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  1. @hush puppy, I don’t know the actor who plays the male lead but I like to see him and he’s believable as a General. I watched the raw episodes up to 12 and only watched two subbed episodes. I like the story so far. However, I’m so impatient to understand why her father married her off to Xiao Qi. I needs subs badly. I know
  2. Interesting. I didn’t think the story would continue in the anime. I didn’t finish season 1 yet but I did see the ending episode.
  3. @40somethingahjumma, I honestly prefer detective stories or mysteries when the detectives themselves are not part of the case. I was expecting a detective story and style like Signal or Tunnel where the detectives worked on discovering the truth about serial murders in the past that are now also occurring in the present. When I found out about the sci-fi part with superhuman strength and powers, I was caught off guard. I never watched The Pretender but I did watch Dark Angel but at least I knew what to expect when I began watching that show.
  4. I think viewers probably expected a different kind of drama. When I read the summary before it came out, it gave me the impression that the detectives were going to be working on a mystery of serial killings that led back to a mass killing event from the past in a small village. What I didn’t expect is that the past incident would involve the two cops working on the case. That creates an entirely different show than what I expected. I also didn’t expect super-human stuff and human experimentation. I guess I was kind of expecting something similar to Tunnel or Signal.
  5. I can’t stand both the father and her. It would be nice if they destroy each other. I sympathize with her past but she’s a murderer and no better than her equally disgusting father. She was sleeping with someone else’s husband then had that dirtbag husband murdered. But, considering this is a Kdrama, I suppose she might go to jail for a year and then get out. Triple disgusting is her male cousin who were raping women in that secret room. Quite a sleazy family overall. I don’t care about their equally sleazy company and the way it destroys the lives of other people. I guess the board should get
  6. This is exactly what I think too. I like that Hye Won works with the reporter too because for a while there Jaime was stuck in a one track way of thinking. I find it much more interesting when Hye Won works with Mr. Reporter. They think outside the box. I also think JW and Jae Woong have little chance of surviving but I still want both to survive. They offered a little hope that the foundation can save JW and I know he probably will reject that idea and have already given up on surviving but I also think there’s a slim chance that he might want to survive if he doesn’t entirely suppr
  7. I mainly enjoyed Kono Oto Tomare for the music competition. I really enjoy their win in the season season. Their piece was beautiful.
  8. The problem is that the flashbacks seem to be disjointed. I think he has a grudge against He Ra because of the expose but it seems to me that He Ra has her own grievance. For example, CMJ was told that his sister helped He Ra into her position as reporter. However, He Ra said nobody ever helped her and CMJ was mad when she said that. But, there was a flashback showing another staff at the news organization saying to a lady if she believed the sister really helped He Ra which suggested that there was more to the situation. Then there was a scene where it looks like He Ra’s future husband was se
  9. Perhaps, as someone else said, there is a one year time skip. If that’s the case, it’s probably like normal life where ACH has received an excellent offer and has probably moved on to another hospital. I wonder if the other head resident who was in season 1 will appear. Probably not since it looked like he moved on too. I guess by changing the characters it shows that life continues on like it would in real life. It’s sad yet exciting.
  10. In my opinion, a couple’s chemistry is subjective to a viewer. I believe it’s why shipping wars exist and I have seen some pretty notorious shipping wars in the past for American shows. I believe a lot of those shippers might be embarrassed now that it has all passed. Anyway, for me I can clearly see why Jungwan fell for IkSun. To me the first meeting in her hospital room said it all. Jungwan seemed smitten by Ik Sun’s enthusiastic and upbeat personality. Heck, even I was charmed by her and I can see how Jungwan was probably immediately attracted to her. It doesn’t seem like he ha
  11. @stroppyse, Thanks so much for all that information. I can’t believe you just confirmed how shy JKH is. I picked that up before in watching one of their videos but I wasn’t sure. That’s so cute. I mean, I think I have seen his drama shows the most out of all these actors but I think it’s just so amusing that he’s shy.
  12. Yes. You are correct. I binged watched the show before participating in the thread so I pretty much drew my own conclusions from my viewing experience. It’s a really heartwarming show about five doctor friends, their patients and their lives. @triplem, we’re sorry for causing trouble.
  13. @__jesse said, While Songhwa is highly independent and capable, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t yearn for companionship As someone who’s Songhwa’s age and single and professional, I can say that she is an amazing character to watch. However, something that resonated with me very deeply is when she had the breast cancer scare. As a single person with family members all busy with their own lives and their own families, it can be a scary thing to endure sickness or health scares alone. I have been exactly where Songhwa has been, facing health scares alone except I also got good news.
  14. In response to those Netflix pictures, the last I read this Netflix article said the following: Blossoming Relationship A happy end to the season saw Jung Won finally making his decision to stay at the hospital, and in the process reciprocated the feelings of Dr. Gyeo Wool, he finally confessed her love to him. Next season we’ll see the development of the relationship, and potentially we could even see Jung Won pop the question? Netflix is now even speculating that Jeongwon might propose next season to Gyeo Wool. I’m just thankful that I can trust the duo not t
  15. @ryanallright, I found this on the internet years ago but I can’t remember the author: In essence, opinions only actually matter when you let them. They cannot affect you or bother you, unless you accept them. They cannot multiply unless you respond to them. Such opinions are not eternal unless you react to them. They hold no intrinsic meaning unless you contemplate on them. They cannot change you unless you cultivate them. It doesn’t matter what’s said elsewhere. Opinions are just opinions. I, for one, am enjoying rewatching this show and appreciating what I missed the
  16. Thanks @roli. Netflix article is such a tease. What’s this: Blossoming Relationship A happy end to the season saw Jung Won finally making his decision to stay at the hospital, and in the process reciprocated the feelings of Dr. Gyeo Wool, he finally confessed her love to him. Next season we’ll see the development of the relationship, and potentially we could even see Jung Won pop the question?
  17. When she says she’s looking at her next role, she probably means in the interval between now and shooting season 2. Otherwise, I’ll be very upset if the actress isn’t returning. I think with the exposure they’re getting from this show, the actors would probably return. They also seem to enjoy working on the show. I hope none of their interim projects interfere with shooting season 2. This is why I don’t like multi-season shows even in the USA. Anyway, it’s cute how she says the other actors were rooting for Wintergarden.
  18. @40somethingahjumma, as always, great post. Honestly I have no problem with Jeong Won giving up the priesthood even without, as some say, a clear reason or reasons. To me Jeong Won was more passionate about saving the lives of children than about the priesthood. I admit I can’t see what’s going on in his heart and his level of devotion to his Catholic faith but if one wants to say that they can’t see what led to his final scene with Dr. Jang, I can also say I didn’t understand his prior persistence in becoming a priest. For example, I worked at a Catholic investment firm and there wer
  19. I think @ktcjdrama already addressed this some pages back. It would be more appropriate to say that God blessed Jeong Won with this gift of love. I’ve never understood why priests don’t marry because marriage is a gift from God in the first chapters of Genesis when He said it’s not good for man to be alone. I’m just glad that Jeong Won decided against entering the priesthood and I’m sure Rosa will be glad too.
  20. Was anyone else on pins and needles when Dr. Jang confessed and asked Jeong Won to stay? I really applaud her courage because I was emotionally right there with her and felt every bit of tension, fear, sadness, and all the other emotions she was feeling in that scene before he stood up. I couldn’t help feeling impressed with her after the whole scene passed.
  21. By the way, during GW’s plea to ask Jwon to stay, when she was crying, he also had tears in his eyes. It’s really a touching scene to watch.
  22. Oh my gosh. Watch Netflix. They reveal all this stuff about Jwon regarding GW that we never saw before. Him worried outside when she had the allergic reaction and was in the emergency room. Wow. Finally we are seeing his side more blatantly. Also, after his conversation with Song Hwa, he wanted to tell GW the news about his decision to stay first so he told her don’t tell the other guys yet. This is amazing development for Winter Garden. He looks so happy.
  23. The two, I assume, official music videos are simply lovely. JJS and JMD sing so well. I love both songs and I’m not surprised at all that they’re doing well on the music charts. In particular, JMD’s video seems to highlight the love lines for Wintergarden and IkSong. What about Junwan and Ik Sun and SH and his loveline. It would have been nice to see those as well.
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