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  1. @viyra, I think the contract wife plan was to scare SN because GY and JH follow behind in her car shortly afterwards but I’m not exactly sure what they are trying to accomplish or if GY was driving to some place else. @fansdrama, I hope GY isn’t being an idiot to go see them off at the airport. Sensible people wouldn’t do that.
  2. It is sickening at this point but not wholly surprising. I really liked seeing the two couples JH/GY and HG/JB but this is too extreme that the contract wife is still around even to the last episode.
  3. I think it’s a joke that they’re complaining about how they have changed. They would have changed in marriage too. People don’t stay the same. However, I thought they already realized that they still loved each other so hearing this nonesense about how they’ve changed being an obstacle to their love is ridiculous. This is like head desk. However, if it’s about the contract wife and not them, it’s more understandable that they have reached an impasse. @fansdrama, I don’t agree with GY remaining single. I don’t want her to waste her life like JB did.
  4. Thanks for this because the suspense would be too much with this crazy writer.
  5. If JH leaves GY to tend to his contract wife in the US, in GY’s place I would not accept him back. Also, how can he miss out on more of his son’s life? I would find that outrageous. And if they do a timeskip then YS’s child actor will have to change. @csancsy, Oh and GY knows he wants to open a glass store. She said it to her mom in yesterday’s episode when she told her mom about JH reclaiming YB City for the manufacturers.
  6. @fansdrama, I don’t think his love is decreasing. I think maybe he feels responsible for the contract wife. However, life is about making tough decisions. He can’t have his pity and expect GY to continue waiting. It’s just like JB advised him that time that he shouldn’t let his guilt prevent him from walking away. GY has been patient with him several episodes now even telling him to focus on the contract wife. If he chooses to leave with the contract wife to take care of her mom, then GY really is right in telling him let them go their separate ways. It would also be like he’s abandoning his child. It’s kind of a shame that there’s hardly anytime left and we could not see them living a normal life without the craziness of the past six years. This writer is something else. Then again, K-drama writers aren’t that great with endings.
  7. Most of the times JH does what GY suggests when it comes to their interactions so I guess we will have to see how this plays out. JH is the type of person who would just take it and after everything he’s put GY through, I can see him walking away. However, it would certainly make any love that he feels for her seem small. Look at poor HG. The guy can’t get a break at all after being rejected a gazillion times yet he’s still trying. @fansdrama, also, JH must have done something for GY to say let them separate. Maybe he said he will go back to the US with his contract wife to look after her mother. Omo. I got page 100.
  8. I think there is love though but the angst-type of love where the couples love each other but are kept apart. Maybe this is melodrama. JH and the contract wife certainly live as a couple but half of their scenes is her having a meltdown over GY and YS. I have yet to see them talk about anything related to actually being a couple. Maybe JH will finally hug her in the final episodes because he hasn’t even done that. At least we saw him kiss SN during flashbacks.
  9. @joan0528, well, if he’s doing the chasing I don’t mind. GY has been chasing him since the beginning. In any case, I must say I was disappointed with him continuously lying to GY to the point where according as he lied, GY found out the truth elsewhere. For instance, he pretended he was not worrying about Bobby but then K goes to visit GY a bit later to tell her what JH intends to do. I can understand that GY would want peace now. Her life has been a roller coaster for too long now. @sava2sava, I feel you. I think I need something warm and fuzzy to watch right now although I’m at work. @fansdrama, the most embarrassing scene in this show for me to watch was when GY went to JH’s apartment. I believe a woman should always keep her dignity in these types of situations so that was so painful for me to watch. However, she soon came to her senses and I was proud of her. As to JH, well, I don’t think he minds being unhappy since ever since the contract wife attempted suicide he seemed to have given up on wanting more. Remember before the contract wife overdosed, JH slammed his hand on the table and told her he needed to end this because he wanted to live too. In the end it’s his decision if he wants to continue existing rather than living.
  10. But if this is the case, why would GY suddenly reject JH? She’s been waiting patiently all this time. Just last week she cried and told him that if he was to die like DY she doesn’t know how she’ll live. Only unless something happened this week that made her feel she should give up on JH. I admit if I was her I would be quite upset with him to think of leaving for the US to settle the score with Bobby without thinking of YS. Anyway, I’m all for JH groveling to get him to be proactive. His passiveness is so unbecoming.
  11. No, not HG. I have always said I don’t see why it has to be HG and certainly not Koji. There are other men out there I’m sure. The problem with GY is that she didn’t get proper closure before and she also had YS without the father’s knowledge so it made it hard for her to move on. This time around she can have proper closure. It’s just that if her love was going to wasted, she should have had a new love interest a good while now. And not HG. As to JH, well, his contract wife certainly can’t have kids but I think one can live in the US without feeling the need for kids.
  12. I find it audacious for JH to say such a thing about GY. There’s a saying that goes “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” and to me that’s GY. She have been to hell and back. I’m not even going to talk about the fact that she gave birth to a child alone and the child was disowned by his father’s family from the beginning. I will talk about the craziness that happened to her after DY’s death where she was pushed, shoved, dragged by the hair, kicked out of the company, threatened, harassed, etc. Her name was dragged through the mud and she still had to deal with cray cray people like Sena and contract wife while trying to protect her family and YS. How could she not change? JH can hit the road if wants. It would certainly be his loss.
  13. Well, quite frankly I have been thinking lately that it’s about time GY moves on. JH is too passive to me in choosing his future. He seems fine with the status quo. As soon as it no longer became a threat that GY will not marry HG he was back to being complacent and thinking only of Emily. It’s sad but there’s also nothing wrong with YS getting a new father. It’s not like he’s a Yun anyway.
  14. Indeed I hope GY is successful in her plan. Baek Chul tried his intimidation tactics on her and it’s time he got taken down a few pegs and indicted for DY’s murder. SN is so arrogant that instead of leaving while she had the chance, she chose to stay to get back at JH. GY has a score to settle with her for so many things including her brother’s death. I hope it all ends well since precious time is running out. As to the contract wife, if JH and her don’t get a divorce soon, there will be no romantic progress at all between JH and GY. At least HG and JB stands a better chance because they’re both free. JB just needs to come to her senses and choose her happiness instead.
  15. @sava2sava, from the voiceovers in the preview it seems like SN will go to Unstable Mabel to convince her to work with her and SN promises that in return she will delete Bobby’s phone number from her mobile phone thus saving JH’s life. I know there’s a male in the preview who is wearing glasses that I can’t recall seeing before but he could just as well be associated with the surveillance of Baek Chul. I think whatever Unstable Mabel is doing is related to GY since in the preview Unstable Mabel told JH that GY trusts her to do whatever it is and she won’t ruin it this time. GY also has a voiceover where she’s asking JH why does he insist on going to the US and he must think of YS. JH is the type of person who likes to take responsibility for his actions so I don’t think he will sit still.
  16. @sava2sava, I don’t think the writer will kill off Unstable Mabel. Instead the writer seems like she’s trying to redeem her. My problem with characters like Unstable Mabel is that because they are never really punished for their bad behavior it doesn’t trigger sympathy in me. For me to sympathize with a character who have done much crap like she has, the character has to acknowledge his/her wrongs and make a change. With Unstable Mabel, because she’s sick she gets a pass for all the crap she did so I’m only left with a feeling of hatred for her. In the end she was quite useless in the revenge plot especially when her all-absorbing, all-obsessive love became more powerful than the revenge she claimed GY ruined when the evidence was given up during GY’s kidnapping. It seems like the only characters who succeeded in the revenge plot are GY, JH and Koji. As to JH’s plan, I’m not sure how he plans to retrieve CDB but I know he plans to have Baek jailed and useless in Jung’s case. From the preview voiceover it seems like GY was pleading with JH not to do as he planned with Bobby? I know she told him to think of YS but I don’t know if JH will heed her plea. He likes to tell lies and then go off to do what he always intended. Also, is tha Bobby guy in SK? I saw a new face in the preview.
  17. Watched today’s episode and the aftermath of the con was well played. I really enjoyed that part especially since the old scenes of SN conning JH’s mom was played to refresh the viewer’s memory. It was very satisfying. I’m glad that JH admitted to HG that he’s not letting mafia Chairman off. He intends to send him to jail so of course that means mafia Chairman’s hold on Baek Chul must be severed. Kang Sena really doesn’t know when to stop and I’m glad because her fake daddy and real mommy wanted her to leave for another country and live a happy life but why should someone who has done so many wrongs escape punishment to the end? She needs to dig herself deeper and stay there. Now it looks like she’ll go to the contract wife to bargain. She’s offering not to call Bobby if she can get back YB City. I guess GY predicted that and is getting the contract wife to play her role in the plan because the contract wife’s voiceover said that GY trusts her and she won’t ruin the plan. I suppose GY trusts her because her voiceover in the preview seem to be telling JH that the contract wife will do anything to save his life. I hope GY gets her revenge on scumbag Baek Chul. I can’t forget how he just took a knife and plunged it into DY’s body, killing him intentionally. People like that need to be imprisoned for a long long time. I LOVE HG’s voiceover to JB that she should choose between children or him. It’s a good ultimatum to JB on whether they should really end here or carryon. I think JB will be left speechless.
  18. I still have nothing good to say about the contract wife because she started all of this with SN finding out JH’s weakness because she mentioned it about three times to SN. It’s only decent that she should take responsibility and clean up the mess she made for the man she says she loves and can’t live without and the man who worked his tail off to keep her alive. In the text preview I kept seeing GY’s name as the one who planned to turn SN and BC against each other. After all, it’s GY who knows more about the two since they’re responsible for DY’s death and this is her personal revenge against both for DY’s death. It’s good that her promise to SN is finally coming to fruition. DY died such an unfair death and it’s time for them to pay. From the YouTube clip I was laughing so much at SN’s assistant in her old office with his feet on her desk. And of course it was so amusing the way she was filled in on how she was scammed by JH, Koji and JH’s mom.
  19. @Ayame, thanks for sharing those songs. The song lyrics for GY and JH certainly fit their side of their love story. I’m curious about HG’s.
  20. That’s true. They can use JB and HG’s fertilized egg and a surrogate mom but I doubt they would go that route. HG doesn’t really seem to think it’s necessary. He said it’s discrimination to not marry because they can’t have kids. I kind of agree with him because one of my gym partners who’s in her 30s told me she and her husband can’t have kids after trying for a long time and they’ve accepted it now. They pour their love into their marriage and little dog.
  21. @joan0528, JH already contacted the Bobby guy and told him that he will come to LA. He said he can’t run from him forever. This is why I cannot see JH not dealing with the issue. JH doesn’t seem to be a person who listen to others when he make up his mind about something. He would lie and then go and do what he made up his mind to do. @csancsy, I also didn’t like the introduction of SN’s mother and so many precious minutes are dedicated to her scenes. I did feel it a bit nice that someone would be there for the SN. That would indeed be a funny scene if both JB and GY were to have kids around the same time. SN and GY had babies around the same time too.
  22. I can’t see her change as believable unless something happened to change her mind. Don’t forget just a day or two before she told GY she can’t live without JH. Her allowing JH to see YS could also be because she’s in a good mood since JH and his mom are being attentive to her and it’s Christmas. I’m not saying that her attitude didn’t undergo some change since she had the good sense to apologize to GY for tormenting her, I’m just saying it would be strange for her to just let go of JH without a catalyst because up until now she didn’t care about JH’s feelings or situation. She only cared about her own feelings.
  23. @fansdrama, the same conclusion about the contract wife leaving was shared by @joan0528 earlier. However, I think it would be strange for JH to leave the resolution of the Bobby problem up to the contract wife. I can’t see him hiding behind a woman unless this Bobby isn’t looking for JH because of something he did. I know the divorce papers are in SK already though since JH confirmed this before the contract wife attempted the first suicide.
  24. Is this meant in a romantic way or meaning he wants something from her? In any case, according to K, JH is on the run from Bobby because JH saved his father’s life. That’s what K told GY. About HG, he didn’t seem put out at all about the likelihood that JB cannot have kids. I know statistics show that Westerners are having fewer babies if any at all but I can’t imagine it’s the same in SK. I certainly meet a lot of professional married women who don’t have kids and probably won’t have kids because they’re already in their 40s and they seem to prefer pets and traveling as a lifestyle. I suppose working long hours are not exactly conducive to raising kids. I just hope that JB accepts the ring now and I get some happy moments from them.
  25. @sava2sava, I don’t think that legally it matters that SN is a fraud for DY’s family. She is the biological mother of SY and DY’s legal wife who is on the registry of the Kang family. The Kang family has also covered up for SN too so she’s publicly accepted as one of them. Also, I suppose since the real Sena’s mother used the fake Sena to collect support money, she was basically given the legal identity of Sena in the US. @viyra, SN ain’t going anywhere before wreaking havoc. She was already at the airport and went all the way back after realizing she was scammed. @dramaninja, I hope too that JH can handle Bobby because there’s hardly any time left to handle another serious threat when all the criminals are still on the loose. There’s the three villains at WB Group, Baek and CDB still to deal with.
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