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  1. @msmy thanks for the spoilers. I find this daily really interesting. The pacing is good too. One of the things that I really enjoy is how likeable the characters are for the most part except shady mom. The chairman is enjoyable to watch and even if he knows how useless or greedy some of his family members are, he tolerates them and it’s clear that he still love them in spite of these shortcomings. EDIT: The episode was very good today and tomorrow’s episode looks very interesting. Eun Seok is in Jenny’s work room and while hidden in the dressing room, he hears shady mom telling Man Soo how Eun Seok is a stalker and he’s in Japan and Man Soo needs to protect her. He also heard her say she put a stop to him being able to contact Jenny. I guess Eun Seok now realizes it must be that she tampered with the cell phone. At the end Jenny comes in the work room and asked shady mom and Man Soo what are they doing there. In the preview it looks like Eun Seok gave Jenny the recording of the pickpocket and perhaps what he said about shady mom. I hope he also gave her the CCTV of shady mom paying the pickpocket and him giving her back Jenny’s bag etc. Also, I forgot to mention that it does look like Kyung In will have a love line with Young Man because she’s looking a job and he’s looking a secretary for his new business.
  2. @Lmangla, I’m old school in some ways but since I spend most of my day at work and the company monitors internet usage, I have to use my phone and iPad for privacy. Up to yesterday my doctor sent my medical results to my email and I could check the results right away on a secure portal on my cell phone. However, I’m old school in the sense that I don’t use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and it’s difficult to find information about me on the internet unlike my friends and peers. As to Jenny, I give her credit too for thinking to contact Eun Seok by looking him up on the company website. When her mother gave her the article that she claimed Kyung In plagiarized, I was thinking why doesn’t she do her own research on the internet about reporter Kyung In but then I thought they’re just passing acquaintances anyway so Jenny probably couldn’t be bothered. Speaking of Kyung In, the more I watch of Young Man and his mom, the more I really hope the writer is not trying to hook him up with Kyung In. The way his mother treated Song Ah tells me more than enough what she would be like as a MIL.
  3. @Lmangla, why? Aren’t you afraid that your information might get stolen. I have my passwords for many sites on my smartphone including my bank stuff. I use my fingerprint and passcode for phone security. I figured with Jenny it’s understandable that she doesn’t have a passcode seeing she lives in Lala land. She doesn’t even find it suspicious that Eun Seok’s number just up and disappeared from her contacts. Unless the phone crashed or something, why would it suddenly disappear? Ugh.
  4. @lu09 I wonder why. In any case, it seemed like it would have been an interesting episode today as Eun Seok discovers shady mom is the one who collected Jenny’s things and it seems like he intended to start following shady mom to see what she’s up to. I don’t understand why drama shows constantly overlook the reality of passcodes on cell phones. I hardly know anybody who uses a smart phone and doesn’t use a passcode. I know it’s ideal for the plot that passcodes don’t exist but writers should be more creative and get with the times.
  5. @thistle, yes in Asian drama, especially Korean drama, moms are very officious in their children’s lives. I accept that but what I could not accept is the mother going to CSH. It’s plain cowardly. And she knew what she did was wrong because her conscience bothered her to no end until she was finally going to confess it to KJH. In the first place, why not ask KJH to end the relationship? She didn’t want to bravely face him so she went behind his back and tried to make CSH be the bad guy. She did come around in the end but not before a lot of persons were hurt by her actions.
  6. I put this drama on hold months ago at episode 13 because I just couldn’t bear to watch CSH get hurt by that selfish cowardly woman that is KJH’s mother. I always have a problem with an interested party going to the other party instead of directly to the person they claim they’re trying to protect. Why didn’t she ask KJH directly to break up with CSH instead of going behind his back and hurt someone else’s precious child? Quite frankly, regardless of whether her concern is valid or not, she should not have approached CSH in this way.
  7. @msmy, I haven’t watched the subbed episode yet (I’m at work) but I didn’t realize that he confirmed to viewers that shady mom is his mother. Heh. That’s interesting and I guess I can accept it. I still think he’ll be sympathetic towards his mother because this is not a Western show. To me Asian shows go to great length to show children as filial. I can’t imagine covering for a family member who commit crimes but it’s often the case in Asian drama. It’s something that I cannot relate to at all. So that’s why I feel that eventually he will side with his mother. Somebody has to be on her side because a lot of characters won’t be on her side.
  8. @tulip06 I don’t want Man Soo to be shady mom’s son but I guess it is in fact likely. The reason I’m against it is because then he will be sympathetic to her. Even if he has revenge in mind, just because she’s his mother he will probably side with her eventually. I also think he likes Song-Ah. The scene played off as though he found her attractive by the way he was gazing at her. Maybe his revenge can also be against J Group and Song-Ah was marrying into J Group. @Lmangla didn’t Dong Joo tell Kyung In that Eun Seok’s father died by stab wounds while tracking down Black Rose? I feel like he mentioned it to her yesterday.
  9. @tulip06 you will have to make do today because I watched the raw episode and Song-ah’s mom kept mentioning Kyung-ah’s name. Anyway, the private investigator and Dong Joo met the cop who was on the pickpocket case and a lot was said perhaps including the fact that the investigation was stopped by someone. They all found it suspicious it seems. Song-ah and Dong Joo continue to get to know each other better. Kyung In and Ma Eum invited Song-ah’s mom over for dinner. Their family seem to be getting closer. Ms. Naive seem to have believed everything her mom said so she deleted Kyung In’s phone number from her phone. She and Eun Seok talked for a bit and I almost got the impression that she wanted to tell Eun Seok to stop investigating. Meanwhile I’m thinking why does Eun Seok have to get further involved with this family. Shady mom showed Song-ah’s picture to Man Soo and to me it seems like he was pretending not to know who the woman in the picture is. Later when he was alone in his office, a flashback shows him looking at Song-ah intensely while she’s photographed in her wedding gown. I’m now wondering if he’s in love with Ms. Naive or did he fall for Song-ah.
  10. @Lmangla, I haven’t watched the subbed episode yet since I’m still at work but I feel the same way about Man Soo. Watching his dad die like that must have been a terrible experience. Jenny falling for her mother’s fake tears had me rolling my eyes and fast forwarding through that scene in the raw episode. I just didn’t have the patience to watch the whole scene. I’m liking Song-Ah and Dong Joo very much. I’m guessing that Kyung In must have told him about Song-ah’s marriage because his reaction seem to correspond with that.
  11. I watched the raw episode and it seems like Man Soo’s dad was murdered right in front of him when he was a kid. So whatever his motive, it might be tied to his father’s death. It seems like Eun Seok will hire Dong Joo’s friend to investigate shady mom and the pickpocket. In the preview he showed the investigator the video of shady mom watching the attack on Jenny and later on Dong Joo and the PI were looking at shady mom on the video and talking about it. My least enjoyable part of the episode is again Jenny. Young Man and his sister met by chance at a nightclub. That guy really must not know what love is because he was dumped and it doesn’t even seem to make an impression on him except for the embarrassment of knowing he was played.
  12. @Lmangla, I hope her brain stays switched on. She definitely deserve better. In their conversation Song-Ah said he was actually dating two women at the same time and they both came to her to tell her about the other. That guy isn’t worth it. Perhaps his storyline will be to join his mother in thwarting Eun Seok because he seem to think he’s the current heir to J Group.
  13. @Lmangla @lu09 I can tell that you both watch quite a few of these dailies because you’re speculating plot that hasn’t even entered my mind. I kept wondering if Kyung In will have a life outside of her career pursuit as a reporter and outside of her development at home but it never occurred to me that the writer might pair her up with that good-for-nothing guy. I hope we don’t see anything like this for her. Strangely though, when you raised this idea, I recalled Kyung In telling Song-Ah she did well to dump such a guy. This also reminds me how much I enjoyed Kyung In speaking so affectionately of her brother’s qualities to Song-Ah.
  14. @Lmangla, I remember you made a lot of good points about why Jenny continue to assume a passive role in her own life. I confess the more I watch of Jenny, my sympathy is dwindling. I like her a lot as a person but if, for instance, her mother marry her off to Man Soo I can’t say that I would feel sorry for her. I think it’s just that I cannot relate to how passive she still remains when her mother is doing or saying outrageous things. An example would be like when her shady mom told Eun Seok, his aunt and his cousin that she has a fiancé and her fiancé would be very upset or something like that. Jenny didn’t say a word to clarify the truth even prompting the chairman to lecture Eun Seok that he shouldn’t be interested in an engaged/married woman. So I’ve been trying to be patient with Jenny but if she isn’t willing to start taking an active interest in her life I don’t really feel sorry for her. I absolutely enjoy Song-ah, her mom, Kyung In, Ma Eum, and Dong Joo’s continued development. The scenes are a warm contrast to Eun Seok’s family although his family is not that bad. Even though his aunt plots against him, she doesn’t come off as hateful like some other greedy moms. She’s indeed a troublemaker but she’s not terrible to me on a grand scale although it’s pretty horrible that she didn’t seem to love her grand daughter. I can’t wait until she finds out her silly son got dumped. I hope he never shows up in front of Song-ah again.
  15. I do wonder why any government would create statute of limitations on murder. The person should be punished for the crime regardless of when the truth is discovered. In any case, I hope shady mom ultimately end up behind bars.
  16. Anyway I remember a hilarious comment on YouTube that said Yiqing will quicker die from the stupidity of the females around him than his cold virus disease. However, as much as I adore Yiqing, in episodes 35 and 36 I was very disappointed with the way he handled the situation with Jingrong. Now that we’re getting close to the end I will stop looking at spoilers because I don’t want to be discouraged from watching the entire series (since the English translated episodes are a week behind the live episodes) no matter the end. I will avoid spoilers at all cost until I can watch the end for myself. So I guess I will be avoiding this thread for the next two weeks.
  17. @joccu, yes Man Soo is currently an intrigue. When he first appeared he seemed harmless and fully deceived but the later episodes reveal that he has men tailing Jenny and his soliloquy often give the impression that he knows something about Shady Mom. He also seem to want a connection with J Group and shady mom/Jenny. I keep wondering if he is the one sending the anonymous text messages to Shady Mom and somehow wants her to come in contact with the chairman of J Group considering the chairman’s son was killed by a female criminal that very well could be shady mom. Or, is his agenda about revenge for something in the past. If he own hotel chains I don’t see why he arranged the deal between Jenny and J Group unless it’s really for Jenny’s benefit.
  18. @msmy, I’m with you. I’m quite worried about the pacing since it’s 120 episodes but I’m hoping the writer continue to show the morally fit characters as sensible. ES has been so sagacious about the terrible acts orchestrated by shady mom that it actually makes me a little nervous about if the writer can keep this up. However, I was reading a blog yesterday about Korean dailies and it said that Ugly Alert had much better development and character growth than the more modern dailies. Ugly Alert was my first daily and Love Til The End was my second daily. The latter daily reminded me very much of the US daytime soap operas I used to watch. Ugly Alert however was very enjoyable for me for the most part. The blog writer mentioned that old dailies actually had better development starting with the “falling in love” stage to the having kids stage and the evil characters got punished.
  19. @Lmangla, I would love if Man Soo come against shady mom to keep her in check. I do wonder what is his true agenda because it’s clear that he seem to know things about shady mom. He had his men watching Jenny so I wonder if they also saw shady mom on the scene. It would be interesting if he’s the one sending her threatening text messages.
  20. @Lmangla, unfortunately Jenny is still trying with her might to excuse her mom’s behavior. I’m glad that Kyung In showed up and revealed her meeting with shady mom before Eun Seok met Jenny. In that way Jenny will hopefully realize that two different individuals notice her mother is very strange. I can’t say I have much trust in Jenny investigating the crime in Japan on her own. Now that her mother is more alert and that guy Man Soo is also there, either of them can intervene to change the story. It also seems like shady mom got the police in Korea to drop the investigation into the pickpockets according to the preview. I wonder if shady mom will be able to successfully marry off Jenny while in Japan. One never knows how low she will go.
  21. Omo, I just saw a clip on YouTube of episode 51 and jealousy really seem to lead people down a twisted path. I could see the betrayal coming but I’m so disappointed in
  22. I just finished watching episode 15 and it touched my heart in all the right places. I simply love the way the script writer handled the painful situation and revelation for Deok Mi, her family and Ryan. I’m so glad the obligatory breakup didn’t happen. My hats off to the writer. So many touching and emotional scenes packed into one episode. I think my favorite is Ryan and Doek Mi’s mom “forgiveness” and “thank you” scene.
  23. @msmy, I can’t imagine Jenny finding out that shady mom isn’t her real mom anytime soon. That’s why I’m curious about how she’ll continue to manage manipulating Jenny considering that Jenny is ever so slowly noticing shady mom is strange. The preview upsets me. That lady is freely treating ES like thrash and he endures it.
  24. @lu09, thanks for the spoilers. The episode sounds good. I hope Jenny continues to wake up to her mom’s oddness. I just finished watching the episode and Shady Mom intends to marry off Jenny when they return to Japan so that when she comes back to Korea to work with J Group she will be a married woman. Man Soo seem to know more than we imagined. He’s very shady too. His spies reported back that Jenny went to the police station to file a report and he and his cohort are wondering what will happen if the thieves are found. I get the impression that they know Shady Mom’s antics.
  25. @Yui., I don’t think romance follows a set course especially if the characters and their circumstances are complicated. I actually don’t believe Yiqing ever intended to fall in love with Jingrong perhaps because he said that he lives one day at time and some things he deem as important and some not so important so he doesn’t pour his heart into it. In the beginning at times he seem to flirt with Jingrong and sometimes he’s standoffish. So I don’t think for him it was a linear development. However, I think the more he interacted with Jingrong the more he became attracted and involved although by his thoughts in ep 28 it’s clear that he tried for a long time to ignore his feelings. As to Jingrong, I think her perspective is more complicated. When she was present at Snow Tower she was friendly, shy and gentle. I truly believe she was protective of Yiqing because like everyone else she thought he was too sickly to face the internal strife at Snow Tower. She also remembered how Yiqing accompanied her in the vigil for her dad and I feel that her heart was softened towards him in gratitude. Nevertheless, to me she seemed attracted to him. After the tragedy at Sand Valley and the three years time skip, I felt Jingrong had pretty much returned to how she used to be before Sand Valley took her in. She no longer trusted anyone and is quite stubborn to a fault. I think her problem with Yiqing is she doesn’t fully trust him and she obviously hold grudges against him for the Lei family son and thinks that he can be ruthless. It’s not until she learns that he’s the gentle doctor that she starts to see this other side to him which he always hid from her. That’s when the two versions of Yiqing becomes one for her. I think having her find out before Yiqing was kidnapped was the turning point for her because now a real life and death situation intervened to test the true nature of her feelings. Moreover, Nanchu also told Jingrong about the things Yiqing did for her in secret and that further made an impression. So to answer your question, I think she let down her resistance to Yiqing after she found out he was the gentle doctor who took care of her. I can certainly understand this because no matter how much Yiqing likes her he is still harsh with her if he needs to be. In Sand Valley she was coddled and protected so the way Yiqing treats her is very different to her senior brother and master. To be honest, I really do not see anything wrong with the romantic development. It kind of reminds me of the famous and much beloved literary work “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen and adapted into film repeatedly through the years. If Jingrong fell only after she learned about that other side of Yiqing then her predecessor is Elizabeth Bennett who after she realized she was prejudiced against Mr. Darcy, she began to realize how blind she was to his merits and began to appreciate and sincerely love the man. As to the reunion between elder brother and Jingrong, I haven’t seen it but I imagine there are so many things that have happened to change them and they will never be the same. Don’t forget elder brother has assassinated dozens of people for the former Moon Sect Queen. I don’t see how he’ll ever be the same. However, there’s a clip on YouTube
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