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  1. @lu09, regarding HJ, I’m not surprised that she doesn’t trust Jenny or SW. In fact, although I’m on Jenny’s side, I can’t deny that some of the things that come out of her mouth give me pause as well as some of her actions. For example, when she used HJ as a bargaining chip with the blackmailing gangster in the warehouse it made me uncomfortable. The fact that she covers up stuff for scumbags to achieve her goals also makes me uncomfortable. However, while these things make me uncomfortable, I’m simply watching as a viewer and trying to grasp her character. I might not agree with some of the things she does right now but I’m hoping to see who she is as a character. Regarding SW, I also can see why HJ wouldn’t trust him. I mean, I was kind of surprised that they kept HJ locked up in what looks like a storeroom. Heh. Not to mention he kept telling HJ that they’re only using her for their goals. I mean, why should she trust him when he has said that to her twice? I haven’t watched episodes 3 & 4 yet so I’m writing based off the first two episodes.
  2. I didn’t know people were talking about CEW’s acting. I saw him in My Gangnam Beauty and his lead female is also older than him but it didn’t bother me one bit. I thought they made a cute couple. I also like his pairing in this. It’s just that his character is very sheltered and kind of naive through no fault of his since he’s basically under house arrest and has hardly interacted with many different people. That is why my heart broke so much when he confronted his grandmother. I was able to hear how he truly felt about the sadness of his upbringing. He was treated as though he didn’t exist. In his own words, as if he was paying for a crime that he didn’t know he had committed. I hope he gets his freedom to live how he wants by the end of this story.
  3. @sirena82, I thought the poor people had nothing to do with this. Wasn’t it the noblemen like second minister and his military and other cohorts dethroned the king and kill the students? The people of the country were just told a fake story afterwards to justify enthroning a new king. Even now the current king said people look at him like the usurper and not a legitimate king. Power is never in the hands of the people as far as I can tell. Otherwise banning books wouldn’t work so effectively. It’s the rich and noblemen who were behind the events of 20 years ago.
  4. It is indeed realistic for people to be afraid of what they don’t know and changes they might feel is not good for their country. However, does this mean that second state minister is justified in his plot to dethrone the king and execute everyone tied to him because he didn’t agree with the dethrone king’s vision for the country? Also, from what I understand, the school was teaching poor people like Hae Ryung’s older brother and giving them a chance to read and write. It was not the entire population. It was just a few select young people who were probably used as a sample group to see how educating them would benefit the country. But I suppose every country had their Dark Ages.
  5. @sirena82, I don’t simply see the CP as selfish because I know he’s in a terrible predicament which he inherited as the current king’s son. I don’t think he’s necessarily protecting his position but is more likely trying to eliminate the terrible stain the truth will put on his father and by extension, himself as well. However, the dethroned king, Hae Ryung’s father and the students at Seoraewon all died accused of treason. Their reputation and what history say about them is unfair. I hope the truth isn’t covered up and their names are cleared.
  6. @sirena82, only people who don’t know history take their freedom for granted. Actually, there are many people who are still not free even today and many people who live freely who don’t cherish their freedom. Regarding the dethroned king, it seems like the historical daily records that Hae Ryung found exonerated the king on the Catholic charge. Otherwise, why would the head historian say the following: “The dethroned King wasn’t Catholic and Soraewon was just an educational institution?” After they realized the truth of the historical daily records, the other historians dropped the papers like hot coals? My understanding of their reaction is that they now realized that the king was set up and the students also died simply for getting a Western education. The entire thing was a setup where a fake letter was used to accuse the dethroned king of inviting a Catholic priest to propagate the religion in Korea. It’s already hinted before that Hae Ryung’s older brother was some way involved in this fake letter.
  7. @may Robinson, it is indeed a matter of life and death but other people already died a horribly unfair death because of this matter. That’s why I say Yejin is protecting himself and his father. I can only hope he comes to his senses soon but it looks like Yerim and Hae Ryung are going to extremes in the preview to prevent the coverup of the past. Both Yerim and Hae Ryung’s fathers died horribly unfairly from the portion of the truth that has already been revealed. And if there really wasn’t a fire where there was smoke, second minister monster wouldn’t be so hurried to cover it all up. I hope in this final episode I get the satisfaction of seeing him executed or hearing he was executed. How much blood he has on his hands is probably a lot more than we know from the show. It would be unfair to those he had murdered if the writer doesn’t kill him off.
  8. Wow, Yejin sure is a huge disappointment. I know he’s human and probably wants to protect himself and his lousy dad but I was still holding out hope that he would act righteously by the historians and the dead students. His dad finally told him the truth about Yerim. Anyway, he rejected Hae Ryung and the historians’ petition to investigate who ordered the historians in the past to alter the records during the dethronement incident. He also put Yerim under house arrest because Yerim threatened that he will reveal the truth of what happened years ago since he denied the petition of the historians. Yerim wants to see those behind the setup punished and so does Hae Ryung. Well, I just hope Yerim, Hae Ryung and the other historians are able to reveal the truth. It was a HUGE lie that led to the murder of the students and dethronement of the king. The place they destroyed was simply an educational facility and the supposed letter from the king was entirely fabricated. He never talked about Catholicism or converting his country to that religion. It was Hae Ryung’s brother who switched the letter most likely under the second minister monster’s command. The episode was very good and Yerim and his grandmother and Hae Ryung and her brother had tear-jerking confrontations that left me a weeping mess. Both leads were able to reconcile their hurts with their loved ones. It was so sweet when Hae Ryung told her brother she didn’t resent him after figuring out what he did because she lived watching him punishing himself all these years. Yerim’s grandmother, on the other hand, seem to can’t acquiesce to his plea that he wants to let go of everything. I kind of understand her because like she told Yerim her precious son died unjustly and she couldn’t let her precious grandson die too and that’s why she made the deal with the current king.
  9. @mylovekge, it was indeed difficult to see SH suffer such a setback when she had to sign over her inheritance to her dirtbag father and Ms Hateful Han. I’m just glad she was able to successfully record that event. I hope she made tons of copies of the recording and that it will be useful in the future. I can’t stand greedy and power hungry people so I relish the thought that her father and his wife will be left dependent on SH or hopefully behind bars. Still, I really can’t see how SH and Lawyer Heo alone can take down TOP.
  10. I’m so glad to see Yeo Hoe Hyun in a new drama. And finally Lee Dong Gun is leading a drama since his last family drama. I’ve never watched the US series although I saw it all the time in the cableTV guide. Sounds like it was a good show and I know @40somethingahjumma knows her crime shows. I hope this will turn out to be a good adaptation nevertheless. I saw Mad Dog, Task Force 38, and The Player and I liked all of them.
  11. I don’t want Ye Rim to be king and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be king either. Ye Jin would be a good king although he seemed to have wanted to live freely too. I don’t think the brothers would turn against each other. They are both kind hearted and genuinely care for one another. The current king is indeed a mean person but I somehow see the state minister as the true villain behind the happenings years ago. It seemed like it was his plot to dethrone and execute the former king and slaughter all the medical students and he used the current king as the prop to restore the government since only those of the royal line can be king. He knew he would still be the one with true power anyway as many times these ministers seem to wield more power than the actual king.
  12. @lu09 and @larus, that’s my understanding as well. I agree with you that someone must have helped her hide the truth because surely there are people who knew the “real” couple if the Chairman investigated his estranged son’s wife and her past. However, it might also be that the Chairman was so upset with his son that he was determined not to know anything about him and now when they were about to reconcile the accident occurred and the Chairman was just grateful that his grandchildren survived. Added to that, the fake lady had the ring that was probably the son’s family heirloom and it was enough to assume that she was the wife. In any case, I can’t wait to see Jenny take back her family’s inheritance. Her mom and sibling also died so unfairly. @Fabbo, I was so frustrated with cop mom that I found myself asking her if she doesn’t watch crime shows. And she’s a cop to boot. Aish. At least her daughter seem to have an intuitive sense for danger. I was surprised that she actually sensed that the guy in the alley was heading to her house and also had good sense to leave that police station and head to the prosecution office although, as usual, prosecutors in Kdrama are almost always dirt bags.
  13. @nubianlegalmind, I would love to see each member of the executive TOP team get their comeuppance by the end but I don’t want to get my hopes up. In fact, if indeed Ms. Han is successfully taken down, I only entertain a “modest” hope that she would receive a punishment befitting her crimes. Too often characters like hers get off far too easily especially when considering the crimes they committed against others. It would of course be nice if this show surprises me. When I think of what she did to Lawyer Heo’s mom, I can’t help wishing the same sentence on her if she’s ever dragged down from the God-like pedestal that she’s built for herself.
  14. I hope this will be a weekend drama I can stick to. The last one I watched and enjoyed was Marry Me Now. Most of the casts are familiar to me and the storyline seems interesting enough. Good to see Joo Yoon Hee after My Husband’s Got a Family drama and the Tailor shop family drama. She looks so different here and I like that.
  15. I’m looking forward to this drama especially for Namgoong Min. I loved his thriller drama shows where I found him invariably fantastic (Doctor Prisoner and Distorted) but he also did Chief Kim that was so hilarious and enjoyable. I do wonder what type of character he will play in this but I’m sure he’ll perform the character well.
  16. ITA. You pretty much summed up my thoughts on this drama. I watched it in a day and hope to get some well deserved sleep now. I must say besides NYJ, I really enjoyed the character SMS in terms of all the vicissitudes he went through and the way he kept scheming to gain back the ground he lost. His battle with NYJ was the most interesting for me. As to LJJ, well, in all my years of watching crime shows, yeah I’ve seen psychos like him many times. His battle with NJY was a little less interesting for me because not only does he have all the money and connections to make it unbalanced, I kind of prefer villains who are sane. Still the actor did a wonderful job and I did see his psycho role in I Remember You. (It’s kind of amusing because Namgoong Min was the psycho cheobol in Remember) I’m somewhat not as satisfied with LJJ’s takedown but the show was indeed an amazing ride for me. I hope NYJ will certainly make LJJ stay in prison until he dies. As to the prosecutor and Ms. Oh, they had me cracking up. I certainly enjoyed their dynamics. LOL Originally he came to accuse her of faking her illness and the conclusion led to him defending her. I actually wished her case was already tried but they did leave many things hanging. If they’re really going to be season two, I hope it’s just as good.
  17. @sirena82, since the beginning I had mixed feelings about Historian Song but the episode last week where she finally broke down made me sympathize with her. I understand that she didn’t want to conform to the norm just like our heroine Historian Goo by succumbing to her family’s intention to marry her off to whom they saw fit. The problem for her is that she joined hands with the devil who even destroyed his son’s wife and her family. If he could do that to his own son, what couldn’t he do to her? Though Historian Song does bear the responsibility for her actions including betraying her profession, in last week’s episode it seemed to me that she sincerely felt that there was no other choice for her except to do the second minister’s bidding. I’m not excusing her actions but I sympathize with her now more than I ever did before. I just hope she’s able to get out of the second minister’s grasp.
  18. @msmy thanks for the summaries you’ve been providing. @rolisrntex Jenny’s real mom highlights the problem about Jenny. She has no agency as a character and is just like a prop for her shady mother and so-called fiancé to manipulate like a puppet. I have little patience for that kind of nonsense especially when grown adults allow others to run their lives.
  19. @Lmangla, I have watched Cold Case Files both drama based and reality tv so I do understand how some criminals get away with crime without being found especially back in the day when forensic science was not as technology advanced. In fact, my friend and I watch and read so many crime shows and books, respectively that we practically live like potential victims here in our area of the world. I’m of the same mind as Hercule Poirot and Mrs. Marple that crime is serious business. Perhaps Man Soo wants to make shady mom go down for a particular crime but I can’t agree with him knowing that shady mom kidnapped Jenny as a kid and sitting on that information especially when he already has DNA evidence. Furthermore, if he knows how dangerous shady mom is, it’s even worse that he keeps this to himself while saying he cares about Jenny. There are many things that can happen outside his control and there’s no guarantee that shady mom wouldn’t act contrary to his expectations if triggered by certain factors.
  20. @tulip06, thankfully my mother isn’t meddlesome even though she lives with me. As to Man Soo and his revenge plot, he shouldn’t be upset when people don’t act according to his will. It’s enough that Ms. Naive is constantly dancing to her shady mother’s drum but I would hate to see the other characters dancing to anyone else’s drum. I heard that the Chairman objected to Eun Seok marrying Jenny and I hope he continues to object. However I know that Jenny is the lead so it’s unfortunately inevitable that Eun Seok will stay entangled with her. @Lmangla, I guess it would be too much to hope another woman shows up to interest Eun Seok. To be clear, I don’t dislike Jenny but her lack of common sense and maturity makes me unsympathetic to her. On some level I can understand that Eun Seok might be attracted to her looks and even her character but as a viewer I wish he would put the brakes on his involvement with her.
  21. Even if this is the case, who is Man Soo to use and orchestrate people’s lives? In my opinion, if he knows something that can help J Group find shady mom, he should get straight to the point and tip the chairman off anonymously if he doesn’t want to reveal himself. Otherwise, how can he expect people to act like his puppets? Even God gave us free will to step outside his will and suffer the consequences of our actions. I can’t help but wonder if Man Soo’s goal for J Group is good or bad because of his beating around the bush if he knows something. It’s like he’s playing a game with people’s lives because he already knows Jenny and Song Ah are sisters and is just sitting on that information. What, is there no legal and justice system in Korea so that the authorities can’t be trusted to take down shady mom?
  22. @msmy, you almost make me want to sympathize with Jenny and I will try to make an effort to do so. I guess I just find her hard to relate to because she’s so easily duped and so out of this world naive about almost everything that pertains to life and living except perhaps fashion. The only time I see her act like a bold person is when she castigates Man Soo probably because she genuinely doesn’t like him as a person and so doesn’t care about his opinion of her. I hope she starts to learn about life soon because it’s hard to watch a female lead this naive and easily manipulated.
  23. This so much. I really enjoy Song-Ah and you described her perfectly. She’s zen and because of her personality I enjoy her scenes. I’m looking forward to her and Dong Joo hooking up and Geum getting a new mom. I can’t even get this level of warmth in the last few weekend drama shows I have watched so I have nice hopes for these two good people especially since they’re both mature and no crazy MIL will interfere. Her mom is what I feel a mom should be and I like her warm scenes with Geum. Kyung In is kind of too bubbly for me but I nevertheless like her too. Eun Ji amuses me and I like her too. Her mother mildly annoys me at times. I dislike shady mom and Jenny’s naivety tries my patience and some and I really wish Eun Seok wouldn’t get more involved in her crazy world. @Lmangla, like I mentioned before I haven’t watched the last four episodes yet so I can’t really make a judgment on the recent Jenny and Man Soo confrontation. However, I have said before that Jenny doesn’t seem to like Man Soo as a person nor does she want him involved in her life. Of course viewers see that he’s trying to help her but I think he should change his way of approaching her. I just feel that even if Man Soo is trying to help her he could do it quietly or through another party instead of showing up in front of her since she clearly doesn’t like him. Perhaps that method is worth a try since he insists on interfering in her life. I personally wished Eun Seok would just avoid this train wreck but since Jenny is the female lead I have to suck it up.
  24. @msmy, thanks for the information. I’m four episodes behind so I like reading summaries of what I missed. Hopefully with Ms. Naive getting involved with Song-ah, capable people like Dong-Joo and his detective partner might take an interest in her if Song-ah and her become friends and she mingles more with Kyung In and Dong-Joo. I don’t like that Eun Seok is risking his life for Ms. Naive considering that shady mom hates him with a passion and she’s capable of terrible things.
  25. I certainly appreciate how smart Kyung In and Eun Seok are because they just met Jenny and having observed the things around the clueless Jenny, they have already drawn pretty accurate conclusions about her and her mom and in a reasonable way too. In the preview it seems that the Chairman is requesting that Eun Seok stop getting involved with Jenny. It’s the first time I agree with a parental figure’s interference in this kind of situation because like the Chairman pointed out, the crazy woman might do something to him. To me it’s just not worth it. I like that the Chairman asked Dong Joo to assist Eun Seok. At least someone else in the company will be supporting his position and goals. I’m so glad that the private investigator will be working with Dong Joo on the Black Rose case. I hope they make good progress over the year. And what’s up with Eun Ji crushing on Dong Joo? Too funny with the music and dreamlike scene. Young Man and Kyung In’s meeting was amusing. She might end up being the actual boss in their office.
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