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  1. @PoisonIvy, yes, we think Detective Ko is from the future and a time traveler with the Teacher’s organization. I also wonder where is the Ko from this timeline. When was he swapped? It did seem as though Ko is fuzzy on some of his past memories with his wife, so it sort of implies that he wasn’t the version who shared those memories with her. Hopefully we will find out more in episode 11 though we will have to wait until the following weekend. Heh. Yes Min Hyuk is an interesting character. It was nice to see even him can get emotional.
  2. @Sleepy Owl, I guess it really depends on JG. As I pointed out before, the future mom in the kidnapping case also murdered the present day mom in order to save the daughter. If anybody is the definition of desperation it was her. She even hired a bounty hunter to execute the Alice personnel who was driving her away from Alice. However, it was clear she wasn’t thinking straight by her impromptu actions, anxiety and nervousness. Both her and Detective Ko basically has the same goal, even more so if he came from another dimension. The difference is Ko has been plotting his action for years in present time. This is why time travel should end. All the instances we’ve been shown of time travel involves murder. Someone mentioned previously that when time travel comes to an end that all the universes will become one. However, I think by the show’s logic, an action is the past doesn’t impact the current future but instead creates another dimension. So I wonder if the end of time travel means the end of traveling between dimensions because by the show’s logic currently there are limitless dimensions and past actions won’t affect them. I really hope they explain this stuff clearly by the end.
  3. I don’t necessarily think it’s a waste if the white/silver haired person is another JG. Besides the fact that the profile looks like JG, I think it would be a poignant moment if it is indeed him because it at least shows that he understood that nothing could stop the death of his mother. It reminds me of The Flash who also went back to the past to save his mother and a future version of himself stopped him from saving his mother because he already knew that saving his mother would make the future worse. So instead The Flash said goodbye to his dying mother pretty much in the same way that 2020 JG said goodbye to his dying mother. Both moms at least got to see and talk to their grown up sons. As far as the figure being the teacher, I would wonder why he was still standing outside the gate watching the house while Tae Yi is already dying and JG is screaming and crying. He was standing there for a while because his image is shown before the scene shots of the Alice suspects and then he’s still shown standing there after the scenes of the Alice suspects. This is really what I found unusual. The deal is done. Why linger watching the home and just standing outside the gate? It’s almost as if he’s someone who has an emotional attachment to what’s happening in the house. Well, I suppose once it’s revealed who the person is, we will understand why he kept standing there. Regarding JG understanding Detective Ko’s motive, I wonder if he will also understand the person who killed his mother for a similar reason? Or is that understanding only reserved for someone close to him who commits murder to save someone important to them. In fact, isn’t Detective Ko technically doing the same thing as the future mom in the kidnapping case? She was desperate to save her daughter and basically murdered the present day mom so that she can ensure her child doesn’t go to America and die.
  4. JG does have a prejudice towards Min Hyuk because of their past clashes so I do think JG will give him a hard time. Nevertheless, I would think even a normal human being should be shook by a close relative pointing a gun at their head. Here’s the proof and the reason that JG needed. Will he try to deny reality like he did when he throw away the dash cam showing Detective Ko is also a suspect in LSH’s murder? The fact is, whether he likes it or not, Detective Ko values his wife more than JG’s life. How will JG face this truth? It might be his first betrayal. As much as he thinks of Detective Ko as his father and Detective Ko did in fact act that way, this single moment shows that whatever he feels for JG is less important than his value for his wife. In contrast, his mother Tae Yi did anything and everything to protect him. That’s the “genuine” love of a parent.
  5. @Sleepy Owl, from the moment Min Hyuk told Director Gi that after he finds Tae Yi’s murderer and hand the person over to the police that he will tell JG who he is, my mind already switched to the possibility that JG will probably find out when Min Hyuk is dying. I guess I choose dying because he might not find out that his close colleagues in Alice might have had a hand in this until he’s blatantly betrayed. We know for a fact the caliber of bullet used to kill Tae Yi is from an Alice gun. I don’t know if an Alice gun was used intentionally or not. I kind of believe it’s really Detective Ko that killed Tae Yi under orders. I wonder if there is a clue in the scene after TY dies and the suspects were shown. Director Gi and Oh Si Young were together at Alice looking suspicious, Min Hyuk was alone at Alice looking like he felt a premonition that something just happened, Detective Ko was running in an alley and Seol Oh Won was running in an alley looking scared. Then there was the white haired figure standing outside listening to JG cry inside the house. I still feel this white haired person is JG. It might be he realized he couldn’t stop his mother’s murder even in this timeline.
  6. @Sleepy Owl, eh, I’m not the one who speculated that Tae Yi deleting the photo changed the future and JG’s death. I didn’t touch that subject at all since it’s kind of muddled to me. I like your speculation and @sadthe1st’s speculation that maybe it was Min Hyuk’s shot that was heard. Oh Si Young did after all show him the the video/photo of the “foster father” leaving the scene of LSH’s murder. He knows that the man took in JG after Tae Yi was murdered and probably realized he’s more than a police officer to actually murder LSH. Now, will JG get on his case for murdering his foster father? I think there’s more to Oh Si Young’s story. I do believe she doesn’t like this current Tae Yi and she was probably jealous of the old Tae Yi, but I think it’s not only that. She really meant to kill JG even knowing that he’s Tae Yi’s son. There’s an underlying animosity here. Contrast the difference with Min Hyuk. He was going to kill JG many times before but as soon as he found out JG is Tae Yi’s child, that’s no longer the case. To be fair, it probably makes a difference that JG is also his son but Oh Si Young claimed she was Tae Yi’s friend, and at the very least her colleague. As far as Director Gi, like I said before, I’m suspecting everybody until it’s clear who has fangs and who does not. @Sleepy Owl, I also like that Do Yeon explained to Tae Yi about the emotional impact she has on JG and how it relates to his mother. They sure are stretching out the time before Tae Yi actually sees a picture of JG’s mother. I find it unnatural that she hasn’t even sought out a picture of the mom considering that human beings are curious people.
  7. Well, I suppose Jin Gyeom refusing to acknowledge the truth about Detective Ko is a sign that he’s come a long way emotionally. Still, I never agree with cops who try to cover up leads or evidence. I suppose his denial is something that he has to confront in next week’s episode. Detective Ko really surprised me in that his real target was Tae Yi. He and prisoner LSH were comrades in the same organization, it seems and he told LSH that he needed to find Tae Yi to kill her. I guess the person he wants to save is his wife like @sadthe1st speculated. I suppose rather than “an eye for an eye” for him it’s “a life for a life”. So wait, it’s really true that Oh Si Young doesn’t like Professor Yoon because she’s partly jealous and considered her a threat because she’s another version of Tae Yi? Heh. That lady has way too much time on her hands. I’m glad that I’m finally seeing more of Min Hyuk’s thoughts on his situation with JG and his mom. Now he’s determined more than ever to find Tae Yi’s murderer. I don’t know if he will like what he finds out though because Alice does seem to be involved in some way since the drone was there that night. I’m glad he at least acknowledged how hard it must have been for Tae Yi to raise JG on her own without so much as a friend or family member to help. I notice now that he holds his punches when fighting with JG. I have a bad feeling that JG will only find out Min Hyuk is his father when it’s too late. I hope I’m wrong though. I also like that Do Yeon mentioned that JG now understands how hard it was for his mother to raise him because of his “lack of emotions”. She probably had to train him and pay close attention to him so that he understands what’s acceptable behavior. I don’t agree with DY telling TY to stay away from JG though. It’s really JG’s choice. I wonder if Tae Yi sees a picture of the now deceased LSH if it will jolt her memory. It’s so amusing to me that the actors for Do Yeon’s parents act as brother and sister in the currently airing SBS daily show Mom is Having An Affair.
  8. @flutterby06, thanks for the preview. Basically Jin Gyeom will face the same betrayal as the male lead in the drama Train. Well, I suppose writers feel a Judas betrayal has a more dramatic impact on the character and audience.
  9. @sadthe1st, what? Really? I only watched three clips of today’s episode so I didn’t see the full raw. Things are certainly getting interesting. It’s indeed kind of weird how Oh Si Young was able to get away with stuff that nobody else in Alice seemed to know. Heh.
  10. I spoiled myself a little and looked at the YouTube videos involving Min Hyuk and Alice in today’s episode. I think JG is under the impression that Min Hyuk might have killed his mother. I think it might indeed be divulged to Min Hyuk today that Alice’s drone was present on the night of the murder. My rough guess is that in his fight with Min Hyuk later in the episode, JG probably told Min Hyuk that he must have been the one who murdered his mother because the drone was present and the bullet from the gun he uses is of the same caliber. The reason why I speculate this might have been revealed is because Min Hyuk later has an explosive confrontation with Oh Si Young and she We will get clarification once the subs are out.
  11. It will be interesting to find out exactly why he can control time. I mean we speculated different things but the difference between him and his mother Tae Yi living in a time that shouldn’t have been theirs is that JG was born in that time. Since it’s translated that he will “rule over time” it implies having authority to control or to dominate over time. I wonder if JG now realizes that he himself is the one that has the power. He probably didn’t realize it the first time but this second time might prompt him to question what happened. He doesn’t know of the prophecy so he hasn’t a clue. Honestly, I wish he knew more about his mother and that he was not actually supposed to be born in the time he was born and therefore it created an anomaly. About Oh Si Young, what is up with her really? Why is she stalking Professor Yoon? If she wanted to find out if JG reappeared after vanishing, she can always monitor him from Alice. In past episodes, from their Alice base, they knew where he was in 2020. Also, she willfully covered up the incident with the time traveler and Tae Yi who disappeared. Why would she do that? I don’t get her motive in that incident because it doesn’t affect Alice. Rather, if she had reported the incident there would be no delay in retrieving the body of the time traveler. She obviously has a different agenda and she obviously dislikes Yoon Tae Yi for whatever reason. Also, what business is it of hers whether JG looks for Tae Yi or not? Really? What exactly is her problem? Wow, in different places including YouTube and Viki, it seems quite a bit of people are creeped out by the borderline incestuous pseudo loveline that it kind of hinted at. I find it amusing because I also get why they’re complaining. Some say it would have been nice if they had focused more on the mother-son-father loveline instead. Well, it’s too late for that anyway but people seem please now that Min Hyuk at least found out about his son. JG doesn’t know he’s his father but thinks he murdered his mother and so they’re at each other’s throats again although clearly Min Hyuk isn’t treating JG fiercely anymore. He hit him with a car to get away but he stopped to look back and make sure he’s okay.
  12. @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl, even though it’s revealed that Tae Yi shares the same birthday as JG’s mom, it still seems that JG thinks they are not the same people (though from different dimensions) and they just look alike. Well, really, Min Hyuk can actually tell JG who his mother was but I doubt that sensible route will be taken. JG wants to know who his mother was and Min Hyuk has the answers. I also think it would be interesting if JG let’s it slip to Min Hyuk that a drone was seen the night of his mother’s murder. In the preview he accuses him of being a suspect, I assume because of the drone, but I wonder if he will tell him why. I also heard Detective Ko speaking humbly to a “Sir” over his cell phone in the preview. It reminds me of the time that they were working on the kidnapping case and JG insisted that something is odd about the mother, and Detective Ko told him let him check it out first. Immediately after saying that his phone rang and he bowed while greeting the person on the other side of the call. I remember JG looked at him curiously. I suppose these are subtle hints that something more was going on.
  13. @sadthe1st, they have 7 days before JG is supposed to die. Tae Yi has to tell JG the truth about his looming death date. It’s better that they start investigating immediately since he has about a week. I don’t know how Tae Yi intends to regain her memories but clearly we will learn about exactly who her father was. JG also assigned his partner to investigate Dr. Jang and his family. I wonder if Tae Yi really is his biological daughter.
  14. That confused me too but it’s Kim Da Yeon that she traveled to Spain with. I guess it’s their way of coping with their pain after JG died. Remember Tae Yi told DY about this when they were lying in the bed. Maybe there’s a mistake in the translation. It probably should have been “Ms.” instead of “Mr.”.
  15. Yes, the doctor did say that JG’s DNA would be affected by the radiation from the worm hole but I don’t think it matters that he won’t match Tae Yi’s or Min Hyuk’s DNA. I guess the only person that it would matter to is Min Hyuk and I think he pretty much realized that JG’s is his son and not the son of Tae Yi’s fictional husband according to Oh Si Young’s story. At the ossuary Min Hyuk remembered Tae Yi’s words about the little heart that’s beating inside her. I think he realizes now that JG is that child because he also caressed JG’s image in the photo with his mom. However, I don’t think he will tell JG that he’s his father so there probably won’t be any “Luke, I am your father” moment. Or at least, from the preview it doesn’t seem like Min Hyuk told JG but instead said that he did not know that JG was Tae Yi’s son. He could be acting as a colleague that only worked with Tae Yi in the past. Yes, Detective Ko has that symbol behind his ear. It might be as @Sleepy Owl speculated that he might be from the future or possibly from another dimension.
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