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  1. @Sleepy Owl, thanks for that information. I have never watched Tree With Deep Roots though I have contemplated doing so a few times. I have to be in the mood to watch these kinds of drama. I still have to finish Rebel Thief which I have on hold for some time now. So you don’t like exaggerated fighting? Why? I see it as a form of art. I know Rebel Thief had more realistic sword fighting. You won’t like Chinese drama show fighting then because their martial arts are exaggerated for the most part. It’s kind of funny that I think Jason Bourne’s fighting is more realistic than the martial
  2. I didn’t like Ahri’s attitude for a different reason. I didn’t like the way she took her stepmom’s truck during a workday and acted like it’s no big deal. Her stepmom’s business was affected because she wasn’t able to make deliveries. The way Ahri behaved was selfish and she didn’t even apologize to the stepmom for taking the truck without permission. Another thing I didn’t like was the way she expected that not showing up for work for three days without informing her employer was okay. That was rude and irresponsible. She should have at least inform them that she had a family emergency.
  3. @Sleepy OwlI enjoyed Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi sageuk shows. I tried Jumong and Six Flying Dragons but quit. How is Six Flying Dragons? I mainly felt inspired to try it after I watched Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In. I wanted to see more of his acting. Oh, you’re making me want to rewatch it soon. Sometimes when I remember Galadriel’s prologue, that alone inspires me to rewatch. Actually, my user name is based on Celebrian who is the daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn and the wife of half-elf Elrond and mother of Elrohir, Elladan and Arwen. Heh. She lived in Valinor at the time of
  4. I don’t really watch horror movies now but I know in the past, movies like The Exorcist, The Omen, Friday the 13th, Candy Man, Final Destination and tv shows like Supernatural and The X-files were scary to me. Anything to do with demon possession scares me because I have heard of true accounts in real life. With Final Destination, the fact that death was hunting the survivors of the plane crash who were supposed to die was kind of mind blowing to me at the time the movie was first released. Probably it was because they were powerless to stop their death. After seeing that movie, wh
  5. @Sleepy Owl, I watched Tower of God. It was interesting. I like this sort of anime. It’s a good thing you told me about it because when I started watching it today I realized that I had already watched episode 1 previously but it hadn’t drawn me in so I hadn’t continued with episode 2. I have to say all along I didn’t really like Rachel. At first I didn’t mind her but as Bam kept talking about her as his motivation, I became increasing annoyed by his motivation. I think it’s because there wasn’t too much shown of why he was so attached to her. I actually prefer all of Bam’s other frie
  6. It’s so funny that I went into my Crunchyroll tv app today and the home screen has Tower of God on it with “Start Watching” button highlighted. Heh. I’m not sure who works harder between the Korean manhwa and Japan manga artists but I know over the years several mangaka have gotten sick, developed chronic wrist issues, and some have even died leaving their work unfinished. This is why I limit my reading of long series. Of the big three, I only read and watched some of Naruto. Actually, I have all 70+ volumes of the Naruto manga because it’s one of the first anime I watched and then I wanted to
  7. If he takes the fall for her he’s stupid. However, the guy she worked with to embezzle the funds should be able to testify that SH didn’t know. I think in their conversation she always admonished him not to leave any trail for a Cruella and anyone else to find out. @Lmangla, I don’t blame SH’s misfortune on his father. The way I see it, people who raised their kids well can still have a child who turn out to be a bad apple and the parents are left wondering what they did wrong. Then there are the parents who were the worse and their kids somehow still turn out right. Not to mention S
  8. @Sleepy Owl, I watched both versions of Fullmetal Alchemist. I watched the first series before the manga finished and the Brotherhood series after the manga ended. I even bought the latter series on blu-ray to watch when I don’t feel like reading the manga. That’s how much I enjoyed the series. Amusingly though, the series is available for streaming on my US streaming channels anyway like Netflix and Hulu. About Attack on Titans, now that you mention it, I do remember that characters that I didn’t think would die early in the series died. I did find that brutal but it set the tone f
  9. If the police do their job properly and arrest the man who she worked with, she will still end up in jail. Perhaps Cruella will provide the evidence. She has nothing to lose now. This writer better not let EJ get off. By the way, I don’t know about EJ’s actress acting. She always wear the same expressions.
  10. The highlight of the evening for me was seeing EJ in handcuffs. Only Dumbo is still free, wallowing in pity. One thing about these villains is that they don’t have any conscience. They’re defiant to the end shouting and sneering at people. @UnniSarah @tas82 @Lmangla @dolorisbrady I’m just glad that the paper company was found and hopefully EJ also rots in prison. I don’t know if the last episode will be satisfying to me but I hope it’s satisfying to most people. I saw the preview for it and at least Cruella and EJ are wearing matching jumpsuits.
  11. Well, I have completed 319 Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese drama shows according to my drama list. I do wonder how I managed it but I think it was mostly weekend viewing over several years. I own the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series. I gave away several manga series this summer but kept that one. Indeed the story is well told. I should give it a re-read soon. About Demon Slayer, I liked the story. I just find it gross sometimes. Can you tell I’m at my limit? Now that I have watched and read a lot of these anime and manga, I think I am burnt out by how many of them
  12. @Sleepy Owl, when you talk about your parents walking in, it reminded me of a time I was watching a British cozy murder mystery with my mother and then a scene showed up with two people against the wall in the house getting it on. I was never more embarrassed. This is why I kicked these shows to the curb. It was totally unnecessary in that show. I actually liked Demon Slayer especially the bond between Nezuko and her big brother. However, I can tell that the source drawing must not be very attractive because the characters don’t look that good compared to other manga artists’ style.
  13. So @Lmangla shared this thread. Currently I have completed 317 anime shows. @Jillia, Fushigi Yuugi is a classic. I understand that recently there is a remake of Fruits Basket. I haven’t watched it though. I once owned the manga series but I sent it to a fellow Soompi member this summer. She loves that manga and I didn’t love it that much. @Berou Death Note was probably one of the first anime series I watched. I didn’t like Light Yagami after episode 4 or so after I felt he crossed the line. I’m more a fan of L. Too bad about him. @Sleepy Owl, Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my
  14. We finally get subs today and boy was I happy to finally know exactly what Eun Soo said when she told off KHR: KHR: How dare you? What are you all doing? KHR: You will dare to operate on my grand daughter without my permission? KHR: Aren’t you all too fearless? KHR: What if something happens to my grand daughter? Can you all accept responsibility for that? KHR: Ji Eun Soo, let me say this clearly. Things will not turn out the way you want. I will never let my grand daughter have surgery here! Eun Soo: Do you think you have the right to say that? (Gives her the DN
  15. @Lmangla, oh, thanks for sharing. I didn’t know there was an anime/manga thread on here. I just normally chat on manga channels on Discord and Myanimelist website. I have all the Ms Marple and Hercule Poirot books on my kindle so I have mostly read all of them. I kind of hated “And Then There Were None” so I will probably never re-read it. Ms. Oliver is such a bombastic companion to Hercule Poirot so I always find them amusing. I like Ms. Marple because she’s an old lady who nobody would suspect is dangerous in figuring them out. Also, I like her constant observation of human natu
  16. Preview with Kocowa subs: Ae Sook: She’s exploiting him like a servant. Voice: Director Shin, come to my office. Hae Shim: Did something happen? Ahri: Why would you wake me up so early in the morning? Bora: Take care of Byeori soon. Ahri: I looked into a good orphanage. Cross-dresser: Did you finish school now? @nohamahamoud2002, unfortunately Joong Han seem to really hate his ex-wife so I don’t know if Byeori can stay with his family for much longer. He just found out in today’s episode that Byeori is the ex-wife’s daughter. I think
  17. @Sleepy Owl I laughed at your friend. I do watch Japanese anime shows since a long time ago even up to now since I also still read their manga like Skip Beat, Akagame Shirayuki-hime and a few others. I understand how he feels. Now for the first time in my life I started reading a Japanese novel called Holmes of Kyoto. @Sleepy Owl, I confess GoT is too much for me. I have never watched a single episode but I heard it had in rape and incest and those subjects are pretty disturbing for me. @Lmangla, OH. My. Goodness! I have a coworker who both she and I are crime novel and cr
  18. That’s true. Unfortunately, in the USA we get used to it because that’s all we knew. That’s why I tried to watch mostly crime procedural shows because if they are canceled, which most times they aren’t, there’s no cliffhanger really. The majority of times the cases are solved at the end of each episode. However, outside of crime shows (like Law & Order, NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds), everything else can be canceled. It’s probably why writers can unfortunately cave in to fans. For example, there’s a show name Arrow where in the comic canon his wife is Black Canary, but because a lot
  19. @Jillia, I’m going to keep on thinking that JK and HH will only be friends. In the first place, why exactly did they break up? Why wasn’t HH enough for her? I think they need to answer these questions first. Still, it’s an open ending which means nothing is definitive. I’m glad though that Jung Kyung stood proudly on the stage playing her violin unaccompanied. I also liked her talks with Song Ah. I hope she becomes an excellent teacher and overcome worthless professors like Song and Duster who care more about their status than their students.
  20. @Lmangla, regarding Glass Mask, in the Western world it’s published in Italy so I used to be a moderator on an Italian forum for the International/English speaking section. On there, those who were from Asia shared that they heard that a huge fan of Glass Mask was dying in Japan and the mangaka drew a special ending especially for the fan. It’s a shame really because the competition between Maya and Ayumi for the famed Crimson Goddess role is imminent but the mangaka keeps starting and stopping the story for years. That’s why no adaptation can give a good ending because there’s no declared win
  21. @chococarmela, I don’t think the ending of any Glass Mask adaptation will be satisfying. Why? It’s because it’s based on a Japanese manga that began in 1976 and hasn’t been finished up to today even though the mangaka is still alive. I read 49 volumes of the manga maybe five years ago and volume 50 has yet to be released. It’s a shame because many, many people are fans of the series and the main couple in that manga. People who read it in their youth from the beginning are probably older than 55 years by now.
  22. Yes, I know he didn’t order the murder but he broke the law so many times but I suppose there’s no evidence. I think the only consequences Dumbo and wife will face are that they’re either kicked out of the company or demoted in the company. I want everybody to know their secrets.
  23. @mirandanator @tas82 @dolorisbrady @Lmangla @UnniSarah @joccu Ha shows up at the end of Wednesday’s episode. @mirandanator, you won’t even see more than two episodes of the evil trio’s comeuppance. In the preview for Thursday, Dumbo and his wife are still free. In fact, his wife, as usual, is sneering at someone or something and no doubt plotting and scheming. At least Cruella is shown in a holding cell. So disappointed with this writer. It’s not until 26 minutes into Wednesday’s episode that anything like payback begins to happen because of course SJ and PJ are still shocked that Cruella and
  24. @Ameera Ali, the catty professors are catty right to the end. Thanks for that gif. They sure like to antagonize each other. I'm glad that Jung Kyung will teach Ji Won. She'll probably be on Professor Song's snob list but I hope Ji Won and Jung Kyung succeed. I notice that Representative Park is no longer around. Does that mean he's no longer Joon Young's agent in S. Korea? Hmmm. I think every one can make their own conclusion about JK and HH. I don't think there's an answer or hint to whether they will get back together or not. To me they just seem friend
  25. I think I felt every moment of JY’s heartbeat when it sounded like SA was going to tell him let’s be friends and then it sounded like she might say she couldn’t be friends with him and then what actually came out her mouth was “I love you”. I know JY probably didn’t comprehend it for a moment and then it finally sunk in.
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