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  1. Where did I make excuse for cheating? I clearly said I hope he divorces his mercenary wife and finds somebody who cares for him. Quite frankly, while watching the episodes yesterday I was wistful that he and his wife could work out their issues but it is painfully clear SA has absolutely no interest in the man except as her meal ticket for a lifetime of luxury. Even worse, she wants to bring an innocent child into the mix when, IMO, a stable, loving and healthy relationship between parents provides the best home for a child. I don’t agree with the Moon sister going after DJ. I feel embarrassed for her brother and father having to face this development.
  2. @triplem, I was actually surprised by DJ. He knew how mercenary SA was before he married her but it seemed that he was hoping that she would learn to love him. Under the circumstances, I like him more than her. He seems love starved but extremely patient with her. I think that’s what surprises me most about him. It’s painfully obvious that she only does her duty as his wife but she doesn’t love him and he admitted as much. I’m actually hoping that he will eventually divorce her and find someone who cares about him and not just his money. I also hope the writer doesn’t turn him into huge jerk. I’m hoping that CA finally passes her exam this year. Fighting!
  3. I feel sorry for Soo. I wish his guardians had done a better job preparing him for even a slim possibility of being king. I do understand that sometimes royal heirs living outside are kept ignorant to protect them from assassination and it was the king’s order to have him raised simply but Soo was entirely unprepared when he walked into the viper’s nest. It’s hard to watch how powerless and out of place he seems dealing with the scheming ministers in his court. I hope he learns to maneuver the politics quickly so that he can survive. As to Soo and Gae Ttong, I would guess the only way they can be together is if he makes her his concubine. Would she want that though? The palace to me is the most deadly place to live especially without backing from a political faction. I also cannot see Gae Ttong making the choice to live there no matter all her nonsense talk about love beating all odds. I mean how many people during those times married for love? And to me it seemed like she just went with the flow when Soo proposed. He was the one full of passion. In any case, it would be nice if she finds out that Soo is the king. I would like to see how she faces that reality.
  4. @thistle, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was WS too. During the hug I had taken his awkwardness as his unfamiliarity with SH (meaning they weren’t that close) but it definitely could take on another meaning. However, it’s strange that they didn’t show the part of the video footage where each guest left. I don’t know if they showed more in episode 12 which I haven’t watched yet. I’ve seen murder cases where in the heat of the moment someone thinks they killed a person and somebody hidden in the room comes out afterwards and finishes the job. Anyway, I’m just hoping that awful stepmom doesn’t get away with her part in drugging SH’s mom which seemed to contribute to the deterioration of her health.
  5. @triplem, I think we’ll be in for some more heartbreaking scenes this weekend. Thanks for the preview. Also, about our male lead, yes I can see why he hasn’t appeared much yet but at least we will see some of him this weekend. I’m thinking it’s only after the time skip that he will meet Chung Ah again.
  6. Chung Ah’s mom is really making a mess of everything. While telling the truth will lead to unwanted circumstances, the lies are just piling up and making everything more complicated. I’m not surprised that JK’s mom and the police might begin to suspect murder or foul play. It’s just ridiculous that Chung Ah’s mom is forcing her to break the law if there’s a law in SK against giving false witness and misleading the police. I have a serious problem with JK’s mom physically assaulting and attacking Chung Ah. No matter her grief, it makes my blood boil that she took the girl’s food and throw it in her face and in another scene starts to shake her violently. That aside, I understand her need for the truth. Her son died and she wants to know the real reason. The other sister’s story was a welcomed break from all the darkness although she seems quite mercenary to me. Well, we know she’s going to get married to the rich guy but I wonder if she’ll learn a lesson or two over the years. She seems quite superficial right now unlike the rest of her family members but we haven’t seen her interact as much yet with her mom so maybe there’s more to her. She is a confident woman though who is obviously living above her financial means.
  7. @triplem, you’re absolutely right that both moms are covering for their child. When Chung Ah’s mom started to cover it up at the pension room and the riverside, I was literally saying “Nooooo”. It’s a very very bad idea. I can’t wait for the scene you mentioned about Chung Ah’s mom finding out about the abuse. To think that Chung Ah suffered this for two years all by herself is very upsetting. I do wonder why she never told her parents. Perhaps she thought she would be making trouble for them. It’s just so sad. One thing about bullying I can never understand is the parents of bullies. If my child ever did that he/she would be in big trouble. They would be properly disciplined because it was how I was raised and I completely believe in it. @triplem, thanks again for those videos. All of them were emotionally stirring. A sad thought that occurred to me is that it would be hard to watch Chung Ah bullied again if the plot becomes similar to other weekend drama plots where the heroine is bullied and helpless (because of respect for elders) if she does in fact manage to marry our male lead. I’m hoping this trope will not happen. If anything it would be nice that if our OTP marries only after everyone are at peace with each other.
  8. I think it’s better for KCA to tell the truth too. I know she’s close to graduating but can they really prosecute her like her mom said for being an accessory to suicide? I don’t know the laws in SK. In the preview it had seem like the truth came out anyway because the judge mom was attacking KCA in the police station. While I don’t really know how that scene will play out at the police station, I find it such a difference in belief for the judge mom to blame someone else if indeed her son committed suicide because he killed the 80 year old woman. As a mother I would tend to blame myself instead of someone else because the secret was destroying my child and I helped to cover it up. Furthermore, she’s supposed to be an upstanding judge and if she really covered up the accident, I can’t see how she expected to continue living normally if she really believes in justice. Of course the secret would probably destroy her life and her son’s life in a place like SK but I believe covering it up would make her live in fear especially if the police would continue to investigate even if it becomes a cold case.
  9. @Table122000, I think your theory is highly possible. It certainly explains why the mother seemed like she was in a daze while cooking the seaweed soup. I wasn’t sure if the newspaper clipping was from a long time ago but now the other pieces you put together makes it very likely the reason he committed suicide. The mother should understand why he did that then. However, does this mean that the reason they knew it was a teenager is because of witnesses or did somebody else take the fall for the little brother? In any case, I’m sorry KCA is mixed up in this.
  10. @larus, ITA. I never saw Ye Nam’s character as confident nor do I think she’s supposed to be. I think it’s her mom that’s supposed to be the final boss that will probably give Jenny a fight. Remember when Ye Nam asked her mother to intervene to rescue her from Jenny, she rejected Ye Nam’s request and the male assistant appealed to the mother to help Ye Nam and the mother said she did have connections that can stop Jenny but she didn’t want to go through the trouble of utilizing them for such small issue.
  11. Gah, I hope this won’t be a painful watch. The fact that the little bro went ahead and committed suicide while leaving Kim Cheong Ah behind increases the future prospect of the awful MIL trope. That aside, I wonder why little bro really killed himself. The reason he gave I assume was all hyperbole but perhaps it might have something to do with a friend committing suicide? I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope KCA’s parents find out why she was trying to commit suicide. I can’t imagine how she was able to hide those bruises from her family for two years. No wonder her little sister commented on how KCA always wore long sleeves. I wonder how male lead will react once he finds out, I assume 10 years later, that KCA and his little bro wanted to commit suicide together and she was in the location when he died. Hopefully KCA had put little bro’s farewell note in her jacket that she took off before she dove in the river. It’s proof that he decided to die alone.
  12. I liked the way the stories of the characters were resolved. It was a good compromise that Yejin inherited the dethroned king’s will. I always wanted Yejin to remain as the next king but I also felt that injustice would have won if the illegitimate king and second minister’s will prevailed. I’m glad that it was nicely resolved in Yejin in that he’s more like the dethroned king than his mean father and now he’s continuing the dethroned king’s work. Glad that Queen dowager is slowly giving in to Yerim. The flashback to what really happened 20 years ago made me understand more perfectly why the queen dowager felt the way she did. Watching what really took placed made my blood boil even more. Anybody would want justice for such a brazen setup and murder of so many innocent people. I’m just sorry I didn’t see the second minister beheaded much like I had to watch him impale the dethroned king with his sword. They were some nasty people. Glad to see Historian Song teaching poor kids to read, write, etc. I guess the crown prince is the one sending her the books. Historian Min will go back to his rightful place. The historians look like they’re enjoying their job a lot more. Their future looks brighter now that a better king is on the throne. Loved the OTP scenes throughout. They need to get married though. Glad that Brother Goo and his female friend are alive and running Seoraewon.
  13. @lu09, regarding HJ, I’m not surprised that she doesn’t trust Jenny or SW. In fact, although I’m on Jenny’s side, I can’t deny that some of the things that come out of her mouth give me pause as well as some of her actions. For example, when she used HJ as a bargaining chip with the blackmailing gangster in the warehouse it made me uncomfortable. The fact that she covers up stuff for scumbags to achieve her goals also makes me uncomfortable. However, while these things make me uncomfortable, I’m simply watching as a viewer and trying to grasp her character. I might not agree with some of the things she does right now but I’m hoping to see who she is as a character. Regarding SW, I also can see why HJ wouldn’t trust him. I mean, I was kind of surprised that they kept HJ locked up in what looks like a storeroom. Heh. Not to mention he kept telling HJ that they’re only using her for their goals. I mean, why should she trust him when he has said that to her twice? I haven’t watched episodes 3 & 4 yet so I’m writing based off the first two episodes.
  14. I didn’t know people were talking about CEW’s acting. I saw him in My Gangnam Beauty and his lead female is also older than him but it didn’t bother me one bit. I thought they made a cute couple. I also like his pairing in this. It’s just that his character is very sheltered and kind of naive through no fault of his since he’s basically under house arrest and has hardly interacted with many different people. That is why my heart broke so much when he confronted his grandmother. I was able to hear how he truly felt about the sadness of his upbringing. He was treated as though he didn’t exist. In his own words, as if he was paying for a crime that he didn’t know he had committed. I hope he gets his freedom to live how he wants by the end of this story.
  15. @sirena82, I thought the poor people had nothing to do with this. Wasn’t it the noblemen like second minister and his military and other cohorts dethroned the king and kill the students? The people of the country were just told a fake story afterwards to justify enthroning a new king. Even now the current king said people look at him like the usurper and not a legitimate king. Power is never in the hands of the people as far as I can tell. Otherwise banning books wouldn’t work so effectively. It’s the rich and noblemen who were behind the events of 20 years ago.
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