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  1. I certainly appreciate how smart Kyung In and Eun Seok are because they just met Jenny and having observed the things around the clueless Jenny, they have already drawn pretty accurate conclusions about her and her mom and in a reasonable way too. 


    In the preview it seems that the Chairman is requesting that Eun Seok stop getting involved with Jenny. It’s the first time I agree with a parental figure’s interference in this kind of situation because like the Chairman pointed out, the crazy woman might do something to him. To me it’s just not worth it. I like that the Chairman asked Dong Joo to assist Eun Seok. At least someone else in the company will be supporting his position and goals.


    I’m so glad that the private investigator will be working with Dong Joo on the Black Rose case. I hope they make good progress over the year. And what’s up with Eun Ji crushing on Dong Joo? :lol: Too funny with the music and dreamlike scene. Young Man and Kyung In’s meeting was amusing. She might end up being the actual boss in their office.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, tulip06 said:

    I think he must've have done it, thinking that Song Ah is Young Man's wife.  But Song Ah got divorced in the meantime.


    Anyone else annoyed by the terrible timing of the subtitles?  I am getting so tired by them!  

    That thought did occur to me but I wondered if he didn’t know at the time that Young Man got a divorce. However, the divorce seemed pretty sudden and recent. 

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  3. Well, I managed to actually watch that lengthy scene between Jenny and her shady mom. It was excruciating because it really looked like Jenny could easily believe her shady mom despite the confirmation from Eun Seok and Man Soo that her mother was behind everything. To me it would be easy enough for shady mom to have Jenny committed to a psychiatric institution because she brought up Dr. Yoon again and Jenny is acting like a nut. However, in the preview for tomorrow it looks like she told Eun Seok that her mother is making it seem like she’s mentally unstable so I believe he might have encouraged her to get away from shady mom and he’ll protect her. She must have left because shady mom then meets with Man Soo and tells him to find Jenny and bring her back. I’m guessing they might team up although I hope Man Soo doesn’t fall into that cliche.


    As to Man Soo, where romance with Jenny is concerned I do not feel sorry for him. I just don’t support a person pursuing someone who genuinely find them bothersome and Jenny treats him that way since the beginning. I believe people should keep a certain degree of dignity in this type of situation. 


    It looks like Eun Seok is becoming interested in why Man Soo chose to introduce the Jenny connection to J Group because their fashion business is a mess. I hope he pursues it because there is probably more to the introduction than meets the eye. 

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  4. @Lmangla, I wouldn’t mind at all Man Soo getting a happy ending but I just feel like as usual the writer will have him side with shady mom if it really turns out that she’s his mother. I really hope this isn’t the case but it’s so common in drama. Right now while I like Man Soo, I can also see the potential for him to turn “no good” under the writer’s pen depending on if things do not go his way or as he planned. I hope this isn’t the case though because shady mom is more than enough dastardly character for this show. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

    yea. it makes it kind of fun that the story seems to be layered so we are getting details little by little. already 19 episodes flew by. so am wondering how man soo will end up back in korea as well. jenny will probably run off to korea but will man soo come to manage his hotel there? and wild idea -- won't it be fun if man soo ends up with kyung in? much better combo than yongman and kyung in..... at least it would far less awkward dinner. hahahahah.... :lol:

    I wouldn’t mind that at all. The writer probably won’t do it though because a lot of the times in drama land the second lead stays hooked on the object of his/her affection almost or right to the very end.

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  6. @Lmangla, great post. Man Soo may indeed be shrewd but I actually think he looked genuinely hurt in this episode so that’s why I say he’s behaving pathetic by basically forcing his advances on Jenny. I do indeed see that Jenny trusts him not to tell her shady mom about her disobedience but I see it more like Jenny knows that she can actually take advantage of his professed feelings for her. Nevertheless, since we don’t know enough about these characters yet, I think your perspective is also possible and true. So, as a makjang lover, how do you find this show? ^_^

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  7. @Lmangla, I can’t agree with Man Soo’s justification for hiding the truth from Jenny. If she continues to live in lalaland when exactly would she gain the strength to face the truth about shady mom? People don’t just access strength without first facing a crucible that forces them to get stronger even if it’s little by little. From all that we have been shown so far, I agree with Eun Seok that ignoring the small things can lead to something worse in the future and I’m sure Mrs Marple and Hercule Poirot would agree with him. :lol:


    As to Jenny and Man Soo, my take on their relationship is that Jenny cannot stand him. It’s quite evident to me even before Eun Seok came into the picture. That’s why I can certainly believe that Man Soo has some hidden stake in latching onto Jenny come hell or high water because she doesn’t treat him well at all. ;)

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  8. @Lmangla, I agree that Man Soo is shrouded in mystery but he still nevertheless comes off as pathetic in my eyes. If he’s scheming revenge I’m not impressed with his method though I would really like to understand his goal. Barring Man Soo’s hidden motive, whatever it might be, Eun Seok’s points still stand from his perspective and Jenny’s perspective. The guy is undoubtedly an unwanted interference in their lives and I think things might only get worse for everyone involved if he persists. Nevertheless, more than Man Soo interference, I’m influenced more by Jenny unwillingness or willingness to take control of her life. Like I don’t like to see Eun Seok get further involved with her if she doesn’t grow a backbone.^_^

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  9. :lol: Interesting episode today. I never thought I would see Man Soo more pathetic than I saw him today. I can never understand someone who persistently pursues someone who consistently rejects them. It’s very evident that Jenny doesn’t even like him as a person and she in fact said it to his face today and yet he wouldn’t give up. Apparently his approach is to quietly observe shady mom’s schemes against Jenny just as long as Jenny doesn’t get too hurt physically and continues to live in that happy bubble with shady mom. He disagrees with Eun Seok’s approach of telling Jenny what her shady mother is doing to her and encouraging Jenny to face reality head on. Even worse, despite seeing the bold handholding and hugging between Eun Seok and Jenny right in his presence, he still continues to pursue this hopeless and nonexistent relationship and arrogantly picks a fight, both verbal and physical, with Eun Seok who actually fights back and is in no way a coward. Hmmm. I’m beginning to wonder more about Eun Seok. He’s quite bold and daring and I wonder about his past. 


    I saw the preview for the next episode and I really hope Jenny doesn’t believe anything her awful shady mom says. In anger it looks like she destroys her room and I’m now thinking I wonder if shady mom will try to get her committed to a psychiatric ward. I think she would sink that low. Eun Seok is back in Korea but he told Jenny if she needs him he could fly back to Japan on the weekend. All I’m hoping for is that Jenny truly start to wake up and stay alert.

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  10. 2 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    @Lmangla  The trouble I have with Young Man, and that I have with his mother and the grandpa and Eun suk and Eunji and that whole family really (have I listed them all?): do none of them care that they lost a child?  A small child?   What is wrong with them?  they should still be grieving that loss.  It should have been a terrible shock and that grandmother who sent the girl so far away to school should be living the life of a buddhist nun to make up for her mistake!  Her father should be ashamed that he did not stop his daughter from being so awful and have become a vegetarian in shame!  Youngman should have gone to the warehouse then!  As for Eunji and Eunsuk, they are not directly involved, but they should still be feeling the sadness and be resolved to live properly.  What weird world is this that no one notices a child's death and their part in it?

    I don’t see why Eun Seok should be grieving like it was his child but I also don’t think that he didn’t grieve for the child when she died. The strange thing about life is that people generally move on from death in the family unless they nurse that grief and refuse to move on. It seems like Asians do remember the dead more than other cultures that I know of so I can’t imagine they just moved on from the little girl’s death. Don’t they usually recognize death anniversary? I imagine they probably do the same for that sweet little girl.


    How long ago did the little girl die? Is it five years or less? In any case, I think the parents would feel it most just like Songah and her mom  but Young Man seem to not dwell on it. Perhaps there will be an upcoming scene that actually show Young Man grieved and perhaps even his mother. We don’t know yet. I know the mother doesn’t like Songah but maybe it will be revealed later on that she did feel guilty about her granddaughter’s death. I think there might be more sides of these characters and their past that we might learn more of later on. Just like we’re finding out more about Man Soo, perhaps more will come out about the past for the others as well.


    @Lmangla, Eun Seok probably doesn’t see his aunt and cousins as a threat. Shady mom, on the other hand, is doing some quite dangerous things. That pickpocket actually caused Jenny to lose consciousness. It’s nuts that a supposed mom would do that to her own child. He also witnessed the very public terror-like attack on Jenny at her fashion show. This is a whole new level of craziness. I guess he must really like Jenny because I wouldn’t want to be involved with those people. However, for conscience sake it’s also not right to see evil things like that perpetrated against someone and just ignore it.

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  11. @Lmangla, I can actually understand how someone like shady mom who doesn’t live in Korea would overlook a camera. Quite frankly, the CCTV thing in drama shows really surprised me. I live in New York and I notice camera for security purposes in the buildings where I work but as far as cameras in a hospital or medical facility, or even on the streets, I hardly notice any. Perhaps there are some but I think most times it’s for traffic. So as an expatriate, it doesn’t seem like she realizes that CCTV cameras are prevalent in Korea.


    As far as Eun Seok being bland, I do agree but I very much appreciate his intelligence in thwarting shady mom. However, as colorful as, say a character like Young Man is, (drunk, lazy, womanizing, irresponsible, unfeeling, riding on court tails of his rich family) I honestly don’t like trouble makers either although I see him as funny and harmless. In real life this type of person would definitely not be someone I would gravitate towards because I like sensible and responsible people. :lol: I do like Eun Ji, her mother and chairman as well. I just really appreciate the writer doesn’t make them evil. Eun Ji and mom are greedy but not in an aggravating way. I think Eun Seok would be more interesting if he wasn’t so tolerant of them like a goody two shoes.


    Jenny doesn’t seem to like Man Soo as a person at all so I can’t imagine her teaming up with him. 

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  12. @Lmangla, I was chuckling with the rain scene for Songah and Dongjoo. It felt reminiscent of an old show. :lol: I just appreciate the lack of aggravation I get from their scenes. I’m just simply entertained and I like that. When shady mom is getting away with her manipulation of Ms. Naive, I can barely watch because of how gullible Ms. Naive is. My patience is hanging by a thread during those scenes. 


    @lu09 But Man Soo is the one to punch Eun Seok first. I like Man Soo but since his advances are always and persistently rejected, he should be a gentleman about it and back off. If he continue to persist, then any hurt that he suffers is his own doing. 

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  13. @tulip06, I actually enjoy the scenes with the two families in the house. I don’t mind the “meant to be” aspect because it’s in every drama show I’ve watched with any kind of loveline. :sweatingbullets: It’s just a given. I’m just really grateful that the bad people plot doesn’t overshadow the good feelings I want to enjoy from this drama. Too many drama shows make some of the characters so bad and so invincible that I eventually drop them most of the time. I like that this show has balance unlike “Love to the End” where the female villain got her way for 100 episodes out of 104. 

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  14. @msmy thanks for the spoilers. I find this daily really interesting. The pacing is good too. One of the things that I really enjoy is how likeable the characters are for the most part except shady mom. The chairman is enjoyable to watch and even if he knows how useless or greedy some of his family members are, he tolerates them and it’s clear that he still love them in spite of these shortcomings. 


    EDIT: The episode was very good today and tomorrow’s episode looks very interesting. Eun Seok is in Jenny’s work room and while hidden in the dressing room, he hears shady mom telling Man Soo how Eun Seok is a stalker and he’s in Japan and Man Soo needs to protect her. He also heard her say she put a stop to him being able to contact Jenny. I guess Eun Seok now realizes it must be that she tampered with the cell phone. At the end Jenny comes in the work room and asked shady mom and Man Soo what are they doing there. 


    In the preview it looks like Eun Seok gave Jenny the recording of the pickpocket and perhaps what he said about shady mom. I hope he also gave her the CCTV of shady mom paying the pickpocket and him giving her back Jenny’s bag etc.


    Also, I forgot to mention that it does look like Kyung In will have a love line with Young Man because she’s looking a job and he’s looking a secretary for his new business.

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  15. @Lmangla, I’m old school in some ways but since I spend most of my day at work and the company monitors internet usage, I have to use my phone and iPad for privacy. Up to yesterday my doctor sent my medical results to my email and I could check the results right away on a secure portal on my cell phone. However, I’m old school in the sense that I don’t use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and it’s difficult to find information about me on the internet unlike my friends and peers. ^_^


    As to Jenny, I give her credit too for thinking to contact Eun Seok by looking him up on the company website. When her mother gave her the article that she claimed Kyung In plagiarized, I was thinking why doesn’t she do her own research on the internet about reporter Kyung In but then I thought they’re just passing acquaintances anyway so Jenny probably couldn’t be bothered.


    Speaking of Kyung In, the more I watch of Young Man and his mom, the more I really hope the writer is not trying to hook him up with Kyung In. The way his mother treated Song Ah tells me more than enough what she would be like as a MIL.

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  16. @Lmangla, why? Aren’t you afraid that your information might get stolen. I have my passwords for many sites on my smartphone including my bank stuff. I use my fingerprint and passcode for phone security. 


    I figured with Jenny it’s understandable that she doesn’t have a passcode seeing she lives in Lala land. She doesn’t even find it suspicious that Eun Seok’s number just up and disappeared from her contacts. Unless the phone crashed or something, why would it suddenly disappear? Ugh.

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  17. @lu09 I wonder why. In any case, it seemed like it would have been an interesting episode today as Eun Seok discovers shady mom is the one who collected Jenny’s things and it seems like he intended to start following shady mom to see what she’s up to. 


    I don’t understand why drama shows constantly overlook the reality of passcodes on cell phones. I hardly know anybody who uses a smart phone and doesn’t use a passcode. I know it’s ideal for the plot that passcodes don’t exist but writers should be more creative and get with the times.

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  18. @thistle, yes in Asian drama, especially Korean drama, moms are very officious in their children’s lives. I accept that but what I could not accept is the mother going to CSH. It’s plain cowardly. And she knew what she did was wrong because her conscience bothered her to no end until she was finally going to confess it to KJH. In the first place, why not ask KJH to end the relationship? She didn’t want to bravely face him so she went behind his back and tried to make CSH be the bad guy. She did come around in the end but not before a lot of persons were hurt by her actions. 

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  19. I put this drama on hold months ago at episode 13 because I just couldn’t bear to watch CSH get hurt by that selfish cowardly woman that is KJH’s mother. I always have a problem with an interested party going to the other party instead of directly to the person they claim they’re trying to protect. Why didn’t she ask KJH directly to break up with CSH instead of going behind his back and hurt someone else’s precious child? Quite frankly, regardless of whether her concern is valid or not, she should not have approached CSH in this way.

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  20. @msmy, I haven’t watched the subbed episode yet (I’m at work) but I didn’t realize that he confirmed to viewers that shady mom is his mother. Heh. That’s interesting and I guess I can accept it. I still think he’ll be sympathetic towards his mother because this is not a Western show. ^_^ To me Asian shows go to great length to show children as filial. I can’t imagine covering for a family member who commit crimes but it’s often the case in Asian drama. It’s something that I cannot relate to at all. :blink: So that’s why I feel that eventually he will side with his mother. Somebody has to be on her side because a lot of characters won’t be on her side.


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  21. @tulip06 I don’t want Man Soo to be shady mom’s son but I guess it is in fact likely. The reason I’m against it is because then he will be sympathetic to her. Even if he has revenge in mind, just because she’s his mother he will probably side with her eventually. I also think he likes Song-Ah. The scene played off as though he found her attractive by the way he was gazing at her. Maybe his revenge can also be against J Group and Song-Ah was marrying into J Group.


    @Lmangla didn’t Dong Joo tell Kyung In that Eun Seok’s father died by stab wounds while tracking down Black Rose? I feel like he mentioned it to her yesterday.

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  22. @tulip06 you will have to make do today because I watched the raw episode and Song-ah’s mom kept mentioning Kyung-ah’s name. :lol:


    Anyway, the private investigator and Dong Joo met the cop who was on the pickpocket case and a lot was said perhaps including the fact that the investigation was stopped by someone. They all found it suspicious it seems.


    Song-ah and Dong Joo continue to get to know each other better. Kyung In and Ma Eum invited Song-ah’s mom over for dinner. Their family seem to be getting closer.


    Ms. Naive seem to have believed everything her mom said so she deleted Kyung In’s phone number from her phone. She and Eun Seok talked for a bit and I almost got the impression that she wanted to tell Eun Seok to stop investigating. Meanwhile I’m thinking why does Eun Seok have to get further involved with this family. 


    Shady mom showed Song-ah’s picture to Man Soo and to me it seems like he was pretending not to know who the woman in the picture is. Later when he was alone in his office, a flashback shows him looking at Song-ah intensely while she’s photographed in her wedding gown. I’m now wondering if he’s in love with Ms. Naive or did he fall for Song-ah.

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  23. @Lmangla, I haven’t watched the subbed episode yet since I’m still at work but I feel the same way about Man Soo. Watching his dad die like that must have been a terrible experience. Jenny falling for her mother’s fake tears had me rolling my eyes and fast forwarding through that scene in the raw episode. I just didn’t have the patience to watch the whole scene. I’m liking Song-Ah and Dong Joo very much. I’m guessing that Kyung In must have told him about Song-ah’s marriage because his reaction seem to correspond with that.

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  24. I watched the raw episode and it seems like Man Soo’s dad was murdered right in front of him when he was a kid. So whatever his motive, it might be tied to his father’s death. It seems like Eun Seok will hire Dong Joo’s friend to investigate shady mom and the pickpocket. In the preview he showed the investigator the video of shady mom watching the attack on Jenny and later on Dong Joo and the PI were looking at shady mom on the video and talking about it. 


    My least enjoyable part of the episode is again Jenny. Young Man and his sister met by chance at a nightclub. That guy really must not know what love is because he was dumped and it doesn’t even seem to make an impression on him except for the embarrassment of knowing he was played.

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