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  1. In the preview for Monday’s episode SN seemed “badly” surprised by something so perhaps GY does win one against her. I think it’s to do with the company. Maybe she found out that Chairman Jung made a deal with GY over YB Cosmetics. However, as usual, perhaps we shouldn’t get our hopes up that SN will be caught next week.
  2. Indeed and now he’s reaping the consequences of getting involved with her. In his place the moment I found out she was blackmailing SN I would not get involved with her. There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed and Enily crossed it when she tried to extort money. Furthermore, when she showed up trying to cause trouble initially, I was wary of her. Her attitude, while it surely messed up SN’s plan, definitely was that of someone who didn’t have a firm grip on her morals. Yes, SN is evil but the way Emily went about like she was playing games (and enjoying it) and taunting SN because SN lied about Emily being JH’s girlfriend, it wasn’t right at all. I thought indeed a person is known by the company he/she keeps because she and SN are alike. As to the allegation made in a previous post that GY somehow taunted Emily into committing suicide is a falsehood. GY rightfully put Emily in her place for her collusion with SN over taking her child. I would have sent them both to jail. GY has put up a lot with Emily and her psychotic rants whether in person or over the phone. How many times has Emily called GY out to threaten her and her child? This psycho needs to be put in a mental institution until she comes to grip with reality. Being physically sick doesn’t give her the right to use it has a tool to test GY’s forbearance. Sympathy? Compassion? Why should I feel that way for a woman who reaped what she sowed? Why should I feel that way for a woman who harasses another woman like she does with GY? Why should I feel sympathy when she obviously agreed to the marriage contract knowing JH only meant business and most likely did it to change his identity? The best I can think about her is that she should wise up and realize there are more unfortunate people in this world. Why doesn’t she try to live gratefully and face the future bravely?
  3. @shebagirl, I think everyone has a right to feel what they feel about a character. I’m sure there are people out there who feel sympathy for SN just like DY felt sympathy for SN after he heard her backstory. I certainly will not apologize for my honest feelings about Emily. In fact I think if a person plays with fire they can surely get burned. Emily tried to extort money from someone whom she knew was dangerous. It’s no surprise that when she poked the lion she got bitten. Her means of getting money for her father’s medical care is just as dishonorable as SN’s methods. As far as JH, I have no doubt that after taking care of Emily all those years he understands the most what she went through and therefore sympathizes with her. However, he has said clearly several times that the marriage contract was for their common goal of revenge. K, who helps JH, has also said this to Emily. Emily also knows this and confirms this. What is the confusion then? As to YS, it is true that JH was caught off guard by his existence but it was also plain obvious that JH still has GY in her heart. When he returned to Korea, after visiting his father at the memorial place, he went to GY’s place, sat in his car and reminisced on their breakup and then drove off. Mind you, this was before he even visited his mother and sister and before he knew of YS’ existence. After he visited his mother and sister, he went to the park where him and GY used to play and sat there looking all sad. Does that seem like a man who has moved on from his love? YS’ existence really only served to increase his yearning because now there was definitely something permanent that bound him and GY. And how ironic because before their divorce GY told him that she’ll believe in a miracle that will bring them back together. Also, when Emily revealed to GY that she was JH’s wife, he was clearly irritated to the point where Emily called him out on this. This was before he even found out that GY waited for him 6 years. So no matter what reason/excuse people want to dream up, the fact is, GY is still firmly entrenched in JH’s heart even without any thought of YS and the knowledge that she waited for him. JH admitted to his mother that nothing is going the way he planned. He’s silly because he’s a human being and even if YS didn’t exist, the human heart is not something that many of us can control. He’s not a robot. He’s silly because he might have thought that he could come back full of revenge and not feel anything once meeting GY again. I’ll say again that even the famous work of Dumas that explored revenge showed just how complicated the human heart is even when it think revenge is the answer. It is not that simple unless a person completely give up their humanity. So back to Emily. I don’t like cowards and I don’t like people who have no gratitude. Emily is so caught up in feeling sorry for herself that she can’t even find gratitude in living another day of life. That’s my stance on her and I don’t feel one iota of shame for saying what I feel about her character. I don’t misapply my compassion either. Emily’s story is not written in a way that touched my heart especially because it started with her reaping what she sowed. Who tell her to blackmail SN in the first place? So despicable in my opinion.
  4. This OTP. I don’t even know what to say. Is it the long distance that is hindering their relationship? Or is it their individual ambition and pursuit of their careers in separate countries? They clearly are in an on and off again sort of relationship. What is preventing them from moving on since neither seem to want to make the difficult decision to be together by living in the same country? They obviously still like each other but when will they make a firm decision on their relationship? Right now Hyun Oh is engaged and seem so unhappy. Yoo Kyung knows he’s in Seoul but do not seek him out because it seems like something happened during the three years and he did not show up.
  5. About JH and Emily, I have seen this exact plot several times in US soap opera and funnily it’s usually the woman who tries to hold on to the man by attempting to commit suicide. We indeed do not know how this will play out but JH is undoubtedly in a pickle now. His intention and the nutcase’s intention clearly began to diverge some time during the contract marriage. Not even the revenge they planned together came to fruition because of this nutcase and her insistence on defying JH’s orders not to do certain things like testifying at the child custody trial for DY. I see some plot possibilities for their contract marriage right now but I’m sure the crazy writer might have more possibilities. Nutcase dies eventually. JH decides to sacrifice his freedom by sticking with nutcase since he’s the kind of person who will probably want to take responsibility for creating the situation. He already said he owes her his life which to me is stupid because he also saved her life. I’d say they’re even. Nutcase later comes to the realization that even if she holds on to him his tolerance of her could eventually grow into resentment. Is it better to live with him because she loves him while he continues to reject her as a woman? JH surrenders and decide to try to like her since he has to live with her. YUCK to the nth degree. I wonder what route the crazy writer will take.
  6. I wondered the same but I think viewers have to check their brains out before watching the episodes. It was also clearly pointed out because her mother even inquired why must she take YS. The devil already didn’t scruple to leave the child with a woman she proudly told GY at the police station is psychologically unstable. Yet, here again the child in placed in the close proximity of the devil.
  7. MSS is actually nice. I’m watching episode 34 right now and I find her very likable. I enjoyed her exchange of thinly veiled hostile words with Flower maniac. I like both her and SS but I like that NQ will choose SS eventually because I like the closeness between NQ and SS. I binged watched ten episodes today and I just love the camaraderie of the twelve brothers and sisters with NQ. They really look out for him and treat him well. Same with Yan Se and NQ. Loved their interactions so much. Now it’s SS and WGM that’s stirring my heartstrings. Such an interesting story. I really like the complexity of the characters especially those in Tang. They’re more open minded in their thinking and actions in terms of the way they view individuals and their motives.
  8. Undoubtedly he should feel jealous otherwise his feelings for GY must be insignificant. I mean, who could stand another person touching or getting close to the person they love? It’s unnatural not to feel anything even though he has no right to say or do anything about the situation.
  9. @fansdrama, can I make a joke with you? Are you human? If you’re a human being you should know that many times human beings feel things that they cannot control even when they don’t want to feel them. Have you ever felt jealous when a friend achieve more than you? Have you ever felt jealous if someone you like is dating someone else? Sometimes human beings don’t want to feel that way but feel that way nonetheless. I see these things in my workplace all the time, for example.
  10. @fansdrama, how is JH being selfish towards GY when he’s not demanding anything from her? It’s so dishonest to call him selfish when all he’s doing is feeling jealous, hurt and whatever else in his own private space. Or, don’t tell me he’s not even allowed the privacy of his feelings/suffering now? That’s completely absurd! I would agree that he’s selfish if he tried to stop GY but he’s doing nothing of the sort.
  11. @viyra, you’re so politically incorrect for saying about Emily what I thought in my head. No doubt she’s a woman but she’s not the type I would find attractive if I was a man. I find SN has a lovely face but her rotten personality and deeds totally erases that attractiveness for me. About GY and JH, I wouldn’t consider their “miracle” unfortunate. He’s a lovely little boy. The unfortunate thing to me about GY and JH is that DY ever got involved with SN. I don’t agree all the time with their choices but it doesn’t mean I will condemn them for making bad choices. In fact, I feel bad for them and I hope after all this darkness they will be able to live a better life. Looking back on all the things they went through, it all seem exhausting. I think JH had it by far the most difficult though and now he’s living with some of the consequences of his choices it’s hurting him. Still, I can only wish that some day soon he can emerge from this darkness. Edit: Okay I watched the episode and objectively I can’t say that JH chose Emily over JH. However, I can say plainly that he’s stupid for saying those things to GY about encouraging Emily to live by saying he could not live without her. That was an asinine thing to disclose. It’s like when a girlfriend or boyfriend ask their significant other about their past relationships. Most sensible people know to avoid the topic all together and here is JH saying those things to her. And it’s not even like he loves Emily so what nonsense is he spouting to the woman he loves. This a real head desk moment. I do think he needs to be in the doghouse for a while. Anyway, GY should accomplish her goal but I love that HG for once is holding his ground and has his heart set on JB. She deserves him after wasting 20 years of her youth loving him only. Wow. And she’s never even been married. So I can’t agree with the sentiment that HG should throw JB away for GY. I think it’s more reasonable to say it would be nice if GY found herself a new man. It doesn’t have to be HG whom she rejected in the first place. Also, what I find hilarious about the sentiment that HG and GY should hook up is that it’s plain as day in GY’s reaction every time that her body and feelings reject HG. Go look at the time he put the ring on her finger in his office with the reporters. Her expression showed that she was doing something against her heart until she fell into her act with fake smiles. *shudders* Even today when Chairman Jung proposed the marriage her first reaction was unnatural. Nevertheless I want her to do this so that she can also experience the pros and cons of walking the path of revenge.
  12. @joan0528, okay thanks for the explanation. I will watch the episode and make my own judgment and come back and comment.
  13. Eh, wait a hot discussion is going on here. I didn’t watch the episode and can only guess from what you guys are saying but ultimately I am on JH’s side. Nobody in this drama have suffered or sacrificed more than him. Hopefully he will eventually get rid of Emily or hopefully she dies so he can finally live a peaceful or ordinary life because it has been nothing but chaos for him since meeting SN. What a large dose of bad luck there. As to the rest, may their revenge ambitions succeed according to their wishes. SN has it coming. Also, can somebody tell me how JH chose Emily over GY please? If it’s because he stayed in the hospital with her then I have to wonder if he’s suppose to abandon all human decency considering he’s probably her guardian. If this isn’t the correct guess, how exactly did he choose Emily over GY?
  14. Say it isn’t so. I don’t want her to get what she wants and hooking up with the half brother would effectively help her achieve her goal. She did too many things to harm others so I hate to see her rewarded for her bad behavior.
  15. For me this story really doesn’t have a boring moment. I just breezed through the two episodes just like that. Poor WS found out the essentials of who was responsible for his mother’s death and the hurt and rage he feels for that YR seems to be eating him up inside but I’m glad he decided to bide his time in dealing with her. Is Sunny giving her lovely husband a second chance next week? Her voiceover in the preview makes it seem that way. I guess for her it makes sense to give him another chance since she’s stuck with him. Poor thing. He treats her like a real nuisance. After she’s tried her best I hope she wise up and fend for herself. She’s surrounded by dangerous ladies so she needs to learn how to survive in the palace. Interesting backstory all around for YR, LH, LH’s little princess, his first wife, his sister, the princess’ maid, etc. So many things were revealed this week. Not bad at all.
  16. @Lmangla, so the dog aka moustache man was indeed the first to find out Na Wang Shik’s identity.
  17. By doing what she did she either wanted to die or to make JH feel guilty so I guess in either case she got her wish. I still can’t see her just dying like that though because this is a Kdrama.
  18. @joan0528, I don’t have a problem with GY seeking her revenge in her own way. I’m more concerned about JH right now because I don’t want him to stay with Emily. Even if he and GY are finally over, I think he should be able to freely live his life. His marriage to Emily was never about love so I don’t want him saddled to her because he pities her. Let her find her own purpose to continue living. To me the way she is right now she is dissing JH’s efforts six years ago to keep her alive. She could be dead but she’s alive now and she doesn’t even know how to be grateful for that much. People like these will never be happy because they miss the essence of gratitude.
  19. I totally agree with you but if JH abandon Emily now it would probably make him look very bad. I say he have done more than enough for her and she didn’t even appreciate it. The mere fact that she threatened him with the people in the US tells me she doesn’t have any gratitude towards him. If she feels that she paid back his kindness by marrying him to change his identity, this chick really have no understanding of what he did for her.
  20. Doesn’t JH have too much going on right now though? That Emily is in a coma right? So he has that issue to deal with and then he has some other plan to execute with that person Koji whom he told K it was time to call in. I’m quite curious to know what they are up to. I want Chairman Jung dealt with. Use him and then jail him. A man like him is too unprincipled in business and conscience. He thinks nothing of murdering people. Why don’t he just shed his mask and go run a mafia group. Same with HG’s father. The best father out of the bunch was JH’s father.
  21. But Chairman Jung is around. Why would SN be able to get her hands on that company now? The writer made SN too invincible. How many people’s lives, including her husband’s, will she be able to destroy?
  22. @viyra, I am about to take a break as well because the craziness is multiplying. I have a weakness for YS just like I had a weakness for the little boy in Loving Never Forgetting and the little boy in Autumn Concerto. All of these little boys had one thing in common and it was that they are the offspring of the OTP of their respective shows and I wanted to see them have a complete home. I thought after all the craziness we could at least get some actual “loving” scenes happening in this show but with all these complications I’m not sure I can endure watching these annoyances right now.
  23. Right. JH was punched by several people. JH is actually my favorite character in this show even when he gets me mad. Nobody has been through more than him in this drama and the guy is actually a nice person as far as humans are concerned. @Ldy Gmerm, this is a crazy drama indeed. GY can do what she likes but I definitely hope JH doesn’t stay married to Emily. It was business all along so I hope he ends his business with her. He is a Merger/Acquisition specialist and he’s a glass artist so maybe he can hook up with his artist friends again and finally go to the workshop in Europe. I just want him to have some peace after all this madness.
  24. I guess this explains why people were looking at HG strange when he entered the building lobby. SN was definitely eavesdropping on his call with JB and I knew she would use it against them. It’s about time her actions come back to bite her. Oh well, I’m not too keen on everybody allowing SN to run their lives but I guess they can’t win against her otherwise.
  25. Yes, I pretty much believe this is the case. I think JH is partly responsible for this latest falling out between them because of what Emily did and what his mother condoned. He dropped the ball with Emily because he even allowed her access to his pictures with YS. Did you notice Emily actually has the pictures on her own phone? JH is so careless. Now he’ll definitely be distracted with useless Emily because not only is he her guardian, he’s not a monster and it’s basically human to empathize with a sick person especially when that sick person has no one else. I feel bad for him because things really has never gone his way since this drama started. Anyway, I understand GY’s feelings because I would be ticked off too. While their relationship is indeed not good at the moment, I think ultimately they still love each other.
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