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  1. I don’t think she’ll be successful in committing suicide. It looks like GY will go to the place because I see GY looking up. GY will probably convince her to live for SY’s sake. As to Sena’s mom, I suppose ultimately the purpose of her character is to give Sena unconditional love when she finally ends up behind bars. I got to say the police is lame to not be able to catch SN already. Also, about the contract wife, I find it really something that she has not accomplished any of her goals. In a way I’m glad GY was the one the thug chose to take because if it was the contract wife JH might have felt further obligated to her. Hopefully now the contract wife can permanently end things with JH. Maybe seeing how courageous GY is would give her an example of facing her world bravely and help her to release JH so he can go where his heart lies.
  2. Exactly. I saw the picture again two days ago on Instagram and the only two kids I saw were YS and SY who were sitting in the laps of probably the directors of the show. All the other people were adults. Also, so SN will commit suicide? Wow, I certainly didn’t expect that. @csancsy @joan0528 @fansdrama, I just saw the video preview and I fail to see time skip. It looks like JH rescues GY. They were hugging and the look on JH’s face said everything. It’s like he realized just how close he came to losing something very precious. Bobby and JH fought and he was able to defeat him it seems like.
  3. I agree with you. I noticed that we’re always getting ahead of ourselves. How many times now have we been wrong about context of the previews and give ourselves headaches? For instance, two days ago we thought GY was breaking up with JH. However, when the scene appeared and the proper context was given, we see that it wasn’t what we thought and it only served to highlight that the couple wanted to be together by JH declaring he wants to be able to stand proudly in front of her and YS. There are other times we’ve been wrong about context like when JH said GY had changed or when JH didn’t want the contract wife to participate in the plan because he said she keeps ruining their plans. Therefore, why don’t we wait and see what happens? Also, I doubt they will change YS’s child actor. Wasn’t he there for the final cast photo? I didn’t notice any other little boy even if it’s a year later.
  4. According to BC, DY saw his face and would be able to connect him to the crimes that he colluded with Sena to commit. However, I do think BC is a cold blooded murderer to those he thinks are weak. He thought it no problem to go into the house today to kill CDB even though he escaped the people who were surveiling him. To me he’s arrogant and thinks nothing of killing people. I see many of these types of characters in crime shows although most certainly would make BC seem like he’s in kindergarten.
  5. This actually mirrors the growing sentiment in some societies today that people are not responsible for their crimes because their circumstances/environment made them act this way. Hence the compassion that SN gets from these characters through the writer. @fansdrama, I also saw the preview on KBS website for 12/28 which usually means the episode will air on that date.
  6. When Jae Dong said that in the preview, JH looked at GY and then GY kind of looked away but smiled. So JH want to stand proudly in front of YS and GY. I hope his wish comes true. I do think though he needs to settle things with Bobby because it would forever be an issue considering this Bobby has been persistently looking for him. In any case, if he goes back to the US I hope it’s only for a few months. I don’t know how GY will react to him facing danger though because it was clear in today’s episode that when the detective wanted to use him as bait he glanced at GY first probably knowing she wouldn’t like it. And sure enough GY scolded him after they nabbed Baek Chul. As to the contract wife, if she wants to survive in the world she needs to be able to stand on her own two feet. JH has to keep taking care of her problems even if he’s offering as a friend. What happens when he’s not around? I don’t know what to think that a lot of these characters seem to want Sena to get away. Sorry but she had no problem ruining people which sometimes led to their deaths. She needs to be jailed because she doesn’t seem to have any genuine sense of remorse up to this point. @fansdrama, it might be true that it’s better for Bobby (Mr. Interpol qualified criminal) to come to SK but the writer might want to let this conflict occur offscreen. Whatever. To me this Bobby sounds like he should be behind bars but he’s definitely walking around free. @sava2sava, I care about the end couples in this drama but I sure do understand what you mean about drama shows lately.
  7. Yes, I suppose GY will since she understands as a mom also. I really hope they buy a house because that back room is getting crowded. GY will probably have both kids sleep with her for now.
  8. @joan0528 she’ll have her mom to support her. You know she could have had a happy life forgetting her dangerous ambitions and leaving JH in peace. I hope HG’s father doesn’t escape punishment. @fansdrama, GY will raise her well. She and YS act so affectionate.
  9. Very satisfying. Thankfully she had the good sense to send SY to GY and family. The text preview seem to say she’s caught and prosecuted. Heh. It’s about time. It also says contract wife leaves Korea for the USA (hopefully never to return).
  10. This couple is still my favorite this year. To Wuji and Fuyao.
  11. @fansdrama, I feel bad for YS. I really do. It was so cute the way he was rubbing his father’s chin and then touching his own for comparison. It would have been nice for him to grow up with his dad after missing out on him for six years. In any case, JH needs to be forced to make a decision. He can’t straddle two boats. About JB, I can’t see her going back into glass. She has her own career now and if she marries HG she’ll probably have a lot more things to do as wife of a Chairman. Anyway, I assume GY drew the line because JH told her he would be returning to the US with contract wife. He’s wearing the same pinstriped jacket that he wore in the scene when contract wife was telling him about her sick mom.
  12. @fansdrama, I fully expect JH to return to the US. Considering that the contract wife said that he treats her like a mental patient I don’t think he will think her capable of taking care of her sick mom. So just like he took care of her dad’s funeral, he’ll probably take care of her mom. Added to that is the present threat of Bobby. I can’t see him leaving helpless women alone. I also don’t think he would accept the contract wife leaving like that without any closure especially if she does it behind his back. I think this is where GY and him will clash because she’s very concerned with his life. I don’t know if her understanding will extend so far as to be willing to agree with his decision.
  13. Indeed and why would GY talk about ending their relationship out of the blue without a cause? Unless something new happens in the episode tomorrow (Thursday), GY in today’s episode has no thought of doing that. In fact she told JH to promise her that he will stop hiding what he is doing from her. That’s after JH told her he has someone watching Bobby. As to Bobby luring the contract wife back to the US, I can only assume her mom would play a part. However, it might be true that her mom is sick. If he is in fact luring her back in order to catch JH, I think JH will have to return there although to be honest, can’t they like call the police? It’s not like we don’t have a law and order system here. Oh, wait, it’s too logical.
  14. I tend to think this is the case too because she’s wearing the same clothes she wore at the trial of Jung. The three criminals have been evading the law for a long time, especially CDB, so it’s a miracle after so many twists and turns he will face the courts. I hope there’s a good chance all three criminals get long sentences. Now it’s time to catch Sena.
  15. I loved HG and JB’s scene today at his office. I love how serious he was with her, giving her an ultimatum that left her speechless. It seems he has turned the tables on her.
  16. @csancsy, I also was laughing this morning when I saw Koji scurrying from Sena. I still don’t understand why she’s out of jail. Anyway, glad to hear JH isn’t just bluffing. He really likes to keep things to himself I guess. @fansdrama @joan0528 @sava2sava @viyra @cp23 @angelwingssf @csancsy @Pam_Van Fossen Since we were discussing without the subs previously, the translations make a difference. This is what I got from the subs: JH didn’t want GY to use the contract wife because he said she keeps ruining their plans. He said the contract wife can’t control herself basically implying she’s untrustworthy. He was concerned that Sena might catch on to the plan. GY told him the contract wife would do anything to save him so she trusts her to not ruin the plan. JH was not angry when GY asked the detective if he had an Interpol contact and told him about Bobby might be coming to SK. He was somewhat surprised that GY knew and tackled it right in front of him in the presence of the detective. I don’t think he was mad but rather felt like he was caught in a lie because he hit K in the head after the detective finished responding to GY’s inquiry. JH told GY she has changed and he liked the old her more. He didn’t say it in a mean way but rather a regretful way because he says he felt like it’s his fault that she changed so much. I understand why he said that because it was right after GY mapped out the plan to catch Baek Chul. She’s basically on JH level with scheming to catch criminals. He even apologized to GY because he feels that the change is because of him. GY’s mother also observed previously that she has changed a lot. GY’s response to his observation is that she changed with experience. She also told him she liked the old him in the glass factory. I think the exchange was a nice one to highlight how far they have come through the mud. JH, the contract wife and GY put their plan into effect but I’m not sure what contract wife is doing in the end. In any case, I know Baek Chul will get the address to CDB’s location from Sena because we see it in the preview.
  17. Right down to the wire Sena is still getting away with her crimes. Then why did GY tell the detective about Bobby? She’s just being proactive I guess.
  18. Perhaps it’s a good thing that they have come to heads because there’s a lot of baggage between them. If they can’t survive this fight then I guess that’s it. I don’t think GY wanted to use the contract wife purely for her goal. Since the contract wife wanted to help GY probably accepted it.
  19. I see GY and JH in the courtroom trial for Jung so I believe Jung will probably get convicted first. However, that must mean that Baek was also arrested as well as CDB. Maybe SN is on the run because it’s finally confirmed that CDB is alive. For the rest, I don’t know because I haven’t seen today’s episode yet. It’s still in RAW format.
  20. Yes HG liked GY in the beginning but even in the most recent episodes HG didn’t like the idea of them getting married and hurting JB yet again. To me that means he has moved on in his heart. And no matter what GY said and did, it was equally clear that she was uncomfortable with HG in a romantic light. For instance, when JH told GY how if the contract wife hadn’t survived he didn’t know how he would have made it in the US, GY responded in a passive aggressive way by telling him she’ll go into HG’s house to find the phone and when JH became alarmed, she added that they’ll be her in-laws anyway. So then later when JH said in front of Jung that GY should indeed be clever since that’s a requisite for a conglomerate wife, she was clearly upset. So later when they were having the conversation about when she’ll return home to the restaurant, she told JH in a sarcastic way that since he said that about her maybe she’ll stay until HG is made Chairman. Clearly these two have issues. They were in a covert way lashing out at each other yet it’s obvious they’re hurt because they’re in love with each other.
  21. Since there’s no romantic build up between HG and GY it will feel even more hollow to put them together. I can just imagine the awkwardness. To me JB is more HG’s style. Regarding BC, I think it’s in tomorrow’s preview that he goes to the hideout for CDB. I think he’ll be jailed because Jung has to be jailed and it won’t happen without jailing BC and CDB. Actually, the text preview said that much about BC and CDB getting jailed.
  22. Why would GY even do that? Is she buddies now with the contract wife? It’s so weird. I know they planned something together but that should be the end of it. *scratches head* @fansdrama, about the picture, that doesn’t mean other characters aren’t there at the airport too. I still want to know why GY would go there regardless. I saw the clip of her with GY’s dad and I wondered what the heck. It just doesn’t make sense. These two hardly have anything to do with each other. Wasting precious minutes again. So, what, did she go say goodbye to YS too?
  23. @viyra, I don’t even understand why Sena is still on the loose even now.
  24. @viyra, I think the contract wife plan was to scare SN because GY and JH follow behind in her car shortly afterwards but I’m not exactly sure what they are trying to accomplish or if GY was driving to some place else. @fansdrama, I hope GY isn’t being an idiot to go see them off at the airport. Sensible people wouldn’t do that.
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