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  1. Guys, this drama has amazing ratings in Korea. Credit to Asian Wiki. I don’t know if it’s the time slot but wow, it’s always around 17% - 20%. In comparison Mom is Having an Affair ratings hover around 5% - 6.5% and Dangerous Promise 10% - 14%. Please see below:
  2. Me too. When they said PC is portable charger, I wondered who made that one up. PC is widely used to mean personal computer and in another context, political correctness. I have never heard PC meant portable charger before. I guess I learned something new. It was funny how HK promptly told his assistant not to book any more appointments for him with people under 20. I totally relate to him. It annoys me when people send me text messages and don’t use proper English but instead letters and numbers.
  3. @angelangie, Ohmigosh. Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up in your signature. That certainly brings back memories. False. I’m a couple hours shy at least. Next person wears a watch that count her steps for the day.
  4. @tas82, I find it too difficult to watch today’s episode so I will wait until tomorrow or Friday when hopefully I don’t have to watch GO get squeezed by her awful step family and squeezed by gold digging DIL #1. I see in the preview GO see DIL #1 with her chef lover so hopefully that will be something the father can hold against DIL #1 if she gets too greedy. She’s still married so she would be equally at fault. I also hope that GO eventually lessen her ties with the step family. Maybe once she’s through with SA’s family they would actually become attached to her. Han Ra is making progress towards them and maybe eventually the others will come around.
  5. @MayanEcho, True. People are people to me. I think one of the most admirable things I’ve seen is blind professionals walking down the traffic riddled and busy sidewalks of New York City completely unaccompanied except with the guiding stick and making their own way. Next person has visited London before.
  6. False. I do have air conditioner although it always interrupt my sleep because the room gets so cold overnight. Next person eats watermelon in the summer.
  7. @UnniSarah, I love your post. I was patient with the stepmother but I’m at the end of that patience. Today’s episode will likely be a painful one for GO but I hope it results in GO letting go of that rope like SA advised. The stepmother will undoubtedly make GO feel like she committed a crime and GO will blame herself but I hope it passes soon. The stepmother and stepsister are all for what they can get out of her. Worse if they feel she married a rich husband, they’ll be expecting a handout. I just hope this will be the final straw that wakes GO up to stop allowing them to use her. She entered the fake marriage because she wanted to give them some place decent to live and she wanted to give the stepmother a store to run. Min Joo and the chef indeed deserve each other. In the preview for today’s episode I saw she’s all elated because she feels she found stuff on GO. Since she’s exiting the family, I don’t see how any of this is her business anymore. I hope she’ll be out of the place soon. As to the chef, what a deadbeat father. He hasn’t paid child support all this time. Wow. And to think his son was there last week eating noodles at that shop. Shame on him. He better have a good excuse.
  8. It might indeed be the writer’s intention to show that HK is more expressive of his feelings with DH, but I really do not enjoy the way the writer has HK abandon all reason especially in a professional setting that involves his own expertise. To me it does a great disservice to HK as a doctor in this area. He seems to have recognized that JH is mentally unstable so why give in to JH’s delusions or taunts? He could have just ended the session and refer JH to another doctor. I also don’t get why HK could not transfer the case as JH said. The fact that HK knows JH on a personal level should be more than enough reason to disengage himself from JH’s therapy. Regarding DH, she also put her show at risk. The project will probably be on hold now that HK is caught in a professional scandal. That’s probably why in the preview AY looks upset with HK who seem to be apologizing. DH probably will blame herself and I can’t say I’ll be sorry for her. She made a huge mistake in covering for JH and now everything just blew up. Right now everything really is a mess.
  9. This is the part that most surprised me today. I don’t know what JH said but HK’s actions were outrageous. To lose sight of everything else even alarming his patients outside will undoubtedly land him in hot water professionally. The medical reporter was still there and witnessed everything. I’m patiently waiting to see what instigated such behavior but I think JH achieved his objective in going there. I can’t believe HK fell right into the trap.
  10. From what I have seen in crime or legal Korean drama, it’s really up to Do Hee to press charges against JH for breaking into her apartment. Honestly, sometimes things that are left up to the offender and victim to settle in Korean drama often seem strange to me. Some I can understand because they aren’t serious crimes but some actually give me pause. However, I acknowledge every country has their own justice system. I don’t know how true to the real life law in SK those drama shows mirror. Do Hee probably thought that JH just acted crazy with her because he can’t let go. She was shook up and scared but I guess she doesn’t think JH is dangerous enough that she should expose him or allow herself from being talked about. She’s dead wrong though. She should have realized that he’s capable of almost anything. I don’t know what it will take to wake her up to this new reality. By keeping what he did to herself, none of those around her understands what a threat JH is. She might not want to ruin his reputation but I think she owes it at least to AY to tell the truth so that AY could cease her work project with JH. The staff also needs to know that he’s not allowed on the premises because who knows what he would do.
  11. Indeed the mom sent back the money but she tried to make GO feel bad about it. Her whole attitude made GO out to be the bad guy. I didn’t dislike the stepmother previously but I am growing to seriously dislike her. She treats her lazy leech of a daughter like a princess. She often tries to lamely scold her daughter but she would do anything for that daughter. She will make GO work like a dog to fund her daughter’s harebrained schemes. She’s exactly the type of character that can do the most damage because of her wimpy stance. Why doesn’t she encourage her daughter to look a decent legal job? I hope GO follows SA’s advice to let go of that rotten (my addition) rope.
  12. I hear you. For now I will focus on Keanu’s storyline. In the preview it shows that guy kneeling before Keanu. I guess there’s more development on this plot at least. I don’t think Keanu will let it slide if JH is going after HK to ruin his practice as well. I suspect AY will also find out more about what’s happening too.
  13. I think Keanu is key. He knows DH. He has history with JH that DH doesn’t know. AH is also in the mix and I think she would believe Keanu’s story because she already knows Keanu has something hurtful to settle with someone only she doesn’t know it’s JH. If DH doubts HK and sides with JH, then I would be really upset with her. However, she already knows JH is a mental mess. It would be foolish of her character to believe JH didn’t provoke this heightened response from HK. HK is usually a calm guy even when she side-blinded him by suggesting they stop being dinner mates he reacted calmly no matter how rude she behaved. As to JH, I inanely thought for a moment that he wanted help. However, that scene outside the convenience store should have convinced me otherwise. The guy was practically elated that DH called him to urge him to seek counseling. He actually looked encouraged. I think when ever DH shows him any bit of concern he has convinced himself that she still cares for him and he has a chance.
  14. AH takes Keanu shopping. The scene kind of reminds me of when Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman took Julia Robert's character shopping for clothes after she was snobbed by the luxury shop attendants. She buys clothes for Keanu and then before handing her credit card to the sales assistant, she warned her not to judge a book by its cover. HK is looking up information on Keanu. He finds out that Keanu had to sell his house and all of his property and he sent his wife and kids abroad. HK tells the voice on the line that Keanu could have denied it and proved it wasn't a medical accident. The person says that's what's weird. After checking the facts, they tried to find him but they couldn't reach him. The person said they heard even Keanu's family only get his letter couple times a year. Oh, it's a junior of HK's. He said they weren't sure if Keanu was alive but HK confirmed that Keanu is alive. HK calls DH to find out if she knows Keanu's phone number. She says she doesn't but perhaps AH would know. Then DH asks if that's the reason he called. She flirt a bit and he said he'll pick her up for dinner. After she hangs up, DH says that HK is sweet. HK's assistant knocks on the door and JH shows up behind him. I guess he came to see HK. He said he came for counseling for real. He said DH told him to get counseling. He told HK to help him. In another scene, stylist cousin telling DH that JH's father is a difficult person to deal with. His father is the son of a very rich family while his mother came from a normal background. Apparently the father was in love with the mother but then his feelings began to change. The father went back to his rich family and took JH, his only son with him but then as a teenager JH got thrown out. Shift to scene with JH telling HK that he will never be like his father. He wants to take care of DH to the end. HK is a bit annoyed by this and stops him. He told JH that he will set him up with a different doctor. JH objects. He said he wants HK to be his doctor and he thought patient trust of the doctor is crucial to therapy. He says he believes the HK can give him the right treatment. He says, "You're not refusing me, are you? Doctors can't do that." Meanwhile, his stupid cousin is telling DH that JH has been having a hard time since coming back to SK. DH said she's heard him out and she's done now. Then the cousin said JH went to see HK for counseling. DH looks spooked by it. At the same time a medical reporter shows up in HK's office talking to his assistant. The reporter is telling the assistant, "We just would like to hear Dr. Kim's medical advice". Oh. My. Goodness! Jae Hyuk must have set up HK. The assistant hears a commotion in HK's office and he goes to open the door just when JH lurches out as if he was attacked. Then HK comes out and collars JH and asks him what is it that he wants. HK yells tell me what you want. JH hugs HK and whispers in his ears, "Doctor, you can't do this to me. This is a clinic". HK says, "You crazy punk!" JH is crazy grinning and HK told him not to show up in front of Do Hee again. Then the psycho says, "Dohee...Dohee" and sure enough DH is standing there looking at them. THE END.
  15. Oh. My. Gosh. HK is so sweet. After HK realized that DH knows certain abbreviations (he had a teenage patient earlier that day who basically speak in abbreviations) and he probably feels old school, DH told him that she knew the abbreviations he mentioned because of her work just like he would know medical jargon. All of a sudden HK apologizes to her for calling her show "low" back when they first used to bicker as strangers. She tells him it's okay. People say that about her show from time to time. They both laugh and he tells her that she's brave and really cool. She says he too. They start joking about casual speaking again. DH is laughing a lot. These two are enjoying their time spent together. Noeul brings a reporter to DH's workplace. The reporter is interviewing several people there specifically about the relationship between Noeul and HK. DH's friend thinks Noeul is up to no good. DH's friend suggest various things to do to Noeul but DH says she admires that Noeul is hardworking, beautiful and some other adjective. *rolls eyes* Noeul notices DH and basically walks over with the reporter to rope DH into confirming her nonsense, which is to imply that DH brought HK on board the show because of Noeul's past relationship with HK. DH is the best! She stood up to Noeul: Noeul: I sometimes just call her by her name because we're close Dh: It's loud here. Why don't you go to a quieter place? Should I ask Ms. Nam to let you borrow her office? Reporter: Hello, I'm Kim Hyeong-sik of "Women;s Health". You have a nice office. DH: Thanks. Now if you'll excuse me. Reporter: Producer Woo. If you have some time, may I please interview you for a second? DH: Me? Why? Reporter: I'm covering the show Ms. Jin and Dr. Kim are hosting. I would like to include your comments since you cast them. I heard you knew that Ms. Jin was Dr. Kim's ex girlfriend and cast him on purpose. Noeul: Producer Woo played the biggest role in helping us meet again. She's an awesome producer but she's also a really good friend whom I like. Reporter: Could you take a seat here and tell me more.... DH: If I say more, I think he won't be able to finish his article today. Noeul: Please, DH DH: I have a meeting to attend Noeul: Oh, you're busy. Because of the incident we had, she's become busy lately. Reporter: I know. I wanted to hear about that incident too (I think they mean JH's allergic reaction) DH: Ms. Jin, can we talk? DH and Noeul has a mildly heated argument on the rooftop. DH says she's in a serious relationship with HK. NE says she seriously loves HK. DH asks her why she's clinging to HK as if he shouldn't date or marry someone else. She said DH's ex is clinging to DH as well. Finally after DH had enough, she said what is wrong with you all (I guess he means JH and NE). She told NE that they left as they liked and came back as they liked. Why do they act like they have the right to own the person they left?
  16. DH is looking over the footage for the paintball. She sees the image of JH and decides to call him to ask if he went to the hospital. The guy find it hard to contain his happiness at her calling him to check that he's okay. She advises him to get counseling. He's all smiles over her concern. He agrees to go to counseling and he thanks her for her concern. He's smiling. It looks like he's sitting outside the convenience store where Keanu usually hangs out. HK and DH are having a hot and spicy dinner. HK tells DH he had a rough day. A lot of shocking things happened. He said he usually don't talk about work but it involves her. Flashback to his session with her mom. After they talk about her feelings for the divorcing after 30 years of marriage, the mom asks him if he has a girlfriend. She tells him if her daughter brought home a man like him, she would do whatever it takes to change her daughter's mind. She said HK is a smooth talker. He laughs and tells her don't worry he has a girlfriend. The mother responds that she feels bad for the girlfriend. lol Oh. My. Gosh. He doesn't know that the lady is DH's mom. He's only telling DH the story because she's related to it by being his girlfriend. In the present they're both laughing at the mother. Wow. This is amusing.
  17. Stylist told JH that DH told him to take him to the hospital. Flashback to JH hearing DH lie to HK after she opens the door to HK. In the present, he tells his cousin that he's been healed by hearing "that". HK and his mom are in the hospital talking about her surgery. The mom seems realistic about her situation and keeps talking about dying. Anyway, HK calls his mother "mom" and she feels happy hearing him say it. She says if she doesn't die, she'll befriend "her", Woo Do Hee. HK told her that DH likes her too. Do Hee tells her mother to go get counseling. Her mother was outraged at first but lo and behold she went to HK's office for counseling. Reporters show up in his office asking his assistant about his relationship with Noeul. Her mother overhears this and thinks the doctor is a playboy that breaks women's hearts. Meanwhile HK is on the phone with DH talking about their dinner plans. He finishes speaking to her and in comes her mother.
  18. Stylist dude is worried about his cousin. He calls him, JH answers the phone was is kind of unresponsive. He calls DH and DH advised him to take JH to a hospital and bluntly tells him to stop calling her about JH matters. Stylist apologizes and DH said he shouldn't be the one apologizing. She again advises him to take JH to the hospital because he's "off". I guess she means mentality unstable. She then thinks back to HK inviting her to dinner. He said he wants to shorten the distance between them by speaking casually. He said it's a proven scientific psychological method that speaking casually versus formally makes people feel closer. Poor guy trying so hard to be able to speak casually with her. But DH counters that he seems uncomfortable right now. I guess maybe she means he seems uncomfortable speaking casually. Anyway, DH seriously thanks him for trying. He thanks her for tolerating it. DH's mom finally give her dad divorce papers. AH waits for Keanu to have breakfast. HK visits his mom in the hospital. Noeul is at the gym. AY and DH talks. AY asks what's up with her and that she's lost so much weight because of her. DH said if she told her she will get chills down her spine. After a bit she tells her that her mother is divorcing her father. *rolls eyes* She started to tell her about JH and last night but then she pauses. AY presses her and then the scene changes to stylist and JH.
  19. DH has breakfast with her parents in the morning. Afterwards she goes back to her apartment, changes and then heads to work. Some teenage girls on the bus are talking about relationships which causes DH to reflect on her relationship as she walks to work. She thinks: My Life and my relationships are ridiculous. We love and breakup. We fight and resent each other. That's what every couple does. That's what life is. I thought my pain wasn't special and I was doing okay. But it was a delusion. My relationship was a mess. Then she sees HK standing in the lane waiting for her. Gosh, it's so beautiful that he's waiting for her. It shows that he was worried all night. After she sees him, she continues thinking: That's why I'm too ashamed to see him. But seeing him makes me happy again I am such a mess. The mood changes completely after they basically said they missed each other. HK starts talking casually to DH and they have a light, amusing banter about his attempts to speak casually to her. They're so cute.
  20. I think HK is suspecting she lied. He keeps thinking about it. DH goes home to her mom to sleep. The mother asks if she fought Jae Hyuk because she doesn't look good. The mother told her that she made dinner for Jae Hyuk and asked him to be nice to her. DH gets upset and tells her mother to stop meddling. She said she and JH are completely over. She said things are over but they keep getting messier and messier and it makes her feel pathetic. She said JH is scary and she's scared he might find out. Her mother asked if JH mistreated her and she denies it. She asks her mother what did she do wrong? The mother hugs and comforts her. Hopefully the mother should realize she should be on DH's side and not anyone else's. Meanwhile, our poor HK is so worried that he went back to DH's apartment and is standing outside. He doesn't even know she's not there. He leaves after he receives a text from DH saying that she's spending the night at her mom's. I'm thinking that things might get a bit rocky for them with DH's emotional distress. She doesn't want to tell anyone about what happened with JH so how will this affect her relationship with HK.
  21. Jae Hyuk is having a melt down. Do Hee catches him in her apartment and he keeps repeating “Save Me”. He said he broke in to retrieve a picture of him and her. His hand is bloody from a gash. He keeps saying to DH to save him and he feels like he’s dying. He asks her why doesn’t she have any pictures of them. DH tells him to get himself together. HK is knocking at the door. Do Hee lies to HK that someone didn't break in. Poor guy all flustered and she just straight up lies to protect JH, I suppose. She said it was her mother who was in her house unannounced (in a flashback). Anyway, he asks her if she's alright and she says yes and then he leaves. DH asks JH how he got into her place. He said she didn't change the passcode. She said this is a crime. He said again she didn't change the passcode so it felt like they were together still. It felt like the times when he used to wait for her and when she used to wait for him at home. But now he couldn't find anything that showed their love. This guy is crying and totally having a meltdown. She asks if he's completely gone mad and how could he do this to her. He says this feels like they are really done. She told him to get out and go back to the US as soon as he can. She said she can't tell anyone about his actions tonight for her sake and not his. She warns him if he does something like this again she will really kill him then.
  22. In my opinion, a couple’s chemistry is subjective to a viewer. I believe it’s why shipping wars exist and I have seen some pretty notorious shipping wars in the past for American shows. I believe a lot of those shippers might be embarrassed now that it has all passed. Anyway, for me I can clearly see why Jungwan fell for IkSun. To me the first meeting in her hospital room said it all. Jungwan seemed smitten by Ik Sun’s enthusiastic and upbeat personality. Heck, even I was charmed by her and I can see how Jungwan was probably immediately attracted to her. It doesn’t seem like he had seen her for many years but the added familiarity through IkJun probably helped because she wasn’t completely a stranger. I totally feel their chemistry and I’m one of those viewers rooting for them to work out. I don’t need to know their history. I just need to know where they began and it was in that hospital room.
  23. @UnniSarah, SA and GO are definitely friendlier. In the preview above I really dislike GO’s stepmother and stepsister.