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  1. Yes, I want that too. She has to make the decision to go back to him. I hope WDR does some investigating. I’m sure the staff at the cafe witnessed what happened and what was said to KDR. However, I think WDR just might confront his mother directly because he knows for a fact his dad was very confused about KDR’s abrupt decision. That leaves only the mom because grandma definitely wouldn’t do such a thing. I must say I don’t want grandma to find KDR’s house. I don’t want her to pull KDR into this right now because I certainly don’t want KDR going back to their house before things get really bad.
  2. I agree so much. I think what WDR needs to do is not run to KDR but find out what caused this abrupt change in their relationship. Going to her without finding out about the source of the problem would be useless. I can’t imagine how he would find out though. Madam Airhead probably drove herself that night to confront KDR.
  3. Wait, why is Do Ran meeting Madam Airhead? Why is KDR so nice? Guys, would you actually go meet a hater when she calls? Why does drama do this? Why would anyone go see a woman who insulted her so badly to her own face? I mean, KDR quit both the house and business so why is she meeting this hateful woman? This kind of nonsense really irks me in drama shows. @tas82, I assume you mean that you want Chairman Wang to find out. I kind of only want him to find out after things escalate terribly. I hope KDR refuse them absolutely. Let their family become a mess with the bad luck Madam Airhead said KDR would bring on their precious family. May Airhead end up being their family’s bad luck. As to JDY, she’s all laid back with smug satisfaction and without any concern or responsibility but her own so it’s great that it will all land on Airhead’s head. I hope the stepmom is telling WDR about KDR not for her benefit but because she sees how heart broken KDR is. It it looks like JGR is going to kiss KMR.
  4. When KBS weekend drama Marry Me Now was airing, the preview use to come out on Thursdays. Perhaps My Only One previews will be released around the same time too. It was really cruel of them not to release one after the last episode on Sunday.
  5. @stargazer187, Thanks for that. It really made me laugh. Ahjussi does dance like an ahjussi. They’re cute. Glad to see Uee enjoying herself. I would love to see her hairstyle change too. I can’t remember what her hair looked like in the beginning but since I’ve watched her in other drama I know what she can look like. I guess it depends on the character she plays though. Regarding the self esteem issue, to me the true test of esteem is when a person steps outside of her own world and maintains her dignity or pride. A person who doesn’t let other people’s words make her feel ashamed or inferior. Do Ran is indeed hard working and diligent but she did all these things in her own little world. Do Ran herself doesn’t even seem to recognize the value and qualities Chairman Wang, Madam Park, Mr. Kang, her best friend and Dae Ryook sees in her. If she did, she would not have hung her head in front of Da Ya or Madam Airhead. People who know their worth would not have sat and listened to anyone deride them.
  6. Okay, you will be shocked so look forward to it. Have a safe trip.
  7. @angelangie, I agree. Some people can be hard working, diligent, and smart but because of their family background or situation they have low self esteem. Do Ran’s stepmom has always put her down. She wasn’t cherished by the stepmom whom she probably spent most of her time with. She was forced to do chores when Mi Ran wasn’t. She was dressed differently to Mi Ran who got the very best. Who knows how she also appeared at school compared to the other kids. Then before Dong Cheol died she was told she was not their child. She has no idea of her origin. I think in Korean society this would be an issue for her. It’s therefore understandable that she has low self esteem. Mi Ran has low self esteem too because she told Go Rae that everything she does fails and she’s useless. That probably makes her think poorly of herself despite the nonsense her mother tells her. She knows the reality when she goes out into the real world. The fact is, I’m sure there are things she can do but she wants to do something she’s not good at and her mother encourages her along that line instead of telling her find something she’s good at. I think esteem is shaped by well taught values whilst growing up. I have never once envied rich people because I know riches can be a snare and bring many problems if the rich person doesn’t have the right perspective and values. Someone like Do Ran should be able to see that Madam airhead has no class. However, Do Ran doesn’t seem to recognize this at all because she sat there and listened to that nonsense not only out of respect but probably because she thinks highly of Madam airhead. In the first place, what has Madam airhead accomplished as a human being? Why is Do Ran thinking Madam airhead is so much better than her. Not because she lives in a nice house, eat nice food and wear nice clothes. Those should not be the things that make Do Ran feel like that woman is better than her. Values are important. See the Park family in Marry Me Now.
  8. Definitely more fluttery moments would be nice. It would be nice if she’s thrown into more of a crisis of conflicting emotions rather than holding her tragedy against CWH. Conflicting emotions really because she obviously hold a deep grudge against her father and finding out that he saved the person she loves would most likely throw her into an emotional upheaval. That I can understand. However, I do find it weird that she holds such a deep grudge against her father especially with her warm personality. I want to believe there is more to the story because even if she felt that way about her dad when she was young, she’s an adult now that should be able to understand that the father was away doing his job.
  9. @Sulistya Wati, I had no idea this is based on a novel. Thanks for the information. I guess I need to visit the first page.
  10. @angelangie, I would love if the drama throw the cliche out the window when YYJ discovers her father saved CWH. I mean, how about writing something positive instead where YYJ is grateful that something good came out of that terrible night and it’s the fact that at least her father saved the love of her life. The truth will be shocking and probably confusing but I wish it wouldn’t cause a breakdown in the OTP’s relationship. I mean, isn’t it weird to hold something like this against somebody you claim to love when it actually involved his life? I feel it can’t be genuine love if you begrudge the person you claim to love his existence. It’s not like he caused the bad thing to happen to her.
  11. @stargazer187, I guess there will always be exceptions and unfairness. I think Mr. Kang is unreceptive to HJ right now. I believed him when he said he had absolutely no interest in HJ. Are you perhaps thinking that he will miss her? Perhaps. Or maybe he’ll be too caught up in what’s going on with Do Ran.
  12. @stargazer187, I binge watched all six episodes yesterday evening and I binge-watched them again today since I had the day off. The story is indeed common but I absolutely love the OTP because of their individual personalities and their interactions when they’re together. All their moments are nicely done to me even when they’re arguing. Like you, I love that YYJ is domestically equipped and I particularly love that she has an artistic bent and she’s comfortably confident doing such things as floral arrangements, designs, etc. When CWH asked her to help him when he was decorating the clinic for its new opening, she didn’t hesitate but gladly accepted his request. I find this heroine warm and relatable. I also love her thoughtfulness in dealing with CWH when he becomes prickly. As to CWH, I adore his character. Sure he does indeed get prickly but I like that he’s principled, caring, and warm once he let down those walls. I understand that his mother thinks she’s doing the right thing for him perhaps because she thinks he’s simply hurt because his father never acknowledged him or was there for him. Thankfully CWH is not a pushover so I just see his mom’s interference more like a nuisance. It’s the terrible rich lady that I have more of a problem with. Why is she destroying someone else’s life, reputation and living to get CWH to marry her? YYJ’s unni better reject that investment because I can see more problems ahead if that rich lady get involved in their business. Maybe the chairman’s wife will indeed need to step in to stop that lady’s destruction.
  13. @Ameera Ali, perhaps KDR’s esteem will grow if she makes something of herself. Sometimes I attribute her low self esteem to her upbringing. With such a weak head stepmom and her beloved dad away earning money, it’s no wonder she has esteem issues. Mi Ran has them too. Look at the way she lies about her background and the way she’s practically timid in the face of the derision of the other anchor students. I really don’t understand the values here. I knew people in high school who were financially challenged but were darn smart and garnered the respect of teachers and students. In the grand scheme of things your brains and talent matter because even rich people can lose their fortune through misfortune whereas a nobody can become somebody through their talent...at least in the Western world. @stargazer187, I guess a month could be good. Notice that Hong Joo also left with her suitcase and Do Ran quit her job. It almost feels like it’s the end of Act 1 and Act 2 is up next.
  14. Same here although this is my first time seeing him. Villains are many times so obvious that I was surprised when I heard he’s a major villain. I like that it wasn’t obvious with LQ. I don’t know what kind of villain he is supposed to be but from what I have seen so far I assume that he goes down the wrong path through either his pride, his obsession with the light order, or the restoration of the Yan kingdom, or all those things combined. What I find a disconnect is
  15. @stargazer187, I wonder too if they’re still live filming. I guess maybe a preview will be released on Thursday. I’m truly curious about what happens to KDR next. I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a timeskip but then Madam Park would most likely be much further along in the deterioration of her state so I don’t know if it would make sense to the story.
  16. @Nour Alhouda, quite frankly I find Asian fans scary. @stargazer187, KDR really quit. When WDR spoke to his father, he said Human Resources had already confirmed receipt of her resignation letter. I don’t think KDR would have quit her job if that woman hadn’t demanded that she submit her resignation. In any case, I guess KDR will decide to go back to doing her part time jobs after she pulls herself together. A person like her, I can see her throwing herself into work and study to forget everything.
  17. Yes. I was surprised too. I can see both points of view though. Young people in their 20s tend to move on a lot as well. I think most people think it’s easier to get a significant salary increase through changing jobs. People also don’t seem to be loyal to companies that much. I think maybe they also feel sticking around too long can make one complacent. In Kdrama though people give a lot for a job.
  18. Do Ran has suffered the most so far and I hope there are brighter days in her future. I really want to see her succeed in her career and make something of herself. However, Korean drama career plots are not like Western stories. In real life here in New York, if you stay at a company for more than five years it’s like you’re considered a dinosaur. That tells me that there are many more career opportunities available here. In Korean drama however, it seems that employment opportunities are not readily available and when someone finds a job they put up with so many things just to keep that job. This is why I’m very curious about where Do Ran path will take her now.
  19. I think if they suggest that Madam Park should be put in a home the Chairman should tell them to move out of the house. They all can go live in an apartment and let the matriarch stay in her own home. I thought before WDR and KDR broke up that perhaps grandma can live with them in the house once they get married and everyone else move out. That’s because in both frame of minds Madam Park is close to KDR and is kind to WDR.
  20. @angelangie @sava2sava EY not having peace in her family doesn’t necessarily affect WDR and Chairman Wang to the same extent. Seeing that both of these men work, they’re not home the majority of the time. What I am hoping for is that the prophecy EY attributed to KDR joining her family is brought upon her family through her own actions. May she never have a single day of peace henceforth.
  21. @stargazer187, as much as I would like WDR to continue to pursue KDR, I don’t think giving up at this point is unreasonable for him. The guy was practically groveling. Do you guys realize how utterly embarrassing it is to pursue someone to this extent, knocking on her door in the middle of the night like a crazy person, begging her to tell you what happened, sleeping in front of her house until morning, begging others to find out from her what happened, barging into her house unwelcomed, hearing those cold words repeatedly, taking in that steely look, getting rejected publicly like that in front of others, etc? Dae Ryook struggled a lot before deciding to pursue KDR because he already had the image of the woman he wanted to marry. He was honest with himself and decided to give up that goal to follow his heart. He not only followed his heart by pursuing KDR relentlessly in the face of her adamant rejections, he even took it a step further recently by giving her a ring and telling her he is thinking about marriage. He encouraged her by telling her she’s his woman, she should be confident and he doesn’t want anyone to hurt her with harsh words. He also told her recently that they should face everything together. I said all of this to show how far and how much Dae Ryook has done for this relationship. He was always the one doing something. KDR has not stood up for this relationship not once. Even when they met her stepmom and MR outside the house it was Dae Ryook who took the initiative to introduce himself as her boyfriend despite the fact that they made up their minds to tell their families. I think it’s KDR’s turn now and I don’t expect her to do a thing until she makes up her mind about what she wants. I would love to see where her life takes her now. It takes money to go to law school so I don’t know if I can expect a development in this direction. I don’t know if she would take the money from EY. It’s not exactly dirty money since it’s payment for her services but it might be right to reject it because it was never her intention to take money for taking care of Grandma or she also might not want to feel indebted to EY. For all the nasty things EY said to KDR about ruining the peace in their family I sincerely hope from now on she doesn’t have a single day of peace in her family.
  22. I love how CPP made fun of NQ about how stingy he is to choose silver as him totem. These two are a riot.
  23. However, now GR knows that MR is falling for him. He also already know that MR’s mother told her to marry a man who is employed. MR sure confesses a lot to him when she’s drunk.
  24. @UnniSarah, I just dropped Eternal Love 2 this week. I didn’t like the premise from the beginning. I find it plain silly and couldn’t bring myself to waste the hours anymore. I would love to continue watching this show into the seasons but changing the main actor is a huge NO for me especially if the first season already made me attached to him. I can’t envision anyone else as NQ. I don’t know about the novel but the actor already embodies my image of who NQ is with all his other characteristics.
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