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  1. @hell59, since previews can be misleading I can only hope that the consultant lady will reveal the truth that Sul Ak is not Ga On’s biological father. It might be painful for all involved but I think it’s important to settle this matter so that Ga On doesn’t feel like everybody in her family is whispering behind her back. She already told her father she was living in fear about this suspicion. Once everybody in the family accept the truth then they can move on from this matter. As much as SK society doesn’t seem to accept adoption well, I hope the family members will be supportive of Ga On. It’s not like they haven’t watched her grow up for 16 years now. Regarding the consultant lady, she basically confirmed to Ga On that she hid the teacher from everybody and “used” Sul Ak as a scapegoat. One would think that this fact would make her ashamed but I guess her shame box was thoroughly destroyed. The way she walks in and out of the Boo house, I can only conclude that she has no common sense nor manners.
  2. Thank @heartslined. I don’t know why that lady keeps calling Mr. Boo, FIL. I assume daughters in law call him by that “nim” honorific, right? Anyway, I hope Gye Ok didn’t let her talk down to her. Regardless of Sul Ak, it’s Gye Ok’s job to be involved in the family’s business now that Sul Ak’s business is out in the open. Also, I think the only person who can understand how Ga On feels is Gye Ok. Knowing that her only biological parent died and her stepmom wasn’t her biological mother and how she probably felt as though she had to work harder out of gratitude. These are the feelings Ga On will wrestle with if she decides to stay with Sul Ak. I think Gye Ok will be able to empathize with her more than anyone else.
  3. @Manora, at this point, Sul Ak not revealing the truth to his father would be utterly disrespectful. So, before his father finds out through other means, it would be better for him to tell him the truth and ask for forgiveness. In effect what Sul Ak did was blatantly lie to his father by letting him believe the child was his own. It’s not Sul Ak alone who had to endure the shame in SK society. I’m sure people also pointed their finger at the father. Since he knows his father was thoroughly disappointed in all his sons in recent times, he shouldn’t make this situation worse. As to the consultant lady, when she thought back to meeting GYO at the Boo family house, she had the attitude of entitlement. She’s really shameless. Both her and Min Joo are conceited. I hate Min Joo more than her though. Regarding the conman, I don’t expect him to get exposed now. I think the development tomorrow is meant to arouse Min Joo’s suspicion about him but really, I hope she doesn’t discover the truth until she’s lost everything.
  4. Although the preview video wasn’t posted yet, here is Kocowa’s translation of the preview at the end of today’s episode: Gye Ok: He’s not her dad? Sul Ak: Ga On (ah) Nosey Aunt: What if she wants her daughter back? Mr. Boo: Who wants who back? Consultant: Welcome. Let’s go in. Police: Plate number 5032, stop the car. Police: You have violated the traffic signal. Please show me your driver’s license. Conman: I don’t have my driver’s license now, but just my ID card. Gye Ok: Chef Cha... Ga On: Who is my dad? Consultant: It was as soon as I entered high school. ———————- I just love how Mr. Boo told off the consultant even after she gave her sob story. He told her that maybe this is her fate not to get to be Ga On’s mother. He also told her when Ga On grows up she can choose to meet her mother but as of now she’s still a kid under their charge. I’m wondering if the father and the rest of the family will find out that Sul Ak is not the biological dad. It looks like only GYO will know this truth for a bit. If they all shut their mouths, nobody else from the family will know. However, I think this truth should be revealed by Sul Ak rather than the father and everyone else finding out through other means. It’s better if he tells the truth considering everything is blowing up in his face. Remember he only came clean with GYO because the woman appeared in front of her. He’s not handling this correctly. Now the woman appeared in front of his family without his knowledge. He needs to just reveal everything.
  5. @Lmangla, if that’s the show’s overarching theme, that as long as you admit your mistakes and apologize, then the character is basically good, I cannot agree with it’s assertion. Admitting his mistakes doesn’t make the editor good, imo. However, I can see how these “morally deficient” characters would think that it makes the editor good. In fact, I would argue that the editor framing of OJT runs counter to anything truly “good” people would do. To me he comes off as playing “the judge” or God here. He got to decide Lee Dae Chil’s death by pushing for his execution, he got to decide to expose himself rather than let someone else expose him, he got to decide his own death to garner sympathy and he got to pay back OJT for blackmailing him with the video showing his murder of another “depraved” cop who raped his sister. By no means do I think what the editor did makes him a good person. In all honesty, I thought these characters were pretty morally deficient. Almost all of them. I said a while ago that the only morally Good Detective I saw in this show was the dead cop who didn’t seem to compromise on doing the right thing. It’s pretty sad to me that I still think that the justice system remained the same by the end of the show. I still give the show many props for telling a good story even though I find most of the characters morally reprehensible. People are not perfect but I think when it comes to murder, the taking of human life, there is no excuse for not doing the right thing.
  6. @heartslined, thanks for the rough translation. So then I suppose now the entire family is going to find out the truth because Ga On ran away to stay with her mom. I haven’t seen the preview yet but I guess things will blow up. Min Joo’s gloating face might have to take on a different look now that the truth would come out that Sul Ak isn’t even the biological dad.
  7. Guys, nobody is commenting on the fact that it seems that the Boo family knew all along that Sul Ak wasn’t the biological father. What’s up with that? How did Ae Ri and GG know? I’m going by what’s implied by some comments on YouTube. Of course the subbed episode later will clear up any misunderstanding. Anyway, it’s expected that the truth would be a burden to Ga On. I suppose she feels that it’s better to stay with her biological mom, understanding that the Boo family raised her when she’s not their blood kin. This turn of event was predictable to me considering Ga On’s personality. @heartslined @Manora @Mocharel
  8. Sorry to cut your post but I wanted to highlight your comment in particular about the newspaper editor. I also felt that the show was glossing over the murder he committed but then I later decided that it was the characters such as the reporter and her coworkers who took this view. I think what decided it for me was when the video of him committing the murder was shown in court. The people in the courtroom basically cried out when they saw the murder on screen and it looked to me as though they were rightfully horrified by it. So much so that the prosecutor seemed visibly troubled by the distraction of the video precisely because of the impact it had on the judge and the court room attendees. By exposing the video, which the editor tried to bury because he didn’t want his family to see it, the show basically showed that what he did in the dark eventually came to light in all it’s sordid detail. Although we didn’t see it, I’m sure reporters in the court room probably wrote about it. From start to finish, the only death that saddened me was that of Lee Dae Chul. I still think a lot more people should have been punished but atlas, I guess I can settle for the main ones. I can’t say that I don’t have mixed feelings about the frame up of OJT. I suppose this is poetic justice for him considering an innocent man was framed for his crime but it doesn’t sit well with me that the detectives and the prosecution basically decided to turn a blind eye to the very real possibility that he was framed. I guess in their minds the ends justify the means. I still think this show was very good. The characters all have very critical moral flaws though and I really hope I never meet anybody like them in real life who is willing to cover for murderers and take the lives of people trivially. I do wonder how they would feel to be on the receiving end of that type of injustice just like Lee Dae Chul.
  9. Kocowa Translation: Mr. Boo: How dare you come here? Consultant: I came here to say goodbye. Thank you for raising my child so far. Ae Ri: Goodness me, is she Ga On’s mom? Geum Gang: Shouldn’t they live together? Min Joo: That’s why I told you to stop. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Stepmom: Gye Ok. Stepmom: Tell me. Why are you two together at this time? What’s going on between you two? ——————————— From today’s episode, I liked the way Sul Ak told consultant lady that it’s not her place to vet the person he likes. It was a nice slap across her face. It felt good to see her storm out of his office because of his response. I hope Mr. Boo cut her down straightaway and leave no room for her sympathy card. Min Joo seem to be enjoying this new development though. I guess it happened just in time since she just found out that Mr. Boo will allow GYO to accompany Baek Doo in the soup room. Please, please writer give us a delicious takedown of Min Joo. Then again, I think it’s best if I lower my expectations to see her utterly exposed and humiliated. Even if she finds out that con man is conning her before their plans come to fruition, somebody already have her in pictures carrying on an affair.
  10. Mr. Boo better not train the Con man in making the soup. It will be his death knell. I like the alternative of Han Ra learning it because he’s a blank slate and he can be taught how to make it. However, I think it unlikely that the recipe will be passed to Han Ra although it would be nice. Bo Mi can help him if they get married. She’s already used to working in the kitchen and with meat. I have a feeling that the consultant lady will use Ga On to encourage Sul Ak to make them a family. *roll eyes* Just wait until the bomb falls that he’s not the biological father. However, the way the consultant lady talks about Sul Ak as Ga On’s dad makes it seem like he’s the biological dad at times. Min Joo is going to hate GYO even more now that she’s going to be trained on making the soup together with Baek Doo. I hope Mr. Boo and GYO are not dissuaded from this course. Sometimes these people act as though Min Joo is their ruler.
  11. Kocowa Translation: Sul Ak: Now I know how I feel. I can’t go back to that time again. I can’t even be friends with you. Gye Ok: Sul Ak ssi. Consultant: Can I meet that person too? The person you like. Geum Gang: Today is the day. Woman: To rely on one man and live Mr. Boo: A boyfriend. That sounds good. Gye Ok: I’d rather go in. Mr. Boo: He will go into the soup room with Gye Ok. Min Joo: Father.
  12. @Mocharel So sorry to hear about your trauma with Love Til the End. That show had at least four characters that drove me up the wall. After that experience, I quickly dropped daily shows that seemed to trend that way like Shady Mom where I would have had to endure the mother’s evil schemes for most of the drama. Mom Has an Affair started out not so overpowered by evil but then I couldn’t take the murder and frame up when that happened. I don’t have a problem with selfish and evil characters so long as the protagonist aren’t stupid and saintly. The problem with Kdrama shows are that they do the extremes. Most people dislike people who dislike them. Most people fight back against unfair treatment. In Kdrama the protagonist of these daily shows are almost always doormats. I don’t buy characters like these because I think it’s human nature for a person not to like those that treat them bad. @tas82, right now SA believes the story that the consultant lady told him. Ga On seems to want to reject the lady’s story though. What she believes about the lady will most definitely impact whether she wants to accept her as her mother or not. As to SA, I suppose the conflict will be the lady’s fight against his wishes to wait until Ga On is older to meet with her. In tomorrow’s episode it seems that SA and her will argue over Ga On.
  13. @Mocharel, I have never watched a daily show with minimum of 100 episodes that didn’t drag. The daily shows that I managed to watch to the end had draggy plots too. I suppose that will happen with a show that length. I’m just thankful that I don’t have to watch 100 episodes of a villain or villainess getting away with his/her schemes. I endured that in Love Til the End. In comparison, a lot of Chinese drama shows have at least 50 episodes. There is “always” some point at which they become draggy. Even the better written ones suffer from this. So, I suspect it’s a weakness that most writers possess. Sometimes even 16 episodes drama suffer shabby writing at some point too. I don’t mind SA, the consultant and Ga On’s current story. It doesn’t really inspire much feelings in me either way. The part I found most interesting is finding out that he really does not seem to be the father. I’m also interested to find out what kind of reaction Ga On and his family will have if they find this out. I don’t believe he would tell anybody so I’m thinking that maybe a situation will occur where the consultant woman spitefully reveal the truth. Like maybe if SA adamantly refuses to allow the woman in Ga On’s life at present and she resorts to revealing the truth since he’s not Ga On’s biological father. Regarding her hitting on SA, it really doesn’t bother me. I feel differently about his situation with this lady versus the lawyer girl in the beginning. As long as that lady doesn’t employ tactics similar to the lawyer girl in dragging in GYO or confronting GYO, the consultant lady’s presence doesn’t bother me.
  14. I understand your complaints but I still think this drama is far more tolerable than the current daily shows. While the consultant lady, Min Joo and Conman are a pain, this show in comparison is not nearly as painful to watch as the other dailies where there are “several” villains since the beginning of the show right through current episodes. I find the consultant lady annoying but not evil. I reserve evil for Conman and Min Joo because they are premeditatedly trying to steal Mr. Boo’s hard work. Not to mention Min Joo also went as far as voicing thoughts of hurting Gye Ok in an accident. It shows that she doesn’t have a conscience. Even the conman had to calm her down and discourage the idea of hurting Gye Ok. In other daily shows, people are actually killing people and framing innocent people for murder so I really appreciate that kind of plot hasn’t happened in this show.
  15. @RobinM, it would be hilarious if the baby boy turns out to be Han Ra and Bo Mi’s kid. I certainly would like to see a scene where Bo Mi is introduced to the Boo family. Well, I guess the conman recorded everything Min Joo said about her clueless husband and taking over Buruna Noodles. Good blackmail dirt straight from her lips. I wish I can see her humiliated very soon. Everything she has should turn to dust and she’s forced to walk away without a penny because she overplayed her hand. I do wonder who was taking pictures of the conman and her. Is it his cohort in the long con or is it entirely someone else? Gye Ok is so clingy. In reality, most people who made the decision she did, would walk away from the scene she saw outside with SA and his daughter. Instead, she lingered to ask him if GO is okay. I mean, clearly they aren’t telling her anything but she’s still sticking her nose in. She needs to get a clue. Both SA and Ga On don’t want her to know anything so she should respect that. I hope she goes back to help out her mother’s restaurant as she told Mr. Boo. She seriously need to regain the dignity she had at the start of the series. A person shouldn’t have to abandon his/her dignity for love.
  16. Kocowa Translation: Mr. Boo: Is something wrong with Ga On? I can’t get a glimpse of her. She won’t come out of her room or join us for a meal. Wicked: Do you want to ear cold noodles with me? Wicked: Hello. Say hello. He’s the chef here. Mr. Boo: How can you make this mess? Baek Doo: I’m sorry. Mr. Boo: Get out. Right now! SA: Go back, and never come back here again. Consultant: Do you mean that you have someone? Consultant: Ga On. It’s mom.
  17. The funny thing is, there was a confession and a kiss and all I can do is roll my eyes. I mean, I can’t even get behind that kiss because these two are clearly not in a good place. The man doesn’t even trust her enough to tell her anything. This is the long awaited first kiss? Best part of the episode for me was GYO putting a brakes on her any future pointless and useless moping over a dude that doesn’t tell her anything. That Min Joo person feels like she’s flying high. I wonder how much longer before she crashes and burn. Maybe I’m expecting too much though because we all know how these writers like to lamely let their villains off. As to the preview for tomorrow, even if GYO overhears the conversation between SA and his daughter, she should mind her business. It’s not like he confided in her. She just learned what’s going on from eavesdropping. I hope she doesn’t interfere without permission. Also, I hope she sticks to her guns about being frenemies. If he wants her back let him work for it. For the first time I hope her stepmother interferes and keep GYO in check.
  18. Man, even if GYO overhears, I hope she doesn’t get involved in the business of SA, his kid and the kid’s mom unless he allows it. It’s their issue to work out and not hers. Of course if grandfather asks her to intervene she’ll have to but I just don’t want her to fall back into the “being taken for granted” position. Stand your ground girl. When he starts treating her right then I might actually root for them.
  19. @Manora, it’s because GYO is easy. That’s why SA can set up a meeting and not care about any misunderstanding that might come out of it. Quite frankly, I don’t care what comes out of the storyline with SA, the mom and Ga On. I’m still annoyed with the way SA is handling this matter in terms of his attitude towards GYO. I just don’t want GYO to keep on getting strung along and accept it. I mean, technically SA doesn’t owe her an explanation anyway because they’re not dating. However, I wish GYO would realize that it’s not the end of the world if this doesn’t work out. I know they will most likely end up together but that doesn’t mean she should be a pushover to the end. Anyway, Min Joo is really gloating. Did you guys see that scene in the restaurant where she’s thinking GYO is provoking her because GYO is still enthusiastic after she put GYO in her place? Wow! This lady needs a beat down. How much longer before she finds out her lover is a conman? Please writers, let her be thoroughly conned.
  20. Min Joo feels very confident so she says what she likes to the father and everybody. Notice she’s never been shy about saying she wants a restaurant branch. She knows that the father knows she’s a gold digger. Both already confirmed this matter when they spoke of the divorce. Mr. Boo knows he can pay her off to stay next to his son. There’s no secret there. I think that’s why she feels she can say what she likes. Mr. Boo also seem to want her to stay with his son and she knows this. GYO must be the only person I know who doesn’t have a limit. That’s why she will be continually yanked around by every and anybody, unfortunately. I also didn’t like what SA said about GO taking priority but I suppose that makes him true parent in his view.
  21. I LOATHE MIN JOO! Does anyone else find her as insufferable as I do? I mean, I’m glad she outed SA/GYO because I feel GYO needs to stop wasting her time moping over SA, but Min Joo acting all righteous while stirring up trouble is getting on my last nerve. Please conman, con her out of everything. Anyway, I’m with GYO’s best friend. She needs to stop hurting herself. Like the friend said, that guy isn’t even telling her anything. He just takes for granted that he has an extra pair of socks in his drawer to fetch when he’s in the mood. Please writer, stop making GYO a doormat for everybody.
  22. Indeed. It has to be production error. The child is obviously different. I wonder if they changed the plot for SA, GAO and her mother. The baby last week was wrapped in blankets. It seems to be to fit the narrative that the baby was given to SA shortly after birth. In that way the mother story about being lied to about the death of her baby works. If it was the child from episode 28, that meant she was abandoned by the mother and grandmother at almost a year old.
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