t pursue it to the end since she has a habit of making excuses for her mom’s strange and controlling behavior.
  6. Well, Jenny is certainly now fully aware that her shady mom forbids all contact with Eun Seok. I’m glad he told her about the contract clause before they faced off with shady mom in J Group after returning from the police station. At least in this way Jenny wasn’t too shocked by her furious behavior towards Eun Seok when they returned to the office. I like that shady mom is behaving over the top because there’s a chance it might get Jenny to start taking control of her life. I find it so funny that shady mom resorted to tearing up the signed contract in Eun Seok’s face when just moments before, unbeknownst to shady mom, Eun Seok and Jenny came to the agreement that they will cancel the contract because of the clause that forbade Eun Seok from having any contact at all with Jenny. However, what I think might work out for Jenny’s benefit is the fact that a reporter sneakily took a video of her reporting the robbery attack against her days before. Eun Seok was also recorded describing the robbers and the direction they took and encouraged the police to look at the CCTV in the area. The fact that the reporter furtively took the video of them reporting the crime might prevent shady mom from dragging Jenny back to Japan because news break out about this. I’m not sure if the reporter heard the part with Jenny inquiring if her shady mom didn’t report the crime. If the reporter heard that, it would be an interesting news piece to ask why the shady mom didn’t report it.
  7. @Lmangla @lu09 Even Eun Seok’s cousin said she noticed the “chemistry” between him and Jenny. It’s apparent to me too. They get along naturally and seem to be on the same wavelength. I first noticed it when he met her in the park and gave her the bouquet of flowers. I think Man Soo might become an equal obstacle for them just like the mother. This is new territory in the world of Jenny for him because previously Jenny was so isolated that it didn’t matter much if she rejected him but now there’s a new rival whom she seem to hit it off with.
  8. @Lmangla, I tend to think that Jenny might work with Song-ah eventually but I’m not sure about anytime soon. If shady mom meets Song-ah she’ll know that she’s the woman who is in the pictures that were anonymously sent to her cell phone. I don’t think she would want Jenny to work with Song-ah. However, Eun Seok intends to work to Song-Ah so I’m not sure how all this will turn out.
  9. @Lmangla, I completely agree that Man Soo is up to something. I’m not sure what it might be yet. I also wonder why he chose to introduce the shady mom to J Group. At least we now know why shady mom wants to marry off Jenny to Man Soo. Right to the end her only purpose is using Jenny for financial gain. Still, I like that the aunt got an earful from shady mom because that information is eventually passed along to Eun Seok who is growing more suspicious the more he hears about shady mom.
  10. @Lmangla, Eun Seok is speaking so much sense that I get wary about if the writer can keep it up. I mean he’s truly his own man and I love it. I’m so glad that he decided to take the initiative to contact the police station because I almost felt like giving up on Jenny in today’s episode. She didn’t really ponder any of the points Eun Seok rose about her mother but simply dismissed them. However, the observations you made about her are good points and most likely explains why Jenny is so nonchalant about the leash she’s on. So the Man Soo guy realized that Eun Seok is his rival. So glad Jenny clarified to Eun Seok that she’s not engaged to him. I wanted the aunt to tell Eun Seok more specifically that shady mom want it written into the contract that he stays away from Jenny.
  11. Xiao Tai is definitely now unlikeable to me because About Qing Lan, I feel like he’s wishy washy. To me he seemed torn between Qing Ming and Ming He. During the bat attack scene where jealous Ming He targeted Qing Ming, he seemed too eager to defend her and run after her. Every time I watch his scenes in the sand village with Ming He on one hand and Ming Er on the other, I can’t understand his feelings at all. I know he kept talking about Ming Er to Ming He but nothing about his behavior, when the two ladies were present, seemed consistent. This is why I don’t even know if I should hope that he deals with Ming He when he gets his memories back.
  12. @Lmangla, agreed with all of your points. I want to highlight Eun Seok in particular because I also agree it’s refreshing to see a male lead who is aware, smart, and brave. I’m hoping that the writer keep these established traits throughout the drama.
  13. So thus far only Kyung In and Eun Seok realize that there’s something terribly off about shady mom. In the preview it shows that Jenny acts like a child in the face of shady mom’s aggression. I guess somebody will need to help her realize that she needs to stand up for herself. She admitted to herself before that she feels suffocated as times by shady mom but it seems like she doesn’t think she has the power to take control of her life. Perhaps it’s because every time she seeks her independence shady mom sets her up to be attacked thus proving her point that Jenny needs to always rely on shady mom for protection.
  14. Due to a heavy work schedule I had to put this show on hold back when it first started but I picked it up again on Monday and rewatched the first six episodes and I was dying with laughter. The episodes were truly enjoyable from start to finish. I just have to continue it until the end now and I hope episodes 7+ will continue to deliver an enjoyable story. I hope I enjoy the ending like you @gm4queen.
  15. I really like Jenny but I hope she wises up even a little bit soon. Eun Seok continues to shine. He tried to get Jenny to see how abnormal it is that her mother decides everything for her including her design business. It’s clear from Jenny’s responses to his inquiries regarding her life that she’s extremely complacent. I like that Eun Seok told her that they should really check to see if her shady mom reported the pickpocket crime at the police station. If Jenny persists in allowing her mom to control everything in her life, I don’t think anybody can help her. That aunt and cousin of Eun Seok are really something else. They colluded to sabotage the deal just to get Eun Seok off it. Now the aunt realizes shady mom’s hatred for Eun Seok so she’s all happy that the likelihood of Eun Seok working on the project is nil. She even promised shady mom that she’ll keep Eun Seok away from Jenny. As much as Eun Seok reaches out to Jenny, I’m sure the aunt and shady mom can hinder him if Jenny continues to take only a passive interest in her own life. The girl is practically a prisoner because the mother goes everywhere with her or has her under constant watch. At least Eun Seok gave her a cell phone so I suppose if anything they can at least talk via phone if shady mom doesn’t find the phone. Yeah I saw in the preview that Jenny got slapped and threatened by shady mom most likely because she went to various entertainment venues with Eun Seok. I wonder what it will take for Jenny to start rebelling against shady mom’s suffocating ways. Other parts of the episode were nice and peaceful at least at Song-ah’s house. Looking forward to any bonding that might occur between Song-ah and the little girl. Song-ah is already thinking of making clothes for her.
  16. @bluehibiscus, for the OST videos you posted at the top of page 2, are there any of them that was English subbed on YouTube? I tried to find them with the English sub lyrics but I was unsuccessful. The OST is beautiful.
  17. @msmy, @lu09 summed it up nicely. The cop who died was the chairman’s son. The chairman explained this to Dong Joo when he tried to get him to start investigating the case for him. He said something like he wanted his son to take over the company but the son wanted to become a cop instead. The chairman sure is a good father unlike some of the other rich dads often portrayed in Kdrama.
  18. Yes viewers already understand that she’s the mom. The older sister Song-Ah took Jenny out and that’s when Jenny wandered off because she saw shady mom hiding and I guess it piqued the child’s curiosity. @msmy, why do you think it was an officer that was shot when Dong Joo arrived at the crime scene? Strangely, all I can remember from the scene is the other cop shoving the gun in Dong Joo’s hand and then proceeded to run away.
  19. @Lmangla, that Man Soo seems different than we’ve seen him in previous episodes. He looked clueless before but now he seems to be something else. He’s having Jenny followed but his men didn’t intervene to help her at any time. Come to think of it, he didn’t come to Jenny’s aid at the fashion show either and he was sitting close to Eun Seok. I don’t get his deal so there must be more to him than acting as a docile fake SIL. I enjoyed Jenny and Eun Seok’s meeting. It was clear that they hit it off right away. It’s too bad that the shady mom knows in advance that they’ll be meeting Eun Seok at J Group. I was hoping that she’d get the shock of her life there considering he’s defied her before with regard to Jenny. Looks like the aunt intends to interfere to get Eun Seok off the collaboration. It would be sweet if Jenny end up working with Song Ah. I hope our young reporter stays alive to the end. It would be nice if she’s the one to cover the story of Black Rose in the end. I hope shady mom doesn’t succeed in ending our budding reporter’s career.
  20. @Lmangla, I also agree that shady mom has no affection for Jenny. It does seem that she’s using her for money and wouldn’t hesitate to put her in danger to maintain her control over her. All her schemes in Jenny’s life is for her benefit. She wouldn’t even leave Jenny alone or give her space. Notice that wherever Jenny is the shady mom is somewhere close by and she even manages Jenny’s career. I thought after all those years with Jenny she would treat her more affectionately but all her actions seem to be for the sake of manipulating Jenny. I’m quite pleased that Eun Seok is sensible. He even stood up to his aunt who forbade him not to visit Song Ah again and gave his honest opinion on his cousin’s divorce and the little daughter’s death. I’m hoping that he continues to maintain his clarity and not get manipulated by shady mom’s facade and schemes unlike the hotel owner. As to Jenny, she seem to want to take control of her life but doesn’t have the guts. I hope that changes.
  21. @msmy, I believe shady mom will be rattled once she meets the J Group team. After all, ES was around for three incidents now. I think he told her he was on the flight with them. Knowing how cautious and controlling shady mom is, she’ll probably try to stop the collaboration with the company after seeing ES again. Unfortunately for her, Jenny will probably meet ES first and want to work with him and might for the first time take an unwavering stance on this.
  22. I watched up to episode 33 raw episodes and I must admit that one thing I appreciate about this drama is that a person’s deeds eventually come to light. Some spoilers from what I can make out without English subs.
  23. After reading this thread I decided to try this drama. It will be the third daily drama I have ever watched. I must say it’s interesting and the characters are likable for the most part barring shady mom. The ex-MIL and her cheating son are tolerable especially now that SA doesn’t have anything to do with them. I’m looking forward to seeing her get her life back together. With DJ and family moving in, their home might get livelier and warmer. As to shady MIL, I’m glad someone is texting her anonymously to rattle her nerves. There should be some balance when it comes to twisted characters like her so that the viewer doesn’t feel overwhelmed by her villainy. I hope ES continue to be astute and realize that something is amiss around Jenny. He will be working with her so he might get the opportunity to observe more and form a definite belief that someone is trying to harm her. I think the shady mom will try to get out of dealing with J Group after she realizes ES is part of the team they’ll be working with. Since I don’t imagine that shady MIL will be exposed anytime soon, I hope Jenny gets a breather from her if the anonymous person keep sending texts to the fake mom to keep her somewhat in check because if one of her schemes against Jenny goes awry she might really end up seriously hurt or worse. As to our young reporter, I hope they don’t kill her off. From the preview it seems like ES is interested in investigating his father’s death so I hope if the ex-cop is to work on the case again it’s not because his sister is murdered. That would just be too sad. I’m glad the slap by shady mom was addressed. I often wonder why people in these Asian drama just simply take a slap to the face without slapping back. Indeed our young reporter didn’t retaliate but it was sufficient for me that she, her brother and Jenny thought that shady mom was out of line.
  24. I admit this is how I feel now after getting over my period of being smitten with the drama Love O2O. I feel that even though the story was very short in the movie, the main leads felt more human. The male lead in the movie grew on me. He felt a tad bit more down to earth. Angelababy’s Wei Wei was more spunky and felt real and their skinship scenes didn’t feel or seem awkward to me. As to the drama, of course Yang Yang is love. He’s so handsome in that show. However, I’m forced to admit that his level of unapproachability was very high. In other words, he felt too perfect and sometimes unreal. My complaint about drama Wei Wei is that it’s like she’s cringing when Yang Yang’s Xiao Nai kissed her in his office or sometimes when he gets close. I get that she’s shy to an extent but the vibe of physical rejection (from the actress it seems like) was nevertheless present and kind of ruins the moment(s) for the couple in my eyes. Still, I have watched that drama several times but can’t bring myself to watch it lately because of those instances where the actress kinda ruins the love moments.
  25. Omo, I tolerated her by giving her the excuse that it was not her fault that she lost the map of Sand Valley but now I’m hating her for I don’t find Yi Qing unlikeable one bit. He’s my favorite character by far. He’s intelligent, practical, decisive and a great fighter. All his scenes interest me unlike the scenes at the Moon Sect though they’re a necessary part of the story. As to the elder brother, I can’t wait for him to find out the truth. The Moon Sect girl has it coming to her in spades. How dare she even keep him by her side? I hope he doesn’t let me down by feeling torn about her. He seemed to be affected by her even after he learned that she was behind the invasion of Sand Valley and his master was already dead. I would have killed her on the spot. What bargaining chip? Please. Since he brought her into the valley he should have killed her even if it meant sacrificing himself. I don’t believe in revenge but since these characters do, why didn’t he just avenge his master right there? @caranita, ITA about Legend of Qin. The draw for me in that was, as you so succinctly described, the charismatic and magnetic portrayal of the legendary swordsman by Lu Yi. I must say that while I wasn’t too fond of Qin Junjie’s character in that drama as well as Legend of Chusen, I absolutely adore him here. This is the first time I have seen him as male lead and I’m falling for his portrayal quite hard. He reminds me a lot of Mei Chang Su. I particularly like that he has no qualms about turning his enemies into useful ties for him. I always remember watching a Japanese anime where an intelligent character told this prince that a great leader can turn his enemies into his friends. I’m often reminded of that quote when I observe the way Yi Qing operates. The bonus for me here outside of the pugilist world struggles is the way he seem to love the female lead. I like the way he looks at her because his eyes says so much. And yet he doesn’t hesitate to be tough with her and vice versa.
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